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									      Hot & Cold
      Water Systems

      • Hot & Cold Plumbing • Underfloor Heating
      • Underfloor Pipe Ducting • Geothermal Pipe Systems

                            JDP offers a complete range of systems for hot and cold
                            plumbing and heating.

      Our ranges include Polybutelyne, PEX
      (cross linked polyethylene) and MDPE
      (medium density polyethylene) pipe
      systems. Whether for use as a simple
      internal water supply connection or a
      designed package using distribution
      manifolds and heating controls, JDP
      can supply the solution for you.

Hot & Cold Plumbing

                                                                                                Hot & Cold Water Systems
JDP offers a complete range of
Hot & Cold Plumbing Systems;
designed for water supply, tap
connections and radiator
JDP supplies polybutylene pipes
and fittings for hot and cold
water supply and radiator
central heating. In sizes 10mm,
15mm, 22mm and 28mm,
these flexible systems can be
used for any internal hot and
cold water distribution.

Features and benefits
•   Fast to install
•   Easier to install than conventional copper pipe
•   Withstands damage at high and low temperatures
•   Less joints required
•   Connects to Copper, Lead and Polyethelene water supply
• Point to point distribution valves available negating the need for any under floor / hidden
  access joints

• Cold water supply
• Hot water supply
• Radiator central heating connections

      Underfloor Heating
      JDP offers a complete range of systems for Underfloor Heating. Offering a complete package
      design service through its partner suppliers, which ensures the product you install meets all of
      your heating needs.
      By determining key factors of the installation site, the heat requirements for each room, zones
      are calculated and drawings are produced within a few working days, to allow the customer
      to comment on or amend details as required.
      After this, generally a period for considering the design, making comments and amendments
      is necessary to ensure all parties are confident before the package is made and delivered.

      Features and benefits
      • Gives a comfortable, even temperature
      • Low operating temperature makes it efficient
      • Less dust circulation
      • No restriction on interior design
      • Maximize internal floor space
      • Low maintenance

      • Concrete floors
      • Screeded floors
      • Joisted floors
      • Battened timber floors
      • Floating floors
      • Sprung timber sports floors
      • Existing floor overlay system

The system is designed and installed as a package to suit the specific application; however the

                                                                                                  Hot & Cold Water Systems
component parts will consist of a combination of the following:

Polybutelene Pipe
Tough yet extremely flexible, Polybutelene pipes have a pressure/temperature rating which
allows for continuous use at a temperature up to 95°C at 6 bar.

PEX Pipe
This cross linked Polyethylene, is designed for it’s exceptional strength pressure/temperature
rating which allows for continuous use at a temperature up to 95°C at 6 bar.

Distribution Manifolds
These central distribution points are where warm water is pumped from the boiler, into the
flow section of the manifold, around the various circuits of underfloor heating pipe, back into
the return section of the manifold and then back to the boiler.

A complete range of controls including, mixers, and pumps are supplied to suit the specific
application to provide the correct water temperature and flow around our UFH pipes. Room
thermostats are available in standard, electronic, remote sensing or floor sensing types.

      Underfloor Pipe Ducting
      This PVCu duct system is an ideal solution for installing pipe in concrete floors, whilst
      maintaining an access point.

      Features and benefits
      • Quick and easy to install
      • Allows access to pipe work

      • Ducting plumbing pipe work in concrete flooring

      50mm Deep x 150mm Wide

                                                  Code              Description

                                                                   Underfloor Pipe Duct
                                                 0916FD50          For 10, 15 & 22mm pipework.
                                                                   Requires 12mm thickness cover board.

                                                 0916FD52          Floor Duct Union

                                                 0916FD53          Floor Duct 90º Bend

                                                 0916FD54          Floor Duct Tee

                                                 0916FD55          Floor Duct End Cap

      70mm Deep x 150mm Wide

                                                  Code              Description

                                                                   70mm Underfloor Pipe Duct
                                                                   For 28mm pipework. Duct only – fittings
                                                                   fabricated on site.
                                                                   Requires 12mm thickness cover board.

Geothermal Pipe System

                                                                                               Hot & Cold Water Systems
Geothermal pipe is a black polyethylene pipe used for its physical and thermal properties,
which make it ideal for burying as a ground source heating pipe for Ground Sourced Heat

Features and benefits
•   High fracture toughness
•   High fatigue resistance
•   Flexible
•   Economical heating solution
•   Environmentally friendly

• Residential and commercial applications
• Ground sourced heat pumps

Available in 32 and 40mm diameters, in coil lengths 100, 250, 300 and 400m, it is compatible
with the Plasson range of water supply fittings.

Black MDPE SDR17, manufactured to relevant standards

Installation Guide
Can be installed “slinky” form or loops.


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