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    BURP CLOTHS                                                                            BURP CLOTHS (continued)
                   Difficulty Rating- Easy Medium Difficult        sc 45
 supplies                                                                                9. Turn the burp cloth right side out, making sure to pull the corners out
                                                                                            square, and then press flat using the iron. Tuck in the open seam for a
                                                                                            nice even edge.
 • 10-1/2 x 9-1/2”
                                                                                         10. Finally, top stitch around the edge of the burp cloth using a zigzag
   patterned cotton fabric
                                                                                             or decorative stitch to ensure that the opening is sewn shut.
 • 9 x 9-1/2” coordinating
   accent cotton fabric
 • 18-1/2 x 9-1/2” chenille
   or minky fabric
 • flat-fold cloth diaper
 • 20” satin or grosgrain ribbon
 • matching thread
 • straight pins
 • iron
 • sewing machine                                                                      supplies
 1. Fold the accent fabric in half and cut to form two 4-1/2” x 9-1/2” pieces.
                                                                                       • white burp cloth
                                                                                       • 17" x 5" Cuddle Fleece
                                                                                       • thread
    Pin the accent fabric to either end of the pattern fabric (along the 9-1/2”        • pins
    ends), making sure that the right sides of fabrics are facing together.
 2. Sew both seams 1/4” from the edge of the fabric. Using an iron, press the
    seams open on the back of the burp cloth.
 3. Cut the ribbon into two 10” lengths. Pin the ribbon over both seams on the

    front of the burp cloth and then sew along ribbon edges.
 4. Fold the cloth diaper into thirds and then press flat using the iron.
    the folded diaper should measure 9-1/2” wide.
 5. Trim the diaper to measure 18-1/2” long.
    The cotton diaper provides absorbency.                                             1. Cut Cuddle Fleece 17" x 5".
 6. Lay the cotton fabric on the minky fabric, making sure the right sides are         2. Place Cuddle Fleece in center of burp cloth so the short ends are even with
    facing each other. Minky chenille is a super soft, luxury fabric, this will make      edges of burp cloth.
    up the portion of the burp cloth. That will be against baby’s skin. Place the      3. Pin in place.
    folded cloth diaper under the minky fabric and pin all of the layers together.     4. Do a Zig Zag or Blanket Stitch close to the edge of Cuddle Fleece all the
 7. Sew all of the layers together, stitching 1/4” from the edge of the fabric.           way around.
    Leave a small opening for turning.
 8. Clip the points of each of the corners of the burp cloth, to make for easier
    turning. Avoid clipping the stitching.
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