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									Rhinitis remedies

Rhinitis recipe, recipe rhinitis, rhinitis and more than three years my dad,
and go to the hospital laser surgery done, but still no good, to be winds to
commit, what remedies rule ah?

not the best answer

rhinitis remedies

for rhinitis, rhinitis, many remedies, most of these rhinitis recipe takes a
long time to see some results, there The utility can only play surface, no
real meaning, some not particularly practical basis. or here on the first
volume of several rhinitis simple recipe, for reference, we recommend
carefully chosen:

rhinitis prescriptions of the diet

slashing the garlic into jars in the root bark, and then filled with vinegar
and garlic to the immersion so far, and then sealed. unsealed a month later,
while eating garlic, a small mouth bottles on the side of garlic vinegar,
nightly quasi nostrils smoked for half an hour.

Comments: garlic itself is a rather very irritating ingredients, dosage
control is not good, but in the course of increasing pain, and allergic
rhinitis patients on the garlic is disabled.

rhinitis prescriptions of the fumigation

Magnolia 15 grams, double flowers 15 grams, 10 grams of the British public, to
the small 10 grams, 10 grams of wind, insects back 5 grams, 10 grams of
skullcap , Dan 8 grams, 8 grams of chrysanthemum white paper 10 grams of moss,
white Fuzi 8 grams, 8 grams Guizhi. will take more than 500 ml of liquid
medicines decoction, hot steam with a liquid nasal smoked, smoked as much as
possible when the patient should be deep inspiration, the drug vapor into the
nasal cavity. until the liquid temperature, you can use liquid rinse the nasal
cavity. fumigation 3 times daily.

Comments: This recipe only for allergic rhinitis and rhinitis, but also only
to clear the stuffy nose, on her inability to less than complete cure from
allergies rhinitis.
its effect is not clear rhinitis with remedies, not as a more scientific
approach with the completion of rhinitis. Sri Lanka is a lot of non-morpholine
rhinitis commonly used method, non-morpholine Adams operation is very simple,
you can use at any time. The effect is also highly rated, non-phenanthroline
Sri Lanka is that it can cater to the first row of nasal drugs, improve the
environment and the strengthening of the nose nasal antiviral community , and
thus greatly reduces the recurrence of rhinitis.

Notes rhinitis following:

1. work and rest, to prevent excessive fatigue, attention to exercise,
especially outdoors more activities.

2. Common cold water wash, nasal wash or cold bath in order to strengthen the
resilience of the cold.

3. to public places during the flu should wear a mask.

4. prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, influenza period can be
burned in the vinegar and smoked room, keep indoor air fresh, every 4-6 hours
a day, a non-morpholine Adams, nasal root pruning can effectively scale to
keep the nasal cavity hygiene to prevent the breeding of harmful bacteria.

cold water wash, wash water when the nasal inhalation. upheld. buy bottles of
eye drops as little as watering, dual or so. with a little salt into pure
water the water to light, nothing more than salt. every day whenever you have
a nose spray frequently, be sure to spray before going to sleep. indoor
ventilation, after an absence of smokers who quit smoking themselves.

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