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									Rhinitis remedies

Rhinitis recipe, recipe rhinitis, rhinitis and more than three years my mother
had to go to hospital for suture removal treatment is too intense light, but
still no good, to be winds to commit, what remedies rule ah?

rhinitis prescriptions

online prescriptions rhinitis also commented on a lot of debate, the following
recipe rhinitis is collected online, only as a reference:

rhinitis Recipe of the saline nasal wash method:

prepared saline (100 ml bottle put two spoons of salt, water dilution), cotton
balls with a toothpick dipped in salt water to wash volume nostrils, and then
the cotton wool in the nostrils of stay, the Yang, or the body or head lying
down, with the index finger and thumb to press the nose on both sides, and
forced to suck, so that the salt water into the cotton ball on the Baozhan

Evaluation: This only applies to prescriptions rhinitis in daily cleaning of
the nasal cavity, in fact, can not prevent the recurrence of rhinitis, and in
force when the absorption of salt water on cotton ball easily through the nose
into the throat department, in fact, unhealthy, and in the cleaning process,
the patient uncomfortable than force.

rhinitis smearing honey recipe of Sophora japonica L.:

wash your face every morning and evening, with a small finger dipped in
running water to clean the nose, clear nasal crusting and secretions within
the full After exposure to the nasal mucosa with a cotton swab or finger
dipped in honey commercially available Sophorae evenly coated in the nasal

Evaluation: This recipe only for atrophic rhinitis rhinitis patients, but
directly into the nostrils with your fingers to clean the If the finger does
not clean up, break the nasal cavity wall, more likely to cause bacterial
infections. Sophorae honey nose can only play the scab to soften, but will
help clean up, in fact, can not be completely cured.

The white onions recipe rhinitis rhinitis treatment method:
fresh onions, wash, take light blue, smashed, put a few small groups the size
of fingernail cotton wool soaked onion juice stand. stick with a cotton swab
before treatment light salt water or cleaning the nose, after which onion
juice soaked cotton wool stuffed nostrils small, the link a few minutes, one
began to feel sharp, gradually lose very irritating, when the effect
disappears after the renewal of cotton group.

Evaluation: This recipe rhinitis only as adjuvant therapy, barely able to
stand bearing a very pungent flavor of onions rhinitis patients with caution.

rhinitis is in fact not suitable for all prescriptions rhinitis patients are
in fact not really completely heal rhinitis. for the treatment of rhinitis,
deserve to take a more scientific method of treatment. at the present best for
rhinitis is the U.S. non-phenanthroline Sri Lanka, it has broken the treatment
of rhinitis, as some domestic method only for a single kill Dead bacteria can
not fundamentally prevent the recurrence of abuses rhinitis, nasal discharge
toxins but first, then repair the damage of nasal mucosa, and finally to the
nasal vaccination virus antibodies, simply based on a unique three-way
integration methods. not only eliminated the virus rhinitis also improve the
environment within the nasal cavity, nasal tissue enhanced immunity, a
fundamental solution to the subject of rhinitis need someone to answer.

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