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									Rhinitis remedies

Rhinitis remedies children, rhinitis recipe child, my mom rhinitis more than
three years, the Warring States to the hospital administration has done laser
treatment hand, but still no good, to be winds to commit, what remedies child
rule ah ?

rhinitis prescriptions children

online prescriptions on rhinitis also commented on the debate a lot of
children, the following rhinitis in children is a recipe collection online,
only as a reference:

rhinitis in children of saline nasal wash recipe method:

preparation of brine (100 ml bottle put two spoons of salt, water dilution),
children with a toothpick dipped in salt water to wash cotton volume nostrils,
cotton wool and then temporarily left nostril, then the body or head up or
lying down, with the index finger and thumb to press the nose on both sides,
and forced to suck, so that the salt water into the cotton ball on the Baozhan

Evaluation: This recipe rhinitis children apply only to routine cleaning of
the nasal cavity, in fact, less than her inability to prevent the recurrence
of rhinitis, and cotton balls on the suction force when the brine flow easily
through the nose to the throat, in fact, unhealthy, and in cleaning process,
patients would be more tough sad.

rhinitis prescriptions smearing honey Sophorae of children:

wash your face every morning and evening, with a small finger dipped in water
flow in the nostrils cleaning, remove the scabs and nasal secretions, nasal
mucosa after full bare, with a cotton swab or a finger dipped in honey
symmetry Sophorae commercially available coated in the nasal lesion.

Evaluation: The only child rhinitis prescriptions For patients with atrophic
rhinitis, but directly into the nostrils with your fingers to clean, if not
cleaned up your fingers clean, break the nasal cavity wall, more likely to
cause bacterial infection. Sophorae honey nose can only play the scab to
soften, but will help in the clean-up, in fact, less than her inability to
completely cure.
recipe rhinitis rhinitis treatment of children of white onions Law:

fresh onions, wash, take light blue, smashed, put a few the size of a small
group fingernail cotton wool soaked onion juice stand. treatment first with
salt water clean cotton swab dipped the nose, and then soaked in onion juice,
a small cotton wool stuffed nose, the link a few minutes, one began to feel a
sharp, vertical hanging lose irritating, when the effect disappears after the
renewal of cotton group.

Evaluation: This recipe rhinitis only as helping the treatment of children,
barely bear the pungent smell of onions used with caution in patients with

fact rhinitis recipe is not really suitable for children of all rhinitis
patients, but also less than the real fact not be able to completely cure
rhinitis. for the treatment of rhinitis, deserve to take a more scientific
treatment of essentials. at the present the best of rhinitis the United States,
the Philippines complexes here and it breaks like some of the treatments at
home and only the essentials rhinitis Junichi sterilization, less than from
the base on her inability to prevent the recurrence of problems rhinitis,
nasal discharge but the first toxin, and then repair the damage of nasal
mucosa Finally, intranasal inoculation of virus to the antibody, completely
based on strange one three essentials. rhinitis not only eliminated the virus,
but also improve the environment within the nasal cavity, nasal tissue
enhanced immunity, rhinitis from the foundation to solve the problem.

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