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					Regular exercise susceptible to arthritis, obesity is the real culprit,
Department of Misreading

People in the running, the knee of the weight of up to 8 times the weight. So
many people believe that a long time or a long interval of running joints will
cause serious damage. Today, there is a claim was even more worrying: not only
running, any sport will wear joints. With increasing age, people who exercise
regularly are likely to suffer from arthritis.

However, according to the U.S. “Time” reported that in recent years,
research on sports science they obtained very different conclusion: there is
no running anything to do with not only and arthritis, it can even prevent
human aging occurs after various joint problems.

back in 2008 “in the scientific literature,” published an impact statements
to point out that Stanford University conducted a study of 1,000 adults 21
years of follow-up survey after the invention of runners and non-runners knee
health of no difference. Similarly, a 2007 up to 9 for the elderly 1279 The
study of confession, love sports and love sports, not the risk of people
suffering from arthritis the same. In the same year, Australian researchers
published in “Arthritis and Rheumatism,” the journal paper that regular
exercise, knee cartilage thicker , robust, which means that the probability of
them suffering from arthritis smaller.

gene and obesity, especially obesity, arthritis is the real “culprit”, but a
poor sport “scapegoat.” study showed that obesity increased the risk of
arthritis 4 times to teach at Stanford University Medical James 鈥?Fu Laide
said: “What, on a well-functioning joints can withstand great force, because
the articular cartilage in the blood supply is not artery, it relies on the
role of exercise have been pumping oxygen and nutrients. Movement is essential
for maintaining healthy cartilage. “

this, Sports Medicine Research Center of Beijing Sport University to teach Lu
Yifan In an interview with” Life Times “reporter, said that running on pure
knee injury and teenagers. From a theoretical point of biological purification
off, knees enough to complete its life-long mission, the reason why there will
be damage, mainly because of the modern excessive body weight throughout, so
that too much pressure on the knee, along with running posture, joint
degenerative changes, and other venereal because it is difficult to recover
after damage, only the “running injury knee,” saying that it is a result of
all the factors together. because of this, the proposed body weight, joint
with degenerative changes of the seniors do not venereal pure essentials to
campaign with running, swimming and other sports can approach with the

addition, strengthening the leg strength exercises are also important.
University of Minnesota researchers have invented a small calf (gastrocnemius)
muscle the stronger the person, the less prone to sports injuries. involved in
the study of exercise physiology, Dr. Christie 鈥?Pope said the 12th leg
exercises every day, enough to increase endurance here.

movement to insist on doing, especially in the winter, less than runners even
not be able to relax, sudden movement and contain the most injured joint.
(Feng Guochuan)