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					Pregnant women got herpes simplex how do?

Pregnant women suffering from herpes simplex how to do?

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patients note

1. Simplex herpes not only harm the skin and mucosa, can also harm nerves, can
cause encephalitis, meningitis, or harm caused corneal keratitis.

2. herpes does not genetic.

3. herpes is not hereditary disease, as long as the symptoms of erasing to be

4. herpes infection in pregnant women if the best for Caesarean section to
avoid transmission to children.

5. the mother if herpes infection in the care of children should pay attention
to personal hygiene, especially violent period in the incidence, time to wash
your hands often with soap and not to chew the food for the children to eat
too. treatment, combination treatment of herpes blister worry, there is no
side effects and dependence


herpes simplex virus are the only natural host. the virus through the
respiratory tract, oral, genital mucosa and broken skin into the body, people
living in potential body normal mucosa, blood, saliva and that ganglion cells.
recessive primary infections, most of them showed no clinical symptoms or
subclinical manifestation of clinical symptoms may occur only a few. After
primary infection, the virus can be long-term latent in the body. normally
about 50% of the population-based carriers of the virus. HSV in the human body
immune system is not eternal birth place, every fall when the body resistance,
such as fever, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual , pregnancy, focal
infection and emotional changes, the body is activated and latent HSV disease.

studies have shown that patients with recurrent herpes simplex may have immune
deficiencies. is generally believed that HSV-鈪?type of cervical cancer
related with the herpes simplex herpes give security worries combination

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