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					Peritoneal dialysis after-effects

Patient information: Male 45-59 years old Shenyang

disease description (time of onset, the first symptoms):

My father was a chronic diabetic patients with uremia, dialysis, 4 months 47-
year-old, now can not walk 10 steps above the waist to feel sour, tired, who
can help answer is why the next, a helpless daughter, and there is he with
hypertension, dialysis after eating not make the original antihypertensive
drugs, antihypertensive drugs at the moment what to eat better?

kind of help expected by:

walk backache after dialysis, as well as high blood pressure eat after
dialysis drugs do not fall down.

not the best answer

like your father the best with this situation Medicines conditioning, slowly
from the dialysis. the patient