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					                Claims for damaged filed with Whatcom County Sept. 1, 2010-March 7, 2011

Date claim filed Requester     Amount claimed         Paid (N or Y)   Amount paid Description of incident

                                                                                   He was driving behind a
                                                                                   dump truck when chunks
                                                                                   of concrete came out and
                                                                                   damaged the windshield.
                                                                                   This happened at 2 p.m.
                                                                                   on Aug. 31, 2010, along
                                                                                   Smith Road between
                                                                                   Hannegan Road and
                                                                                   Guide Meridian. He is just
                                                                                   claiming damage to the
                                                                                   windshield, he said, not
                                                                                   the paint chips, which he'll
Sept. 7, 2010   Robert Paulk   Not specified          Y                       $700 fix himself.

                                                                                    He was in the county jail
                                                                                    and couldn't find his
                                                                                    glasses. He eventually
                                                                                    found them broken under
                                                                                    the mattress (he'd left
                                                                                    them on the table next to
                                                                                    the bed). The broken
                                                                                    glasses cost him $550.
                                                                                    Jail employee said this
                                                                                    occurred during an
                                                                                    "intensive." Unclear what
                Edward                                                              that means (perhaps an
Jan. 13, 2011   Argenio                        $550                                 intensive cell search?)

                                                                                    Over a few months, while
                                                                                    driving onto the Whatcom
                                                                                    Chief ferry, she scraped
                                                                                    her front bumper because
                                                                                    the ramp wasn't lowered
                                                                                    enough. She has to
Dec. 9, 2010    Katy Siegel    Not specified          N               n/a           replace her bumper.
                                                                     He owns a residents in
                                                                     Maple Falls. His tenants
                                                                     was involved in a
                                                                     domestic incident and
                                                                     assault on a woman he
                                                                     had dated, police arrived,
                                                                     and a hostage situation
                                                                     ensued. The Sheriff's
                                                                     Office around 2 a.m. on
                                                                     Aug. 25, 2010, smashed
                                                                     two doors and broke a
                                                                     window to enter. He was
                                                                     reimbursement for the
Sept. 29, 2010   Brian Faloon    none specified   N   n/a            damage.

                                                                     He was driving east on
                                                                     Smirth Road between
                                                                     Hannegan and Everson-
                                                                     Goshen roads on Oct. 19,
                                                                     2010. He was following a
                                                                     dump truck from Public
                                                                     Works. A large rock hit
                                                                     and damaged the
                                                                     windshield. The road itself
                                                                     was in good condition and
                                                                     there wasn't other traffic it
                 Kenneth                                             could have come from, he
Oct. 19, 2010    Wayne Collyott none specified    N   n/a            wrote.

                                                                    She was picked up by
                                                                    police to be returned to
                                                                    jail. At the time, she says,
                                                                    she was incoherent
                                                                    because of medications
                                                                    she was on. He portable
                                                                    oxygen tank, air mask
                 Marilynn Gail                                      and tubing were taken
                 Cape                                               and haven't been
Oct. 8, 2010     Gotthandt       none specified                     returned.
                                                                    He was driving along I-5
                                                                    between the State and
                                                                    Lakeway exits when a
                                                                    rock came off of a county
                 Charles                                            dump truck and damaged
Sept. 7, 2010    Foxworth                         Y         $217.00 his windshield.
                                                     He went to the county jail
                                                     to bail out an employee of
                                                     his. He was told to pay
                                                     $750 plus a $61.25
                                                     convenience fee. He left
                                                     and called a left a
                                                     voicemail on his
                                                     employee's cell phone.
                                                     The next morning he
                                                     called the jail and found
                                                     out she hadn't been
                                                     released. Jail staff said it
                                                     was because of an IT
                                                     problem with the
                                                     messaging system, and
                                                     they encouraged him to
                                                     get money back. She
                                                     would have been released
                                                     the following morning
Oct. 19 2010     Patrick McEvoy   $61.25 Y    $61.25 anyway.
                                                     She was driving on H
                                                     Street Road and saw
                                                     cones in the road ahead
                                                     of her, forcing her to
                                                     move over and cross the
                                                     center line temporarily.
                                                     She later had to do it
                                                     again to avoid people
                                                     walking on the side of the
                                                     road. When she got to her
                                                     destination she saw the
                                                     centerline paint on her car
                                                     and she couldn't get it off.
                                                     She saw no signs
                 Vicki Von                           indicating there was wet
Oct. 4, 2010     Visser                 Y    $162.75 paint.

                                                     (This one is a bit unclear).
                                                     Whatcom County Sheriff's
                                                     Office investigated a
                                                     burglary in which three
                                                     guns were stolen. They
                                                     were not placed on hold
                                                     and were sold. One gun
                                                     was at the pawn shop and
                                                     was recovered. The shop
                 Checkmate                           is still owed $125 on the
Sept. 10, 2010   Pawn              $125 Y       $125 gun.
                                                            He was parked at the
                                                            ferry line on Lummi Island
                                                            when a county road paint
                                                            truck went by. He later
                                                            found paint on the side of
                                                            his vehicle. This was
                                                            about 9:50 a.m. on Oct.
Oct. 25, 2010   David Thorn             $3,718.50 N   N/a   21, 2010

                                                            A mower/trimmer came
                                                            down the road and cut
                                                            down their five- to- seven-
                                                            foot tall trees. They were
                                                            blue spruce and white
                                                            pines. Six were killed and
                                                            three more badly maimed.
                                                            She planted them as bare
                                                            roots in 2004 and cared
Nov. 3, 2010    Holly Johnston                              for them.

                                                            He was at Whatcom
                                                            County jail when Sheriff's
                                                            Office staff opened some
                                                            of his mail. He wants $1
                                                            million for each of five
                                                            alleged violations of his
                                                            rights. He incurred mental
                                                            anguish as a result of the
                                                            mail opening. They
                                                            opened his legal mail not
                                                            in his presence. He is now
                                                            housed in a state
                Stephen Knight                              corrections center in
Nov. 4, 2010    Lewis          $5 million        N    n/a   Shelton.
                                                               Hanna, a Prosecuting
                                                               Attorney's Office
                                                               employee, was helping
                                                               the office move supplies
                                                               out of a storage unit along
                                                               Guide Meridian when the
                Debra Kay                                      body of her car incurred
Dec. 2, 2010    Hanna                            Y   $1,069.23 damage.

                                                               He was driving on Smith
                                                               Road when a snow plow
                                                               passed him in the other
                                                               direction. He was sprayed
                                                               with what looked like rock,
                Bjorn Vincent                                  which damaged the
Dec. 6, 2010    Weber                            Y        $217 windshield.

                                                                The claim only mentions a
                                                                brand new scale and
                                                                tobacco pipe. It says the
                                                                incident occurred at noon
                                                                on Jan. 19 in downtown
Jan. 31, 2011   Justin Vance                                    Bellingham.

                                                               There was water damage
                                                               to their house and
                                                               outbuildings caused by a
                                                               failed ditch and flawed
                                                               repair to a corner culvert,
                                                               as well prior redirection of
                                                               water flow. These all
                                                               caused flooding to this
                                                               property. This is located
                Karen Hansey                                   along Douglas Road just
                and Robert   Tens of thousands                 outside the city of
Jan. 7, 2011    Butler       of dollars                        Ferndale.
                                                               A Whatcom County
                                                               Sheriff's Office deputy
                                                               was visiting a home to
                                                               conduct some follow-up;
                                                               he failed to put his vehicle
                Steven                                         into park, and it rolled and
                Clevenger,                                     hit a garage door,
Jan. 26, 2011   owner/landlord       $1,254.25 Y     $1,254.25 damaging it.
                                                     He claims economic
                                                     losses in the amount of
                                                     about $200,000 as
                                                     caused by the county. He
                                                     owns lots in the Geneva
                                                     area. He planned to
                                                     develop and sell them.
                                                     County staff allegedly
                                                     consolidated some of the
                                                     lots and denied requests
                                                     for buildings permits. He's
                                                     claiming a regulatory
                                                     taking without just
                Robert                               compensation and
Feb. 8, 2011    Matichuk     $200,000                violation of civil rights.

                                                     Late last year a ditch
                                                     overflowed and flooded
                                                     their property, including
                                                     under their house. The
                                                     property is located at the
                                                     corner of Pence and Rural
                                                     avenues. They were
                                                     informed a drain was
                                                     plugged and not draining.
                                                     They called the county,
                                                     and a crew was sent out.
                                                     Crews used a pump to try
                                                     to reduce the water level.
                                                     The county dug a ditch
                                                     adjacent to wetlands too
                                                     deep, and water poured
                                                     from the wetlands during
                                                     the storm, contributing to
                                                     the flooding. They request
                Harold and                           compensation for costs
                Rachael                              associated with flood
Jan. 21, 2011   Wilson       $7,185.76 Y   $7,185.76 damage.
                                                                Stormwater overflowed a
                                                                drainage ditch along
                                                                Semiahmoo Drive,
                                                                washed over the road and
                                                                down his property. It
                                                                flooded the crawlspace
                                                                and cause banks to slide
                                                                on three properties. It also
                                                                washed out his driveway
                                                                into his yard. This
                                                                property is across from
                                                                where Trillium Corp.
Feb. 9, 2011    Tom Sutton               N    n/a               logged its property.

                                                               Whatcom County crews,
                                                               doing shoulder
                                                               maintenance, cut a phone
                                                               line that was buried about
                                                               18 inches down. The
                                                               county said it was not
                                                               marked as crossing the
                                                               ditch or road. This is
                                                               along H Street Road. The
                                                               note said the locate
                                                               company needs to use
                                                               paint marks like they used
                Frontier                                       to, instead of flags, which
                Communicatio                                   can get blow away or
Feb. 25, 2011   ns               $129.05 Y             $129.05 taken by kids.

                                                               Rains flooded a ditch at
                                                               Pence and Rural avenues
                                                               in December 2010,
                                                               resulting in flooding of
                                                               their property and
                                                               damage. This is related to
                                                               the above-mentioned
                                                               claim near this location. A
                                                               plugged drain resulted in
                Adam and                                       the flooding. Claims is for
                Heather                                        damages to crawlspace
Jan. 21, 2011   McAbee         $18,548.46 Y         $18,548.46 under the house.
                                                             The car was parked at the
                                                             bottom of a driveway off
                                                             West Lake Samish Drive.
                                                             A snowplow at some time
                                                             in the morning plowed
                                                             and pushed a substantial
                                                             amount of snow into it,
                                                             damaging the fender and
                                                             making it impossible to
                                                             open the driver's side
               Jamie Marie                                   door. This occurred on
      8-Mar-11 Larsen                              N   n/a   Feb. 28.

                                                             Claim is on behalf of
                                                             Anthony Suter, who was
                                                             pulled over by Sheriff's
                                                             deputy on Interstate 5 on
                                                             July 2008. Suter stopped
                                                             and then attempted to
                                                             flee, was hit by a high-
                                                             speed vehicle and
                                                             sustained injuries that led
                                                             to his death. The claim
                                                             states that no immediate
                                                             probable caused existed
                                                             to pull him over, and that
                                                             the deputy could have
               Josephine                                     pulled him over in a
     21-Mar-11 Neubauer       $3 million                     different location.

                                                             He was driving on Britton
                                                             Road on Feb. 22 driving
                                                             toward the Mount Baker
                                                             Highway when he slid on
                                                             ice and hit a parked car.
                                                             He called 911 because
                                                             the road was dangerous
                                                             and other cars were
                                                             having trouble too. A
                                                             deputy arrived and called
                                                             a county sander. The
                                                             county sander stopped
                                                             adjacent to his car, and
                                                             then it slid sideways into
Feb. 28, 2011   Ruben Valle            $1,803.37             it.
                                   He was driving in icy
                                   conditions on Hannegan
                                   Road when he was
                                   passed by a sanding
                                   truck. Sand and gravel
                                   from the truck damaged
                                   his windshield. This was
                                   on Feb. 22. Vance wrote
                                   a follow-up note: "I am
                                   sorry I only had time to
                                   get one estimate. There is
                                   only one glass repair in
                                   Lynden. Louis Auto Glass
                                   fixed the crack at "no
                                   charge." The windshield is
                                   useable, just badly pock-
                                   marked. I understand you
                                   folks are doing your best
                                   to keep the roads safe,
                                   and I appreciate that. I will
          Vance                    abide with amy decision
 3-Mar-11 Washkow      Y   $271.25 you reach."

                                    He was stopped at a red
                                    light, waiting to make a
                                    right turn. A county
                                    employee behind him had
                                    her foot slip off the brake
                                    and the vehicle rolled into
                                    his. This occurred near
                                    Bellingham Technical
                                    College on March 4,
                                    2011. The repair estimate
17-Mar-11 Michael Ng                was $943.46.
Description of response Notes

                           The county and him went
                           to mediation at the
                           Whatcom Dispute
                           Resolution Center and
                           came to an agreement of
                           $700. The remaining claim
                           of $1,057.27 shall be
                           forgiven by Paulk and
                           considered a donation to
                           the county.

His claim was mistakenly
routed to the wrong mail
box, so it was delayed by
the time it got to the     It appears a letter to him
correct location. In       was returned as an
process                    incorrect address.
Whatcom County denied
the claim. Chief
employees are trained to
file incident reports each
time a vehicle is
damaged, and there were
no reports filed for
damage to her car over
those months. There is a
lack of evidence.
The claim was denied.
Police did what they
needed to protect the
woman in the residence.
The county wasn't
negligent, and the tenant
caused the problems. The
county recommended he
recover the costs from the
insurance company or the

Claim is denied. Public
Works staff said the truck
was empty at the time and
hadn't made any runs yet
that morning, so it's
unlikely it came from the

Whatcom County staff
wrote to her saying they
forwarded her claim to the
jail, but the employee also
asked for an estimate of
the replacement cost of
the items, should the
county decided to pay the
claim. No further

Claim paid
Claim paid

Claim paid

Claim paid
Public Works concluded
from photos that the
amount of paint, as well
as the location in the
fender well, could only
have been caused by
driving on a freshly
painted line for a distance.
They took precautions
with cones and signs to
ensure no one drove
through the paint. The
estimate to repair it is also
10 times the amount the
county has received for
similar claims. It appears
that more was going to be
done than just removing
the paint. Denied.

Staff responded and
asked her to provide an
estimate of the
replacement costs for the
trees. No further

A sergeant responded
that mail is opened to
ensure there's no
contraband, but mail itself
isn't inspected.
Unfortunately legal mail is
opened not in inmates'
presence occasionally
because they have
hundreds of letters each
night. All legal mail will be
separated from standard
mail prior to inspection to
correct the problem, he
wrote. A county attorney
later denied the claim,
saying that they believe
legal mail isn't privileged.


County attorney
responded and asked if it
was the Bellingham Police
Department of Sheriff's
Office who responded. He
also asked for more
information, including
whether they items were
taken from him and what
the replacement costs
would be.


Claim paid
This was a result of an act
of God (heavy rain), the
county isn't negligent and
the claim is denied.

Claim paid

Claim paid
No photos were submitted
showing the vehicle
surrounded by snow, as
was alleged. Nobody
witnessed the incident.
The county believes the
snow plow operator was
operating the machinery
in a responsible and
appropriate manner, and
there's no evidence he
caused the damage.
Claim denied.


In process of paying
The county agreed to pay
the estimate for a repair
by Louis Auto Glass
($271.25). Payment in

Payment in process

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