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               Street Artists

                            Thierry         Space Invader: Off the Wall                   MayDay: The art of

                            Guetta: Aka
                            Mr. Brain-
                            wash Star
                            of Banksy
                                            Space Invader has to be one
                                           of my favourite street artists
                                           bar none. He plays a major
                                           part in “Exit Through the
                                           Gift Shop.” He is Thierry Guetta’s
                                                                                           Sheppard Fairey
                                                                                      His show at Deitch Projects
                                                                                      centers on large poster-col-
                                                                                      lages based on famous pho-
                                                                                      tographs of cultural heroes. They
Too sly to participate in a traditional,                                              are embedded in intricately layered
                                           cousin and took a lot of heat for legit-
aggrandizing documentary about                                                        fields of sophomorically pertinent
                                           imizing the crazy frenchman and cre-
                                                                                      newspaper clippings and lives-of-
himself, Banksy instead turns the          ating the artistic tornado -- or natural
                                                                                      the-saints attributes. A red, black
camera on his would-be chronicler, a       disaster -- that is Mr. Brainwash.
                                                                                      and white Russian Constructivist
ridiculous, possibly insane French-        Hailing from Paris France, he has
                                                                                      palette predominates, but the colors
man named Thierry Guetta, who for          kept his identity hidden the entire
                                                                                      are dark with age and nostalgia.
                                           time-- long before Banksy, Daft Punk,
years was tethered to a camcorder,                                                    And the bumpy surfaces, which re-
filming nearly every waking mo-                                                       semble old shellacked linoleum,
ment. Through his cousin, a street                                                    make everything seem embalmed.
artist responsible for the prolifera-                                                  Sheppard Fairey deserves enor-
tion of Space-Invader mosaics across                                                  mous credit for helping start the
                                                                                      street art phenomenon we are now
Paris and other cities, Guetta is in-
                                                                                      witnessing but he just doesn’t seem
troduced to the secret world of
                                                                                      to be able to reinvent himself and
guerilla artists. Over several years,                                                 stay relevant the way Banksy or In-
Guetta amasses thousands of hours                                                     vader can. It’s nice, but all very
of footage of illicit nighttime stencil-                                              samey after ten years. His art has
ing, spray painting, and postering by      Click to watch the video.                  an antique look when brand new;
the field’s luminaries. Among his          Deadmau5, or lesser copies like            but the patina on the art, and the
subjects is Shepard Fairey, who            Slipknot. Employing collage as his aes-    artist, is wearing thin.
achieved notoriety with his ubiqui-        thetic and utilizing bathroom tiles, al-
tous Orwellian posters of Andre the        most exclusively, as his material. He
Giant, featuring the nonspecific com-      sometimes throws in Rubiks cubes or
mand to “Obey,” and, more recently,        other materials into the mix. He is fa-
the iconic tricolor portrait of Barack     mous for “RubikCubism” where he
                                           makes collages out of hundreds of ru-
                                           biks cubes as his material.
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     To p F i v e H a p p e n i n g s i n
           t h e Wo r l d o f A r t
#1 Banksy’s Exit
Through the Gift
Shop Turns Art
World on its Head                                                                              C l i c k t o Wa t c h

How does one describe a man               will likely not make an appearance.          #2 Joshua Allen Harr i s
                                          “He is perhaps best known for his             Inflatable Bag Monsters
dubbed the best street artists in the
                                          carefully guarded anonymity, but
modern world, whose face has never                                                    I’ve seen my share of street art
                                          Banksy has this week discovered that
been unveiled to the public, but                                                      using almost every conceivable
                                          the Oscars do not “do” enigma. The
                                                                                      medium.Until I saw the work of
whose artistic style ignites layers of    British street artist has been refused      artist Joshua Allen Harris I never
thought?                                  permission to appear in disguise,” as       once considered the artistic
The phantom of the opera for street       reported by Ben Child in Banksy re-         possibilities of subway exhaust.
art, masked in his pursuit of love for    fused Oscar disguise request, Feb 22,
social, political, stirring, as his art   2011.
tears down dogmatic issues;               Any disguise would have been consid-
“Banksy is a quasi-anonymous Eng-         ered a potential security risk, as no one
lish graffiti artist whose artworks       would be able to tell if the character in
are often satirical pieces of art on      disguise was, in fact, the real Banksy.
topics such as politics, culture, and     Partially in farce, it was discussed that
ethics. His street art, which combines    if five men in disguise came to the
graffiti writing with a distinctive       stage to accept an award, they                        Click to watch
                                                                                      Using only tape and garbage bags,
stencilling technique, has appeared       wouldn’t know who to give it to.
                                                                                      Harris creates giant inflatable ani-
around the world in places as diverse     The article continues to report, “The
                                                                                      mals that become animated when
as New Orleans and the Israeli West       artist now seems unlikely to appear at      fastened to a sidewalk grate. Steven
Bank barrier, but the majority of his     the ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in        Psyllos caught up with Harris re-
work is found in Bristol and Lon-         Los Angeles, though reports suggest he      cently to discuss his older works (in-
don,” as stated inBristol’s Public De-    will be in the vicinity. A number of new    cluding a bear and a giraffe) and
cides What is Art, Sep 2, 2009.           graffiti pieces have appeared in the        unveil a new beast that looks not
The man is up for an Academy              city over recent weeks, including one of    unlike the Cloverfield monster. This
Award, well the documentary Exit          Peanuts’ Charlie Brown pouring petrol       largely unknown artist gets #2 from
Through the Gift Shop is, anyways.        on the side of a burned-out building.”      me on sheer origniality
Hilarity ensues, as Banksy himself,

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