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									                                                       ERM in Vietnam

                                                    PricewaterhouseCoopers has
ERM Explained
                                                     helped over 60 companies
Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) is the
                                                    in Indochina with successful
integration of processes and information for
                                                              Enterprise Resource
company divisions such as sales, accounting,
purchasing, and operations.                                  Management (ERM).

ERM consists of analyzing business processes,         Become our next satisfied
designing and implementing performance                                             partner.
improvements (often called Business Process
Re-engineering), and selecting software
                                                       Success Story:
necessary to manage improved workflows. The
                                                       Kinh Do Corporation is Vietnam’s largest
goal of ERM is to increase efficiency by reducing      bakery and confectionary, with 8 factories
                                                       and 3,000 personnel. Through rapid
                                                       expansion, they faced a challenge of
costs and improving productivity.                      disparate financial and inventory control
                                                       systems. Essentially, they had outgrown
                                                       their old technology and manual processes.
                                                       With help from PwC, Kinh Do implemented
 Business Process Re-engineering                       an integrated enterprise resource
                                                       management system that coordinated
 • Stage I: Overall Business Diagnostic                financial, accounting and inventory
                                                       management functions, saving time and
 • Stage II: Analyze Specific Processes                reducing errors.

 • Stage III: Recommend Improved Processes             “Các phương pháp quản lý
                                                       chất lượng theo tiêu chuẩn
                                                       ISO với những nhà tư vấn
                                                       chuyên nghiệp như
                                                       PricewaterhouseCoopers, phần
                                                       mềm quản lý tài nguyên
                                                       Solomon đã giúp tôi rất nhiều.
                                                       Chúng tôi giao việc và tin cậy
                                                       hoàn toàn vào nhân viên của
                                                       mình.” – Trần Văn Thành,
                                                       President, Kinh Do Corporation
                                                                        BPR in Vietnam

                                                                 PricewaterhouseCoopers has
 BPR Explained
                                                                    helped over 60 companies
 Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the
                                                                  in Indochina with successful
 fundamental re-thinking and radical re-design
 of the business to achieve dramatic improve-                                          Business Process
 ments (benefits) in performance areas such as
                                                                             Re-engineering (BPR).
 cost, quality, service and speed. BPR includes
 the transformation of organization, job                              Become our next satisfied
 responsibilities, information systems and                                                             partner.
 performance standards.

 PricewaterhouseCoopers brings together cross-
 industry best practices and its own experience to
 create a world-class proven technique for BPR
 called Performance Improvement Through
 Benefits Management (PITBM). The goal of
 PITBM is to improve the performance of
 organisations through assisting them to define,
 realise, measure and sustain the benefits of

Performance Improvement
Through Benefits Management (PITBM)                             BenefitsRealisation
                                                                During the Project   Implementation
Our PITBM methodology is a proven
framework that guides our clients to identify                                                     X Target

and select only those projects that deliver the                                                       Performance
                                                                                                      with Benefits
most organizational gain. PITBM focuses on                                                            Realisation
business outcomes and benefits realisation                                                            Performance
from the inception of a change initiative,                                                            without Benefits
through to business case development,                                                                 Realisation

project management and implementation.                                        Time
                                                IT Business Risk
                                                Management in Vietnam

                                                    Our ITBRM services
  ITBRM Explained                                          provide senior
  Information Technology Business Risk                 executives with a
  Management (ITBRM) is an objective, high-       strategic yet practical
  level advisory service that provides a              way to ensure that
  strategic and practical way to understand                 technology is
  and manage IT business risks, while             squarely aligned with
  leveraging IT investments, resources and
                                                    business objectives,
                                                  and that key business
  ITBRM is a thought-leading framework that         risks are minimized.
  examines and evaluates the IT organisation
  to identify gaps between current an desired
  levels of achievement and determine the
  extent and root causes of exposure to IT-
  related business risks.

 Performance Risk                                          Economic Risk

• Financial & Operational Metrics                          • IT Investment Portf olio
• “Root Cause” Analysis                                    • Total IT Spend
• Benchmarking
• Quality of Metrics & Data
                                      People               • Fiscal/Budgetary Dsciplines
                                                             & Controls
                                                           • Prioritisation

                                                           • Strategic Business

Crisis Risk
                                     Priorities             Org. & Process Risk

• M&A Pre- and Post-Deal                                   • Management & Technical
  Integration                                                Skills Mix
• Security Issues                                          • Management & Technical
• Business Recovery & Continuity                             Skills Career Model
• Data Quality                                             • IT HR & Compensation
• Rapid Response Situations                                  Practices

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