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Breastfeeding class


                                                                    POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                                                   Yigo, Guam 96929

                      Barb Mafnas – Photo / about me

                                Pregnancy Classes
Prenatal Class-This two hour class is offered once a month and will take a couple on a
journey from the positive pregnancy test through the 9 month journey of pregnancy. Parents
should take this class in the first trimester of pregnancy. Fee-Free

Nutrition and Pregnancy- Evidence based nutrition class

Walking Group-

Gestational Diabetes – understanding the diagnosis and management of gestational
diabetes. 1st class is by appointment. 2nd class is a group setting.

                     Sagua Managu Orientation Class
Prepared Childbirth - Lamaze

Lamaze is a childbirth education program that is intended to empower a woman to make
informed choices about her delivery and to enhance her confidence and ability to give
birth. Lamaze women will know what to expect and learn coping mechanisms of childbirth.
We offer three formats to meet the needs of busy couples. Chose the one that is best for
you! ($60.00/couple)
Traditional Lamaze- 5 week series, each session is 2 hours in length we meet once a week.
Class Code: T-Lamaze10/60
Custom Lamaze – this class is for the busy couple. Class meets two times 3 hours each
Class Code: C-Lamaze 6/60
Crash course- this is an afternoon class starts a lunch ends by dinner. Class meets one
Class code: CR-Lamaze 6/60
                                                                         POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                                                        Yigo, Guam 96929

Lamaze Refresher-
Designed with experienced parents in mind. This class is for anyone who has had a previous
birth experience whether or not you have taken Lamaze or not. $40/couple
Class Code: LR2/40

Teen Lamaze
Labor Skills- Prepared Childbirth for the Expectant Teen Parent
Topics Include-
                 What to expect
                 How to know when “it is time”
                 Mood changes in labor
                 Labor sensations
                 Delivery & recovery
3 hour prepared childbirth class.
Class fee $50.00 Special fee with coupon $25.00. Classes are offered once a month on Class
code: LS/3/25 Teens are encouraged to bring 1 or 2 labor support people.

Baby Care
Basic Baby Care
From cord care to swaddling, this class has everything you've ever wanted to know about
how to take care of your sweet little angel in those first few weeks. We'll give you the
knowledge to help you feel as comfortable as possible!! This a great class to come to if
you're in those last months of pregnancy.
Dads encouraged to attend!
(1.5 hours / $10.00/couple) Class Code: BBC1.5/10

This class is for dads only. This is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss amongst “just the
dudes”. Discussions will include changes in your partner, your relationship and how to survive
in your new role.
(3 hour session/ $25.00) Class Code: BD3/25

Breastfeeding and Lactation
                                                                        POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                                                       Yigo, Guam 96929
                      Breastfeeding Class- If breast feeding is important to you, this is an
                      important class.
                      A comprehensive breastfeeding class targeted for expectant parents.
                      This class will prepare you for the hours, days, and months following
                      the birth of your baby. Get familiar with what is normal and what to
                      expect. Topics covered will be how to recognize feeding cues, tell
baby is getting enough, frequency and duration of feedings, position and latch, milk
collection and storage, medications and breastfeeding, avoiding breastfeeding problems,
maximizing milk production, support systems, return to work and frequently asked questions.

Most parents will leave this class feeling confident about how breastfeeding works and great
tips to make things easier.
It is recommended that dad or support partner to attend.
Class code: BFC2NC           no fee

Baby Bonding- skin to skin, wearing baby, bath time and infant massage.

Lactation Consultation- The nurse is in! I am just a phone call away. Are you having trouble
getting breastfeeding going? Most breastfeeding problems can be resolved quickly with a
little help and guidance. Most moms who come are so glad they made the decision to get
some help. You will be glad you made the call. I will assess you and baby and the latch offer
helpful tips and show you other comfortable positions to feed in.

What to bring- baby, pump, burp cloths and your favorite breastfeeding pillow.

Please call for an appointment. Same day appointments can be arranged.
It is recommended that dad and support partner to attend.

Class Code LC1NC                       – no fee if delivered at Sagua Managu

Lactation Home Visits-

Back to Work – Breastfeeding Class
Going Back to Work?? This is the class for you! Returning to work while breastfeeding can be
stressful. Let us make the transition a little easier. Topics include: Introducing an artificial
nipple, the first days back, equipment needs, finding a caregiver, common pitfalls, and
breastfeeding laws.
Class Code: BTW1NC          no fee

Making More Milk – Skin 2 skin and other concepts
                                                                      POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                                                     Yigo, Guam 96929
                      Increasing milk supply
                      This special presentation will focus on ways that mothers can increase
                      their milk supply. Hot off the press...there is some new evidence about
                      ways to increase milk supply that can be very valuable to anyone
                      who is frustrated about their supply. We hope you can join us!
                      Class Code MMM2/NC               no fee

Breastfeeding Support Group
A special time set aside for nursing mothers to share their breastfeeding experiences and to
bounce ideas off one another. Class will be facilitated by a lactation councilor.

Movie Night
Movie Night
Birth Choices
The Orgasmic Birth
Labor Positions
Baby Talk
The Happiest baby on the Block
Class Code: MN1/5

Infant Safety Classes
Infant CPR
This single-session class covers the American Heart Association Infant portion of the Friends
and Family CPR Curriculum. Information about infant/child safety and baby-proofing will also
be covered. Hands-on practice will provide you with the skills and confidence to turn a life-
threatening situation into a lifesaving one! (2hour) Fee: $45.00 for one parent/caregiver
($75.00 for two)
Class Code: ICPR2/45 single
              ICPR2/75 couple

AHA CPR Courses for Professionals-
CPR certification Medical Professionals
CPR re-cert
BLS courses
                                                                         POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                                                        Yigo, Guam 96929

Illness, SIDS and cranky babies
This class will help parents recognize the signs and symptoms of a child with an illness.
Breastfeeding issues during sick days. We will also discuss SIDS and how to calm a cranky
baby. (Shaken baby syndrome)

Brian Mafnas is a certified massage therapist who trained in Hawaii at Remington College.
He is certified in all aspects of massage to include pregnancy, labor and post-partum and
infant massage.

Pregnant Woman-
A luxurious massage for the pregnant woman.

Labor massage-
Brian will make “house calls” to your home or to the birthing center to give you a relaxing
massage during your labor.

Post-partum / Lactation massage

Infant Massage-
Brian will train you to massage your baby. Your baby will love this and so will you! Infant
massage is a great way to bond with your little one. Infant massage may also relieve
physical discomfort like gas, colic or reflux. Come for this wonderful hour of relaxation for you
and your baby and enjoy meeting other moms/caregivers and discover the benefits infant

Massage oil will be provided. Bring a baby blanket and wear comfortable clothing.

Instructor: Brian Mafnas
            Certified Infant Massage Therapist
                                          POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                         Yigo, Guam 96929

Postpartum support-
Post-partum support groups
BF support
Mommy and me play groups

RTS- Resolve through Sharing
Pregnancy and Infant loss support

Puberty Classes! Coming soon!

Fees are subject to change.
                                               POB 4388 AAFB Br
                                              Yigo, Guam 96929

                          COMING SOON!
Future accessories-
Apparel / loungewear
Baby clothes
Lamaze Toys
Carriers / Slings
Baby supplies
Bath time

Diaper bags
Medela supplies
Music DVD’s
Nursing essentials
Bras / tanks
Postpartum healing
Sore nipples
Special feeding devices
      POB 4388 AAFB Br
     Yigo, Guam 96929

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