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									Building Your Sigma
Recruitment and Retention Workshop
For Members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Presented by: Linette Y. Caroselli,
NER Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator
     A strategic plan of recruiting and retaining
   membership is essential to the expansion and
 success of Sigma Gamma Rho. If we look at our
  history, we span from seven young courageous
   educators whose mission was to help African-
 American women help themselves while uplifting
      others. Today, over 90,000 women of all
 backgrounds and professions have made it their
goal to provide “Greater Service, Greater Progress”
                to the world at large.
The Power of Vision
Recruitment is the primary focus of this
workshop. In order to successfully meet
    the requirements of our mission
  statement, we must first find women
     who meet our standards. When
    recruiting, we should be seeking
  collegiate women who believe in the
         vision of our Founders.
  What is Recruitment?

Recruitment refers to the process of
screening, and selecting qualified people
for a job at an organization or firm, or for a
vacancy in a volunteer-based organization
or community group.
In our case, we are looking for collegiate
women who will maintain and uphold the
organization’s ideals and purpose.
    The Foundation
 Every house has a foundation. Therefore your chapter’s
foundation is its membership. The people that make up
your chapter speaks volumes. Birds of a feather, flock
          Who to Recruit
      School club presidents
        Resident Advisors
 Students who show an interest in
         community service
         Campus leaders
            Go-getters
Who to Recruit continued..
Women who:
 Have a good reputation
 Service Oriented
 March to the beat of a different drum
 High Principals/Standards
 High G.P.A.
 A leader not a follower
 High Self-Esteem
 Love of Community
 Good Organizer
 Possess great organization skills
 A good Role Model
 Legacies
        *See “The Chosen” slide for elaboration
    Anyone who shows any interest in
    hazing is not a good candidate for
membership. These types of individuals
will put your chapter at risk! Let interests
   know up front, we are a non-hazing
How to Plant the Sigma
 Now that you have found your quality
 candidates, recruit them….
  Wear paraphernalia on campus
  Sponsor activities where you can
 meet and greet women on campus
  Advertise Sigma whenever possible
  Plan creative programming on
 campus (National Projects)
                The Chosen
 The ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho have several things that make
    us stand out. We see ourselves as an elite organization. By
  "elite", we don't mean "fanciest," or "richest". We only accept
the cream of the crop, so to speak, because we seek out women
  who are not afraid of work. Women who are not afraid to stand
out, stand up, and be heard. We seek women of class, character,
    and dedication to the community. We seek women who are
already secure enough in their womanhood not to be daunted by
  what others may say, think, or feel. We seek women of vision,
   women of the future, TODAY. We seek women who will NOT
  settle for being the same as everyone else in the organization,
    who will NOT settle for being a t-shirt wearer, who will NOT
   accept the conditions of the community as they are. We seek
women who, in addition to excellence in their personal and work
lives, seek excellence in their academic lives. This is why we say
   we are an "elite" organization. When you get women of such
      caliber together in a room, you can imagine the results:
 progress and achievement, the marks of an organization on the
Clean Your House First!
You wouldn’t invite company over to your home if your
house was a not clean. It’s the same with your chapter.
Clean your house before you let anyone in. If there are
rifts, resolve them first. Interests can pick up on
dissention amongst sorors. The following should be in
order before proceeding with T.O.R.C.H.:
 Local By-laws should be updated. They should be clear
to the members
 Personal differences should be resolved. Remember,
Sigma is not only a Sisterhood but a business as well.
 The membership chairs should have updated TORCH
 Everyone should be secure and clear about their
chapter duties and roles
Remember: It takes a
special kind of woman
to be a S.G. Rho. Our
letters shouldn’t be
worn by just anyone
because they said
they’re interested. Our
letters are special and
valuable. Recruit only
those you feel will add
to the legacy.

It is your chapter’s discretion
whether to accept/pursue
individuals. It is up to the
membership committee to
bring forth information to the
chapter. It is also the duty of
both interests and sorors to
get acquainted with one
  A legacy is a member
  whose mother, daughter,
  aunt, grandmother, sister,
  niece, etc. is also a
  member. While these
  relationships are treasured,
  legacies do not have
  automatic entry into Sigma
  Gamma Rho. They too
  have to meet the
  requirements for

Retention is the process of maintaining
members once they have been inducted.
Too often for various reasons, sorors
become inactive. We as an organization
must preserve our numbers in order to be
successful. Without financial sorors, the
organization cannot prosper. The more
financial sorors we have, the more we can
How to Retain Members
Graduate chapters can
participate in the Graduate
Chapter Dues Program.
This program enables
undergraduates to
smoothly transfer into a
graduate chapter by
offering discounted chapter
dues. Grads can also
sponsor an undergraduate
during her first year as an
graduate member.
 Undergraduates should visit all of the Graduate
  chapters in their home area to determine
  where they feel comfortable
 Chapters should reach out to inactive sorors by
  phone or by paying a personal visit
 Invite inactive sorors to chapter events and
  present gift bags as a token of appreciation for
  their presence
 Start a positive conversation about the
  progress Sigma has had since they’ve been
 If money is a factor, wave the chapter dues (if
  this is feasible for the chapter)
All Aboard the Sigma Line!
 Activities to Bring
   Sorors Home:
  Dinner & a Movie
  Girls’ Night Out
  Game Night
  Wine Tasting Soirée’
   (Grad Chapters)
  Play Date (sorors’

 Recruiting is essential to the growth and
  productivity of Sigma Gamma Rho
 We value Quality not Quantity
 Retention is vital to the survival of Sigma.
  Active and financial members maintain the
  integrity and productivity of the organization
 Clean your house first!
 TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!
Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns,
        please forward them to:

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