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									                DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES
                     [County of San Diego, CA]


  County of San Diego, CA
[County of San Diego, CA]

THE COUNTY                                                                       From coastlines to inland valleys, San Diego’s unique geography provides
                                                                                 a landscape that has something for everyone when it comes to housing.
San Diego County is California’s oldest county. The original territory of        San Diego offers a wide variety of housing opportunities including
nearly 40,000 square miles was gradually reduced until 1907, when the            desirable apartments, condominiums, suburban single-family homes,
present boundaries were established. Riverside and Orange counties               and luxury oceanfront or rural estates. The median price of a home in
form the northern border, with Imperial County along the international           San Diego County is $335,000.
border shared with Mexico. The area encompasses 4,261 square miles
with 75 miles of Pacific Ocean beach, two beautiful bays, several mountain       San Diego’s recent relative economic stability has been based on its
ranges and a breathtaking desert. The County area is 65 miles from               increasing diversification of economic activity and maturation as a
north to south and 86 miles from east to west. The year-round climate            hub for research and development and product manufacturing in
is mild with an average annual temperature of 63 degrees, sunshine               telecommunications, biotechnology, military products, electronics and
70 percent of the time, and annual rainfall of ten inches.                       information technology. International trade and implementation of the
                                                                                 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) also serve to
With 3,224,000 residents, San Diego is the second most populous                  strengthen the County’s economic base.
county in California and the fifth most populous in the U.S. San Diego
County’s racial and ethnic composition is diverse, with projections that         THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT
by 2030 the population breakdown will be 41.9% White, 37% Hispanic,
11.4% Asian and Pacific Islander, 5.4% Black, and 4.3% all other groups.         San Diego became one of California’s original 27 counties in 1850,
Because of San Diego’s proximity to Mexico, the region is becoming               shortly after California became the 31st State in the Union. The County
increasingly bicultural. San Diego residents have come from all parts            functions under a Charter adopted in 1933, including subsequent
of the world and speak more than 100 languages.                                  amendments. There are 18 incorporated cities within the County, as
                                                                                 well as a vast number of unincorporated communities.
World-renowned tourist attractions include the Wild Animal Park, Sea
World, Palomar Observatory, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and               The County of San Diego is the regional government authority responsible
magnificent Balboa Park. The region is home to three professional                for the health, protection and welfare of area residents. County
sports teams: the Chargers (football), the Padres (baseball), and the            government also provides municipal services for the 436,000 residents
Gulls (ice hockey). The arts – music, dance, opera, art film and museums –       who live in unincorporated areas. The five-member Board of Supervisors
are abundant. Cultural attractions include the San Diego Symphony,               governs the County. Members are elected by district, on a non-partisan
San Diego Opera, Old Globe Theater, Civic Light Opera, Master Chorale,           basis, to four-year staggered terms. District boundaries are based
Chamber Music Society and the La Jolla Playhouse. Museums include                primarily on population, with each Supervisor representing about
the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Aerospace Museum, the                 20 percent of the population. Each Board member must live in the
Space Theater and Science Center, and the U.S.S. Midway Museum.                  district from which he or she is elected. The Board of Supervisors
Other famous attractions include Legoland California, Old Town State             appoints the following officers: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO),
Park, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Hotel Del Coronado, Del Mar Thoroughbred        County Counsel, Probation Officer, and the Clerk of the Board of
Racetrack, Cabrillo National Monument, Anza-Borrego State Park,                  Supervisors. All other appointive officers are appointed by the CAO.
Point Loma, Torrey Pines Golf Course and Torrey Pines State Reserve.             In addition to the Board of Supervisors, other elected positions within
San Diego had 30.2 million visitors in 2010.                                     the County include the District Attorney, Sheriff, Assessor/Recorder/
                                                                                 County Clerk and Treasurer-Tax Collector. San Diego County has
San Diego is also a center for education and research, with both public          15,842 FTE staff.
and private colleges and universities, including the University of California,
San Diego; San Diego State University; and the University of San Diego.          The mission of the County of San Diego is to efficiently provide public
In addition, there are ten community colleges located throughout San             services that build strong and sustainable communities. Their vision
Diego County and 540 public K-12 schools. One in four residents has a            is a County that is safe, healthy and thriving. The three strategic
college degree. With several Nobel Prize winners among its residents,            initiatives are: 1) kids (improve opportunities for children and families);
San Diego is home to some of the world’s leading bioscience research             2) the environment (manage the nation’s natural resources to protect
and development institutions, including the Salk Institute, Scripps Research     quality of life and support economic development); and 3) safe and
Institute, and the La Jolla Cancer Research Center. The healthcare               livable communities (promote safe and livable communities).
system in San Diego County is among the best in the nation – there are
26 accredited hospitals with more than 6,600 beds available.                     The County’s General Management System (GMS) is the framework
                                                                                 that establishes and guides the management of County operations
San Diego has a well-developed highway system. Four major interstate             and service delivery to residents, businesses and visitors. The County
freeways and six state highways serve the area. Amtrak and Coaster               sets goals, prioritizes the use of resources, evaluates performance,
commuter provide passenger rail service trains, and the San Diego Trolley        ensures cooperation and recognizes accomplishments in a structured
provides easy access from the South and East County to Downtown                  and coordinated way. San Diego is a county that values and implements
and Mission Valley. San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field) is         efficiency, innovation and fiscal discipline and one that provides focused,
located near downtown San Diego and there are eleven publicly owned              meaningful services to improve lives and benefit the community. At
airports in the region. Finally, the Port of San Diego controls the              the heart of the GMS are five overlapping components which ensure
maritime operations of San Diego Harbor, and has three major terminals,          that the County asks and answers crucial questions: strategic planning
including cruise ship as well as cargo operations. San Diego’s port              (Where do we want to go?); operational planning (How do we get
facilities are strategically located on the Pacific Rim and offer a unique       there from here?); monitoring and control (How is our performance?);
opportunity for international trade.                                             functional threading (Are we working together?); and motivation, rewards
                                                                                 and recognition (Are we encouraging excellence?). The five GMS
                                                                                 components form an annual cycle that is renewed each fiscal year with
                                                                                 review of the Strategic Plan and development of a new Operational Plan.
                                                                                    DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                                         [County of San Diego, CA]

The Department of Human Resources has 110 FTE staff with a FY2010-11
budget of $22.7 million. The mission of the Department is to provide
and retain a skilled and competent workforce for County of San Diego
departments so that they may deliver superior services to the residents
and visitors.
In FY2008-09, the Human Resources Department earned the International
Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) Large
Agency Award of Excellence. The County Department was cited for its
innovative job program for young people aging out of the foster care
system, online training for employees and a streamlined job application
process. The Department was also recognized for its communication
to employees about the County initiative to modernize its workforce;
the implementation of E-Benefits, a new online benefits and enrollment
system; the Customer Service Program, Serving Everyone with Excellence;
the college recruitment program; and numerous leadership training and
certificate programs.
The Department of Human Resources has six divisions:
  Benefits – The Benefits Division is responsible for administering the
  employee health benefits and other programs. The office is committed
  to providing quality service in a professional, caring and consistent
  manner, and is dedicated to assisting employees in understanding
  and maximizing their use of benefits. Division responsibilities include:
  - Implementing and administering benefits welfare plans including
    medical, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, life, accidental    testing of applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities. In addition, the
    death and dismemberment, long-term disability insurance,employee         HR Services Division maintains the County’s classification and
    assistance program, long-term care, voluntary benefits, and employee     compensation plan to reflect changing organizational needs. The areas
    discount program.                                                        of concentration within HR Services are:
  - Analyzing and making recommendations related to benefits programs        - Recruitment and Selection activities are committed to supporting
    and policies to the Director, Human Resources.                             the community by providing San Diego County residents with a
  - Participating in benefit contract negotiation and renewals.                high-quality, diverse workforce through recruiting and selecting the
  - Communicating benefits information to employees.                           best qualified applicants by: 1) posting employment opportunities,
  - Administering family and medical leave, COBRA, military leave, and         establishing application forms and process, and providing information
    mandate benefit notices.                                                   on all open recruitments including job summaries, minimum
  - Serving as a liaison between the County and representatives from           requirements and salary, and 2) evaluating candidates based on
    various health plans, insurance carriers and brokers.                      job standards and advertised assessment processes.
  - Monitoring related legislation.                                          - Classification and Compensation activities manage the County’s
                                                                               classification and compensation system in a way that promotes
  Employee Development – The Employee Development Division is                  fairness and equality for all County employees. This is accomplished
  dedicated to enhancing the work environment and improving the                by: 1) ensuring that all positions are classified in accordance with
  quality of life for San Diego County employees through various               the duties and responsibilities assigned, 2) ensuring that classes
  training and development programs. The areas of concentration within         are arranged in relation to other classes in order to achieve and
  Employee Development encompass:                                              maintain a classification plan that promotes the efficient and orderly
  - Professional Development – The Employee Development Division               administration of work, 3) creating, reclassifying and updating
    provides professional development opportunities to San Diego               classifications, and 4) determining the proper compensation.
    County employees that allow them to excel in their current jobs
    so that they can continue to deliver quality services to San Diego       Labor Relations – The Labor Relations Division is dedicated to maintaining
    County residents.                                                        positive labor-management relations between the County, its employees
  - Countywide Training – Countywide training is centralized in the          and employee organizations; and resolving disputes regarding terms
    Department of Human Resources, which provides development                and conditions of employment between the County and the unions.
    programs applicable to County employees across department                Labor Relations responsibilities include:
    lines. In order to meet County and State requirements, Human             - Negotiating labor agreements with unions representing 25 bargaining
    Resources provides training in sexual harassment prevention,               units.
    diversity, workplace safety and more.                                    - Monitoring compliance with all labor contract terms and conditions
  - Strategic Career Development – To support the County in retaining          of employment.
    and promoting qualified employees, the Employee Development              - Providing advice and counsel to County management on labor
    Division provides a Leadership, Management, Supervisor and                 relations issues.
    Administrative Support Academy.                                          - Representing County departments in grievance and arbitration hearings.
  - Distance Learning Program – The Department of Human Resources            - Administering the Labor Relations Ordinance.
    currently provides online training courses and resources that assist     - Providing labor relations training to supervisors and management.
    in developing an employee’s career with the County: Resumes that         The Labor Relations Ordinance and all County Memoranda of Agreement
    Get Results, Interviews Made Easy, and Stress Management.                can be found on the County’s website.
  - Customer Service Program – The Customer Service Center offers
    support and development to give all employees the tools necessary        Risk Management – The Risk Management Division is responsible for
    to provide quality customer service to the citizens of San Diego         identifying risks and minimizing the negative impact of accidental
    County. The functions of the Customer Service Center include             losses upon County operations. This Division consists of:
    implementing customer satisfaction surveys, distributing survey          - Workers’ Compensation – This program is self-insured and
    results, coordinating customer service improvement projects, and           self-administered. Their mission is to provide State mandated benefits
    developing and conducting customer service training.                       to all County employees and other qualified recipients in a timely,
                                                                               professional and cost effective manner. Staff work as a team to
  Human Resource (HR) Services – The HR Services Division provides             provide exceptional customer service and to ensure all benefits
  quality candidates for employment through recruitment and evaluation/        are provided on a timely basis.
[County of San Diego, CA]

 - Medical Standards – This Unit’s goal is to enhance the health of           THE POSITION
   County employees so they can provide quality services to San Diego
   residents. They provide a variety of medical and psychological             To fulfill the human resources needs and requirements of the County of
   services to all County departments including: pre-employment               San Diego, the Director, Human Resources serves as a human resources
   medical screening, Peace Officer medical and psychological                 consultant to the CAO, executive staff, County departments and program
   evaluation, drug and alcohol testing, Fitness for Duty, and Return         managers; acts as policy advisor on County human resources issues; and
   to Work evaluations.                                                       ensures consistency with County, State and Federal requirements on
 - Loss Prevention – This Unit provides guidance, training and technical      human resources matters. This is an executive management class reporting
   support to County departments on maintaining a safe and healthy            directly to the CAO. The Director, Human Resources oversees the Human
   work environment for County employees as well as visitors to               Resources Department which includes labor relations, risk management,
   County facilities. The key programs of the Loss Prevention Unit are:       benefits, loss prevention, human resources services (recruitment, selection,
   Work Safety/Stay Healthy Program, Injury and Illness Prevention,           classification and compensation), workers’ compensation, human
   Ergonomics, Return to Work, and the DMV Pull Notice Program.               resources information systems, and training and development.
 - Insurance – This Unit is responsible for mitigating risks and exposures
   to protect County assets.                                                  Examples of functions listed below are representative, but not
 - Background Investigations Unit – This Unit conducts pre-employment         necessarily exhaustive, and management is not precluded from
   background investigations for applicants prior to appointment to           assigning other related functions not listed here, if such duties are a
   ensure timely identification of any history, criminal or otherwise,        logical assignment for the position.
   which could adversely affect job performance or public safety.
 - Unemployment Insurance – This Unit evaluates claims filed by former          Plans, directs, organizes, coordinates and evaluates the overall activities
   employees for unemployment insurance benefits to comply with                 of the Department of Human Resources, which includes recruitment,
   the State of California Employment Development Department’s                  selection, classification, wage and salary administration, labor relations,
   eligibility criteria.                                                        risk management, benefits, loss prevention, workers’ compensation,
                                                                                training and development, human resources information systems,
 Workforce Information Network – The Workforce Information Network              and other personnel related activities.
 (WIN) Division is dedicated to providing expert guidance to the
 users of the County’s Human Resources Information Management                   Directs the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures
 System (HRIMS). WIN Unit responsibilities include:                             related to the Countywide human resources management program.
 - Implementing and administering the County’s HRIMS, to include
   monitoring and maintaining data integrity.                                   Advises the CAO, executive staff, County departments and program
 - Serving as the liaison between the County’s technical support                managers on personnel issues.
   services and users to resolve system issues.
 - Providing daily support, guidance and required training to the               Threads human resources policy throughout the County.
   County’s transaction users.
 - Generating and presenting reports to management used for decision            Develops, maintains and implements rules for the Unclassified and
   making in the areas of job, payroll, benefits, positions, salary, labor      Classified Services.
   relations and risk management records.
 - Maintaining system setup table information, security profiles and            Prepares reports and makes presentations to the Board of Supervisors
   workforce administration.                                                    regarding labor relations, amendments to County Ordinances, personnel
 - Maintaining Countywide position data.                                        policies, and operations of the Department of Human Resources.
 - Coordinating and publishing changes to the County’s Compensation
   Ordinance, which authorizes the salaries and benefits for all employees.     Develops the Department’s annual budget and monitors revenue and
                                                                                expenditure transactions.
                                                                                      DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                                           [County of San Diego, CA]

  Conducts fiscal analysis and prepares cost projections.                      A valid California Class C driver’s license is required at time of
                                                                               appointment and must be maintained throughout employment,
  Identifies operational problems and formulates appropriate solutions.        or the ability to arrange necessary and timely transportation for
                                                                               field travel. The Director, Human Resources will be required to
  Acts as liaison with other public and private agencies and provides          use his/her own vehicle.
  information to County departments, the public and agency
  representatives on Departmental activities.                                Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  Supervises subordinate staff including dotted-line reports (i.e., Group    The selected candidate should have thorough knowledge of the field
  Human Resources Directors, Senior Departmental Human Resources             of human resources and labor relations, as well as knowledge of:
  Officers and Departmental Human Resources Officers).
                                                                               Principles, practices and concepts of human resources management in
As stated in the County Charter, the Director, Human Resources is              an agency providing a variety of public services.
responsible for the administration of the personnel department in
accordance with the Charter, the Rules for the Unclassified Service,           State and federal laws and guidelines applicable to human resources
and the Rules for the Classified Service (also referred to as Rules for        activities, including equal employment opportunity, recruitment, selection,
the Civil Service). The County’s Civil Service Commission operates             loss prevention, claims management, training and development,
independently from the Human Resources Department and has its                  employee benefits and labor relations.
own Executive Director.
                                                                               Principles of labor relations and collective bargaining, including the
This position is in the Unclassified Service of the County and is filled       Meyers-Millas-Brown Act.
by appointment of the CAO in accordance with the County Charter.
He/She serves at the pleasure of the CAO. The Director will be ex officio      Contract law related to risk management and asset protection.
Director of Personnel and the Risk Administrator. The position is open
due to the forthcoming retirement of the incumbent after over 13 years         Policy/procedure development and implementation related to the
in the position.                                                               Department of Human Resources.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable an individual with             Principles and practices of supervision and training.
a qualified disability to perform the essential functions of the job, with
approval on a case-by-case basis.                                              Principles and theories of public administration including general
                                                                               administration, human resource management, fiscal management
                                                                               and accounting.
                                                                               County customer service objectives and strategies.
Among the key challenges and opportunities facing the Director, Human
Resources are:                                                                 The General Management System (GMS) in principle and practice.
  Addressing the impact of increased pension costs.                            Current technology and trends in the profession.
  Utilizing information technology to promote staff development and          In addition, he/she should have excellent communication skills and the
  modernize the workforce.                                                   skills and abilities to:
  Providing transition services to employees during workforce reduction        Deal with other high-level executives in a positive and cooperative manner.
  periods to minimize the impact of layoffs.
                                                                               Remain calm, yet assertive, in high stress situations.
  Negotiating fiscally prudent successor agreements with 25 bargaining
  units and eight employee organizations by June 2011.                         Work effectively with elected officials.

Education and Experience
  Desire education, training and/or experience that demonstrates
  possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities listed below. An
  example of qualifying education and experience would be:
  - Possession of a bachelor’s degree, from an accredited U.S.
    college or university (or a certified foreign studies equivalency)
    in public, business or personnel administration, industrial relations,
    psychology or a related field; and
  - At least five years of senior/executive level experience performing
    professional human resources work that demonstrates possession
    of the knowledge, skills and abilities listed below.
  A graduate degree in a relevant field, along with IPMA-CP and/or
  SPHR certification, is highly desirable. It is preferred that candidates
  have public sector experience in an organization with 5,000 or
  more employees.
  While candidates from all geographic areas will be considered,
  California experience would be a plus.
  Involvement with appropriate professional organizations (e.g., IPMA-HR)
  is encouraged.
[County of San Diego, CA]

 Plan, direct, organize, coordinate and evaluate the overall activities of   Management Style and Personal Traits
 the Department of Human Resources, providing a variety of personnel
 services to County departments.                                             The selected candidate should be a confident and visionary leader
                                                                             who is a decision maker and a team builder capable of maximizing
 Ensure that Departmental activities conform to federal, state and           team effectiveness, as well as building and leveraging talent (not a
 local laws and regulations.                                                 micro-manager). He/She should be forward thinking, proactive, creative,
                                                                             utilize technology, and develop the workforce of the future. The ideal
 Direct the development and implementation of human resources                individual for this position will have good judgment; will be direct, yet
 management policy, procedures, plans and programs.                          diplomatic; loyal; and will keep the CAO informed in a timely, complete
                                                                             and accurate manner (no surprises).
 Identify and resolve Departmental operational problems.
                                                                             This person should have a strategic perspective, organizational acumen,
 Prepare annual budget and monitor revenues and expenditures.                and manage and influence resources. In addition, he/she should
                                                                             communicate effectively, be knowledgeable and able to develop and
 Prepare executive level correspondence and reports.                         execute policies, and demonstrate ethical behavior. Finally, the Director,
                                                                             Human Resources should have an exemplary track record, high integrity,
 Supervise, train and evaluate the work of subordinate staff.                maintain confidentiality, and be mature, highly trustworthy, and have a
                                                                             sense of humor.
 Prepare reports and give public presentations on the Department’s
 activities, functions and issues.
 Establish and maintain effective working and diplomatic relations
 with County offices and departments, the public, and representatives        The salary for this position is open, with hiring dependent upon the
 from governmental, industry, media and other agencies.                      qualifications and experience of the selected candidate. In addition,
                                                                             benefits are provided which include: vacation (accrue 15 days annually
 Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed        during years one through four, 20 days during years five to 14, and
 for making observations, communicating with others, and reading             25 days for 15 years and over, with carry-over accruals limited to 2.5 times
 and writing.                                                                the employee’s annual rate); eleven regular holidays plus 16 hours of
                                                                             floating holidays annually; ten days of sick leave on the books
 Maintain mental capacity, which allows the capability of making             upon hire, accruing 13 days of sick leave annually; miscellaneous
 sound decisions and demonstrating intellectual capacities.                  paid leave; flexible benefit plan with benefits paid on a pre-tax basis
                                                                             (excluding supplemental life insurance), with the County paying
 Establish effective working relationships with management, employees,       twice-monthly benefit credits of $241 for employee only, $343 for
 employee representatives and the public representing diverse cultures       employee and one dependent, and $471.50 for employee and two or
 and backgrounds.                                                            more dependents; medical insurance (employees may elect coverage
                                                                             under one of three health plans, including an option to waive health
 Treat County employees, representatives of outside agencies and             insurance for those employees who have coverage elsewhere); dental
 members of the public with courtesy and respect.                            insurance (choice of two plans); vision insurance; life insurance (County
                                                                             provided basic policy of two-times annual salary with a minimum of
 Communicate effectively with a variety of individuals representing          $50,000 and a maximum of $500,000 for employee, with additional life
 diverse cultures and backgrounds, and function calmly in situations         insurance available under the County’s flexible benefit plan; $2,000 basic
 which require a high degree of sensitivity, tact and diplomacy.             policy for legal spouse and children to 21 years of age); accidental
                                                                             death and dismemberment (County provided basic policy of two-times
                                                                             annual salary with a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $500,000
                                                                             for employee, with additional coverage available under the County’s
                                                                             flexible benefit plan, including the availability of family coverage); flexible
                                                                             spending accounts (employees can pay for certain health care and
                                                                             dependent day care expenses with tax-free dollars); long term disability;
                                                                             retirement through the 1937 Retirement Act System with 2.62% at 62
                                                                             (the County pays up to 9.5% of the employee’s contribution to the
                                                                             retirement plan); an automobile allowance of $675 per month; relocation
                                                                             allowance up to $15,000 for personal transportation, moving expenses
                                                                             for household goods and/or temporary housing; transit pass program
                                                                             (County contributes up to $65 monthly toward purchase of a bus,
                                                                             trolley or Coaster Pass); and optional deferred compensation through
                                                                             a 457 Plan and/or a 401A Plan.

                                                                             HOW TO APPLY
                                                                             Send resumes (email preferred) by February 14, 2011 to:

                                                                                       PO Box 16692
                                                                                       Beverly Hills, CA 90209
                                                                                       Telephone: (818) 783-7752
                                                                                       Facsimile: (818) 783-6377

                                                                             Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer

                                                                             Female, Minority and Disabled Candidates are Encouraged to Apply

                                                                             Additional information about San Diego County can be found on their
                                                                             website at

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