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									   Cooperative Development Authority

                                                                  What are the documents required for
                                                                  registration under the Express Lane?

What laws govern the registration of
                                                                  Name Verification Slip
Cooperatives at the CDA ?
                                                                  Articles of Cooperation
                                                                  Cooperative By-Laws
 R.A. 6939 ( Act creating the CDA )                               Treasurer’s Affidavit
 R.A. 6938 ( Cooperative Code of the Philippines )                 Bond of Accountable Officers
 What entities are registered with CDA ?                           Economic Survey
                                                                   Undertaking to Change Cooperative Name
 a. CDA Central Office                                             Undertaking to Submit Reportorial Requirements
    • Tertiary Cooperatives                                        Certificate of Pre-Membership Education Training
    • Special Cooperatives- Electric Coops, Coop Banks,            Seminar from the duly accredited institutions or
                              Insurance Coops                      from the CDA Regional/Provincial Offices
 b. CDA Extension Office                                           Endorsement letter from other Government
                                                                   Agencies where applicable
      • Primary Cooperatives
      • Secondary Cooperatives
                                                                  What are the steps in registering a
                                                                  Cooperative under the Express Lane ?
                                                             1.   Get a checklist of the requirements for the cooperative
                    LANE REGISTRATION?                            express lane registration from the Registration Section
                                                                  of the CDA Extension Office in your area.
  It is a program which intends to facilitate and            2.   Fill up/submit reservation request form.
  create an efficient system of registering
  cooperatives with the Cooperative Development              3.   Pay the Name Reservation Fee
  Authority (CDA).                                           4.   Undergo PMES (Pre-Membership Education Seminar )
                                                             5.   Submit duly accomplished forms and other documents
  What are the features of the Cooperative                        to the Registration Section. If found to be in order, the
  Express Lane Registration that distinguishes                    first page of the Articles of Cooperation will be
                                                                  stamped “For Payment”, if not, it will be returned for
  it from the Regular Registration?                               correction and/or completion.

 Registration under the “Express Lane” involves a 2-hour     6.   Pay registration fee at the Cashier.
 “process-release” of Certificate of Registration using      7.   Claim the Certificate of Registration from the Releasing
 Express Lane Forms, counted from the receipt of                  Unit at the Registration Section upon presentation of
 complete documents by the CDA.                                   Official Receipt of registration fees.

                                                                   Applicable Fees
  Where can one avail of the Express
  Lane Registration Forms?                                          Name Verification/         Ph P 50.00 per allowed
                                                                    Reservation Fee            name 30 days reservation
 Express Lane Registration forms are available for sale at          Printed Forms              Ph 400.00 / set
 the Registration Section of the different CDA Extension            Registration Fee           1/10 0f 1% of the
 Offices.                                                                                      authorized share capital
                                                                                               but not lower than PhP
   Cooperatives that need endorsement from
   Government Agencies

        Activity                       Government Agency
                                      Specialized Agency
Workers Cooperative                   concerned
Air Transport                         Civil Aeronautics Board
Banking, Pawnshop & other financial   Bangko Sentral ng
intermediacies with quasi-banking     Pilipinas (BSP)
Professional Boxing                   Games & Amusement
                                      Board (GAB )
Operation of games of chance          Phil. Charity Sweepstakes
( )                          Office (PCSO)

Educational Institution-college       Commission on Higher
or tertiary course                    Education (CHED)
Educational Institution-elementary    Dept. of Education
to high school                        (DepED)
Educational Institution-              Technical & Skills Devt.
technical or vocational               Authority (TESDA)

Electric Power Plants                 Dept. of Energy (DOE)
                                       Dept. of Health (DOH)
Insurance                             Insurance Commission (IC)
                                      Land Transportation
Land Transport                        Franchising & Regulatory
                                      Board (LTFRB)
Water Transport construction          Maritime Industry Authority
& building of vessels                 (MARINA)

Operation of radio, television &      National
telephone                             Telecommunications
                                      Commission (NTC)
Recruitment for overseas              Philippine Overseas
employment                            Employment Administration

Security Agency                       Philippine National
                                      Police (PNP)
Manufacture, repair, storage &/or     Philippine National Police
distribution of products &/or         (PNP)
ingredients of firearms, gun powder
and all those indicated in EO 95
Series 2002 Foreign Investment
Negative List

Manufacture, repair, storage &/or     Dept. of National Defense
distribution of product               (DND)
I.e.guns/ammunition for warfare,
military ordinance and all those
indicated in EO 95 Series 2002
Foreign Investment Negative List

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