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Healthcare Risk Management Plan by wtj16239


Healthcare Risk Management Plan document sample

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    OVERVIEW                                                      10-15 YEAR PLANNING HORIZON

                                                                Mission, Vision, and Core Values
In late 2008 and early 2009, the American Society for
Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) engaged in an                Foundational to the strategic plan are the elements of
aggressive review and modification of its strategic plan. The   ASHRM that transcend all changes related to its relevant
goal of this review was to create clarity and focus on how      environment. These elements include ASHRM’s:
ASHRM should invest its valuable future resources on the
identified wants, preferences, and needs of its members and        Mission: “To advance healthcare risk
others within risk management and patient safety. As               management and patient safety”
envisioned, the resulting strategic plan facilitates:
a) ASHRM’s identification of the future needs of its            This statement defines ASHRM’s core purpose — why it
   combined members and other identified stakeholders;          exists. It exists to advance safe and trusted healthcare,
   and,                                                         through proactive and innovative initiatives and practices in
b) ASHRM’s options for satisfying those needs.                  healthcare risk management and patient safety.

ASHRM leadership considered a number of inputs in the              Vision: “To be the global thought and information
development of this strategic plan, including:                     leader in healthcare risk management and patient
• The prior strategic plan (2009-2011);                            safety”

• Results from the 2008 membership survey;                      This statement describes the future that ASHRM aspires to
• the American Hospital Association’s 2008                      make a reality. In this future, ASHRM would be sought out
  environmental scan;                                           by other organizations as the source and resource for
• Futurescan (a publication of the American College of          expertise in risk management and patient safety. ASHRM
  Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the Society for              members would be extremely well prepared to serve as
  Healthcare Strategy and Market Development); and              leaders in their field and dedicated to making their
                                                                organizations safer and more reliable. Society members
• A 2009 ACHE survey of hospital executives.
                                                                would be valued for their thought leadership and expertise.
                                                                No healthcare organization would hire a risk manager who
The plan itself has several components, including:
                                                                is not a member of ASHRM.
• Foundational elements: mission, vision, and core
  values;                                                       As a result, patients would be treated with respect, dignity,
• Goals and objectives: the main drivers of stakeholder         and openness and healthcare would be safer and more
  value; and                                                    reliable.
• Strategic initiatives: the specific programs and activities
                                                                   Core Values: Integrity, Collaboration, and
  ASHRM will invest in to make the plan come to life.
This document refers to only the foundational elements
                                                                These values represent fundamental principles that guide
and goals and objectives of the strategic plan. Because they
                                                                organizational decision-making.
change and evolve more often, the strategic initiatives
ASHRM will undertake to drive the plan forward are
outlined separately.

2    2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 S T R AT E G I C P L A N                                                    
                                                                     Objective 2: Increase the number of ASHRM members
    3-5 YEAR PLANNING HORIZON                                        achieving and maintaining the CPHRM designation.

Outcome-Oriented Goals & Objectives                                  ASHRM supports the Certified Professional in Healthcare
                                                                     Risk Management (“CPHRM”) as the recognized professional
The following thinking represents goal areas for the next            credential for risk managers. ASHRM supports its members
three to five years. They are areas in which ASHRM will              in pursuit of the credential, by providing cost-effective,
explicitly state the conditions or attributes it wants to achieve.   convenient preparation education for the credentialing
These outcome statements define “what will constitute                examination, and supports the profession through promotion
future success.” The achievement of each goal will move the          of the value of the credential to hiring organizations.
organization toward realization of its vision. The goal areas
are not in priority order, nor are they distinct to the point of     Objective 3: Promote the development of advanced
being unrelated to each other. There are multiple connections        degrees in healthcare risk management.
between the goals; it is often the case that advancing one
                                                                     Because of the value healthcare risk managers and patient
goal increases the potential for success in another.
                                                                     safety professionals bring to their organizations, ASHRM
                                                                     must take a long term view and ensure a robust pipeline of
Objectives provide more specificity with regard to how the
                                                                     new entrants into the profession. This objective speaks to a
association will accomplish its articulated goals. Objectives
                                                                     goal of capturing potential risk managers’ interest in the
are considered in the 3-5 year planning horizon.
                                                                     field early in their careers and raising the profile and value
                                                                     of the profession within the broader healthcare industry.
Goals & Objectives
                                                                     Objective 4: Promote volunteerism within ASHRM.

I. Goal Area: Development                                            As a membership organization, ASHRM is committed to
                                                                     giving all members the opportunity to grow and develop
Goal Statement: Risk management and patient safety
                                                                     professionally through their volunteer contributions as well
professionals are sought after for their technical expertise
                                                                     to as position them for Fellow of the American Society for
and leadership on risk management and patient safety
                                                                     Healthcare Risk Management (FASHRM) or Distinguished
                                                                     Fellow of the American Society for Healthcare Risk
                                                                     Management (DFASHRM) recognition.
ASHRM is committed to the development of both the
individual professional as well as to the profession of
healthcare risk management and patient safety. As the                II. Goal Area: Voice
profession is made more robust and the knowledge base of
the individual is enhanced, risk management and patient              Goal Statement: ASHRM is an influential voice on issues
safety professionals will be recognized as integral and vital        related to healthcare risk management and patient safety.
to the success of their organizations.
                                                                     Objective 1: Identify opportunities and act to make positive
Objective 1: Enhance access to professional development              change in policy and practice development
tools/resources in risk management and patient safety.               ASHRM is aware of critical and emerging issues in
ASHRM provides risk managers with development                        healthcare risk management and patient safety. Based on
opportunities and resources in cost effective and convenient         the collective knowledge of experts in the field, ASHRM
ways. ASHRM also rapidly responds to the needs of its                identifies opportunities to drive forward advancements in
members by providing just-in-time resources. These tools             knowledge and advocate for changes in policy and practice
and resources will enhance both technical abilities and              that will result in safer healthcare.
leadership skills.

3     2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 S T R AT E G I C P L A N                                                         
Objective 2: Serve as a sought after partner by other            IV. Goal Area: Awareness
organizations focused on issues of mutual interest
                                                                 Goal Statement: ASHRM members are recognized as thought
ASHRM seeks to establish relationships with other                leaders in healthcare risk management and patient safety.
organizations focused on issues related to and affecting
healthcare risk management and patient safety, to ensure         This goal is related to the goal of “Development”. But
that the voice of the risk manager is consistently offered a     whereas the “Development” goal speaks primarily to
“seat at the table” in expanding the intellectual capital base   developing the ability of the individual and the profession
and influence of the field.                                      to add value; this goal represents increasing others’
                                                                 perception and appreciation of that ability.

III. Goal Area: Information                                      Objective 1: Raise the profile and positive perception of
                                                                 the profession in the healthcare environment.
Goal Statement: ASHRM is the primary resource for
healthcare risk management and patient safety information.       The role of healthcare risk managers is at times
                                                                 misunderstood outside the field as being narrowly focused
ASHRM seeks to capture all material and collective               on minimizing financial loss. ASHRM will consistently
knowledge related to the profession. In today’s fast-paced       promote the profession as representing the collective
environment, however, knowledge capture is necessary but         interests of the patient, staff and organization.
insufficient. ASHRM will effectively organize, manage, and
share that knowledge for the benefit of our members and          Objective 2: Enhance the virtual presence of ASHRM.
other stakeholders.
                                                                 ASHRM will be a top “hit” in Internet searches on
                                                                 healthcare risk management or patient safety topics.
Objective 1: Increase the scope, relevancy and availability
of information provided by ASHRM

Healthcare risk management is a 24/7 responsibility.
                                                                   ONGOING MANAGEMENT
ASHRM members will have access — from anywhere, at
any time — to a wide-variety of resources through a
through user-moderated online platform.
                                                                 ASHRM leadership views the process of strategic planning as
                                                                 ongoing within the society. This is not a “strategic planning
Objective 2: Improve opportunities for peer-to-peer
                                                                 project” that is completed. Adoption of a plan is an
networking and information sharing.
                                                                 affirmation of the general intent and direction articulated
Networking with other experts is a key benefit of ASHRM          by the vision, goals, and objectives. Progress toward
membership. An online community will increase the                achieving the plan’s objectives will be assessed annually, and
availability and effectiveness of networking opportunities by    the plan will be updated based on achievement and changes
keeping connections active between face-to-face meetings.        in the needs of the stakeholders served.

4    2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2 S T R AT E G I C P L A N                                                     

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