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“If You Are Buying Stock Options You Are Just Taking A Gamble, But If You Are Selling The Stock Options… Then You Are Just Making Money”

“Making Money Buying Stock Options WITHOUT a Proven System That Wins Often and Keeps Your Losses Small Is Like Trying To Beat the House at Roulette”
“Discover How Professional Options Traders Safely and Consistently Earn MILLIONS with A High Degree of Accuracy and a Controlled Level of Risk”
Have you ever been wary or unsure of the numerous advertisements for trading advisories that boast huge winners and big money in a matter of days? You know those advertisements that I‟m talking about. The ones that claim you will gain 78% in 24 hours, or 134% gain in only 3 days, or 202% return on your investment in less than a week. But here's something these ads don't tell you, according to the Chicago Options Board of Exchange (CBOE), over 85% of options buyers lose money! And some of these experts believe that the number is even higher. They suggest that 90% of options contracts expire worthless.

It‟s just like trying to beat the house at Roulette. Sure, you can take your money to the casino and give it a try. You might even win a little here or there, but you know that if you kept playing Roulette you would eventually lose all of your money. The odds of hitting the big jackpot have to be one in a million (or even worse). Just like roulette players at the casino, option buyers are constantly lured in by the chance of “hitting it big”. And there is a long list of people just waiting for their turn to play, just waiting for a chance to take that spin. But the smart man isn‟t the one that is waiting to buy the chance to „hit it big‟ that one time, the smart man is the one selling the chances. Sure, the guy selling the chances will not get make as much money in one day as a man that “hits it big”, but over the course of a few months and especially a few years, the man selling the chances will be much, much richer than anyone else playing, guaranteed. It just makes sense doesn‟t it? And this is equally as true for options buyers, with more than 8 out of 10 people who buy options losing money – it‟s a loser's game if I've ever seen one. These statistics should terrify most options buyers… but they don't. Today, record numbers of people are using options to speculate. So why do they do it? Why do so many people put their money on the table when the odds are so clearly stacked against them? I'll tell you why. It's the lure of fast money… the dream of hitting the jackpot. You see, most of these “investors” are using options to gamble. It's not much different than the guy who throws good money away at the casino… praying that the next spin of the wheel will hit his number… the next roll of the dice will go his way. The gamblers keep playing because the games represent a chance to hit it big. But for the casino, the very same games represent a CERTAINTY. And that certainty is BIG PROFITS. So how can anyone profit or make any consistent money in options? The answer is simple… you become the house.

If You Want to Make Consistent Money in Options… Don't BUY the Damn Things, SELL THEM!
The only way to make any serious, long-term money at casino games is to actually be the casino. The house always wins, everyone knows this. And to consistently make money in options, you have to become the house.

But you may be wondering how do I become the house? Well, let‟s get a little technical and explain this in detail. When an options buyer decides to “buy a ticket to play” what they are really doing is buying the right to purchase a set number of shares, at a set price, within a certain period of time. The price that they pay for this right is called a “premium.” When this set amount of time has ended and the options contract expires worthless (which they do more than 85% of the time) the seller (you) collect the “premium”. Let me give you an example. We will be using the S&P 500 index since it is a good example a security that trades within a predictable range. First you will need to determine the range in which you believe the index will trade during the time period of the contract. Next you will SELL a “call” spread above the range and a “put” spread below the range. Each one of these spreads is created with one long and one short position. These strategically placed positions provide safety and a way to define and limit your risk. Here's what the trade would look like… (INSERT IMAGE) As long as the index is trading between the two spreads when the option contract expires, you make money. This means you can make money if the market goes up… if the market goes down…or even if it stays the same! Think about this example for a moment. Do you know of any other strategies where you can make money in the same trade whether the market is up, down or sideways? It‟s really almost an unfair advantage that an options seller has over the options buyer. But just like the casino, people constantly line up to take their chance at “hitting it big” and eventually lose all of their money to the house (you). You may be wondering why more investors don‟t use this simple and highly profitable system that has been proven to work consistently. Well, the main problem is that most people have no idea how to accurately calculate the range in which a security will trade in the future.

But that is where I come in. After years of study and historical back testing… and thousands of hours of fine-tuning, I have created a system that is a mathematical computer model that can accurately predict the range the market will trade in. Let me introduce you to:

The Easy Options System
What I‟m going to show you right now is a system that is not only highly profitable, but it is also incredibly accurate. Hello, my name is Paul Levy and I have been trading successfully for the past five years. Of course, it wasn‟t always like that. For years I struggled trying to “hit it big” but I only ended up losing money. For years and years I tried numerous programs that promised huge gains, only to end up with huge losses. I felt like no matter how much time and effort I put into my portfolio I would just hit a dead end. No matter how much research I did, I would just lose. I felt like the stock market was a losing battle that I just couldn‟t win. I didn‟t understand how other people were actually making money. I was frustrated, annoyed and, worst of all, broke. Then one day, when I was about the throw in the towel and give up the stock market game once and for all, I happened to meet a man who had made millions in stock options. This one man revolutionized my life. He took an interest in me and took me under his wing. He taught me the secrets of trading and the key to making consistent profits. Now it‟s my turn to make that difference in someone else‟s life. What I am about to share with you is exactly what this great man taught me… The Easy Options System is a strategy we use that is the domain of the most successful professional traders. It‟s their “Secret Weapon” and it's how a very select few traders REALLY make a fortune in the markets. Technically speaking, the strategy is called a Long Iron Butterfly or an Iron Condor. This Easy Options System is known to be one of the most reliable ways to make guaranteed money with limited and controlled risks. The beauty of this mathematical computer model is that it functions without emotion. Unlike traders and advisors and even unlike ourselves, The Easy Options System doesn't panic and it doesn't get greedy.

What The Easy Options System does do is take a mountain of raw data and then provides a highly accurate future range that the market is likely to trade within. Basically I have taken the most profitable options strategy that exists and turned it into a science by applying an extraordinarily accurate model that fine tunes any and all trades. The Easy Options System is possibly the easiest and most profitable investment system that I have ever come across, and I‟m going to prove it to you.

Just Take a Look at the Proof, No System Is As Profitable
I want you to see, with your own eyes, just how profitable The Easy Options System can be, so I am willing to provide you with a detailed record of every single trade the Easy Options System has ever made as well as the result of extensive testing going back to 2003. These trading records will prove just how profitable and effective The Easy Options System can be. Just take a look for yourself:
These results are based on the ACTUAL performance of recommendations with a simulated $10,000 account.

(INSERT GRAPH) Know you see for yourself just how successful this strategy has been… and just how quickly it can build your money with very little risk.

The Wealth-Building Potential is Staggering
The goal of the Easy Options Profits System is not to take big risks and simply hope for some type of return. The goal of The Easy Options Profits System is to make small, steady, guaranteed gains with a limited and controlled risk. With The Easy Options Profits System you can consistently average 4% to 6% on your returns. And once these guaranteed and steady returns start to build and compound month after month, you won‟t need to hope and pray to “hit it big”; you will have already done it. Let‟s take a minute and calculate where you could be in 5 years if you were to take a $10,000 investment and apply it to The Easy Options Profits System. Our track record shows and average monthly return of 5.5% just trading the SPX index. When you compound that percentage into five years here is what your pay off looks like: Start Of Investment - $10,000

End of Year 1 – $19,012 End of Year 2 – $36,146 End of Year 3 – $68,721 End of Year 4 – $130,653 End of Year 5 – $248,398 Annualized Return: 90% Total Five Year Return: 2,384% Amazing how much money you can make when you avoid the big risks and just sell the tickets.

Just Imagine Gaining 5.5% Return Every Month… And Only Spending 5 10 Minutes a Week to Earn It
There is a reason I call The Easy Options Profits a system and that is because it only takes about five minutes of your time each week to make your profits. That's it, that is all. How can this be? Well, every month I will issue one ultra-simple trade to one of the following:     S&P 500 (SPX) S&P 100 (OEX) Nasdaq 100 (NDX) Russell 2000 (RUT)

Most of the time it will be issued to the SPX. Your trade will be send via email the weekend following the 3rd Friday of every month and it will typically look like this: SELL the July 2006 RUT 730 Call option, symbol RUTGF, and BUY the July 2006 RUT 740 Call option, symbol RUTGH, for a net credit of $1.10 or better. SELL the July 2006 RUT 660 Put option, symbol RUYSL and buy the July 2006 RUT 650 Put option, symbol RUYSJ for a net credit of $1.00. Total RUT (Calls and Puts) NET CREDIT: $2.10 or better. All you will have to do is read the message and decide if and how much you want to invest. You will then call your broker and have him place the trade of you can place the trade yourself online.

The choice is yours whether to trade of not. There is no hassle, no worry and no work, all you have is science. You don‟t have to continually watch the markets for movement and you can get on with your life while your trades are being placed for you.

Making Money Has Never Been So Easy or Low-Risk!
The Easy Options Profits System is simple, it‟s low-risk and there it requires a minimal amount of time on your part. It's virtually effortless to execute. Really all you have to do is sit back and watch your money multiply month after month. You don‟t have to learn to use any complicated software, you won‟t need to follow the markets or drive yourself mad keeping up with changes. The Easy Options Profits System has been proven profitable, it is reliable, and best of all it is simple.
Just take a moment to read what a few of the subscribers of The Easy Options Profits System had to say about this program.

Consider what a few of Easy Options Profits ’s existing subscribers have to say: “One of the main reasons I chose your service was the conservative and HONEST reporting of returns based on worst case execution of a trade. I researched the returns of other services and found them to be VERY deceptive. Since subscribing to your service I have had returns actually BETTER than the returns posted on the website… Thank you. I am so glad I found you.” – Rick Helson. "Your system is the only service with which I've made solid money over the past 6+ years of using various services… I've had limited risk but great returns. In fact my actual fills have given me far greater returns than those posted by your service. Thanks for your profitable service.” – Ralph Dunlop, Wolverhampton “Your system is fantastic! My actual net profit is considerably better than the performance record on your website." P Scott, Surrey "Before I subscribed I have to admit I was more than skeptical concerning your performance record, but now I know that it is legitimate and I can do even better than the performance record

posted on your website. Don't ever stop" Richard Horesfiled, S. Yorks. I am now recommending your service to other traders!” – Dave Kersley, CA USA and now let's look at some of the feedback from those of you that want to start trading options "VERY INTERESTING PAUL, I DO DABBLE A BIT IN THE STOCK MARKET, BUT THIS HAS OPENED MY EYES. CAN'T WAIT TO TRY." SIMON,HERTFORDSHIRE “The video really captures the imagination; I am excited about the prospect of investing in options." Dan Firmin. Hove. “You make this sound very interesting and something I will look forward to doing." Alan Gordon-Manchester "Informative - can't wait to give it a go." Joe. Australia "Your methodical lecture was just plain terrific! You inspired curiosity in this newbie. I AM ITCHING TO GO!!" "Very good information Paul. Options give You tremendous leverage. Start me on the road to success. Many Thanks" Paul S Zimmerman Dearborn, Mi. USA “Your explanations were simple and easy to understand. I'm ready to go make money!" D.R. *********** , USA (please do not use my name) “This sounds very interesting, I like the fact that I can use leverage on the stock market and limit the risk." Dave. Manchester "The video was very professional and Paul explained everything clearly. It‟s definitely worth trying out." Anon.

"Brilliant concept - for personal reasons, just what I have been looking for" S. Daglish, S. Yorks "Having been a keen investor of stocks and shares over many years using the traditional "hold the certificate" approach, I now realize after watching your video presentation, that investing in [stock] does increase the level of risk exposure and takes no advantage of the power of leverage. The problem for investors such as myself is, "where do you go to gain the expertise to trade alternative strategies without running the risk of inevitable capital wipeout?" It would appear that, as far as option trading is concerned, you are providing the perfect solution." Stewart Gallagher Leicestershire "It makes great sense to me! I can clearly see how it could work." Pauline Cranston, Newcastle upon Tyne "Very novel approach, very approachable presentation. I am experienced investor in shares but I have never managed to get a package which would enable me to have an access to the tutor and start trading options confidently. I will be very happy to become your student and after listening to your video I know that on finishing the course I will be able to finally understand the options and to use them to greatly enhance my trading abilities." Anon. "This sounds like a really exciting opportunity - look forward to joining you soon." Stephen Bryant. Cheshire "This certainly looks like an exciting prospect not least because of the potential rewards in Options trading. Looking forward to pursuing this with you Paul." Jamil Nawaz, Blackburn,Lancs. "I have always been mystified about the various financial trading careers, Paul has clearly explained the options trading role and I will definitely be following this up. Thanks!" Krish Madray, Devon "Thanks for the great intro to trading puts and calls, and your easy to understand video. Please let me know when I can start." Fred Watters Jefferson, Georgia

"The video is great. It gives good solid information and is definitely not hard-sell. I look forward to starting soon." Mike Wilby, Reigate "Very well explained. I look forward to getting started & earning "proper" sums of money." John Ellis, Surrey "Paul, I've been looking for an educational product about trading options for more than 12 months. Your video absolutely hit the spot for me. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future. Thank you." Sean Milner, Nottingham. "Sounds great, right up my street - NO staff, NO stock, No 9-5, No commuting. How good is that!" Rob P. Lincoln

The proof is in the testimonials. The Easy Options Profits System works, it has worked and it will work for you. And I have created a step by step process to setting up this system that will walk you through the entire program. I have made it as simple as possible by recording 4 special videos so all you have to do is copy the system and start making money. Let's take a look at each of these videos...

Video 1: How to Trade Options In this video, I'll fully explain how my system works, and show you exactly how it will make money for you.

Video 2: How to set up a Trading Account In video 2 I'll show you, step by step everything you need to do to set up a brokerage account, so you can trade.

Video 3: How to Paper Trade In this video I'll show you how to paper trade (without using any money) so you can test out the system before you try it for real.

Video 4: How to Trade for Real This is where you start making money. You'll see in just a couple of easy steps, you can automate the whole thing, with no further work to do.

So, Let‟s Get Started…
I'm sure you're wondering how much this amazing service costs. I‟m sure thinking that this program is going to be priced at $2,000, $3,000 or even $4,000. And you know that if it was set at that price that it would be worth every penny. You know that this system will make you money and you know that anything that I charge will be worth that.

But I‟m not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this premium service with a superior track record. Even though my advisors and peers have suggested that $3,000 a year would be a steal for this program. But I believe that this service should be priced so that the average investor, with an average amount to invest can participate. For too long, these kinds of deals have only been available to the “fat cats” with a significant amount of capital and it‟s time I broke down those boundaries and make this system available for the average investor. And that is why I have decided to price my system at only $43.50 per month. That‟s a mere fraction of the money that this system will make for you each and every month. But I wanted to keep it reasonable; I wanted to help others out just like I have been helped. I want you to succeed and I don‟t want you to have to break the bank to do it.

Try It Out Before Making The Big Commitment.
You still may be wary, and with good reason. I completely understand your reluctance to throw your money into an investment that you‟re not %110 sure about. I can see you being reluctant to listen to a guy you hardly know. But I want you to trust me, I want you to believe in my system, and I want you to build your wealth through my system. And that is why I‟m offering you a RISK FREE test drive to The Easy Options Profits System for virtually nothing.

My Unconditional, Risk-FREE Offer
Subscribe Today to The Easy Options Profits System and I'll you will only be charged half the monthly subscription fee of $43.50 (~£22.90) for your first month. If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled, you may cancel your subscription at any time before the next monthly recommendation is issued. But that's not all… if at any point during the remainder of your annual subscription if you don't see gains that are at least DOUBLE the subscription price (based on a $10k trading account)… you may request a full and prompt refund. I'll refund every penny, no questions asked. As you can see, this deal is more than fair. You will make more than double your subscription price, and I‟m guaranteeing it. You really have nothing to lose, do you? I know that you'll be shouting from the rooftops about how great this service is once you've tried it for a month. So I want you try it out first and find out for yourself just how

profitable this system can be. I know that you'll be shouting from the rooftops about how great this service is once you've tried it for a month. So I want you try it out first and find out for yourself just how profitable this system can be. And the best part about this trial is that

You Don‟t Have To Risk Your Own Money
When you elect to give The Easy Options Profits System a try, I'll put you in touch with an options broker so that you can have the option to paper trade (or trade without any real money). I want you to see with your own eyes that my system is real. I want you to see for yourself how profitable this system can be. And I want you be 100% positive that you WILL make money with The Easy Options Profits System before take any risk. You can trade with imaginary money just to get a feel for the system and so you can see how it all works, with no danger of losing anything whatsoever! So here's my pledge

My personal pledge to you
You don't need to commit to my system to give it an easy test drive - I'll only charge a small registration fee for the first month! Get up to speed quickly and easily - I'll send you 4 fully comprehensive training and set up videos, so that you'll quickly understand just how easy options trading is. You don't need to trade with your own money to begin with - just paper trade until your 100% confident that you can make money from trading options. There's no minimum subscription period. If for any reason you wish to cancel, just email me and I'll cancel your subscription - no questions asked! There's no excuse for not giving it a try - how can you possible lose?!?! But this offer will not be around long. I have a limit to how many new clients I can accept per year.

Only 100 New Members Will Be Accepted
At this time The Easy Options Profits System can only accept a maximum of 100 new members.

And the reason is plain and simple… I can‟t turn the entire options market into buyers it will ruin the entire dynamic. So, to protect my financial growth as well as yours, I will have to put a cap on the number of members I am allowed to have. If the system was to be opened to a thousand investors, many of those investors would be closed out of the action… and that's just not an ethical way for us to do business. So it doesn't matter how much additional money I can make… I WILL NOT accept any more than 100 subscribers to this service at this time.

Once These Places Have Been Filled, The Door Will Close.
When something this good comes along, everybody wants to get in. So, if you're interested, I strongly suggest that you make your decision TODAY. You have nothing to lose, you have nothing to risk. You need to take action today before someone else grabs your spot. Once these places have been filled, the door will close and no other investors will be allowed. So what are you waiting for… Click the button below to add your name to the priority wait list now.

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