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									Oil can be an extremely lucrative investment. All investment in the areas of oil and gas are potentially profitable. And I am sure you are aware and you have realized that the market capitalization on the oil & gas sectors is only going to get bigger as consumers increase and supplies drops. However, as an investor you should try to analyze their varying degrees of risk and rewards. -------------------------------------------------------------IF YOU HAVEN'T YET SUBSCRIBED TO OUR SERVICE PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW http://www.investinginequity.com/application.html CURRENT TOPIC: Do you classify as an Accredited Investor? TEST YOUR SELF FREE --------------------------------------------------------------OIL INVESTMENT F.A.Q QUESTION #1: HOW TO CHOOSE A QUALITY OIL INVESTMENT DEAL? Choose companies run by individuals that have extensive experience in locating oil, acquiring productive leases & have legal expertise in setting up oil LLC’s. Look for companies that have contracts already established for distribution of the oil produced. QUESTION #2: HOW DO I KNOW A DEAL IS LEGITIMATE? Review the principles of the corporation. Make sure they have consistent track records. Look for strong credentials and experience in law and have experience in the field. QUESTION #3: HOW DO I EARN MONEY? Most oil and gas LLC’s are structured with limited amounts of units being sold. Each unit holder has a percentage of the oil that is sold. This percentage is normally paid as a REVNUE INTEREST on a monthly basis. The formula for this percentage is: # Of Barrels Of Oil Produced (times X) Monthly Average Price Of Oil (divided by) Unit Percentage Of Wells = Monthly Check 200 barrels per day at average price of $96 = $19,200 x 30 days = $576,000 Month (This Number To Be Split Up Between Investors) QUESTION #4: HOW DO I KNOW OIL IS REALLY THERE? The best solution to finding oil is going to established oil fields & using necessary geological surveys. Access all previous production numbers in those areas by utilizing all of the tools that are available. This should give you an insight of the probability of oil in those locations. This is much more secure that just wild catting which is going to unknown areas and guessing. Choose companies that offer units in multiple wells to hedge yourself and increase the probability of finding oil. QUESTION #5: HOW LONG CAN I SEE MONTHLY RETURNS FOR? Wells could produce for up to 50 years in some cases. Its all contingent upon

location, and surrounding areas that have producing wells. With today’s technology and being able to drill horizontally and vertically, the chances of producing oil for a longer period of time is greater than ever. Choose companies that are surrounded by existing and producing wells. Again, this can increase your chances of striking oil. QUESTION #6: HOW LONG CAN IT TAKE TO RECOUP MY INVESTMENT? There are many factors involved in answering this question. This depends on your participation & how great it is. It also depends on how much oil is found and how fast it is produced as well as the price of oil. It could take less than a year or it could take many years. Again, it all depends on a number of factors. Investing in deals that are surrounded by high producing wells can increase your chances of getting back your investment faster. QUESTION #7: AS AN INVESTOR, CAN I PARTICIPATE IN FUTURE PROJECTS? Normally in all projects, prior unit holders have the first right of refusal for any new projects that are undertaking. However, ultimately this depends on the company policy. Ask an officer in the company. QUESTION #8: HOW DO I PURCHASE UNITS AS A GIFT? A unit can be purchased in anyone’s name. The individual purchasing it defines how it is registered. If you purchase a unit in your name and would like to transfer it to another name down the road, that can also be accomplished by taking your ownership certificate and filling out the authorization to have the certificate transferred to any name that you want and then sending it back to the managing partner in the company or the escrow agent if one has been established. QUESTION #9: WHAT ARE THE POTENTIAL RISKS? The highest risk for any investment is that they do not find oil. That’s why when investing in an oil LLC (partnership), try to have your partnership involved in a multi well unit. The more wells that are drilled, the greater the possibility for finding oil. The other risk is that they do locate oil, however the oil prices drop below the minimum profit price. QUESTION #10: CAN I INVEST, EVEN IF I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE? Most oil and gas LLC's, have certain financial requirements. Primarily requirement are contingent upon your financial makeup. If you meet the necessary requirements then yes, you can become an investor. Each LLC has their own requirements. ----------------------------------------------IF YOU HAVEN'T YET SUBSCRIBED TO OUR SERVICE PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW http://www.investinginequity.com/application.html SUBSCRIBE LINK TO FIND OUT HOW THE TOP TRADERS ARE MAKING 100%+ RETURNS A YEAR IN OIL. ---------------------------------------------------------------It is not just the right time and surely very lucrative but also the right thing to do for the need of our modern way of life and to slow down the possibly of having oil prices getting too high to handle for the general public.

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