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									                             DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

   The HRD (Manager),
   Kalki Communications technologies Ltd,
   #147,2nd floor,5th main road,
   HSR Layout 7th sector,
   Bangalore – 560 102.

Dear Sir,
                 Sub: Industrial Training for M.Tech. Students

National Institute of Technology Calicut, an autonomous Institute under Ministry of Human Resource
Development, Govt. of India, is one of the pioneer engineering institutes in India. The Electrical Engineering
department, with its rich faculty and adequate infrastructure, has a commanding position in this Institute. The
Dept. has four regular M. Tech programmes in addition to UG and PhD programmes. The M.Tech. Programme
in “INDUSTRIAL POWER AND AUTOMATION” deals mainly with process control & plant automation,
industrial drives, load control methodologies and industrial energy management. Need of automated systems
with integrated power control technologies in modern industries enhance the application of this post graduate
programme. As part of the curriculum, „Industrial Power and Automation‟ students have to undergo an industrial
training in a reputed Industry.
Being one of the prominent and fast growing industries in India, we understand that the training in your industry
is very much worthwhile to our students. So we request your good office to give permission for the following
students to undergo training (minimum 3 weeks) in your industry:
                 1) MISHIGA VALLABHAN K G
                 2) SHIYAS. P.R.

Their brief bio-data is attached herewith for your immediate reference. Period of training can be during
03/05/2011 to 03/06/2011 to match with their examination schedule.
We would also appreciate, if you permit a few students to do their major project (one year duration) in your
Awaiting for an early reply to the undersigned,
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
Professor & Program Co-Ordinator

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