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A Wonderful Cork Experience
                                                                 CC 01 N
                                                                 Prism Nature

Why Cork?                                                       Advantages
A SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE                                       • EASY TO INSTALL
Cork renews itself naturally.
The stripping doesn’t harm the tree, so no trees are cut.
                                                                • UNICLIC® SYSTEM
Cork oak forests also support great natural biodiversity,       • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN
including wildlife, pastures and aromatic shrubs.
                                                                • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY
COMFORTABLE AMBIENCE                                            • ANTI-MICROBIAL
Cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface.
With its amazing composition of 40 million cells per cubic
                                                                • HEALTHY
centimetre, each one filled with air, cork inhibits the         • WARM AND COMFORTABLE UNDER FOOT
conduction of temperature and sound. As a result we have an
excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.                       • IMPACT RESISTANT
                                                                • REDUCES NOISE
Cork is remarkably resistant to wear, as it is less affected    • RESISTS SCUFFS AND STAINS
by impact and friction than other hard surfaces, due to its     • NO VOC EMISSIONS
cellular composition.
                                                                • EXCLUSIVE AND STYLISH
HEALTHY ATMOSPHERE                                              • ADDS PERSONALITY TO YOUR ROOM
Suberin, an inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect
repellent. Even termites are kept away. Cork is anti-           • SUITABLE FOR USE WITH APPROVED
microbial, does note pose risk to asthma sufferers and is          RADIANT UNDERFLOOR HEATING
resistant to mold and mildew. If allergies are a problem, yet
you enjoy the comfort and warmth of a carpet, cork is the       • GLUEDOWN TILES ALSO AVAILABLE
ideal alternative.
Cork Concept collections
Corkart    CC 19 N
           CC 19 AZ
                        Napa Nature
                        Napa Java
11mm       CC 19 M
           CC 17 N
                        Napa Port
                        Classic Nature
           CC 17 ML     Classic Mocha
           CC 80 N      Lisbon Nature
           CC 80 ML     Lisbon Mocha
           CC 87 N      Ribbon Nature
           CC 01N       Prism Nature
           CC 01 ML     Prism Mocha
           CC 73 MT     Baja Navajo      CC 17 N
                                         Classic Nature

Corkart    CM 230 N
           CM 230 ML
                        Burl Natural
                        Burl Mocha

                                         CM 230 ML
                                         Burl Mocha

Bevelled   CC 23 ML x
           CC 23 C x
Plank      CC 87 N x
           CC 87 AZ x

                                         CC 87 AZ x
900 x 300 x 11mm

CC 19 AZ Napa Java           CC 19 N Napa Nature

                                                                               CC 19 AZ
                                                                               Napa Java

CC 19 M Napa Port            CC 17 N Classic Nature

CC 17 ML Classic Mocha       CC 80 N Lisbon Nature                           CC 87 N Ribbon Nature

CC 01 ML Prism Mocha         CC 73 MT Baja Navajo                            CC 80 ML Lisbon Mocha

                                        High resistant NATURAL SHIELD®
                                             water base urethane varnish

                                      Natural cork decor 3mm thickness*

                                                 High-density fiberboard
                                                         6mm thickness
                                                                             CC 01 N Prism Nature
                                            Cork granulate underlayment
                                                       2mm thickness **

                         * Corkart Lite - 2,5mm / ** Corkart Lite - 1,5 mm
                            Corkart Lite
                            900 x 300 x 10mm

                            CM 230 N Burl Natural   CM 230 ML Burl Mocha

            CC 80 N
            Lisboa Nature   Bevelled Plank
                            900 x 190 x 11mm

                            CC 23 ML x Marron       CC 23 C x Crema

                            CC 87 N x Natura        CC 87AZ x Oscuro

CC 23 C x
A Wonderful New Experience
                                                                 • OUTSTANDING COMFORT
                                                                 • REALISTIC LOOK
                                                                 • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY
                                                                 • RESISTANTTO WEAR, INDENTATIONS, TEARING,
CORKART Vinyl Concept Collection is a new generation of
technologically advanced vinyl floating floors.                   MOISTURE DAMAGE, PERMANENTSTAINING

CORKART Vinyl Concept uses UNICLIC® profile. This profile
                                                                 • WARM
is recognized worldwide for its quality.                         • COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC USE
The UNICLIC® profile allows for installation in half the time    • PERFECTFOR A QUICK
of a traditional glued down vinyl tile, and because there
                                                                  COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION
is no glue, it is easier and cleaner to work with. CORKART
Vinyl Concept Collection can easily be used for renovations      • EASYTO INSTALL
without the need for extensive modifications to the subfloor.
Simply float it over top of most existing materials. Enjoy all
                                                                 • UNICLIC® SYSTEM
the benefits of a traditional vinyl tile without the fuss!       • EASYTO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN
Enjoy the realistic look of the decors while they add style,     • CONTEMPORARY,TREND-SETTING DESIGNS
design, and personality to your space. Wear resistant,
comfortable to live on, easy to maintain, with excellent
                                                                 • HEATINSULATION
acoustic properties due to its flexibility and natural cork      • MATTE UVLACQUER FINISH
                                                                 • NONTOXIC
If you haven’t explored vinyl floors for a while you will be
                                                                 • SUITABLE FOR APPROVED
amazed at the new, exciting CORKART Vinyl Concept. Feel
free…create the environment YOU want!                             UNDER FLOOR HEATING

                                                                                                              CW 802 x
Long Plank Wood
1200 x 210 x 10,8 mm

                                       CW 802 x Celeiro

                                       CW 803 x Branco

                                       CW 870 x Madeira

                            CW 803 x

                                       CW 871 x Fumado

                                                                   Top PU Finishing Wearlayer
                                                                             0,3mm thickness
                                                                                  Design Film
                                                          Natural PVC Backing 1,5mm thickness
                                                                      High-Density Fiberboard
                                                                              6mm thickness
                                                                 Cork Granulate Underlayment
                                                                              3 mm thickness

612 x 440 x 10,8 mm

CS 840 x Marmo   CS 841 x Ardesia

                                         CS 840 x
Technical Information
Cork Floating Floor-11mm
                          CHARACTERISTICS                                           RESULT
                     Flooring according to EN 685                                    23 / 31

                            Thickness EN 428                                         11 mm

                              Weight EN 430                                         8 Kg/m2

                   Impact Sound Reduction EN 140                                     19 dB

                       Impact Insulation Class IIC                                   55 dB

                  Thermal Insulation value EN 12524                             ca. 0,11 m2 x K/W

                     Dimensional Stability EN 434                                    < 0,1%

                           Indentation EN 433                                     max. 0,25mm

       Abrasion Wear (Taber using CS-17 wheels;1kg weight / each wheel)       > 12.000 revolutions

         Resistance against abrasion according EN 14354                               WR0

      Determination of the formaldehyde emission EN 717-1                           0,02 ppm

            Fire classification according to EN 13501-1                              Cfl S1

       Determination of the Slippery Resistance EN 13893                            Class DS

           Resistance against staining according EN 438                            Grade 1-5

                 Resistance to scratching EN 438 - 2                              4 N / Grade 3

Vinyl Floating Floor-10,8mm
                           CHARACTERISTICS                                          RESULT
                          Clasificacion EN 685                                       23 / 32

                            Thickness EN 428                                        10.8 mm

                              Weight EN 430                                       10,85 Kg/m2

                    Fire Resistente DIN EN 13 1501                                    Bfl -1

                         Flame spread DIN 4102                                         B1

                     Dimensional Stability EN434                                      0,1 %

                    Impact sound reduction EN140                                   _Lw = 18 db

                      Chemical Resistente EN 423                                  Class O, good

                         Abrasion Wear EN 425                                   Pass Castor Chair

                    Slippery Resistente DIN 51130                               R 9 (very secure)

                           Indentation EN433                                        0,03 mm

                    Anti-static resistente EN 1815                           Rubber test shoe : -1.7kV
                                                                              VC test shoe : -1.2 kV

                              Toxicity EN 71                                         Non Toxic

                  Resistence to Fading ISO 105 B02                                  7/8 - Good

             Environmental compliance of producer ISO                     ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 14001:2004

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