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                                                                        Sandeep Rajput
                                                    SANDEEP RAJPUT
 Bellevue, WA 98008                                                                                          (425) 502 8380 (H)                                                              

Accomplished, creative and polished senior leader with proven track record of innovation, efficiency, agility and regularly delighting the
client. Expert skills in people management, executive management and building relationships across business units. Frequently the
catalyst synergizing Engineering and Marketing into a cohesive strategy. Executive presence, excellent public speaking skills;
demonstrated all-round success developing, directing and supervising global and diverse teams in Product Development, Analytics,
Research, Operations and Product Management in multiple companies in multiple industries. Very interested in ways to change the
world and shape the future!

                                                      WORK EXPERIENCE
GROUP PRODUCT MANAGER, Marketplace Management, MICROSOFT CORPORATION                                               APR 2010-PRESENT
                             Run the auction marketplace as business owner; frequently team with planning, analytics, marketing,
                             Engineering and communications teams; balance long-term visioning and execution with short-term needs
                             Keep the business running smoothly; investigate and triage performance deviations; guide the monitoring
                             team in building tools and processes to automate alerting and reporting functions
STRATEGY                     Run high-visibility and mission-critical control centers; author playbooks for extremely complex
                             integrations such as the Yahoo Paid Search migration to Microsoft adCenter
OPERATIONS                   Drive projects to understand and improve the monetization platform health and advertiser behavior; work
                             with BI teams to build abstraction layers and tools to facilitate research and analysis; tune the marketplace
YIELD MANAGEMENT             dials; evaluate potential partnership deals
                             Improve advertiser, user and publisher experience; conceptualize and prototype precision messaging and
DATA MINING                  guidance to advertisers; suggest experiments to explore growth opportunities and increase monetization
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT            Supervise and manage a team of very talented analyst managers; lead cross-functional teams; manage on-
                             site and off-site contractor resources; build relationships with internal and external partners

SENIOR MANAGER OF ANALYTICS, FICO (FAIR ISAAC CORPORATION)                                                       DEC 2005-APR 2010
                             Supervised teams of very talented scientists; trained and mentored colleagues on analytic methodologies,
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT            business and technical knowledge; recruited and developed staff; directed their efforts; provided continual
                             feedback; designed development goals; managed compensation
INTERNAL CONSULTING          Initiated, drove and led complex research projects to explore feasibility of new products, predictive
                             paradigms, and modeling methodologies to anticipate and better address client needs
                             Influenced the development of core technologies by leading cross-unit teams; identified and improved core
                             processes across the organization; suggested and implemented processes to ease information sharing
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT          Led and managed development of a Java app, pioneering the very first retail credit scoring offering by FICO
                             Designed, organized and ran the successful worldwide FICO/UC San Diego Data Mining Contest in 2009
                             Chief contact person for clients upgrading FICO’s credit/debit card fraud solutions. Managed client
PARTNER SKILLS               expectations and managed projects to balance client needs with organization needs
                             Participated in Centers of Excellence with key partners and clients to produce flawless execution; served as
                             a technical consultant in big-ticket sales opportunities

LEAD ANALYTIC SCIENTIST, FICO (FAIR ISAAC CORPORATION)                                                           OCT 2003-NOV 2005
MODEL DEVELOPMENT            Led and managed development of Neural network, Scorecard and Regression models to predict fraud,
                             delinquency, bankruptcy, attrition, response and recovery risks for many US and EMEA clients
                             Outstanding experience building/directing/supervising risk, attrition, revenue and profit models for US and
                             International markets for diverse portfolios and products
INNOVATION                   Conceived and created an internal encyclopedia on predictive analytics for training and reference
                             Conceived and developed innovative analytic products for complex irregularly sampled transactional data

   M.S.                      Statistics                   The University of Tennessee, Knoxville            Jan 2002 – Dec 2003
   Ph.D.                     Chemical Engineering         The University of Tennessee, Knoxville            Jul 1998 – Aug 2003
   B. S.                     Chemical Engineering         Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India     Aug 1992 – May 1996                                                                        Sandeep Rajput
                                               WORK EXPERIENCE (Contd.)
GRAD. RESEARCH ASST., THE UNIV. OF TENNESSEE AND OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LAB                                             JUL 1998-SEP 2003
ANALYTIC SOFTWARE           Designed and developed a GUI software package for nonlinear time-series analysis in MATLAB
                            Developed a toolbox to track fast-moving small particles in a fluidized bed from videos/movies
                            Consulted with large chemical companies to improve their operations via nonlinear time series analysis

ASSISTANT MANAGER, RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, BOMBAY, INDIA                                                       JUN 1996-JUN 1998
TECHNICAL CONSULTING        Managed the revamp of a Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) plant to double its production capacity; co-ordinated
                            vendor and internal resources; evaluated vendor bids; designed the DCS dashboard
                            Provided technical consulting services to executive engineers in charge of process plant P&L units

                                                               IT SKILLS
OPERATING SYSTEMS           Windows, Unix, GNU/Linux, X-windows
COMPUTER LANGUAGES          Java, Perl, C/C++, HTML/CSS/XML, SQL, Python, sed/awk, Groovy, Fortran, Pascal
PACKAGES                    Proficient in MATLAB, SAS, JMP; LaTeX, SPSS, Visio, SAS Enterprise Miner, Eclipse; expert knowledge of
                            MS Office Suite

                                             RESEARCH AND ANALYTIC SKILLS
QUANTITATIVE                Generalized models, Optimization, Estimation, Model selection, Generalized additive models
DATA MINING                 Multivariate methods, Decision trees, Clustering, PCA, FA, PLS, MDS, Discriminant Analysis
STATISTICS                  Regression, Time-series analysis, Design of experiments, Mathematical statistics
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE     Neural nets, Fuzzy logic, Genetic algorithms, Pattern recognition, Reinforcement Learning
IMAGE/SIGNAL PROCESSING     Fourier and Wavelet analyses, Filter design, Stochastic processes
PROCESS CONTROL             DMC/QDMC/VSC; H∞/robust/nonlinear/model-based control

                                             INTERNAL PAPERS AND REPORTS
ADVANCED ANALYTICS          Rajput, S. (2009). Modeling customer behavior by mining temporal trajectories (working title)
                            Rajput, S. (2008). Neural Networks and Special Values: Building more predictive models
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE     Rajput, S. (2008). Next Best Action: a reinforcement learning paradigm
                            Rajput, S. (2007). Recursive profiling and its impact on model performance
PATTERN RECOGNITION         Rajput, S. (2005). Event Triggered marketing: hitting customers at the right time
                            Rajput, S. (2004). Dynamic marketing strategy to detect customer lifestyle changes
PRECISION MARKETING         Rajput, S. (2004). Scoring customer loyalty in an information-theoretic framework
CFD/3-D SIMULATIONS         Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D. (2003). Numerical simulations of the fluidized bed experiments using MFIX
                            multiphase CFD code. Report for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL – 400002312
ROBOTICS                    Rajput, S., Shul-Cloper, R., Abidi, M. A. and Gonzalez, R. C. (2000). A new method for searching an image in a
COMPUTER VISION             scene. Report for IRIS Lab, Elec. & Comp. Eng. Dept., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
LOCALIZED METHODS           Rajput, S. and Bozdogan, H. (2002). Choosing the number of PCs in localized PCA using kernel smoothing
                            and information-theoretic criteria. Report for Statistics Dept., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

                                                  SELECTED PUBLICATIONS
BUBBLE FORMATION AND        Rajput, S., Menako, C. R., Bruns, D. D., DePaoli, D. W. and Daw, C. S. (2008). Bubble formation from electrified
ELECTROSTATIC FIELDS        capillaries: chaos, electrostatic potential and geometry. Submitted to Chem. Eng. Sci.
                            Sarnobat, S. U., Rajput, S., Bruns, D. D., DePaoli, D. W., Daw, C. S. and Nguyen, K. (2004). The impact of
                            external electrostatic fields on gas-liquid bubbling dynamics. Chem. Eng. Sci., 59(1), 247-258
NONLINEAR DYNAMICS AND      Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D. (2003), “Nonlinear time series analysis of flooding in a distillation column,” Paper
STATISTICS                  465d, AIChE Annual Meeting, Nov. 17-21, 2003, San Francisco, CA
                            Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D. (2002). Principal curves and chaos. AIP Conf. Proc., 676(1), 327-332

                                    ANALYTIC SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION
ANALYTIC SOFTWARE           Rajput, S., Finney C. E. A., Bruns, D. D., and Daw, C.S., NTSAS: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Software (GUI-
                            based software for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis) in MATLAB®, Release 5, May 2003
SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION      Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D., User’s guide for NLTOOL Release 5, May 2003
AND TRAINING MATERIALS      Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D., MCEC NTSAS Training Session 1, May 2002
                            Rajput, S. and Bruns, D. D., MCEC NTSAS Training Session 2, May 2002

                                               PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS
PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY        American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)                                     Full Member
HONOR SOCIETY               Phi Kappa Phi ()                                                                  Member
OTHER                       Toastmasters International (ACB; ALB; twice VP of Education), Triple Nine            Member
                            Society (TNS), International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE)                                Sandeep Rajput

                                                     ADDITIONAL INFO
REFERENCES                  Available upon request

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