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									                   Sexsmith Elementary School Newsletter
                               June 1, 2009
Principal: Mrs. Jacquie Hall          Office Administrative Assistant: Ms. Deb Peters
Vice-Principal: Mrs. Roz Wong         Associate Superintendent: Mr. Gary Little

Installing The New Playground: June 20, Many Helpers Needed
Parents, aunts, uncles: are you ready for a party? Our new playground will be installed
on Saturday, June 20. We need 40 adults here to help put it together. The PAC will be
barbecuing and there will be free food and drinks for all helpers. The School Board
workers will prepare the site for us prior to June 20 by digging the holes for the posts, etc.
The playground will be built on the south edge of our middle field. It will be as close as we can get to
the new school, but outside of the construction zone. In this way the students will be able to use it for
the next two years until the new school is finished.
No experience necessary. If you are able to come out, even for a couple of hours, on June 20,
we’d love to have you join us. Please call Paul Leung (604-214-0784) or Gurmit Sangha (604-
327-6236) so we will know how much food to bring.

After School Care
There are still some spaces left for our child care program in September. Some families with low
income can qualify for a subsidy. This program will operate before and after school, as well as on
Wednesday afternoons for our early finishing day, early dismissal days for parent teacher conferences,
and on Professional Development days.
If your child is home alone after school and you are interested in this service please come into the
office or phone Ms. Peters at 604-713-4901. She can give you the forms to apply for a subsidy.

Workshop on Nutrition for Families in Punjabi/English
Bobby Nijjar (Medical Nutrition Specialist) is offering an excellent workshop for families on Nutrition
on Thursday, June 11 from 1:00 - 3:00 PM in our school library. To register and for more information,
please contact Vandana Nagpal at 604-713-4905.

Traffic Changes in our Neighbourhood
The North Arm Greenway is being planned as part of our neighbourhood. The trail will run from
Southlands in the west to Champlain Heights in the east. City staff are planning this trail to expand
opportunities for urban recreation and enhance the experience of nature and city life.
One of the proposed changes to traffic in our neighbourhood is a diverter so that cars cannot go
through the intersection of 59th and Ontario St. The diverter would force cars southbound on Ontario
St. to turn left at 59th and the cars heading north on Ontario St. would be forced to turn left at 59th.
We will be hosting a meeting at school for people to come out and get information on the Greenway
proposal. Watch for the date in June.
Fund raising in our School
At the recent sharing assembly Div. 2 put on a spectacular show that was meant to inspire the students
of Sexsmith Elementary to make a difference in the world. Our school motto is REACH for the stars
and the “H” stands for help. Mrs. Mason’s class has several ideas to raise money to help poor children
in Pakistan. They came up with the classical idea of a coin drive to raise money for a charity called.
“Pennies for Peace”.
So, starting Monday, June 1 – Friday, June 5, students will collect pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters,
loonies and toonies. The money raised will go towards building schools and buying school supplies in
Pakistan. In rural Pakistan a penny will buy a pencil for students to do their schoolwork and $365 will
build a school.
Each day a different coin will be collected; Monday: pennies, Tuesday: nickels, Wednesday: dimes,
Thursday: quarters and Friday: loonies and toonies. Please send your spare change to school next
week to help the poor children in Pakistan go to school.
                                                             Article written by Genie Wagstaff
Late Returns for September
If your child will not be at school by September 10, please come into the office to fill out a late return

Volunteer Tea
Our annual tea for volunteers is being held on Wednesday, June 3rd. We will begin at 11:30 and end at
12:30. Child care will be available. Tasty treats will be provided and Mr. O’Neill’s students will
entertain us with Music. If, through some mistake, you have volunteered this year and have not
received an invitation, please join us next Wednesday for tea.

Track Team
        Track season has finished. Last Friday was the final meet at Swangard Stadium. Every
        student was entered in several events, with opportunities to win individual ribbons. Thanks to
       the many staff members who gave extra time before and after school to train the team: Mr. Kay,
        Mr. Johnston, Mrs. Haslett, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Mumford, Mrs. Owen, Ms. Sprintzios and Mrs.
          Raagner. The students showed great sportsmanship and team spirit. Yeah Sexsmith!

Walking Club
The Walking Club at Sexsmith school has been very popular this spring. More than 50 students in
Grades 2 – 6 are participating. Every Friday I tally the number of times they walk around the grounds.
Twelve students have already walked 10 kilometres. The end of year event for the club will be a
walking field trip in June.

Upcoming Dates
June 1-5: Tennis lessons for Div. 1-8.
June 3: Volunteer Tea
June 10: Last day for YMCA basketball
June 12: Last day for Pizza lunch. Thank you volunteers!
June 17: 7:00 p.m. Choir and strings concert
June 22: Grade 7 Leaving Ceremony and luncheon
June 25: Last day of school: Jump for Joy Run at 11:15, end of year assembly and slide show in gym
at 1:00, dismissal at 3:00.

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