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					                             KLASS Times               the weekly community newsletter of The Alice Smith School

              For internal circulation only         Volume 12, Issue No. 004              8th October 2010

            Storytelling Tuesdays at the Primary Campus - ‘Aunty Pamela’ catching our imagination!

In this issue                                           Secondary campus
                                                        P7    Message from the Principal
P2 Message from the Director of School
                                                        P7    Dates to Bookmark
                                                        P8    Campus Focus
P3   PTA News
                                                        P8    Around the Campus
     - Halloween Party
     - Year 7 and 8 Halloween Disco
     - Christmas Bazaar, 3rd December 2010              P11   Tech Talk

Primary campus                                          To Note
                                                        P12 Cross Campus
P4   Message from the Principal
                                                        P12 Primary Campus
P4   Dates to Bookmark
                                                            - Letters that you should have received
P5   Campus Focus
                                                        P13 Secondary Campus
P5   Around the Campus                                      - Letters that you should have received

                                                                  KLASS Times    8th October 2010      1|P age
                                From the
                                                                                Did you know?
                                Director of
                                School                                          From this week onwards, there is a
                                                                                new column ‘Letters you should
                                                                                have received’ under the To Note
                                                                                section on page 12.
                                Val Thomas-Peter
                                                                                This new column will feature each
                                                                                week, the documents which you
                                                                                would have received from either

                                                                                Should you not receive any of the
                                                                                documents listed out, kindly email
For the past few weeks, I have been spending time in the classrooms at the      the respective Office Managers.
Primary Campus observing the teaching and learning taking place in all
areas. Whilst watching the interactions between the teachers and the            For Primary Campus, please email
students, I have been consistently impressed by the attitude and interest of    prathima.jb@alice-smith.edu.my
our children as well as the expertise, professionalism and dedication of the
teachers that I have observed. You will be pleased but unsurprised to hear      For Secondary Campus, please
that the teaching that I have seen is of a very high standard, as is the        email yfkoh.ep@alice-smith.edu.my
quality of care and relationships. The term ‘outstanding’ is used in our
Vision statement for the school and outstanding teaching is something that
our Alice Smith teachers continually aspire to.

Looking through this week’s newsletter, you will be able to read about some
of the outstanding experiences and opportunities that are provided for our
students. From story-telling sessions to musical scholarships in America,
there is a wide variety on offer which should enable our students to explore
their talents to be the best that they can be.

There is also a new section in this week’s newsletter which we hope will be a
further aid to communication. The final section of the newsletter provides
details of recent letters and communications that have been issued by both
the Primary and Secondary Campus. Please check the list and if you have
not received any of these, please contact the Office Manager of the relevant
campus. We will publish this list every week. KT
                                                                                Quote of the week …

                                                                                Edward de Bono

                                                                                “Complexity creates confusion,
                                                                                simplicity focus.”

                                                                    KLASS Times     8th October 2010    2|P age
PTA News
Upcoming PTA events

Halloween Party
Date            : Friday, 29th October
Time            : 5.30pm - 7.30pm at the Primary Campus, Jalan Bellamy
Ticket price    : RM 30 includes fish and chips and a goodie bag
                  (extra portions will be available for parents to purchase on the day)

* Children must be supervised by an adult. The PTA will not be responsible for
  unsupervised children.

Year 7 and 8 Halloween Disco
Date            : Friday, 29th October
Time            : 8.00pm - 10.00pm at the Primary Campus, Jalan Bellamy
Ticket prince   : RM 30 includes fish and chips and a treat
                  (extra portions will be available for parents to purchase on the day)

Limited tickets available for both events. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Closing date for ticket sales is by Tuesday, 19th October 2010.
Forms have been distributed earlier. Additional forms are available from the Campus

Christmas Bazaar, 3rd December

Bookings are now open for the ever popular and well established Christmas Bazaar. The Bazaar will take place on
Friday, 3rd December 2010 at the Primary Campus, Jalan Bellamy from 6pm - 9pm.

If you would like to book a stall, kindly contact Hayley Palmer, PTA Vice Chairperson on 016 292 7214 or email
pta@alice-smith.edu.my KT

                                                                        KLASS Times 8th October 2010   3|P age
Primary Campus
                                                                            Dates to Bookmark
                               From the
                                                                            Friday, 15th Oct 2010
                               Principal                                     Year 5 Assemblies
                                                                             Class Reps coffee morning

                                                                            Wednesday, 20th Oct 2010
                               Steve Caulfield                               Book Day (Pre-school to Year 6)
                                                                             Visiting Storyteller - Foundation
                                                                             Party for Brownies, Guides and

                                                                            Thursday, 21st Oct 2010
Thank you to those parents who turned out to support their children at       Introduction to the Secondary
the International School of Kuala Lumpur Cross Country Run at Bukit Jalil      Campus - parents evening for Year 5
Park on Saturday, 2nd October. We left the Primary Campus at 6.30am            and 6 parents
with almost 70 runners and competed with other primary schools from
around Kuala Lumpur.
                                                                            Friday, 22nd Oct 2010
                                                                             Year 5 Assemblies
Overall, we came second and the children had a tiring but very enjoyable
                                                                            Saturday, 23rd Oct 2010
Big thanks to Debbie Burgess and Niall Dickens who organised the event       Festival of Sports
and were here at school so early on Saturday morning.
                                                                            Monday, 25th Oct 2010
On Wednesday, 29th September we saw a very encouraging turnout of            Thinking Skills (25th - 27th Oct)
Reception parents to attend our Reading Workshops. Thanks to our
Pre-School and Reception staff who organised the event and feedback
from a number of parents was very positive.                                 Wednesday, 27th Oct 2010
                                                                             Year 6 Language Day
Next Friday (just a reminder for you) is our Class Reps coffee morning at
9.00am in the McDonnell Room.                                               Thursday, 28th Oct 2010
                                                                             Teddy Bears’ picnic
Hope to see all the Class Reps then. KT                                      Reports out

                                                                            Friday, 29th Oct 2010
                                                                             Year 5 Assemblies
                                                                             Halloween Party

                                                                            Monday, 1st Nov 2010
                                                                             Mid-term break (1st - 4th Nov)

                                                                            Friday, 5th Nov 2010
                                                                             Public holiday - Deepavali

           Mrs Jonathan discussing the importance of reading
   a variety of books at home at the Foundation Reading Workshops

                                                                      KLASS Times 8th October 2010      4|P age
Campus Focus
Pastoral News
By Alison Nadarajah
Assistant Principal - Pastoral

Lightning Warning System
The safety of our children is paramount and there are many systems and
procedures in place at the Primary Campus to ensure the children are safe and
secure at all times. Many of these are explained in our school handbook.
However, if you are new to Malaysia and Alice Smith, you may not know that
we operate an electronic lightning warning system on both campuses which is
able to detect approaching electrical storms.

If a storm is near, a short siren will sound and sets of orange and red warning
lights will flash. These lights are located on the walls next to all our play and
outside areas and are clearly visible. If you are on the school site, particularly
during dismissal time and see the warning lights flashing, this is the sign to
clear the outside playgrounds and move inside or into a covered area.

As long as the lights are on, children should not be on the field, adventure equipment or walking across the
playgrounds. We use this system successfully during the school day and during our after school Clubs and Activities.
To ensure you and your children’s safety, we would politely ask that you do not let your children play on the school
field after school while the lightning warning lights are on. Thank you for your cooperation.

Primary Campus - Ipods and Mobile Phones
Please be aware that iPods, mobile phones and other electronic items are not allowed on the Primary Campus. All
these valuable items should be kept safely at home. Thank you. KT

Week One House Points
By Carl Hutson
Assistant Principal - Leadership & Management

Our first whole school house point totals are as follows:

    Fleming              82 points
    Muir                 76 points
    Scott                79 points
    Fairfield            71 points

Around the Campus
Foundation Stage Reading Workshops
By Hannah Cox, Reception Teacher

Last Wednesday saw the return of the annual Foundation Stage Reading
Workshops; a chance for parents to come along and learn more about
how to support their child with their reading development. The
workshops offered a range of information on the way that reading is
taught in Reception, from the basic teaching of the letter sounds and
sound blending through to the variety of books that the children are
reading at home and school.                                           Miss Edwards leading a workshop on the
                                                                          Read Write Inc. phonics scheme
As ever, the workshops were a great success. The Foundation Stage teaching team would like to thank parents for
their attendance and on-going support. KT
                                                                        KLASS Times 8th October 2010     5|P age
Story-telling Tuesdays
By Mrs Lim, Librarian

A great start to our story-telling session on the 5th October in the Year 3/4 Library. A few dedicated followers joined
in to listen to fabulous stories. ’Aunty Jacqui’ introduced the enriching works by Andy Griffiths with hilarious
illustrations by Terry Denton. This produced a good chuckle or two with many, anxious to know about exploding
cows! After that our seasoned storyteller ‘Aunty Pamela’ read an amazing story about Meatballs falling from the sky
and other things. Fancy a meal arriving literally on your doorstep. If you have time check out the story called ‘Cloudy
with a Chance of Meatballs,’ by Judi Barrett.

A nice, cosy time was had by all, with children listening with rapt attention and parents or grannies too! Do come
along with your child next week to hear great storytellers unraveling their magic at 2.30pm till 3.00pm, in the
Year 3/4 Library (along the Year 3 corridor). You might even see a Chocolate Elephant! KT

      'Aunty Jacqui' reading another exciting book

Book Day, Wednesday 20th October
By Ben Clay, Year 1 Teacher

This will be a fantastic literacy based day for the children to experience a variety of events, including author
workshops, puppeteer shows, storytelling sessions and other exciting classed based activities.

Visiting Author Shamini Flint will be working with the children throughout the day and her books will be available for
purchase through the pre-order form being sent home next week.

Every child should dress as their favourite story character on the day. There will be prizes for the best dressed boy
and girl in each Year Group.

Tek Book Distributors will be running a book fair in the Activity Room from 7.30am and throughout the day. They will
be selling a fantastic selection of children's books for all ages. KT

                                                                       KLASS Times 8th October 2010        6|P age
Secondary Campus
                                                                              Dates to Bookmark
                                 From the
                                                                              Saturday, 9th Oct 2010
                                 Principal                                     U19 volleyball tournament

                                                                              Sunday, 10th Oct 2010
                                                                               Drama workshop (10th - 12th Oct)
                                Roger Schultz
                                                                              Tuesday, 12th Oct 2010
                                                                               House Swimming Gala and basketball

                                                                              Thursday, 14th Oct 2010
                                                                               U13 and U15 football tournament
We trust that the recent coffee mornings have been worthwhile
functions for those that were able to attend. If you have any thoughts        Friday, 15th Oct 2010
or suggestions as to how we can improve or develop these further,              Class Reps coffee morning at the
please let us know.                                                               Primary Campus

A fourth element of our social code at the Secondary Campus is to             Tuesday, 19th Oct 2010
have self-respect and confidence in our actions. This week, the                U19 football and volleyball tournament
students have been selecting their Council Representatives - the peers         U13 football tournament
whom they feel will represent them and their points of view and the
issues that affect them at school the best. It is never easy to stand up      Wednesday, 20th Oct 2010
in front of your peers and speak to a large group, or sometimes even           U19 football
a small group for that matter. The school prefects have also been
selected recently and I would like to congratulate all those students         Saturday, 23rd Oct 2010
who put themselves forward for election.                                       U16 rugby tournament (23rd - 24th Oct)
                                                                               U14 volleyball tournament
Developing self-confidence and self-belief in our young people is a
very important part of the education process. There are many ways             Monday, 25th Oct 2010
that students can develop leadership and communication skills and              Science Week
build character. This weekend for example, the elected prefects for            The Spoken Word (Year 10)
our school are attending a leadership camp and on Monday this week
during the Year 10 PSHE day, students participated in workshops               Tuesday, 26th Oct 2010
about communication and teamwork, thinking skills and rights and               Year 2 Science visit
responsibilities. School sports teams, MUN, class group learning               The Spoken Word (Year 7)
activities, school events and projects, house activities...there are
many more.                                                                    Wednesday, 27th Oct 2010
                                                                               U19 football finals
These extended opportunities outside of class teaching time are made           U14 netball tournament
available through the willingness and commitment of the staff who
value what students gain from having these experiences. I commend             Thursday, 28th Oct 2010
them for this.                                                                 Deepavali Assembly and Mufti Day
Remember to communicate with us if you have any questions about
your child’s education. Please phone, email me or even better, drop           Friday, 29th Oct 2010
into the Secondary Campus at Equine Park and see me on a Friday                Year 11 and 13 reports issued
morning between 8.00am and 10.00am if you would like to discuss a              U15 football tournament
school issue with me. KT                                                       Art coursework interim deadline 1
                                                                                  (Year 12/13)

                                                                              Saturday, 30th Oct 2010
                                                                               U13 football

                                                                           KLASS Times 8th October 2010     7|P age
Campus Focus
By Tobin Connell
Assistant Principal - Pastoral

The Transport Committee is one of the Sub-Committees of the Council of Governors and exists to ensure that the
service provided is a fair, competitively priced one, whose main consideration is safety of the children. We meet twice
a term and the first meeting of the year is on Wednesday 13th October 2010, at the Primary Campus.

The Committee comprises of a Governor, Mr and Mrs Yee, the Assistant Principal - Pastoral from both campuses and
parents (of children at both campuses) from various locations around KL. New members are always welcome to
come and assist with the process of developing the service. Should any parent wish to be part of this Committee,
please email me at tconnell.ep@alice.smith.edu.my as we are currently working with only one parent from each

Now that activities have started completely, the bus service is now at its maximum usage. This seems an appropriate
time to deliver a reminder about safety on the buses. The staff member on duty along with the transport provider’s
staff, monitor students getting on the buses but there is no bus monitor travelling with the students. We do,
therefore, expect students to act responsibly at all times and take their safety and well-being that of their peers very

To ensure the safety of the children on the buses, can I please ask that you help us reinforce these simple
       Children must remain seated and seat belts must be worn at all times when the bus is in motion
       Food and drink should not be consumed on the buses with the exception of water
       Behaviour should be maintained as per the high expectations that we have of students in school
       School rules apply while on the buses

Please do note and remind your children that the buses are monitored by CCTV and bad behaviour will not be
tolerated. Sanctions will be applied on a serious basis where students’ safety is concerned. If you have any queries
about the service, please do contact the provider on transport.ep@alice-smith.edu.my or if you have issues for the
meeting, please let me know. Thank you for your support.

Around the Campus

Examinations in Modern Foreign Languages and First Language
By Alistair Hamilton, Examinations and Assessment Officer

We are presently compiling lists of candidates taking GCSE, AS or A2 examinations in Modern Foreign Languages
(MFL) and First Languages in 2011. There are a wide variety of languages available for public examination, although
the MFL Faculty at the Alice Smith School may not teach them all. We offer students the opportunity to register for
any of the examinations offered on the condition that the candidate is a native or highly proficient speaker
(as determined by the Head of the MFL Faculty) in languages other than English and who are not attending
classes in the language at this school.

If you feel that your child would be a suitable candidate, please obtain a letter from the Examinations Office and
return it no later than Friday, 26th November. Please note that students can only be examined in languages on
offer by the Cambridge and Edexcel Boards. KT

                                                                        KLASS Times 8th October 2010        8|P age
Biology Students Excel in Biology Challenge
By Julia Armstrong, Head of Science & Design Technology

In March 2010, both Year 9 and Year 10 students were entered into
the junior version of the British Biology Olympiad. There were some
outstanding results! After waiting for some time, the certificates
finally arrived and were presented at the Key Stage 4 assembly this

Congratulations to all those students who were placed with either
Bronze, Silver or Gold Award and good luck to the current Year 9
and 10 students who will compete in March 2011! KT

                                                                       Great results for students who placed in the
                                                                                 Biology Challenge 2010

2011 Tour Choir of the British Isles - The Auditions
By Alistair Hamilton, Head of Choral Music

         Voci del Mondo at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome         Bronze Sponsor - 2010 Choral
Last weekend, nerves, tension and excitement took over in the Music Department at the Primary Campus, Jalan
Bellamy as we held our annual auditions for the upcoming Choral Tour of the British Isles. Close to 100 students
applied and we were happy to accept a final 63 students for this exciting tour. Many thanks to the staff involved
throughout the event.

It is clear that our students are developing their singing voices (must be lots of hairbrush moments at home) since
the standard of the auditionees was the highest yet. This has resulted in the largest choir in this, the fourth Alice
Smith Choral Tour. There is much more information to come about the Tour Choir and their performances/
involvement in pre-tour events and we call upon your support, as always, to be a great and supportive audience.

For those involved in the 2010 Choral Tour of Austria, Slovenia and Italy, the audio CD album, photo and video DVDs
should (we hope) be ready for the end of the month. These will be available directly from the Music Department. KT

Our Summer at Apple Hill Centre for Chamber Music
By Julie Anderson, Music Teacher

The Apple Hill Centre for Chamber Music in USA is located in a peaceful rural area in the Monadnock region of New
Hampshire. Apple Hill brings people together, connecting with one another in the most pleasurable way possible -
through music! We developed great friendships and extraordinary bonds with such different, yet like-minded people.

                                                                      KLASS Times 8th October 2010       9|P age
We were split into chamber music groups, playing high standard repertoire. One of the things which makes Apple Hill
unique is the diversity of the participants, who were all age groups and from different cultures and backgrounds -
USA, Syria, Israel, Jordan, United Kingdom, Palestine, and us from Malaysia. “The faculty” provided master classes,
giving us constructive advice not only on our technique, but also vital tips to develop our performance skills. We
played for a minimum of three hours every day, followed by additional practice. The musicians at Apple Hill were
extremely easy to work with and despite my initial fears of performing in front of live audiences, the encouragement
and advice from both the coaches and fellow musicians definitely made each of us more confident and matured our

Contributions from Arinah Rizal, Daniel Tee, Ellery Nadarajah, Jennifer Ng and Thierry Tan (Years 10 and 11):

Jenny: I had the best summer of my life, despite having to cope with keeping a balanced time schedule with the
ongoing GCSEs, choir practices and Apple Hill assignments through the year. After a 36 hour journey, when we were
escorted to one of the forest cabins which were wooden, isolated, and full of live bugs, my immediate thought was:
what have I got myself into? Looking back on the daily rehearsals, ping-pong matches and even ‘chores’, not only
have we made dozens of new friends, we shared laughter, embraced cultural differences and were musically
inspired. After dinner, the evening activities were exceptional, ranging from mountain climbing, to partying till dawn
on several occasions! The experience was definitely far from the intense music camp that I had expected. You have
to be there to appreciate the aura.

Arinah: We were assigned challenging pieces and were coached daily by professional musicians. Ensembles perform
for the rest of the Apple Hill community after a meal in the concert barn. I ended up enjoying playing music in front
of a large audience. After a long day, our intense music-making and rehearsing was followed by recreational
activities, such as soccer, swimming in the nearby lake, ping-pong, and basketball. In addition to this, we hiked
mountain trails to watch the sun set, went bowling, sat around the bonfire, and took part in theatrical activities. The
most interesting activity to me was contra dancing— folk dancing in Nelson at the longest running contra dancing in
the country! During our free time, we also got chamber music from the AH library to sight-read for fun. The food
was delicious, plentiful and healthy. Besides playing music with 100% of our efforts, we all definitely ate 100%.
Apart from performing, it was very inspiring to watch the other participants show their talents during the concert.

Ellery: Being awarded a scholarship to attend Apple Hill was a privilege and a wonderful opportunity. My one month
in America was to date the most exciting adventure I have had. Everyone was very similar to me, loved music and
made it easy to talk about everything musical. Although, you had to wake up by 8 o’clock every morning in the
holiday to start practising, it didn’t feel like a chore but a privilege, and contributed to me improving my technique.
The concerts I performed at Apple Hill were of a standard above anything I ever imagined and I am glad I could be a
part of it.

Thierry: I came second in the session 5 tournament for ping pong by beating Ellery in the semifinal and that was
quite fun. The food there was very nice, not fast food like burgers and fries, but it was still really good. There were
also parties on Tuesday and Saturday nights, which was pretty awesome. As for the music, I felt that the experience
contributed to my musicianship as well as my independence. We all stayed for a month, so I had to learn how to do
various things, such as washing my own clothes, cleaning up the cabin, washing up in the kitchen etc.

We all had a lot of fun. I hope that other musicians will have the opportunity to visit this magical place, because
once you’re there, it feels like home. Whispers of ‘come back, come back to Apple Hill’ will haunt you every year. KT

              End of an amazing session                    Jenny’s day for ‘chores’…looks like fun!

                                                                      KLASS Times 8th October 2010        10 | P a g e
Tech Talk
By I Pittman & Dr M Watts
Learning Technology Leaders

Welcome back to another school year. Exciting things are happening in the world of educational technology at Alice
Smith, so here's a quick update...

Tech Talk 'Live'
Last term, we ran a few informal meetings with parents, called Tech Talk 'Live'. Those who attended indicated that
this was a really useful method of keeping up to date with educational technology issues. We are pleased to inform
you that Tech Talk 'Live' will continue this term. Join the Learning Technology Leaders each month for a discussion
on a current issue. Watch out for the dates in the next edition.

Year 3 Macs
As children move into Key Stage 2, much of their experiences with technology will be with Apple Mac computers -
either in their suite of iMacs or in the classroom with MacBooks. We recently ran an introductory session with Year 3
parents to introduce them to these technologies and demonstrate some of the creative ways their children will be
using them. Many thanks for the excellent turn out.

Extra Curricular
Clubs & Activities are now underway and we are pleased that there is a good selection involving technology. This
term, there are animation and robotics clubs at the Secondary Campus, while Primary students have the choice of 2
ICT clubs, touch typing, digital movie making, animation and podcasting.

Learning Platform
At the end of the last academic year we introduced Frog, our own online learning platform for the Alice Smith School.
Adopting and using a learning platform effectively necessitates a large and complex transition in the way the
organisation and the individuals in it operate. One of the whole school development targets for the 2010/11
academic year is to develop the effective use of the learning platform across both campuses. Frog Primary (a brand
new product that has just officially been launched in the UK) is now installed at the Primary Campus and a busy
period of testing and training is underway. Very soon, students will be getting online and exploring the new
opportunities this tool has to offer.

At the Secondary Campus, we have identified several targets to assist us with this development. As far as the
students are concerned, by the end of the academic year, they will be able to:

        Access school related notices and information from school or at home
        Access learning resources at anytime or from anyplace
        Access and submit homework
        Contribute to online discussion forums to support their learning
        Use Frog mail system to benefit from extended communication to support
         learning and development
Apart from these main targets there will be a number of additional activities supported by
the use of the learning platform. We hope that you support the implementation of the learning platform.

The new year also brings a variety of new tech facilities around school. All Primary classrooms now have visualisers
and the popular digital voice recorders to play with. Digital video resources have been improved and additional
interactive whiteboards have been installed. Access to technology has had a major boost with additional sets of
laptops for pupils to use in the classrooms. At the Secondary level, the Science Department now has a set of laptops
and Art & Media Studies can get even more creative with additional iMacs. The biggest new resource, however, is
currently under construction - the Business, Media & Technology Centre, which will feature computers suites,
technology-rich open access areas and a state of the art Media facility.

Here's to a successful year of learning...with technology.   KT

                                                                     KLASS Times 8th October 2010         11 | P a g e
To Note
Cross Campus
The 250th Anniversary of the Battle of
Trafalgar Dinner

Date                     : 23rd October 2010
Time                     : 7.30pm
Venue                    : Jarrod and Rawlins, Damansara
Members                  : RM150nett per person
Guests                   : RM170nett per person
Dress                    : Red Sea Rig
Email your reservation to: irynne.poh@plus3.com.my

Includes three Course Dinner and free flow of beer and wine
Guest Speaker on the immortal memory. KT

KLASS Torpedoes
By Stuart Bromley, Teacher - Physical Education, Head of Aquatics, Head coach KLASS Torpedoes

JB KLASS Torpedoes vs ISKL Melawati
On Wednesday this week our Primary team (most Green squad swimmers) are competing against ISKL & GIS. I am
sure you will join me in wishing them luck. Write up to follow.

EP KLASS Torpedoes vs ISKL Ampang
This invitational meet has entries open now until Tuesday, 12th October. The meet will swim on Saturday,
16th October. Get your entries in.

Upcoming Meets
    JB Red squad meet vs MKIS, 19th October.
    Presidents Cup, ISAKL and Bangkok Patana Feeding Frenzy at the end of term. Further details to follow.

Poolside shirts
The order letter for this was sent out this week. Please ensure you place orders by the deadline as there will not be
another order this term. KT

Primary Campus
Letters that you should have received
       Wed, 29th September      -   Year 3 Taman Botani trip
       Thurs, 30th September    -   Year 4 river trip
       Fri, 1st October         -   Problem with Hotmail Account
                                 -   BIS Phuket Football Tournament
       Sat, 2nd October         -   Cubs MVFRA Trip
       Mon, 4th October         -   Fantasy Football (Key Stage 2)
       Fri, 5th October         -   Halloween Party (Pre-School to Year 6)   KT

                                                                     KLASS Times 8th October 2010       12 | P a g e
Secondary Campus
Letters that you should have received                                                   Useful contacts
       Wed, 29th September        - Study In Australia Education Exhibition
                                     for Year 11 and 12 students                           Alice Smith School
                                   - Year 10 P.S.H.E. and Target Setting                    Primary campus
       Fri, 1st October           - Problem with Hotmail Account                           T: +603 2148 3674
       Mon, 4th October           - Kenya 2010 for Kenya participants                      E: klass@alice-smith.edu.my
       Fri, 5th October           - Inter-House Swimming Gala and
                                     Inter-House Basketball Tournament KT                   Secondary campus
                                                                                            T: +603 9543 3688
                                                                                            E: klass2@alice-smith.edu.my
Instrumental Lessons
By Steve Dixon, Head of Music
Any students who would like to start instrumental lessons this term should pick
up a letter from the Music Department. Places are limited and are available on
the following instruments: piano, guitar, drums, voice and flute. Those students
wishing to re-start or, who would like to take up learning a new instrument from
scratch as a beginner are also welcome to apply. These lessons will be offered on
a first come, first serve basis. KT
                                                                                        Stay in touch
Calling All Artists!
                                                                                        To provide feedback about the
By David Boyle, Creative and Expressive Arts Faculty Leader
                                                                                        KLASS Times, please email:
The Art & Design Department at the Secondary Campus is organising a Charity             klasstimes@alice-smith.edu.my
event called ‘Art Action Auction’ and will take place on Saturday, 4th December in      or contact, T: +603 9543 3688
conjunction with the launch of the new Art & Design block. This night will be an
open event to anyone in the Alice Smith School and the wider KL communities
and is an opportunity to see the new facilities of the department, see a great
exhibition and make a bid for and take home a great work of art.

Students and staff have been busy creating art pieces for this public auction and
the aim is to raise money for charity from the event. The event is being featured
in the Expat magazine in November with a full feature in the December issue.

We already have several well-known local artists contributing to this charity
event. The school is also seeking other artists who wish to donate works to add
to the auction. If you are a practicing artist and have a work that you would like
to contribute, please contact Mr Boyle in the Art Department via email:
dboyle.ep@alice-smith.edu.my KT

Ski Trip
By Ian Quirk
Ski Trip Coordinator

We are very pleased to announce that the school Ski Trip will be skiing and
snowboarding in the beautiful resorts of the Sass Valley, the highest mountains in
the Swiss Alps. We still have 8 places available.

Do not miss this opportunity to get involved in this fantastic trip. Please see me in
DT for an information letter. Thank you. KT

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