Kindergarten Read Aloud Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm by pengtt



Read Aloud: Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm

Subject Area: Language Arts; Social Studies; Library Information Skills

Kindergarten Goals and Objectives:
Language Arts
2.02 Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of types of books and selections (e.g., picture
books, caption books, short informational texts, nursery rhymes, word plays/finger plays,
puppet plays, reenactments of familiar stories).
2.08 Distinguish fantasy from reality when reading text.
Social Studies
2.01 Exhibit citizenship traits such as integrity, responsibility, and trustworthiness in the
classroom, school, and other social environments.

Informational Goals and Objectives:
1.05 Demonstrate sense of story (e. g., beginning, middle, end, characters, details).
2.03 Recognize the diversity of ideas and thoughts by exploring a variety of resources
(print, non-print, electronic) and formats (print, graphical, audio, video, multimedia).

Book: Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm
Picture of Mia Hamm and short biography of her life
Soft soccer ball

1. Discuss what it is to be a team player, attitude, and responsibility...
2. Hold up a Soccer Ball or show a real picture of Mia Hamm to introduce the story and
tell a little about her life.
3. Read the Story.
4. Discuss the story afterwards. Have students tell what happened in the beginning,
middle, end, what her attitude was, being a team player…..

Stand in a circle and explain that you are going to pass the soft soccer ball to one another
retelling details or something from the story, something they learned about Mia Hamm…

Extension: Use internet to research Mia Hamm

*Integrates with Guidance/Character Education

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