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									  Winter 2011    Crew of MV Fantasy Star Assists US Coast
In This Issue:   Guard in Rescuing Brunswick Fishermen

                    Christmas is a time of giving and   the crew willingly diverted 22
                 the crew of the M/V Fantasy Star       miles off course to reach the
                 truly gave a gift to two unknown       stranded fishing vessel and stood
                 fishermen on Christmas Day. The        by to assist the two men aboard
                 Fantasy Star was en route to the       it. They waited patiently for over
                 Port of Brunswick from Canada          nine hours until the Coast Guard
                 when the crew received a call for      Vessel arrived at the scene. The
                 assistance from the U.S. Coast         Coast Guard towed the vessel to
                 Guard.                                 Tybee Island, and the crew of
                    A local fishing vessel's engine     M/V Fantasy Star were free to
                 had failed and was stranded 32         go.
                 miles off the coast of Brunswick.          Tired, behind schedule, but
                 The fishing vessel was unable to       thankful to have helped with a
                 maintain radio contact with the        rescue mission, Captain
                 Coast Guard and the Fantasy Star       Pagansan finally docked the
                 was asked to provide assistance        vessel at Colonel's Island.
                 and relay messages to the Coast        Captain Pagansan displays the
                 Guard station in Jacksonville,         proud tradition of the seafarer
                 Florida.                               who drops everything to assist
                    Captain Arsenio Pagansan and        another in time of need.
                                                                                                    Staff & Volunteers
  A Message From The Executive Director
                                                                                                         Greg Smilski
           From The Desk of Greg Smilski                                                               Executive Director
      I would like to wish       CDC issues. We are looking                                             Robert Randall
                                                                                                  Director of Volunteer Services
 everyone a happy and            forward to our next training
                                                                                                      Pastor Jim Adkins
 prosperous New Year. After      session on Seaport Safety                                               Port Chaplain
 the “International Night Out    Issues scheduled for                                                 Karen E. MacLeod
 Annual Dinner,” I thought       February 9th.                                                       Office Administrator
 things would slow down a            The Board of Trustees                                            Eleanor Barringer
 bit – WRONG!!! I didn't         and our Chairman, Bill                                              Advisory Assistance
 realize how involved we are     Dawson, would like to                                                    Bob Patton
 with the “Christmas at Sea      welcome our two new Board                                        Coordinator of Transportation
 Program.” It's like being one   Members, Mike Murphy and
 of Santa's elves collecting     Corey Myers.                                                             Joe Hudock
 and preparing Christmas                                         moved to Brunswick from              Vehicle Maintenence
                                     Corey moved to              Louisville, Kentucky in
 “Ditty Bags” for our visiting   Brunswick from Augusta                                                Jack McConnell
 seafarers. What a wonderful                                     2008. In September 2008,           Resource & Development
                                 two months ago with his
 and enlightening experience                                     Mike opened Mike Murphy
                                 wife Mandy and their two                                               Jan Saltzgaber
 it is to see the community                                      Kia in Brunswick. In 1999,        Director of Special Projects
                                 children, Courtlyn and
 participation that goes on      Camden. Corey is originally     Mike was ordained as a
                                                                                                     Jan & Allan Warsing
 “behind the scenes” to          from Saint Mary's and           Deacon in the Catholic
                                                                                                  Store Inventory & Purchasing
 prepare these gifts.            graduated with a degree in      Church. As a Deacon, he has
                                                                 served on the Pregnancy                 Paul Rinnert
 Churches, community             Biology from Georgia                                               Clothing Closet Inventory
 organizations and               Southern where he played        Center Board as their
 individuals stream in and out   football for three years – go   Spiritual Director, and has           Barbara Harrison,
 of the doors at Newcastle                                       also served as a Jail Chaplin.   Elaine Sanborn, & Anne Low
                                 Eagles!!! Corey has worked                                            Nursing Program
 Street. I would like to thank   for Wal-Mart for 17 years       He currently serves as a
 our Director of Volunteers,     and is the new Manager of       Deacon at Saint Francis               Angus Campbell
 Robert Randall, for             our Brunswick store. He has     Xavier Church, Brunswick.            Technical Support / IT
 coordinating this ministry to   also served on the Board of     Mike is a Rotary Club
 the crewmen and all of you      Directors for the Augusta       Member, and President of          Board of Directors
 who participated.               Salvation Army and was the      the Georgia Right to Life,
      Again, many thanks to      Public Relations Chairman       Glynn County Chapter.                 Rick Caauwe
 the MacLeod's; Karen, Andy      for the “100 Black Men of          The International
 and Sally for the wonderful                                                                       William B. Dawson
                                 Augusta."                       Seafarers' Center wishes to
 December 14th Scottish              Mike is married to          thank these two outstanding         Mickey Fedorko
 Christmas Party. Over 64        Delores and has two adult       men for sharing of their time
 volunteers enjoyed                                              and leadership talents with
                                                                                                         Nick Hart
                                 children and four
 “Rumpledethumps,” “Cock-                                        our ministry to the seafarers.      John H. Galland
 a-leekie Soup, “ and a Wee      grandchildren. The family
 bit of Scram while trying not                                                                          Rick Haines
 to get “Scuppered.” Call
 Karen for a translation.                                                                              Henry Harvey
      Our “End of Year                                                                               Jack McConnell
 Appeal” collected $5,235
 towards the purchase of a                                                                             Mike Murphy
 new air conditioner needed                                                                            Corey Myers
 for our Newcastle Center.
 We are truly blessed with                                                                          Dr. Jan Saltzgaber
 generous individuals who
 are willing to support our                                                                           James Vivenzio
 ministry.                                                                                         George Yarborough
      On November 17th,
 Annette Neu, Director of
 Emergency Preparedness for                                                                       A special welcome to our
 GA Dept. of Public Health
 gave a wonderful
                                                                                                   newest member of the
 presentation to 30 volunteers                                                                     Board of Directors,
 on Health Awareness and
                                                                                                   Mr. Corey Myers!

(912) 267-0631                                                   1                        www.seafarercenter.org
                                                       The Chaplain's Compass
        by Pastor Jim Adkins             gifts reflect the real meaning of
                                         Christmas as expressed in these
    If you have visited the              scriptures:
 International Seafarers' Center
 recently you will have noticed the      John 3:16 (NJB)
 abundance of ditty bags and                For this is how God loved the
 Christmas boxes filling every corner    world: he gave his only Son, so that
 of the facility. These gifts were       everyone who believes in him may
 given to every seafarer coming into     not perish but may have eternal life.
 the Port of Brunswick from
 Thanksgiving Day until Epiphany.            God's gift of His Son was His
 They were provided by local             ultimate expression of His love for
 churches, families, schools, and        the world He created. When we give
 civic groups.                           of ourselves, our time and our
    Those who delivered these gifts      substance, we are reflecting God-
 were met with heart-felt gratitude      like character. He gave His best to
 from the seafarers. These simple        us.

  "Father, thank you for being a generous God.
 Help us to be givers and not takers in the world.
   Let us learn to share our lives with others on
every occasion, and by so doing, we'll demonstrate
  an expression of Your nature and love for all."
In Loving Memory
                                        members.                                 just by being herself.
                                            Her funeral service was held in         Myrtle will be greatly missed by
                                        the chapel of Edo Miller and Sons        everyone whose life she touched
                                        Funeral Home and was conducted           with her loving heart and warm
                                        by her Pastor, Rev. Todd Garner of       smile. One thing is for sure, Myrtle
                                        Golden Isles Church of God. The          was a “one-of-a-kind” spirit, and
                                        pews were filled with her many           one of the most genuine and kind
                                        friends, family, and those whose         hearted people you could meet.
                                        lives she touched with her joyful        There will never be another Myrtle.
                                        spirit and many hugs.
                                            Myrtle began volunteering at the
                                        International Seafarers' Center in
                                        2002, and quickly made this
    On December 29th, a longtime        ministry an important part of her
friend and volunteer of the             life. When she was at the Center,
International Seafarers' Center,        anyone nearby would get a hug, a
Myrtle Newbern, passed away at          story, and sometimes, if you were
SGHS Hospital surrounded by her         lucky, a song. I'm sure she made
three daughters and other family        many seafarers feel right at home,

(912) 267-0631                                           2                         www.seafarercenter.org
Stranded in Brunswick: An EconoLodge Christmas
                                                                          Arman is a Chief Cook from
                                                                       the Phillipines;
                                                                          "I had to leave home on
                                                                       December 19th to begin my
                                                                       contract. We had an early family
                                                                       Christmas before I left, but it's
                                                                       not quite the same. My brother
                                                                       will be home with the family this
                                                                       Christmas, at least." says Arman,
                                                                       wistfully glancing at the clock.
                                                                       At age 39, he has been a
                                                                       merchant mariner for the last 14
                                                                       years. It has helped him support
                                                                       his wife and four sons. In fact,
                                                                       his two oldest sons aspire to be
                                                                       seafarers as well! His 19 year old
                                                                       son is in his last year at a
                                                                       merchant marine school near
                                                                       Manila, and hopes to become a
                                                                       chief cook like his father.
   Spending Christmas in an            Pastor Jim Adkins, dressed as   Arman's brother is also a cook
EconoLodge motel in a foreign       Santa Claus, Greg Smilski,         aboard a merchant vessel.
country with someone you just       Muriel Christin and Karen             "Cooking and seafaring run in
met sounds like the plot of a       MacLeod went to visit with         our blood!" Arman laughs.
holiday blockbuster, but for                                              He and his brother grew up in
                                    Arman and Mladn the day
Arman Denguza and Mladn                                                the kitchen - they learned a love
                                    before Christmas Eve. They
Salvove, this was no movie                                             of cooking while helping run a
                                    brought more phone cards,          family restaurant in Manila.
script.                             snacks, and Christmas packages.
   The two seafarers had the                                           Unfortunately, the restaurant
                                       Pastor Jim extended an          could not survive anymore on
unfortunate luck of arriving in
                                    invitation to these gentlemen to   the local economy, and it shut
America four days before their
vessel did. Carolina Shipping       join them for a Christmas Eve      down. Arman and his brother
Company provided them with          church service and Christmas       took their culinary abilities to the
motel rooms and Denny's             dinner with him and his wife       sea, and enlisted as cooks aboard
Restaurant meal cards.              Donna. Muriel Christin, one of     a merchant vessel.
   Volunteers and staff from the    the center's enthusiastic             "We have never been on the
Center decided to pitch in and do   volunteers, invited them to a      same vessel," he chuckles,
what they could to make             Christmas Day brunch and           "Because we are cooks, and they
Christmas a little brighter for     church service at Zion Baptist     say too many cooks will spoil the
these gentlemen.                    Church.                            broth."


(912) 267-0631                                       3                     www.seafarercenter.org
                                                                                   Volunteer Tales
  The Best Christmas                        seafarers coming off the vessel
                                            and into the center. Being
                                                                                           young crewmen, I noted that he
                                                                                           represented a sort of surrogate
        by Anne Low, RN MS
                                            Christmas, it was the best of days,            paternal figure to these young
                                            and everyone who came into the                 men. With his graying hair and
                                            center held such a worldwide                   wise eyes, he must appear to them
                                            warmth. They all wanted to use                 as a father on foreign soil,
                                            the computers and phones to talk               someone to seek advice from,
                                            with family back home, but they                someone to consult with.
                                            also wanted to talk with us.                       It's amazing how strangers can
                                                I sat down and began speaking              make such a difference in each
                                            with one seafarer in particular. He            others' lives. This was, for my
                                            was lonesome and missing his                   records, the best Christmas Day
                                            girlfriend terribly. He asked me               yet. I felt so fortunate to
                                            for advice on how to handle love               experience the true heart of what
                                            while being so far away from his               the International Seafarers' Center
                                            darling. Did I know? I did my                  is all about.
    Last winter, I volunteered to be        best, and answered his questions
at the Center on Colonel's Island           as best I could. I think just having
for Christmas morning. I was                someone with whom to sit down
accompanied by my husband, and              and speak about it was what made
fellow volunteer, Tom. We've                the biggest difference to this
turned volunteering into a couples          fellow.
activity- and it's always more fun              My husband, Tom, also got
that way!                                   approached for advice and a
    There was a Filipino-crewed             listening ear that day. As he sat
vessel in port, with plenty of              outside in the sun chatting with

Bob Meyer gets into the Christmas Spirit!   St. Francis hosted a holiday party for crew.

Paul Rinnert shows a boy scout what goes    St. Simons United Methodist Church gave        Three very happy seafarers head back
   into a Christmas at Sea Ditty Bag         over 120 presents for Christmas at Sea!           to their vessel, gifts in hand!
(912) 267-0631                                                4                            www.seafarercenter.org
                                                                                  Thank You!
   Every year the International       presents to 60 different ships. The   Special thanks to our Chaplain,
Seafarers' Center, with help from     presents were provided by more        Jim Adkins, who delivered
numerous community groups and         than 60 different churches,           presents to several ships while
individuals, delivers a Christmas     community organizations, school       dressed as the Jolly Santa Man
present to every seafarer who         classes, agencies, businesses,        himself!
arrives in the Port of Brunswick      families, and individuals. Our           Even more thanks to everyone
between Thanksgiving and              volunteers always enjoy delivering    who so generously contributed
Orthodox Christmas (January 6th).     these presents, as the seafarers      toward making this Christmas
   This year we again set a new       express such gratitude and            season more enjoyable for our
record, delivering a total of 1,290   happiness upon receiving them.        seafaring friends.

(912) 267-0631                                         6                     www.seafarercenter.org
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