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									Sales Management
1 Day

Managing a sales team effectively is essential to all organizations' success. Create and maintain effective sales teams
by identifying sales manager skills and tasks. This 1-day course covers sales teams, sales performance, managing
territories, forecasting sales revenue, and motivating sales teams.

Effective sales teams                                             Understanding sales forecasts
  Managing sales                                                      Considerations for making an effective
     Successful Sales Managers                                          sales forecast
     Processes for Successful Selling                                 Valid sales forecasts
  Selecting sales professionals                                   Developing forecasts
     Qualities of a Sales Professional                                Type of forecasting approaches
     Interviewing Candidates                                          Methods for implementing top-down
     Evaluating a Candidate’s                                           approach
     Qualifications                                                   Methods for implementing a bottom-up
  Building relationships                                                approach
     Steps in Building Relationships                           Motivating sales teams
  Building trust in sales teams                                   Motivating sales professionals
     Developing trust among team                                      Maintaining high motivation levels
        members                                                       Sales compensation plan
     Developing trust between the team                                Benefits of a sales compensation plan
        and its manager                                           Measuring motivation levels
Effective sales performance                                           Factors to consider when monitoring
  Training sales professionals                                          motivation levels
     Information required for training                                Actions to increase motivation levels
     Effective training                                           Improving sales performance
  Sales performance                                                   Identify opportunities for improvement
     Performance standards                                            Addressing substandard sales
     Preparations for a performance                                    performance
       evaluation                                                     Following up on substandard sales
     Conducting performance evaluations                                performance
  Sales meetings
     Goals of a sales meeting
     Steps to prepare for a meeting
     Guidelines for a sales effective meeting
Managing sales territories
  A territory strategy
     Choosing the best territory strategy
  Conducting territory reviews
     Benefits of territory reviews
     Factors to consider
Forecasting sales revenue

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