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									Well, What Do You Know!?
      Welcome to a day of
        paying attention

        Sheila MacCrimmon
    NSCC Organizational Learning
      Kathleen (Kathy) Archer
      NSCC Kingstec Campus
“To live is to choose. But to choose
well, you must know who you are
and what you stand for, where you
want to go and why you want to get
                               - Kofi Annan

"Wisdom is defined as the
competence in, intention to, and
application of, critical life
experiences to facilitate the optimal
development of self and others"
               -   Webster Dictionary(2010)
               What are your favourite types of movies?
               If you won $1,000,000, what would you do with it?
               If you doodle, what do you draw … or what would
                    you draw if you doodled?
9 Questions
               What have been your favourite jobs?
               What motivates you to do your best?
               Who do you most admire in life and why?

               If you ran the world, what changes would you make?
               What has brought you the most success?
               In what do you believe the most?
Another Look at the Learning Cycle

Institute of Education University of London, NSIN Research Matters, No. 13, Spring 2001
       Competency Learning Model

                                                         Unconscious  naive

   mature                                                              discovery


        self-study          Unconscious                                learning
        peer review         Competence               Conscious

              2nd nature                                           effort
              “intuition”                                          tutelage
                                          practice                 mentorship
5 P’s: ‘Elements’ of Portfolio

    Philosophy:    learning how to learn

    Process:    dialogue, community

    Practice:   questioning, reflection

    Person:   the whole person involved

    Product:    documentation, evidence
Competence is defined as
an integrated body of
knowledge, skills, and
[professional] attitudes
enabling performance in
certain real life settings.”

    -   J. Van Tartwijk, E. Driessen in
                    “Medical Teacher”
Skills          Skills Demo Statements: 3 Parts
                                Verb (action)
                 Noun (things, info, data, people affected by
                                  the action)
                Value Added (to/with whom, how many, how
                          often, to what degree, etc.)
              Learning Narrative: 3 Parts
                  Brief description of the ‘event’
             Skills, knowledge, attitudes, experience
                       brought to the event
                   Skills, knowledge, attitudes
                    learned from the event?
           Peer Coaching

           Skills/Knowledge baseline ….

    Peer    What specific skills did you bring to the
             experience that you knew would be
Coaching     useful

            What knowledge did you have (about
             the event, experience, activity, yourself,
             etc?) before you began the experience.

            What was your attitude and level of
             interest as you approached the

            What were your expectations or
             assumptions going into the experience?
           Skills and Knowledge gained …

            Have you confirmed any skills (eg.
             problem-solving, construction, team
    Peer     skills)
Coaching    Have you discovered anything new
             about yourself (an attitude shift, a new

            What do you know now that you didn’t

            Was there anything that you found you
             didn’t know as well as you thought?

            Have you anything that you now want
             to learn more about?
        So what?

How does this translate to
     my daily life?

  How do I become more
intentional in becoming my
    true authentic self?
Discuss your


                     I learned that portfolio is not a
Words from NSCC      product with a resume … it is a
 employees after     window to our lives.
   completing the
     30-hr course    I learned that events and
  Introduction to
Portfolio Learning
                     experiences in my life are what
                     make me who I am … I am the

                                         - Charlie Campbell
                     [I realized] that I am learning so often
                     and in such meaningful ways that what
                     I was struggling with was identifying
                     the „learning moment‟ …
Words from NSCC
                                               - Andrew Mooney
 employees after
   completing the
     30-hr course
                     I used to think of Portfolio as a noun,
  Introduction to
Portfolio Learning   something that says who I am. Now I
                     see that portfolio is a state of being …
                     that makes me aware of who I am, how
                     I got here, what I have to offer … and
                     connects me to the place in time at
                     which I currently stand.”
                                                - Andrew Mooney
                     “I‟m the portfolio“ … that‟s
                     something I will take with me
                     for the rest of my journey, and
Words from NSCC
                     something that can only make
 employees after
   completing the    me a better instructor and help
     30-hr course
  Introduction to    students in there journeys.
Portfolio Learning
                     I've learned that the new roll
                     out of portfolio for NSCC is
                     something that I can be a big
                     part of …”
                                        -Charlie Campbell
                    “When I signed up for the Portfolio course I
                    thought we would be organizing relevant
                    material related into a binder.
                    I learned:
     Words from
NSCC employees       I am my portfolio; all my skills, strengths,
after completing      goals, abilities, interests, outlooks, beliefs,
the 30-hr course      accomplishments make up who I am.
 Introduction to
                     [it‟s] up to me how I present myself to
        Learning      others. Binders, cd‟s, blogs, web pages,
                      professionally printed booklets …
                     [The course] has made me more aware of
                      the learning aspects of teaching, and the
                      objectives I should be looking for and/or
                      implementing in the course to enhance the
                      learning [for students].”
                                                       - Mark Boudreau
 So … NOW, what do
    you know?! 

Thanks for playing with us!

         Sheila MacCrimmon
       Kathleen (Kathy) Archer

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