CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                             CPD NEWSLETTER
                                                       JUNE 2009
Welcome to the June 2009 edition of the Continuing Professional Development Newsletter.
This edition contains:
         Important End of Year Information for Users
         CPD Annual Subscription Fee
         Annual CPD Audit
         Frequently Asked Questions about the CPD Diary

                                              End of Year cpd

The 2008/2009 CPD year ended on 31st March 2009. All CPD Scheme registrants need to ensure that their online
CPD records are complete and accurate before Tuesday, 30th June 2009.
Registrants are reminded that after 30th June they will not be able to add or change any CPD activities in their
diaries for 2008/2009 CPD year. Please do not contact the office asking for credits to be added retrospectively, as
this will not be possible. This is due to CPD Audit requirements, which ensures that your CPD credit totals are
validated. You are therefore advised to ensure that you finish updating your CPD record well in advance of the
final deadline to ensure that any problems you might experience can be resolved.

                                     WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE END OF YEAR?

Before the end of year deadline you will need to:
         Evaluate and Reflect on all External Approved activities added to the Main Diary page.
         Check that the minimum requirement for 2008/2009 CPD year has been achieved by going to the Credit
         Achieved page of your Online Diary.
         If needed, print out the CPD Certificate by going to the Credit Achieved page of the Online Diary and
         clicking on Certificate.

                             CPD Annual Subscription Fee
The annual CPD subscription notification to those registrants who pay an annual year CPD subscription fee will
receive a letter in June. Please note that access to the CPD system will continue to be free, as one of your mem-
bership benefits, to all subscribing Fellows, Collegiate, Affiliates, and Associate Members, of any of the Colleges
in the Federation.
London Membership Department: http://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/About-the-college/membership
Edinburgh Membership Department: http://www.rcpe.ac.uk/about/join/index.php
Glasgow Membership Department: http://www.rcpsg.ac.uk/FellowsandMembers/BenefitsandServices/JointheCollege/Pages/mem_spJoinTheCollege.aspx
Important: If you have recently changed any of your contact details please email the College that administers
your CPD.
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                                      Annual CPD audit
5% of scheme registrants will be randomly selected for audit of their 2008/2009 CPD activities. A letter and email
will be sent to those selected for audit in June. Those selected are required to submit photocopies of evidence of
attendance for External activities for which credits were claimed. Evidence can take the form of any of the follow-
ing: certificates, joining instructions, confirmation letters or programmes. All registrants are required to keep evi-
dence for all CPD credits for a minimum of 5 years. The results of the CPD Audit will be published in the No-
vember edition of the CPD Newsletter.

      How to ensure that your CPD records meet audit requirements
Your CPD Diary will meet all audit requirements if you:
  Meet the annual minimum credit requirements.
  Are able to produce evidence for all Self-Certified events, and it is also possible for us to confirm your
  attendance at all Approved External events.
  Claim all credits correctly:
        All credits are claimed in the correct category
        No duplication of events
        Claimed credits for the correct meeting on the correct date
        Claimed credits for the right CPD year
        Claimed the correct number of credits for an event
  Complete reflections sufficiently.
  We strongly advise users to give thoughtful, useful reflections and evaluations of events. This helps the user to
  identify and explain the relevance of the activity to their daily practice, and may also be used as a reminder of
  what was learnt.
Guidelines Link: http://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/education/cpd/diary/Pages/information-and-guidelines.aspx

                          Speaking, Teaching and Facilitating
A significant proportion of users incorrectly claimed External CPD credits for teaching, speaking at or facilitating
meetings. It is not possible to claim CPD credits for these activities since they do not count as learning activities.
Any time spent preparing a talk or lecture may be claimed as 1 Personal credit per hour.
A speaker or facilitator attending a conference may claim for the time when they are not speaking. Any time at a
relevant meeting spent not speaking may be claimed as 1 CPD credit per hour.

                                  Availability of Study Leave
We are aware that many physicians experience problems with availability of time and funding for study leave
and so may wish to claim many of their External credits for meetings at which they are speaking. Please ensure
that External credits are only claimed for time spent learning and not speaking or teaching.

A number of further developments in the CPD system will be required to support revalidation and specialist re-
certification. These include:
       Developing links with the annual appraisal process, to record personal development objectives and how
       CPD has enabled them to be met.
       To develop links with the revalidation e-portfolio.
       To develop methodology to enable users who are undertaking knowledge self-assessments as part of dis-
       tance learning to record these in a cumulative portfolio. This will then provide documentation for appraisal
       to show that physicians are remaining up to date in their practice.
       To develop a compulsory structured reflection field to record learning.
       To develop a more detailed feedback field that may be used to provide feedback to providers applying on-

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Please click on the following address for access to the FAQ pages:
Alternatively, you can access the FAQ page by clicking on the `Administration’ tab in your diary. Please see some
common queries listed below.
Why do some of my diary entries hold a March 31, 2009 date?
       The old diary didn't record specific dates for self-certified activities. In importing them into the new system
       they were given a default date of March 31st . You may chose to edit the date, see advice below.
How do I edit an activity?
       Click on the title of the event that you would like to edit, from the `Main Diary Page,’ and then click ‘edit
       activity details’.
What happens if I forget my password?
       Click on 'forgotten password link' located on the login page.
       To access this page click on the hyperlink: Forgotten Password
       An access password will be sent to your registered email address.
       You will have the opportunity to change the access password to something more memorable, personal.

                                                     Did you know?
Ability to sort entries                                              Advanced Search
     To sort entries by date, title, class, category, or type,              An ‘Advanced Search’ tool has been added to the ‘Add
     click on the relevant heading of the `Main Diary Page’.                Entries’ page for adding RCP approved activities.
                                                                            You can use this advanced tool to search for more then
View Previous Years entries                                                 one criteria at a time.
     You can view previous CPD year’s credit summaries               View Reflection
     from the `Credits Achieved’ page.                                      From the `Main Dairy Page’ you can hover over the
                                                                            `Title’ of an Activity to view your reflection.

                                               We are here to help!
We encourage any user experiencing problems with using the CPD Diary, or who is unsure about the credit requirements to
contact our helpful CPD staff. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or help you to resolve your problem.
Please click on the following link for a copy of the quick start guidelines:

                          THE CPD DEPARTMENT - CONTACT DETAILS
                         If you have any queries at all, please contact the College which administers your CPD Diary

                                                     Email: cpd@rcplondon.ac.uk
                       James Hill-Wheatley                                                 Catherine McGivern
                     Federation CPD Manager                                             CPD Approvals Coordinator
                Telephone: 020 7935 1174 Ext 309                                    Telephone: 020 7935 1174 Ext 306
                           Tiffany Boe                                                        Jenna Quinn
                    CPD Scheme Coordinator                                         CPD Scheme & Education Coordinator
                Telephone: 020 7935 1174 Ext 426                                    Telephone: 020 7935 1174 Ext 489

                       EDINBURGH                                                              GLASGOW
                       Christine Berwick                                                     Elizabeth Dykes
                       CPD Administrator                                                    CPD Administrator
                Email: c.berwick@rcpe.ac.uk                                     Email: elizabeth.dykes@rcpsg.ac.uk
                  Telephone: 0131 247 3634                                             Telephone: 0141 241 6228
     If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the CPD Newsletter, please contact Tiffany Boe, CPD Scheme
     Coordinator, RCP London on 020 7935 1174 ext 426, or email cpd@rcplondon.ac.uk. All feedback will be gratefully received.

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