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Bar Briefs


									General Information                                               Ad and Payment Deadlines

                                                                                                                                     Bar Briefs
Bar Briefs is the bimonthly newsletter of the Louisiana           ¬ Pre-payment is required for all display and classified ads.
State Bar Association. The tabloid-sized newsletter
                                                                  ¬ Ads not paid for prior to publication are subject to removal,
(ranging from 8-16 pages) features association and
                                                                    at the staff ’s discretion.
departmental news and other items of interest to LSBA
members. All issues are posted on the Bar’s Web site,             ¬ Camera-ready ads and payment should be submitted                                                according to the following deadlines. If the ad deadline falls
                                                                    on a weekend or a holiday, the due date is the business day
                                                                    immediately preceding the original deadline.
Circulation: 20,000+
   Bar Briefs is mailed to every LSBA member.
Frequency: Bimonthly                                              Issue                   Ad & Payment Due Dates
   Issues are published in January, March, May, July, September
   and November.                                                                           Display      Classified
Issue Date: 10th of the month.                                    January                 December 1                 December 11
                                                                  March                    February 1                February 11
                                                                  May                        April 1                   April 11
Acceptance and Placement                                          July                      June 1                    June 11
                                                                  September                August 1                  August 11
¬ All advertising is subject to approval.
                                                                  November                 October 1                 October 11
¬ The LSBA reserves the absolute right, in its unfettered
  discretion, to decline to accept advertisement from
  any individual, corporation, partnership, entity, group or
  association, without the necessity of giving a reason for
  its declination.                                                Forms of Ad Payment
¬ Placement is publisher’s choice.                                ¬ By check made payable to the “Louisiana State Bar
                                                                  ¬ By credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). If you choose
                                                                    to pay by credit card, indicate that preference and a staff
Publication Specifications                                          member will contact you for the appropriate information.
¬ Ads must adhere to the stated sizes on the reverse.
¬ No advertising bleeds allowed.
¬ Color: All color must be selected in CMYK format.               Proof of Publication
¬ All advertising must be submitted camera-ready in digital
                                                                  ¬ Display advertisers receive one copy of the newsletter.
  format, either mailed on a Zip, CD or other disk, or sent
  via e-mail.                                                     ¬ Agency-booked display advertisers receive two copies
                                                                    of the newsletter.
¬ Advertisers mailing ads should include a hard copy of the
  ad with the disk.                                               ¬ Non-LSBA member classified advertisers receive one
                                                                    tearsheet of the ad.
¬ Digital ads must be submitted in either PDF, TIF or EPS
  format. Imbed all fonts, photos and graphics, and scan all
  artwork for high-resolution (at least 300 DPI).
¬ E-mailed ads should not exceed 5 MB of space. Larger            Inserts
  ads should be mailed on a disk, with a hard copy of the         Contact the Bar Briefs staff for specifications.
  ad attached.
¬ PC-compatible ads designed in Pagemaker, Photoshop,
  Illustrator or InDesign will be accepted, but the advertiser     Space Reservations
  must supply the final ad, along with all fonts and artwork
                                                                         To reserve advertising space in Bar Briefs, contact:
¬ Design help is available for an additional production fee.
  Call for more information.                                                      Bar Briefs Advertising
                                                                                   601 St. Charles Avenue
                                                                                 New Orleans, LA 70130-3404

Web Site Advertising                                                                 Fax 504.566.0930
                                                                                  Or call 504.619.0131 or
¬ Call 504.619.0131 or 800.421.5722, ext. 131, for                                800.421.5722, ext. 131,
  advertising options.                                                    for an e-mail address or more information.

                                                                                                             Effective 8-15-07
                 Display Ad Rates and Sizes
Bar Briefs                                                                                          Color Rates: Add $285 to black/white rate for four-color
                 Black/White                                                                            process. All colors must be selected in CMYK format.

                     PAGE SIZE                    DIMENSIONS                                                         PER INSERTION
                                               Width       Height                                     1x                   3x                   6x
                  Full-page*                     10”                      131/2 ”                   $1,250                $1,195               $1,140
                  Half-page*                     10”                       6 3/4 ”                   $920                  $875                 $835
                                                4 7/8 ”                   13 1/2 ”                   $920                  $875                 $835
                  Quarter-page*                 2 1/4 ”                   13 1/2 ”                   $460                  $440                 $420
                                                4 7/8 ”                    6 3/4 ”                   $460                  $440                 $420
                  Eighth-page*                  2 1/4 ”                    6 3/4 ”                   $230                  $220                 $210
                                                4 7/8 ”                   3 1/4 ”                    $230                  $220                $210

                 *Add $50 for specified position.

                    Full Page           Half Page             Half Page               1/4 Page              1/4 Page         1/8 Page          1/8 Page
                   10”x131/2”           10”x 63/4”           47/8”x131/2”            21/4”x131/2”           47/8”x63/4”      21/4”x63/4”       47/8”x31/4”

                 Classified Advertising                         (Text-Only Ads)              Agency Commission (Display Ads Only)
                 ¬ Classified advertising in our regular typeface and format                 ¬ A 15 percent commission on gross billing of display ads will
                   (we adhere to Associated Press style guidelines) can be                     be given to recognized agencies (a recognized agency will
                   placed in the Bar Briefs. All print ads are uploaded monthly                have three or more accounts) on the charges for display
                   and archived on the LSBA Web site,                            space and position, provided that at least three or more
                 ¬ The LSBA reserves the right to limit the length of ads.                     insertions have been booked and provided that payment
                                                                                               is received by the ad contract deadline. Commission is not
                 ¬ All classified advertising must be submitted in writing, via                paid on color charges Commission is paid on insert space
                   regular mail, fax or e-mail (see reverse for address).                      charges, but not the additional insertion fee.
                 ¬ Payment by check must accompany all classified advertising                ¬ Classified advertising is non-commissionable.
                   orders. If you choose to pay by credit card, indicate that
                   preference and a staff member will contact you for the
                   appropriate information.
                                                                                             C-Box Classified Ad Responses
                 ¬ Multiple bookings are accepted for classified ads; however,
                                                                                             To respond to a C-Box classified ad, address your envelope to:
                   payment for each insertion must accompany initial order.
                                                                                                    C-Box No. ____
                 ¬ A tear sheet is provided as proof of insertion to non-
                                                                                                    c/o Louisiana State Bar Association
                   member advertisers.
                                                                                                    601 St. Charles Avenue
                                                                                                    New Orleans, LA 70130-3404

                 Classified Advertising Rates
                  Members                            $60 for first 50 words; $1 for each additional word. No additional charge for a blind box number.
                  Non-members                        $85 for first 50 words; $1 for each additional word.
                  (includes inactive members)
                  Blind Box                          $20 charge for non-members, per insertion.
                  Headings                           $15 for initial headings in large type, per insertion.
                  Screens                            $25 per insertion.
                  Discount                           20% discount for one year of insertions (6 insertions), paid in full at initial order.

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