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									EWP Stewardship Newsletter
                                                     16th March 2009 - Volume 1, Issue 3

  The EWP Stewardship´s project at the 5th World Water Forum
  While you receive this issue of the        Sabine von Wirén-Lehr introduced the
  newsletter,         the       project      project “Communication of SWM” and                  • 25.03.2009
  “Communication        of  Sustainable      underlined the mutual benefit of actual               Project Start Meeting WG
                                                                                                   Agriculture, Brussels
  Water Management (SWM)” has                regional Stewardship initiatives within a
  been present and presented by the          common frame of the global AWS initiative.          • 31.03.2009
  EWP team at the 5th World Water            Furthermore, the EWP team discussed in a              Project Start Meeting WG
  Forum – taking place from 16th to 22nd     number      of    bilateral   meetings  our           Tourism, Brussels
  of March in Istanbul. It was a             stewardship approach that is based on the
                                                                                                 • 01.04.2009
  challenge and a pleasure to bring in       Water Vision for Europe. We aimed to
                                                                                                   Morning: Project Start
  the contents, strategy and partners of     strengthen our existing partnerships and to
                                                                                                   Meeting WG Private and
  the EWP project to the global water        initiate and encourage interested new                 Public Water Users
  community. One opportunity to              partners to participate in our project!
  discuss our approach was the side          We look forward to reporting in our next            • 01.04.2009
  event of The Alliance of Water             newsletter the major outcome of this high-            Afternoon: Project Start
  Stewardship (AWS).                         level event!                                          Meeting of Core Group (all
  AWS did held a dedicated session to                                                              project participants)
  inform participants about its global
  stewardship activities as well as to
  present “regional” approaches of
  advanced stewardship programmes                                                            News from WG Agriculture
  in Australia, Africa and Europe. The
  EWP project “Communication of                                                               Represenatives     of    European
  SWM” represented the European                                                               associations of the Agricultural
  stewardship example.                                                                        sector have agreed on the need
                                                                                              to     accompany       the    EWP
                                                                                              Stewardship project. Together
New Project partner for the Stewardship Programme                                             with WWF and BASF Agricultural
                                                                                              Products,    these     associations
On Tuesday, 12th of March 2009, the         and its efforts in the field of sustainable       started a joint initiative for an
EWP had the pleasure to welcome a           tourism – especially in water-efficient           inventory of present requirements
new      partner    of     the    project   management of golf courses and the                and indicators for sustainable
“Communication of SWM” for a                referring hotels - are recognized both in         water management in existing
personal signing ceremony in Brussels.      research and public sectors. Mr Ferry             policies and recommendations of
In the presence of representatives of       Sanchez emphasized his motivation to              good agricultural practice. A first
the Valencianan region, Mr. Rafael          contribute with his expertise and experience      outcome of this inventory will be
Ripoll, Valencian Regional Deputy           in the working groups Agriculture and             presented at the working group
Minister for Relations with the EU, Mr.     Tourism.                                          meeting on 25th of March.
Juan     Manuel     Reveulta,    Director
                                                                                             All interested parties who want to
General of the Valencian Regional
                                                                                             join WG Agriculture are invited to
Office in Brussels, Mr. Alfonso Alcolea,                                                     express their interest to Sabine at
Policy Officer in Water, Valenciana                                                          s.von-wiren-lehr@ewp.eu.
Region and Mrs Veronika Jaglova,
Czech Water Director, Mr Ferry-
                                                                                               Suggested articles / news:
Sanchez and the chairman of the EWP,
Mr Vereijken, endorsed the partnership                                                         “Global water crisis under spotlight in
contract between EWP and the                                                                   Đstanbul water forum”
                                                                                               Today’s Zaman
Spanish Ferry Group. The Ferry Group is
situated in the South of Spain (Alicante)                                                      web/detaylar.do?load=detay&link=169799&bolu

                                    Contact: Sabine von Wirén-Lehr (s.von-wiren-lehr@ewp.eu ) ● +32 (0) 2 773 51 93 ● www.ewp.eu

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