WCC Spring 09 newsletter by AndyHobson


									                                                       Spring Newsletter

 HONORARY PATRON :                           From the President
    GENE WRIGHT                    Spring Greetings!                      changes. Our move to the Scottish
                                                                          Rite was confirmed after much
                                    As of today, it has been at least     discussion and deliberation. We
                                   eight weeks since we last had          needed to lessen the monthly cost
                                   snow. Already we have enjoyed a        of our meetings and the audio           Staying In Touch
                                   large number of birds and seen the     visual equipment rental charges.
                                   blooming purple, white and yel-        To that end, we have found an           Please contact us with
                                   low of a variety of spring bulbs.      historic and interesting site. It has   questions and suggestions!
                                   However, I still feel that we must     plenty of free parking, is on a bus
Contents                           be in line for some flurries before    route and is well-known to many         Irene deLieveseley, Past President
                                   the snow tires are changed back to     people already.                         delievesel@brant.net
President’s Message        1       the regular tires.                      In this time of making difficult       519-647-3931
                                    Now as the seasons change, so         decisions, another change is the
Staying in Touch           1       too does the Women’s Canadian          disbanding of the current Bus           Valerie Wilson, President
                                   Club.                                  Committee. Declining interest and       vkwilson00@hotmail.com
Programme Report           2       This coming year I am pleased to       increased costs have led us to          905-389-8841
                                   say that Jan Olde has stepped for-     come to this conclusion.
Bus Trips 2008             2       ward to accept the presidency. We      One change we are pleased to            Anne Ingram, Vice President
                                   will co-president for the first few    announce is the new membership          aingram@sympatico.ca
Canadian Club Liaison Report 3     months. Then I look forward to         fee. It will be $45.00 for the eight
                                   becoming past president, and giv-      speakers. Coffee and tea and
Special Events Report          3   ing Irene deLievesley some well        treats will also be included at the
                                                                                                                  Norma Hitchcox, Special Events
                                   deserved time away. Colleen            end of the programs.
Membership Report              4   Johnson will take over the mem-        Thank you for your support and
                                   bership. With the resignation of       words of encouragement over the         905-634-2551

Citizenship Court Report       3   Freda Crisp, a most dedicated          past years.
                                   director, we require a treasurer as                                            Jan Olde, Membership
                                   soon as possible. If you are inter-                                            janolde@mountaincable.net
Proposed Slate of Officers
                                   ested in joining our executive,
                                                                          Valerie                                 905-388-5937
2009/10                    3
                                   please consider coming forward
                                   as a councillor. This will allow                                               Dorothy Elliott, Bus Trips
Secretary’s Report AGM         4
                                   you a place on the executive to                                                905-632-3850
Encounters Historica           4   see how the club is run and per-
                                   haps you may be encouraged to                                                  Mary-Lynn Fleming, CCH Liaison
                                   assist in the running of the club or                                           flemingj@sympatico.ca
                                   assisting in a specific position.
                                    Those of you at the last meeting
                                   were made aware of some further

    Spring Newsletter                                                         Page 2

                                                        YEAR END REPORTS
    Report from Vice President of Pro-                                                              of nature that surrounds us here in Hamil-
    gramme & Administration                                                                         ton to how to enjoy a good laugh.
                                                    you are “wired” into the information age
    “Variety” said the poet William Cowper          you can send me an email to                     Anne Ingram
    “is the very spice of life” and variety is      aingram@sympatico.ca.
    what we have tried to offer our members
    over the past year by bringing to you           As you know, the club meetings have
    speakers whose topics ranged from the           been held for many years at the Hamilton
    life of a radio host to crime prevention        Convention Centre. Because the cost of
    and from what is happening in our health        renting this facility has risen enormously
    care system to how to keep fit and happy        over the past few years; because our bank
    in those all important “golden years”.          balance is dwindling and because many
                                                    of our members have voiced complaints
    Planning a programme that will attract          about the parking at the Convention Cen-
    women (and a couple of men), many of            tre (the lot has been full on several occa-
    whom have widely differing interests and        sions), we have decided to try a new
    lifestyles isn’t always easy, especially        venue starting in September 2009. Our
    when you are trying to do it on a limited       2009/2010 meetings and luncheons are
    budget. However, judging from the feed-         going to take place at the Scottish Rite
    back we have received from members and          Building on the corner of King and                 First a howling blizzard woke us,
    guests, most of you have found our meet-        Queen Streets.                                     Then the rain came down to soak us,
    ings informative, interesting and enjoy-                                                           And now before the eye can focus –
    able.                                           This venue is easily accessible by public          Crocus
                                                    transport and it has a huge FREE parking                                 Lilja Rogers
    Feedback from members is very impor-            lot. It is also a building redolent with his-
    tant when putting together a programme          tory and the rooms have been beautifully
    and I would encourage any of you who            preserved. We hope you agree that this
    have ideas and/or concerns to get in touch      is a good move for our club.
    with me. This is your Club and we want                                                                 Explore Ontario with Ron Brown!
    to make sure that you have a say in what        As a final note I can confirm that next
    we are doing.                                   year’s programme will run the gamut                                 October 1
    My telephone # is 905 527 8883 and, if          from theatre to books and from the beauty
                                                                                                                   See insert for details

                        2008 Bus Trips

      Bus trips in 2008 saw members travelling with Mr.
     Ron Brown to St. Mary’s to visit the site of the Black
    Donnelly massacre. There was also a trip to Stratford
     in September to see Caesar and Cleopatra with Chris-
    topher Plummer and in October to St. Jacob’s Country
               Playhouse to see One For the Pot.


As our fiscal year end is May 31st, the Club’s financial state-
ment, prepared and reviewed by accountants Guyatt Wood
and Moffatt will appear in the Fall newsletter.

Freda Crisp                                                           Special Events Coordinator Norma Hitchcox, December’s Guest Speaker, Ron
                                                                              Santora CEO of WNED and Anne Ingram WCC Vice President
      Spring Newsletter                                                  Page 3

    ANNUAL REPORTS CONT’D                                  Citizenship                           Proposed Slate of Officers
          Special Events                                                                        and Directors for 2009-2010
 Our luncheons continue to be a                                                           Honorary Patron             Eleanor Morrow
 popular feature                                                                          Honorary President          Gene Wright
                                                                                          Past President              Valerie Wilson
 At the Fall Luncheon 73 members
 and guests enjoyed lunch and heard                                                       Executive
 about the ABCs of fraud.
                                                                                          President                   Janice Olde
 At the Christmas Luncheon 169                                                            Vice President              Anne Ingram
 members and guests gathered to                                                           Secretary                   Ruth Pearson
 enjoy the company of friends and           On Feb. 11, 2009, the WCCH hosted a           Treasurer                   *
 partake of the Chef’s Special holi-        special Citizenship Court session at the
 day turkey dinner. Ron Santora,            Hamilton Convention Centre. Forty-
                                            three people became Canadian citizens         Directors
 CEO of WNED in Buffalo gave us a
 talk about programming in the area         and 60 of our members attended that           Membership                  Colleen Johnson
 of Southern Ontario.                       day. Judge Robert Morrow presided.            Special Events              Norma Hitchcox
                                            Platform guests were: His Worship,            Public Relations            Sylvia Jewell
 The Spring Luncheon is April 8th           Mayor Fred Eisenberger, who addressed         Citizenship Court           Willemina Nieberg
 and let’s hope all the snow has dis-       the audience; Valerie Wilson, our club
                                                                                          Encounters/Historica        June Lockwood &
 appeared. Dr. Kevin Smith, Presi-          president; Barbara Rogers; Mr. Fern
 dent and CEO of St. Joseph’s               Viola, who sang the National Anthem;                                      Dina Sankey
 Healthcare will be our speaker.            and Willemina Nieberg. Margaret Davis         CCH Liaison                 Mary-Lynn Fleming
                                            entertained us by playing the piano.          Publications                Mary Whitfield
 Thank you to the many members              Willemina Nieberg addressed the audi-
 who assisted at our luncheons.             ence on behalf of the Women’s Cana-           Councilor                   Dorothy Elliott
                                            dian Club of Hamilton. Judge Morrow
 Norma Hitchcox                             presented the club with a certificate of                        A Further Note…
                                            appreciation. After the ceremony, the
                                            new Canadians were treated to coffee,         There is no name listed by the position of Treasurer.
“A Funny Thing Happened on the              tea and a cake decorated like the Cana-       We are still actively looking for someone to take
      Way to the Forum”                     dian flag.                                    over this position. If you have a love of numbers and
    Avon Theatre – Stratford                                                              would enjoy keeping a small computerized set of
                                            Willemina is accepting names of people        books, please speak to either Irene deLievesely (519-
Tickets are sold out. Call Dorothy          who would like to volunteer at future         647-3931) or Valerie Wilson (905-389-8841) before
Elliott, 905-632-3850 re the waiting        Citizenship Court meetings.                   the May General Meeting.
                                            Willemina Nieberg                             Likewise, we hope that some members will come
                                                                                          forward to act as councilors. Councilors have the
                                                                                          opportunity to gain experience and assist in various
      Message from The Canadian Club of Hamilton                                          duties of the Executive.

      The Canadian Club of Canada is enjoying      on Friday, May 8 and Elizabeth May,          Hamilton at
      a most interesting and exciting year.        Leader of the Green Party of Canada will     www.canadianclubofhamilton.ca or call
      Recently, Bob Rae, MP and Foreign            be with us on Wednesday, May 27 at the       905-521-8832. Please remember to
      Affairs Critic for the Official Opposition   Waterfront Centre. We will end the           mention your Women’s Canadian Club
      and Dr. Sherry Cooper, Executive Vice-       season with our Second Annual Barbeque       membership to ensure that you receive the
      President and Economic Strategist for the    in late June to celebrate Canada’s           members’ rate when ordering tickets.
      BMO Financial Group spoke at our             birthday.
      February and March meetings                                                               Mary-Lynn Fleming
      respectively. We are looking forward to      Do consider joining us at the “Other
      our speakers for the spring. Buzz            Canadian Club”. You are most welcome!
      Hargrove will speak on Wednesday, April      All meetings are luncheon meetings and
      8 at Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre. Jim      are usually held at the Waterfront Centre.
      Flaherty, MP and Minister of Finance for     To order tickets, or for more information,
      the Federal Government will be with us       please contact The Canadian Club of
      Spring Newsletter                                                       Page 4

                                                            WCC Membership

               Spring has arrived and the 2008/2009 Women’s Canadian Club year is drawing to a close with only one more
               general meeting in May. The 2009/2010 Membership form is included in this newsletter. If you require more
               forms for family or friends, please contact anyone on the executive and extras can be provided. Benefits of
               Membership include entrance to all meetings, the newsletter, membership rate for all luncheons and the mem-
               ber’s fee for any luncheon attended at the Canadian Club of Hamilton. We hope to see you for the 2009/2010

               Jan Olde
               Membership Chair

         MINUTES FOR THE ANNUAL                the firm of Guyatt, Wood and Moffatt be
         GENERAL MEETING OF THE                appointed as Auditors for the year 2007-                Encounters Historica
         WOMEN’S CANADIAN CLUB                 2008. Carried. Freda announced that a copy
         OF HAMILTON                           of the audited report that appeared in the            Encounters Historica is a pro-
         WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2008,              Fall 2007 newsletter is posted just inside the        gramme for worthy high school
                 2 P.M.                        entrance door of this room or if you prefer           students to study for a week in Ot-
          Hamilton Convention Centre           you can contact her directly to receive a             tawa. They are given an opportu-
                                               copy by mail. Also, a statement of our cur-           nity to meet with other students
                                               rent financial status is posed alongside of           from across Canada.
                                               the audited report at the front of the meeting
The 96th Annual General Meeting of the          room.
Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton, was                                                               For many years, we have spon-
                                                                                                     sored three local students. This
called to order by the President, Valerie      The President called on Past President,
Wilson. The President requested that the                                                             year, the students are Stephanie
                                               Irene deLieveseley, to assume the chair to            Zahorka of Cathedral High School,
Secretary record the proceedings as there      introduce the new slate of officers for 2008-
was a quorum present and we would pro-                                                               Melissa Bakarich of Cardinal New-
                                               2009. Barbara Lewis, who has served faith-            man and Tony Ly of Sir John A.
ceed with the Annual Meeting.                  fully on the executive for 12 years, was              MacDonald.
                                               honoured and presented with a thank you
Moved by Ruth Pearson, seconded by Irene       gift.
deLieveseley, that the minutes of the AGM                                                            We look forward to meeting and
meeting of May 9, 2008 as printed in the                                                             hearing from them at our May
                                               The President resumed the chair and asked             meeting.
Spring Newsletter 2008 be accepted. Car-       for a motion to ratify the acts and proce-
ried. Moved by Jan Olde, seconded by           dures taken on behalf of the organization by          Dina Stankey
Mary-Lynn Fleming that the reports of the      the executive. Seconded by Dorothy Elliott.
standing committees as printed in the                                                                June Lockwood
                                               Carried. There being no further business,
Spring 2008 newsletter be accepted. Car-       the President declared the 96th Annual
ried.                                          Meeting closed.

Treasurer’s Report: Moved by Freda Crisp,      Respectfully submitted,
seconded by Anne Ingram that the Treas-        Ruth Pearson (Secretary)
urer’s report printed in the Fall 2007 news-
letter be accepted. Carried. Moved by
Freda Crisp, seconded by Anne Ingram that

          Our 2009/10 season will start Wednesday Sep-
          tember 9, in our new location at the wheelchair
           accessible Scottish Rite Club, 4 Queen Street                                        At the March meeting, Marjorie-Pauline
             South, Hamilton. Parking at the rear, off                                           Hesk spoke about walking the 800 km
                       George Street is free.                                                            Camino de Santiago.
                                Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton
                                2009/2010 Membership - $ 45.00

 It is again time to renew your annual membership. Please complete this form and forward it with your
cheque payable to Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton with a stamped self addressed envelope to Col-
leen Johnson, Membership Chair. You may also make your payment (cheque or cash) at the next meet-
                                           ing you attend.
           Colleen Johnson, 21 Huntington Ave., Hamilton, ON, L8T 1X5, 905-387-0519 gjohnson@mountaincable.net

Name:                                                  Tel:


Address:                                                City:                             P.C.

Are you a new member?

Are you willing to assist on the executive or a committee?

                                        Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton
                                        2009/2010 Membership - $ 45.00

 It is again time to renew your annual membership. Please complete this form and forward it with your
cheque payable to Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton with a stamped self addressed envelope to Col-
leen Johnson, Membership Chair. You may also make your payment (cheque or cash) at the next meet-
                                           ing you attend.
           Colleen Johnson, 21 Huntington Ave., Hamilton, ON, L8T 1X5, 905-387-0519 gjohnson@mountaincable.net

Name:                                                  Tel:


Address:                                                City:                             P.C.

Are you a new member?

Are you willing to assist on the executive or a committee?

Please share your ideas and interests with the executive. We need suggestions for speakers and/or
events. Please use the back of this sheet if necessary. Thank you!
                                      A "RON BROWN TRIP!!
                                - THE GREAT GORGE TRAIN RIDE –

                                                Thursday, October l, 2009
Our trip takes us to historic Orangeville where old tree trunks display an unusual array of carvings. We will travel by
train into one of southern Ontario's most scenic canyons, the Credit River Gorge. Known for rolling hills, deep valley,
unsurpassed fall colours and being the headwaters of four major river systems, the Hills of Headwaters region pro-
vides a spectacular backdrop for this journey.

Please complete this form, and return it with your cheque, to Ann Turvey, by Aug. 15th.

Members $95.00                                                        Non members - $100.00

Please indicate pickup: 1. Toys 'R Us, 970 Upper Wentworth St., - 8.15 a.m.____

                       2.The Sheraton Hotel - 116 King St., West - 8.40 a.m.___

                                                    Return approximately 5.30 p.m.

                        Mail to: Ann Turvey, 72 Sarasota Avenue, Hamilton, Ont. L9C 3X5, 905-389-7561

Name                                                          Telephone

Address                                                        PC:

No. of tickets                                                 Enclosed $

                                    Please return with a stamped self-addressed envelope.
                                 Cheques payable to the Women's Canadian Club of Hamilton.
                           DEADLINE: August 15, 2009.No postdated cheques.No refunds. One bus

Companion's name:                                           Tel.no:                           Pick up:

                 If you wish I to alter your pickup arrangements after returning this form, you must contact Ann Turvey

Please indicate any special dietary needs:

A sandwich will be part of the luncheon menu. Please indicate your preference:

Roasted chicken                            Vegetarian                                Ham and cheese

                                         *Trip will not proceed without a full bus *

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