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					 1   Model Clay           Model Book Characters from clay or paper mache
 2   Paint Story Scene    paint/color a poster of a scene from a story
 3   Carve Characters     Carve story characters from soap or wood
 4   Placemats            Make place mats of a scene or scenes & laminate for table use
 5   Play Music           Tell about the story using musical accompaniment
 6   Draw Pictures        Draw a series of pictures for the book you have read
 7   Describe             Describe the funniest, most exciting, or part you like the most
 8   Pantomime            Pantomime your favorite part of the book
 9   List Parts           Make a list of the 3 best parts of your book
10   Cartoon              Draw a cartoon of something or somebody in the book
11   Diorama              Make a diorama or a favorite part from your story
12   Puppet               Make a puppet of your favorite character and have it tell about itself
13   Theater              Prepare a book or story for a reader's theatre
14   Table Top Village    Construct a table top village representing a scene or setting
15   Wastebaskets         Decorate wastebaskets and storage boxes with scenes
16   Mobile               Construct a mobile of book characters
17   Cooking              Plan a cooking activity to accompany a book about food

18   Alphabet Book        Create an alphabet book with each letter representing a book character
19   Comic Strip          Use a comic strip format to depict episodes in a story
                          Take a survey of which books are favorites in the school and setup a display of
20   Survey               the winners
21   Book of the Week     Prepare a "Book of the Week" display
22   Map                  Make a map of a place talked about in your book

23   Evaluation           Write an evaluation of your book with the reasons for liking or disliking it

24   Advertising Poster   Construct an advertising poster to promote your book
25   Paper Dolls          Walking Papers - make a set of paper dolls resembling the characters
26   Slot Machine         Hit the Jackpot - use characters to make coins for a slot machine
27   Book Jacket          Make a new jacket for a book and write a blurb about it

28   Butterfly Mobile     A change in character - make a butterfly mobile based on characters changing

29   Charm Bracelet       A charming idea- create a charm bracelet using characters, settings, or events

30   Pants Pockets        A Pocket Book - create pants pockets using characters or scenes from the book
31   Pie                  A Slice of Pie - make "pie" using characters
32   Magnet               At Opposite Poles - make a " magnet" of characters
33   Make a Record        Play It Again - make a record dedicated to your book
                          Write 3 or 4 questions that can only be answered by reading the book. Answer
34   Questions            the questions.
35   Shopping Bag         Shopping Spree - decorate a shopping bag with a collage

36   Sport Book Report    Athlete's Foot - write a sports book report in a sock or on a sock
37   Coupon Book          A Redeeming Idea - make a coupon book based on the characters
38   Nutshells            In a Nutshell - make nutshells using characters
39   Lollipops           Sweet Talk - create " lollipops" about characters' adventures
40   Greeting Cards      Greetings - make greeting cards

41   Quilt Squares       Embroider quilt squares with symbols, characters, scenes from your book
42   Medicine Box        Sure Cure - make a medicine box for the main character
43   Keys                Keyed Up - make keys for characters to use as solutions in the book
44   Sheepskin           A Matter of Degree - make a "sheepskin" for each character

45   Puppets             Read a children's book and make puppets and then read to a younger class
46   Crystal Ball        Happy Medium - make a crystal ball of events/characters in the book

47   Making Houses       Housewarming - recreate the setting of the book making houses from boxes
48   Bank                Pen Money - make a bank with character coins
49   Credit Cards        Charge - make credit cards of characters with debts they owe
50   Locker              Locker room - for sports books make a locker with the characters

51   History Timeline    Make an illustrated timeline of important events in a historical fiction book
                         Compile a scrapbook or give a presentation about an author, poet, or
52   Scrapbook           illustrator
53   Garden              Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! - make a garden of characters
54   Fingerprints        Sticky fingers - mystery book: make fingerprints of characters
55   Rocketship          Out of the World - science fiction; make a rocketship
56   Chicken Hatching    Just Hatched - a chicken hatching characters
57   Firecrackers        Shoot for the stars - make firecrackers for the characters
58   Headlines           Create humourous newspaper headlines and apply them to book characters
59   Giant Crayon        Color Guard - make a giant crayon representing a color character

60   Tree                Cross Section - use a tree to show how a character has grown in the book
                         Hold Your Horses - make a carousel to write about problems/ solutions of the
61   Carousel            characters
62   Telephone Gossip    Party Line - use a telephone to show how characters gossiped
63   Compare Books       Compare and contrast 2 books

64   Compare Characters Compare and contrast 2 book characters
65   Umbrella           Rain or Shine - using an umbrella to write about characters

66   Fan                 Fan-Tastic - make a fan to write about characters and how they kept "cool"
                         Jump to a Conclusion - using a "jack-in-the-box, write about a character who
67   Jack-in-the-box     jumped
68   Write a Chapter     Write another chapter to the book
                         Get the Picture - create a family album of photos/drawings of the book's
69   Family Album        characters

 70 Newspaper Article    Write a newspaper article about a story episode or the book itself
70A Newspaper Stand      Create a newspaper stand to tell the news of your book
 71   Jelly Jars           Preserve it - using jelly jars to tell how a character preserved something
 72   Newsletter           Prepare a literature newsletter

 73   Peacock              Strut Your Stuff - create a peacock to write about the pride of a character
 74   Alphabet Blocks      A-Z - make alphabet blocks using symbols from the book
                           As a character in the book, write an imaginary letter to another character in
 75   Imaginary Letter     the book
 76   Bookmarks            Book Report Bookmarks with important events or other information
 77   Mask                 Masquerade - wear a mask representing a character
                           Weigh Your Works - make weight scales to show what a character gained or
 78   Weight Scales        lost
                           To the Nth Degree - create a thermometer on a characters hot and cold
 79   Thermometer          behavior

 80   Pretend Interview    Write a pretend interview of an author
      Magazine             Read a book on your favorite topic and bring in magazines you subscribe to on
 81   Subscriptions        that subject
 82   Character Folders    Single File - make a file folder of characters

 83   Parachute            Happy Landings - a parachute represents how a character took a chance
 84   TV Commercial        Write a television commercial advertising the book
 85   Gun Rack             Shoot Out - a gun rack tells how a character took a chance
 86   Poster               Favorite author display and book review poster

 87   Acrostic Poem        Do an acrostic poem using the title of the book or name of a character
 88   Ice Cream Scoops     One Good Turn - scoops of ice cream are characters in the book
                           Something's fishy - make a fishing pole catching characters caught in strange
 89   Fishing Pole         situations
 90   Horseshoes           If the Shoe Fits - for lucky/unlucky characters make horseshoes
 91   Tickets              Ticket-taker - for traveling characters, make transportation tickets
 92   Pot of Gold          Pot Luck - for characters with wishes, make a rainbow/pot of gold
 93   Magician's Hat       Abracadabra - magical events, make a magician's hat
 94   Toaster              Toast of the Town - characters who need praises are part of a toaster
 95   Beehive              Make a Beeline - a beehive shows how busy your character is
 96   Hat Rack             Head Start - make a hat rack for the different roles your character has

 97   Describe Characters Describe one of the characters from your book orally or in written form

 98   Timeline of Events   Make a timeline of important events in the story or the main character's life
                           Fill and decorate a paper bag with items that the main character needed in the
 99  Paper Bag Items       story
     Interview the
 100 Character             Interview a character from the book and write about it
     Interview the
100A Author                Interview the author or have the author come to speak to the class
101   Illustrate the Book   Write and illustrate a children's book
                            Act our a scene from the book with 2 or 3 others; or write a new scene and act
102   Act Out a Scene       it out
103   Budget                Create a budget for advertising a favorite book
104   Stamp                 Stamp of Fame - create a stamp to commemorate your book
105   Book Review           Book Review " Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down"
106   Ad Poster             Create a poster sized ad for the book
107   Timeline              Timeline the events in a story or a character's life
108   Recipe                Write a recipe for a good book
109   Award                 Make an award or your literary prize - like the Caldecott or Newbery
110   Haiku                 Write a Haiku about your feelings about the book
111   Author Study          Do an author study. See the Author and Illustrators binders
112   Dynamite Poster       Make a Dynamite book poster and display it

113   Beary Good Poster     Make a Beary good Book poster and display it

114  Diary                  Keep a diary or journal. Observe something just like what a character did, etc.
115  Chart                  Make a chart that shows the similarities and differences in characters
116  Newbery Book           Read a Newbery book and write a review about it
     Newbery Book
116A Analyze                Read a Newbery Award winner and write an analysis of why it got the award
 117 Experiment             Read a science book or science fiction - do an experiment and display

118   Subject Study         Nonfiction - do a subject study and create a poster telliing the facts, etc
119   Short Stories         Read a book of short stories and compare/contrast 2 of the stories
120   Cookbook              Read a cookbook and create a poster outlining one recipe
121   Create a Game         Create a game using scenes from the book or events from the book
122   Heroes/She-roes       Heroes and She-roes Poster and display

123   Earth Poster          Read a novel with an environmental theme and do another Earth Poster
                            Read a novel with Native American themes or characters and do a 7 Values of
124   Native American       a Warrior Poster
125   Biographies           Biographies - lots of options - biopoems, acrostic poem, research
126   Mystery               Mystery - options - create something mysterious to explain the book
127   Science Fiction       Science Fiction - Lots of options
128   Animal Stories        Animal Stories - Lots of options to go with the type of animal
129   Historical Fiction    Historical Fiction - Lots of options - research, etc.

130   Newspaper Article     Read a newspaper article(s) or information about an author/illustrator, etc.
131   Poetry                Poetry - Lots of types of poetry options
132   Play Music            Play - Lots of options -
133   Info-Sphere           Create an info-sphere
134   Biopoem               Write a Biopoem about the main character in the book
135   Bookends              Create real or paper bookends of your favorite book
      Golden Flashlight
136   Award                 Create Golden Flashlight Award and give 5 reasons why
137   Quote            Quotes - keep a list or journal of quotes from the book you really liked
                       Rhyming Word Web - use characters' names or the title of the book, or
138   Rhyming Word Web author's last name

139   Create a Prop        Create a prop from the book that has special significance from the story
140   Favorite Author      My Favorite Author poster and letter or other titles read

141   Standing Images      Stand up Publishing - make a story polygon, standing story or double images

142   Traditional Report   Traditional written book report with letter to an author

143   Dress Up             Dress up as your favorite character in the story and relive some of the story
                           Make a word search using the names of characters, scenes, from the book or
144   Word Search          events
                           Draw or paint a sketch or picture of an action sequence in the story or your
145   Paint a Picture      favorite scene
146   Top 10 List          Top Ten List - Write or list your top 10 reasons why you like the book
147   Hidden messages      Make a lift flap book with hidden messages about the book you read

148   Jackdaw              Stash items that reflect contents of chapters and put them in the jackdaw
149   Mystery Journal      Make riddles about your book or specific chapters
      Double Entry
150   Journal              Summarize chapters on one side and respond on the other
151   Superscrolls         Make your own scroll to record events from the book or a summary

152   Nifty Notebook       Make a notebook to keep notes or journal entries about the book or events
153   Postcard             Write a postcard to a friend about the book or to a character in a book

154   Sequence of Events   Make a poster of the sequence of events using magazine pictures, etc
155   T-Shirt              Create a T-shirt representing the title, important part, etc.
156   3-D Puzzle, etc.     Make a 3-D puzzle or set of the setting or important artifact
157   Collage              Make a collage of pictures or scenes from the story
158   Experiment           Recreate an experiment that happened in a book -simulation

159   Extraordinary Props Bring in props that you make or have that go with your book
160   Pets                Bring in an animal that goes with your book
161   Real Artifacts      Bring in real objects or artifacts that go with your book

162   Movie Memorabilia    Connect the book with memorabilia from a move on the same subject or book
163   Biography box        Make a biography box with information about the main character
164   Author Letter        Write a letter to an author and mail it
165   Magazine Article     Write a magazine article about your book or the character
166   Ella Enchanted       Book specifics about this book - tips and ideas
167   The Key is Lost      Book ideas for this book by Ida Vos
168   Dear America         Series book notes to help you present
 169   Chain of Facts        Make a chain of facts about the book
169A   Newsflash             Quick way to summarize a book in a different format
 170   Collectible Cards     Create collectible character cards - kind of like baseball cards
 171   Write Your Own        Write your own story after reading a Newbery award winner

172    Character Artifacts   Bring in objects from the story that the main charaacter would have used
       Write for
173    Information           Write for information about the setting of the story, etc. Tourist Bureau

174    Chapter Souvenirs     Use souvenir cards, items, and a souvenir bag to retell the story
175    Greeting Cards        Make a greeting card to wish a character happy birthdy, etc
176    Bud Not Buddy         Read this book and use any of the suggestions listed in the book
177    Setting in 3D         Create a 3D scene of the setting of your book
178    3-D Book Report       Cut magazine pics that represent parts of the story or character

179    Trading Cards         Make trading cards with character information, character traits, likes/dislikes
       Game of
180    Concentration         Make the game of concentration and a key to help explain the book
181    Power Point           Create a Power Point presentation to bring your book to life
182    Fairy Tales           Read a fairy tale and then write your own
183    Myths                 Read a mythology book and then write your own
       Magnificent Book
184    Poster                Use this poster to give all of the facts about your book
                             Use the smilebox website to create a prop - photo book, collage, etc. www.
185    Smilebox    
       Act out a scene
186    with objects          Use legos or other objects to act out a scene or chapter from your book.
                             Create a power point presentation that explains a character in your book:
187    Power Point           example - a horse or parts of a horse!
       Make a comic strip
       www.makebeliefsco Create a comic strip with the website to showcase the characters in your
188            book. Print out the comic strip and or show it on a Smartboard.

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