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									                                                                               Policy No: 32-2150-006
Motor Vehicle

Head of Power

Local Government Act 1993


The primary objective of this policy is to meet the operational and business requirements of Council. A
secondary objective is to acknowledge the current labour marketplace environment at the time, and to
make motor vehicles available for private purposes for Council employees as part of an employee’s overall
salary package as the market dictates.

This policy sets the key parameters for the provision of a motor vehicle to elected members (Councillors),
the Executive Management Team (EMT), Managers and other eligible employees as approved as part of
their conditions of employment. Provision of a motor vehicle is in accordance with this policy.

This policy provides clarity and consistency in relation to the provision of motor vehicles to Councillors and


“Benchmark value” Is the maximum amount available under this policy. The amount includes return on
capital, maintenance, fuel, insurance, Fringe Benefits Tax (Whole of Life Costs) and any other matter.

“Cash equivalent” The cash amount equivalent to the value allocated to the vehicle. The allocated value
is in accordance with the position a person holds.

“Executive Management Team (EMT)” Council’s senior management group comprising the Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Directors and Directors of Divisions (Directors).

“Managers” Includes employees appointed to positions nominated and titled as Senior Manager or
Manager, typically employed on contract, excluding members of the EMT.

“Marked” A vehicle that has MBRC corporate stickers attached that identify the vehicle as a Council
vehicle. To avoid any uncertainty stickers do not include magnetic signage.

“Other eligible employees” Employees typically employed by Council at Level 8 and below of the
Queensland Local Government Officers Award – Federal, who qualify, and have been approved, for the
provision of a vehicle as part of their condition of employment and EMT approved list of positions to which
a motor vehicle entitlement will be applied such as commuter use.

“Responsible Officer” The responsible officer is the person to whom the vehicle or vehicles is allocated.
The Responsible Officer shall be designated by the Chief Executive Officer or delegate.

“Total Remuneration Package (TRP)”           Includes both cash components and other benefits such as
superannuation and motor vehicle.

Policy Statement

1.     Councillors, EMT members, Managers and certain other eligible employees may be provided with a
       vehicle for official and private use as part of their terms and conditions of employment.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                        Page 1
2.     Other eligible employees may be provided with a vehicle where they qualify and are approved for the
       provision of a vehicle as part of their terms and conditions of employment for example commuter

3.     The motor vehicle options available to the Councillors, CEO and Executive Directors/ Directors are
       as follows;
        select a motor vehicle for their position from the approved vehicle list of Schedule B of this
        selection of a motor vehicle deemed to be of lower value will not provide for receipt of the
           difference as salary; or
        for EMT, elect to receive a cash equivalent amount, in lieu of a vehicle, as part of their contract
           conditions of employment as approved by the Mayor for the CEO and CEO for Directors.

4.     Other eligible employees including Managers may elect to receive a cash equivalent amount in lieu
       of a vehicle to the value of their vehicle entitlement as provided in their TRP and approved by the
       CEO. It should be noted that this cash out will not be available where the effective loss of a vehicle
       from the vehicle pool provides operational difficulties.

5.     The selection of a motor vehicle deemed to be of lower value from the approved vehicle list of
       Schedule B for other eligible employees including Senior Managers, Managers will not provide for
       receipt of the difference as salary.

6.     There are 2 categories of vehicles allocation:
        Full private use (FPU)
        Commuter use (CU)

7.     Vehicle selection will have due regard to environmental, safety and Whole of Life Cost
       considerations including price, resale, fuel usage, fit for purpose and FBT implications. Council is
       committed to lowering its environmental impacts and will purchase four cylinder vehicles for all
       officers below Manager level. Manager level and above will be encouraged to select 4 cylinder
       vehicles inline with councils environmental initiatives, the option of 6 cylinders vehicles will be
       permitted, vehicles of greater than 6 cylinders will not be available for selection for staff. Elected
       Representatives may negotiate their vehicle options with the CEO if necessary.

8.     Under exceptional circumstances as approved by the CEO or delegate vehicle choice may be
       upgraded in circumstances where it may be substantiated that there are legitimate occupational
       health and safety concerns, issues relating to personal and/or operational demands that warrant
       exception. In circumstances relating to personal demands, the EMT member, Manager or other
       eligible employee will be required to fund any additional costs above the benchmark value by way of
       pre-tax salary sacrifice arrangements. The Senior Manager Fleet Services will provide details of
       additional funds to be contributed and advise Human Resources should this option be taken up to
       action the necessary TRP changes.

9.     Novated leases via salary sacrifice arrangements are considered as part of this Policy framework to
       the extent that taking the ‘Cash Out’ option in lieu of a council vehicle may provide operational
       difficulties and therefore may not be approved.

10.    The whole of life valuations undertaken by the Senior Manager Fleet Services will reflect the true
       cost to Council of the provision of a vehicle.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                       Page 2
Responsible Officers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for:
 approving positions as nominated by EMT and Human Resources jointly to which a motor vehicle
   entitlement will be applied, consistent with Council’s TRP and recruitment Guidelines;
 annually reviewing the listing of positions nominated to which a motor vehicle entitlement will be
   applied in accordance with Council’s TRP and recruitment Guidelines;
 approving any cash out arrangements.

Senior Manager Human Resources is responsible for:
  employment contract and vehicle agreement arrangements for EMT, Managers and others;
  maintaining the records of positions nominated by EMT/Human Resources to which a motor vehicle
   entitlement will be applied.

Senior Manager Fleet Services is responsible for the:
  provision and maintenance of vehicles (as approved within the budget);
  recommendations of appropriate vehicles, including consideration of environmental and best value
   considerations such as vehicle price, resale, fuel Usage and type and FBT impacts;
 regular provision of vehicle allocation reports to EMT;
 ongoing calculations of historical whole of life costs to Council as part of the investment and financing
   decisions for vehicles;
 provision of bi-annual updates of selection and costs associated with allocated vehicles on schedule B.

Senior Manager Financial And Project Services is responsible for:
  calculating the annual FBT payments for and provision of this information to Human Resources for
   payment summary inclusion;
 provision of advice to the Senior Manager Fleet Services with respect to financing arrangements for
   the fleet i.e. lease/borrow verse buy.

Any Councillor or employee who is provided with the use of a vehicle as part of their conditions of
employment and/or work needs is responsible for complying with this policy or legislation applicable to the
provision of the vehicle.


1.     General Conditions of Use
       It is the accountability of the Responsible Officer to whom a Council vehicle is allocated too, to
       ensure that it is properly cared for, day-to-day maintenance includes keeping the vehicles exterior
       and interior in good condition. Vehicles are to be serviced at intervals as advised by the Senior
       Manager Fleet Services or delegate. Responsible Officers may be held responsible for costs
       incurred for cleaning the vehicle or in repairing damage to or deterioration in the condition of the
       vehicle that is excess of reasonable wear and tear.

       The CEO at his/her absolute discretion may withdraw an employees and or elected representatives
       entitlement to private or commuter use of a vehicle.

       The use of Council vehicles during business hours, including use by Responsible Officers, is to be
       managed whenever practical to do so through car pool arrangements. Use of Council vehicles after
       hours by staff other than Responsible Officers must also be arranged through the relevant car pool
       unless an approved alternative arrangement exists.

      The Council vehicle assigned to a Responsible Officer must not be used for the following:
          transportation of persons or goods for hire or reward;
          any unlawful purpose;

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                         Page 3
            whilst it is in an unsafe or defective condition or reasonably believed to be in an unsafe or
             defective condition;
            any purpose in the pursuit of a private or commercial nature i.e. a personal business venture;
            to compete in any race, speed test, car rally or competition whatsoever.

       Used in a manner which may contravene the insurance policy and result in refusal to honour the
       insurance cover and/or the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

       Interpretation regarding implementation of the Motor Vehicle Policy or this Directive shall be at the
       sole discretion of the Chief Executive Officer or delegate.

2.     OPTIONS

2.1    Benchmark Value of Vehicles
       Please refer to Schedule B – Motor Vehicle Entitlements for details on benchmark values.

2.2    Full Private Use
       Vehicles under this category are for the purpose of this policy, motor vehicles, which are required
       primarily and specifically for operational or business activities of Council. The availability of this
       category of vehicle for full private use is secondary to the above requirement and must also provide
       a quantifiable benefit to Council. It is at the sole discretion of the CEO or delegate if this benefit is
       offered to an employee as part of the employee’s terms and conditions of employment.

       The benefit provides for an unmarked, fully maintained, comprehensively insured and registered
       Council vehicle including fuel, for use at the discretion of the Responsible Officer, subject to the
       contents of this directive and employment contract provisions (if applicable). Private use applies
       during periods of paid leave up to an annual entitlement or a maximum of thirteen weeks with
       Director endorsement and CEO approval. For periods in excess of thirteen weeks in any one year
       the approval of the CEO is required. Private use is not available during periods of unpaid leave
       greater than three weeks.

       Cashing out of the above entitlement either existing or future will only be approved where there is no
       operation or business difficulties caused by the loss of the vehicle for example the loss of a pool
       vehicle. The trigger points to negotiate a cash out will normally be 1) when the existing vehicle is
       due for replacement and/or 2) it can be demonstrated that an existing use is not primarily and
       specifically for operational or business activities.

       In situations where a new contract employee is negotiating with Council over his/her contract the
       CEO or delegate can offer either a vehicle from Schedule B or cash in lieu subject to the above

2.3    Commuter Use
       Vehicles under this category are for the purpose of this policy, motor vehicles, which are required
       primarily and specifically for operational or business activities of Council. The availability of this
       category of vehicle for commuter use is secondary to the above requirement and must also provide a
       quantifiable benefit to Council.

       The provision of a marked, fully maintained, comprehensively insured and registered Council vehicle,
       for use at the discretion of the Responsible Officer, subject to the contents of this policy to be used
       for work purposes only and to go between home and the worksite/workplace using the most direct
       route available.

       From 1 July 2009 commuter use vehicles will continue to be provided at the benchmark value for
       those responsible officers whose commute journey is within the Moreton Bay Regional Councils
       boundary. However, for responsible officers who commute outside the boundary of the Shire a
       payment is to be provided to Council by way of annually calculated pre-tax salary sacrifice for the
       costs of this travel to Council.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                          Page 4
       The annualised distance in kilometres the vehicle is likely to be used taking into account days off
       including leave shall be multiplied by $0.20 per kilometre to compensate Council for the operation
       costs (fuel, services, tyres) of this benefit. This rate will be reviewed and updated annually by Senior
       Manager Fleet Services to ensure accuracy and relevance. To avoid the administrative costs of
       minor distances outside the boundary an allowance of twenty kilometres per day return trip will be
       provided and deducted from the annualised distance. The amount so calculated shall not change
       unless the responsible officer changes residence and the distance travelled varies by plus or minus
       10% or the residence is re located to within the Shire boundary. This calculation shall be undertaken
       on the anniversary of the first calculation each year and the salary sacrifice amount adjusted
       accordingly based on any changes in distance.

       Commuter use does not include:
        transportation of family members or members of the public, unless for work related purposes;
        transportation of other Council employees to and from work unless they live on a direct route to
         work or meet the driver at the premises where the vehicle is garaged;
        visits to private or non work related locations other than isolated instances such as stopping at a
         shop on the way home via the direct route;
        use of the vehicle during work breaks for private purposes.

       Vehicles purchased for commuter use will generally be vehicles such as utilities that do not attract
       Fringe Benefits Tax.

       Employees approved for commuter use may not nominate other drivers to use the vehicle for
       commute purposes other than in instances where the vehicle is required to attend to Council
       business such as an after hours callout and the responsible officer is unavailable to attend.

       The vehicle will be made available to all other employees during business hours and must be
       returned to the workplace in all instances of leave exceeding two days or circumstances where the
       Manager deems there is a reasonable operational need for the vehicle during the officer’s absence.

2.4    Business Related Use
       Business related use is the use of a marked vehicle at any time to meet business needs and to
       provide optimum customer service. The Chief Executive Officer or relevant Director may authorise
       “once off” commuter use of a vehicle as the officer’s role dictates. This may be necessary in the
       event of meetings or overnight conference etc.

       Business Related use does not include:
           Transportation of family members or members of the public, unless for work related purposes;
           Visits to private or other non-work related locations;
           Use of the vehicle during lunch time period or other rest periods for private use.

2.5    Allocation of Vehicle Types
       The approval of the selected type of vehicle to be acquired will be the responsibility of the Chief
       Executive Officer or delegate. Selected vehicles will be determined based upon business operational
       needs, lowest lifecycle costs, environmental assessment and safety. The Senior Manager Fleet
       Services will develop a schedule of approved vehicles within each category bi annually and update
       the vehicle schedule accordingly; for the purpose of this policy it is referred to as Schedule B and

       Vehicles may be reallocated or swapped between staff to ensure the lowest life cycle cost to Council.
       This is primarily related to lowering the cost of FBT and care will be taken to facilitate this between
       vehicles of a like benchmark value.

2.6    User Agreement
       Responsible Officers shall enter into an Agreement with the Chief Executive Officer on behalf of the
       Council that ensures compliance with this Policy.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                         Page 5
2.7    Standard Features
       All vehicles will be fitted where possible, with the following, standard equipment:
        Automatic
        Air Conditioning
        Metallic Paint (private use vehicles)
        Dual Air Bags
        ABS Brakes
        Tinted Windows
        Cruise Control (private use vehicles, excluding small vehicle range unless standard)
        Rear Cargo Barrier (where applicable in wagons)

       Additional Features
        Tow Bar (when business needs require) except for Responsible Officers with private use, where
         the Responsible Officer can request this option
        Roof Rack (at discretion of Senior Manager Fleet Services for responsible officers with private use)

       Hands free phone kits that do not involve drilling or screwing into the vehicle are to be fitted.

       Optional Extras
       Optional extras in addition to those standard or additional features listed above are not available
       without written approval of the CEO. All approved optional extras will be the responsibility of the
       Responsible Officer to reimburse council for costs through Salary Sacrifice arrangements. Optional
       extras remain the property of council and will be sold with the vehicle with no provision for
       reimbursement to the Responsible Officer, in some cases optional extras maybe transferred to the
       replacement vehicle at the responsible officers’ expense.

2.8    Contravention of Motor Vehicle Policy
       The Chief Executive Officer or delegate will be the final arbiter in respect to this policy and deal with
       any conduct in contravention of this Policy.


3.1    Driving Licence Requirements
       No person is permitted to drive a Council vehicle unless they hold a current Queensland Driver's
       Licence for the class of vehicle, except where authorised tuition to upgrade a licence is being
       undertaken. Any Responsible Officer whose licence is cancelled for any reason shall immediately
       notify their Director and Human Resources which will automatically forfeit rights for usage of any
       Council vehicle for at least the period of licence cancellation at which time the vehicle must be
       returned to the Senior Manager Fleet Services. Alternative arrangements will be at the discretion of
       the Mayor or Chief Executive Officer.

       Drivers in Council vehicles shall at all times:
        Have regard to all Road Traffic and other relevant regulations
        Show consideration for others on the road; and
        Set a good example to other road users.

3.2    Roadworthiness
       It is the Responsible Officer's duty to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in a roadworthy condition.
       No vehicle is to be driven if there is any doubt as to its roadworthiness. This must be brought to the
       attention of the Senior Manager Fleet Services or delegate immediately.

       Vehicles shall not be driven in areas where damage may be incurred due to unfavourable ground
       conditions. Drivers shall exercise particular care and judgement at all times when driving council

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                          Page 6
3.3    Authorised Drivers
       In general, it is not permissible for any person other than the Responsible Officer or nominated
       spouse or partner in the user agreement, to drive the Council vehicle. However, where
       emergency/extenuating circumstances warrant, the Responsible Officer may authorise a person
       other than a nominated person as a relief driver.

       In the case of Responsible Officers with private use, nominated persons in the user agreement are
       permitted to drive the vehicle. The nominated person is restricted to spouse or partner. However, the
       Responsible Officer’s children as nominated in the users’ agreement are permitted to drive the
       vehicle when the Responsible Officer is a passenger or for minor and infrequent use of the vehicle to
       a maximum of 20kms from Responsible Officers place of residence.

3.4    Refuelling of Vehicles
       Vehicles are to be refuelled at the current preferred supplier's service station or Council Depot using
       the Fuel Card issued to each vehicle. Accurate vehicle odometer readings must be recorded when
       refuelling all vehicles. Officers are encouraged to use environmentally friendly fuels e.g. Bio-Diesel,
       E10 ULP where possible and appropriate.

3.5    Infringements
       Council will not be liable to pay any fine or costs incurred by the driver of a Council vehicle if that
       person infringes against Road Traffic Regulations, the Local Laws of any Local Government with
       respect to parking restrictions, or any other regulation that relates to the use of vehicles.

       The obligation for payment of an infringement and costs resides with the person in charge of the
       vehicle at the time of the infringement. The Responsible Officer is accountable for determining the
       driver at the time of the infringement if they were not in charge of the vehicle at that time. If the actual
       driver cannot be determined, the Responsible Officer will be held liable for the penalties and costs

       By default the Responsible Officer is deemed to be using the vehicle at all times. Any other Council
       Officer using the vehicle must complete the user logbook.

3.6    Storage of Vehicles
       Responsible Officers where ever possible are to store the Council vehicle after hours within the
       confines of their residential property and the vehicle must be securely locked at all times.

3.7    Smoking in Vehicles
       Smoking is prohibited in all Council vehicles at all times.

3.8    Identification
       All vehicles, other than those with private use, shall be clearly identified with the Council logo or
       applicable business unit logo permanently affixed to both front doors of the vehicle unless the Chief
       Executive Officer approves another arrangement to meet Council business needs e.g. vehicles on
       surveillance or similar duties.

3.9    Changeover of Vehicles
       The changeover period for the various types of Council vehicles is based on lifecycle costing
       principles and will be generally between 60,000 km and 100,000km with the inclusion of a timed
       replacement period. Case-by-case assessments will also be carried out ensuring lowest possible
       whole of life costing is achieved. The Senior Manager Fleet Services will undertake these
       assessments. The Senior Manager Fleet Services may exchange or rotate vehicles between drivers
       to minimise the overall cost to the Council (such as fringe benefits tax costs).

3.10 Maintenance of Vehicles
     The Responsible Officer must ensure that oil, water and tyres are checked regularly (weekly is
     preferred) and that the exterior and interior of the vehicle is kept in a clean reasonable condition.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                             Page 7
       Responsible officers with full or commuter use should note that Council will not meet the costs of
       cleaning the interior or exterior of the vehicle except where approved by the Senior Manager Fleet
       Services in exceptional circumstances.

       It is the responsibility of the Responsible Officer to ensure that scheduled servicing is maintained in
       accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

       Fleet will advise the Responsible Officer when their vehicle is due for servicing and will advise of the
       preferred servicing provider e.g. Council Workshop or appropriately located retail servicing supplier.
       Service of vehicles must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s service book
       recommendations. Faults that may occur during the life of a vehicle should be reported to the Light
       Vehicle Coordinator and arrangements made for repair as soon as they are observed by or notified
       to the Responsible Officer.

       The Responsible Officer may be required to reimburse the Council for any costs incurred by the
       Council in cleaning the vehicle or in repairing any damage to, or deterioration in the condition of, the
       vehicle as a result of the Responsible Officer's actions, in excess of the Council's reasonable
       assessment of normal wear and tear and deterioration that would be expected if the vehicle had
       been used and cared for strictly in accordance with this Policy.

3.12 Motor Vehicle Insurance
     Council vehicles are insured under a comprehensive policy covering all vehicles, drivers and
     authorised passengers.

       This Insurance Policy becomes null and void if the driver:
          Is not in possession of a current appropriate driver's licence; or
          Is convicted of being under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited substance.

       In such cases the driver could become liable for damages including third party vehicles, injury and
       property damage.

3.13 Accident or Breakdown Procedure
     In the event of an accident or breakdown, the procedure outlined in the ‘Vehicle User Guide’ placed
     in the glove box of each council vehicle must be followed.

3.14 Change of Position
     The right to allocated use of a Council vehicle only applies while the Responsible Officer holds their
     present position. Should the Responsible Officer change positions; the right to use of a Council
     vehicle may be forfeited, if this is the case, the allocated vehicle is to be returned to the Light Vehicle
     Coordinator to ensure appropriate documentation and costs are managed correctly.

3.15 Replacement Vehicles
     Council will endeavour to source a replacement vehicle from internal or external sources where a
     Council vehicle is off the road for repairs for a period greater than two (2) days due to no fault of the
     driver. If the vehicle is off the road due to what is deemed by Senior Manager Fleet Services to be
     an ‘at fault’ accident or unfair wear and tear, the Responsible Officers department will be liable for
     any additional cost relating to a replacement vehicle.

3.16 Novated Leasing
     A person entitled to private use arrangement who seeks a cash equivalent in lieu of a motor vehicle
     under this policy may elect to enter into a novated lease arrangement with Council subject to the
     approval of the Chief Executive Officer or delegate. However, such approval will only be granted
     where it can be demonstrated that the novated lease vehicle option will not impact upon the
     business and operational needs for pool vehicles within the relevant Department or Division. It
     should be noted that the provision of a vehicle under a novated lease arrangement is not available to
     Elected Representatives.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                          Page 8
       The terms and conditions of the novated lease may be arranged to suit the Responsible Officer
       provided there is compliance with the relevant Tax Laws and Government Regulations.

       For the purposes of this Policy, novated lease vehicles are private vehicles (i.e. not council vehicles)
       and accordingly, provisions of this Policy relating to the use of Council vehicles are not applicable to
       the use of novated lease vehicles.

3.17 Review of Policy
     The Council reserves the right to review the operation of this Policy and make such amendments as
     are considered necessary at any time. Such a review shall not result in an overall detrimental affect
     on the Responsible Officer. Schedule B of this policy will be reviewed and updated bi-annually by
     CEO and Senior Manager Fleet Services.

3.18 Matters not Covered
     The Chief Executive Officer can utilise his/her discretion to resolve any matter not covered by this

3.19 Log Books/FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax)
     The Responsible Officer will ensure the completion of any log book relating to vehicle use as
     requested from Council.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                         Page 9

AN AGREEMENT made this ______________________ day of _______________________, 20___

BETWEEN: Moreton Bay Regional Council, having its office at 220 Gympie Road, Strathpine, in the State
         of Queensland, of the one part (hereinafter called "Council").

AND:           ………………………… ………………………… ………………………… - (hereinafter called
               “The Responsible Officer”) of Moreton Bay Regional Council, PO Box 159 Caboolture, of the
               other part.

       WHEREAS the Council in recognition of duties performed outside of normal working hours has seen
       fit to permit certain employees of the Council the right to use Council vehicles for private use
       according to this agreement.

       AND WHEREAS the parties desire to formalise the private use of such Council vehicles in the form
       of an Agreement as set out herein.


A.     1.      Council shall permit the Responsible Officer, from the date specified above, the usage of a
               Council motor vehicle described in Schedule A hereto or such other vehicle as may be
               temporarily utilised in its stead, (hereinafter called the "vehicle”) for the indicated below and
               defined in Council’s Motor Vehicle Policy.

               The Vehicle is and shall at all times remain the property of Moreton Bay Regional Council
               during the period of the Agreement.

               The Responsible Officer warrants that all particulars hereby furnished by him or her to the
               Council are true and correct.

        2.      Level of Usage Permitted

                The Responsible Officer has been granted:

                □       Private Use

                □       Commuter Use

        3.     Description of the Vehicle - Refer Schedule A

               Vehicles may be replaced from time to time in accordance with Council’s Motor Vehicle

        4.     Out of Hours Garaging of the Vehicle - Refer Schedule A

        5. Nominated Persons Authorised to Drive the Vehicle, if applicable, (apart from the
           Responsible Officer) – Refer Schedule A.

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                         Page 10

        1.      To comply fully with the provisions of Council's Motor Vehicle Policy (as amended from time
                to time) and provisions of Contract of Employment relevant to vehicle usage (if any).

        2.     Termination of Agreement.
               That participation in this agreement is voluntary and that the Responsible Officer may
               terminate this agreement by giving to the Council fourteen (14) days notice in writing
               addressed to the Chief Executive Officer.

               Procedure for Breach of Motor Vehicle Policy
               Any contravention of this Policy will be dealt with at the discretion of the Chief Executive
               Officer and his/her decision will be final. Such action can include suspension of use of

               Change of Position
               The right to allocated use of a Council vehicle only applies while the Responsible Officer
               holds his or her present position. Should the Responsible Officer change positions, the right to
               use of a Council vehicle may be forfeited.

               Cessation of Officer’s Employment
               Notwithstanding any of the conditions herein contained, this agreement shall terminate
               without notice immediately upon the death of the Responsible Officer or upon any cessation
               of the Officer’s term of employment with Council.

               Return of Vehicle to Council
               Upon termination of the agreement for whatever reason, the Responsible Officer shall
               forthwith deliver up the vehicle in clean condition and good working order to the relevant

               Termination or expiration of this agreement shall be without prejudice to the rights of Council
               accrued at the date of termination or expiration.


The attached Schedule A lists the Responsible Officer's name and place at which the Council vehicle will
be garaged; a description of the Council vehicle, and the nominated persons authorised to drive the
Council vehicle.

Where an alteration needs to be made to any of the information contained in Schedule A, it is intended that
only Schedule A be amended by completing and signing a new Schedule A as provided and incorporating
it in the original agreement document.

IN WITNESS the parties have duly executed this Agreement on the date first written in this Agreement.

…………………………………………………………                                                      DATE: …………………………….
Responsible Officer

Signed by the Responsible Officer in the presence of:               ………………………………..………

…………………………………………………………                                                      DATE: …………………………….

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                        Page 11

The following information is hereby provided in accordance with Council's Motor Vehicle Policy provisions
and in accordance with Appendix 1 of that Policy "Agreement for Usage of Council Motor Vehicle".


The description of the vehicle currently agreed to be allocated to the Responsible Officer in accordance
with the Motor Vehicle Policy is as follows:

Responsible Officer Name:..……………………………….…………………….Usage:..………………………….

Fleet No:               ……….………………………….                               Registration No……..………………………………..

Manufacturer:           ……………………………………                                Model:               ……………………………………..

Type:                   ……………………………………                                No. Cylinders:       ………………………….………….

Licence Number:………………………………………                                        Expiry Date:………………………………..…..…….

Fuel Card:              ……………………………………

The vehicle described above will be garaged at the following address:




The following person is "nominated person" authorised to drive the said vehicle in accordance with the

Name: ……………………………………………                                               Spouse/Partner ……………………………………

Name: ……………………………………………                                               Relationship: ………………………………………

Name: ……………………………………………                                               Relationship: ………………………………………

……………………………………………………………                                               ……………………………………………………….
Signature of Responsible Officer                                             Date

A photocopy of Schedule A is to be forwarded to the Senior Manager Fleet for processing. The original will be placed on the
Responsible Officer's personnel file along with a copy of the Motor Vehicle Usage Agreement (Appendix 1).

Version 2, 28/04/2010                                                                                                         Page 12
Review Triggers

This Policy is reviewed internally for applicability, continuing effect and consistency with related documents
and other legislative provisions when any of the following occurs:

(1) The related documents are amended.
(2) The related documents are replaced by new documents.
(3) Amendments which affect the allowable scope and effect of a Policy of this nature are made to the
    head of power.
(4) Other circumstances as determined from time to time by a resolution of Council.

Notwithstanding the above, this Policy is to be reviewed at least once every two years for relevance and to
ensure that its effectiveness is maintained.


This Policy is to be:

(1) implemented by all Councillors and Officers; and
(2) reviewed and amended in accordance with the "Review Triggers" by the Senior Manager Fleet

Version Control
Council Resolution number                   MP 09/2373                 Date               01-09-2009

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Schedule B - Motor Vehicle Entitlements

                                            Coordinator     Coordinator
                                                                              Manager/       Director / Exec.          Mayor / Chief
                                              Level#          Level#
               Executive Level                 Small         Medium
                                                                               Senior        Director/ Elected          Executive
                                                                              Manager         Representative             Officer
                                              Vehicle         Vehicle

    Benchmark Remuneration Value              $10,500          $13,000         $21,000            $25,000                $27,500

                                                          Vehicle Selection

    Toyota Corolla Ascent*
    Ford LV Focus CL*
    Mitsubishi Lancer ES*
    Holden Cruze CD Sedan*
    Holden Epica CDX 2.0i Sedan
                                                N/A          Benchmark
    Toyota Camry Altise Sedan
    Holden SV6 Sedan
    Holden Calais Sedan
    Honda Euro Sedan
    Ford Falcon G6 Sedan
    Toyota Rav4 ‘Cruiser’ AWD Wagon             N/A              N/A          Benchmark
    Honda CRV Luxury AWD Wagon
    Mazda 7 Classic AWD Wagon
    Toyota Prado GX 4WD Wagon**
    Mitsubishi Pajero GLX 4WD**
    Holden Calais “V” Sedan
    Ford Falcon G6E Sedan
    Honda Euro Navigation Sedan
                                                N/A              N/A             N/A            Benchmark
    Mazda Cx-7 Luxury AWD Wagon
    Toyota Kluger KX-S AWD Wagon
    Toyota Prado GLX 4WD Wagon**

    Holden Caprice Sedan
    Toyota Prado VX 4WD Wagon**                 N/A              N/A             N/A                N/A                 Benchmark
    Toyota Landcruiser 4WD Wagon**

                                             Commuter and Business Use Vehicles

    Vehicles under these categories are for the purpose of this schedule, motor vehicles, which are required primarily and
    specifically for operational or business activities of Council. Vehicles supplied for these categories will be determined by
    Senior Manager Fleet Services in consultation with relevant departments.

* Small 4 Cylinder vehicles are available in Hatch or Sedan configuration.
** Toyota Prado/Landcruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero options will only be available in Turbo Diesel.
# ‘Coordinator Level’ refers to ‘Eligible Officers’ that have private use as part of their TRP.

      The benchmark values listed above are based on travelling 25,001 kilometres per FBT year; these figures are the
       benchmark values used to determine ‘eligible employees’ entitlements under the ‘cashing out’ option. *The
       benchmark values comprise two components; one being the private value to the officer valued at 70 percent of the
       benchmark value and the other being the value for business purposes valued at 30 percent of the benchmark
       value. It is at the sole discretion of the CEO based upon the organisations operational or business needs whether
       cashing out arrangements are for the total benchmark value or only the component for private value. The
       benchmark values listed above will be updated bi-annually at the discretion of the CEO and Senior Manager Fleet

      Please refer to ‘Motor Vehicle Policy - 2.7 Standard Features’ for a full list of council included features e.g.
       Automatic Transmission, ABS. Any optional extras will need to be approved by the CEO and funded by the
       Responsible Officer through salary sacrifice arrangements refer to ‘Motor Vehicle Policy - 2.7 Optional Extras’

      All requests for vehicles that are not listed above will require the approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

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