Newsletter Draw—Win 1 of 6 Dairy Queen Treats! by AndyHobson


R       7 Park Meadows Talent Show at 1:00PM
T      11 Making Connections Clothing Exchange
A      12 Gr. 3 PAT Language Arts Part A
       13 Gr. 1 Calgary Zoo Trip
       15 Gr. 3 PAT Math Part A
D      18 Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL
A      19 PD Day - NO SCHOOL
T      20 Gr. 4 Kids Choir - Southminster Church We are now taking
       21 Class Pictures                         kindergarten registrations
       23 Gr. 5 Bottle Drive 8:00 AM-12:00       for September 2009.

Kindergarten Registrations for 2009-10
The office is now accepting registrations for our AM or PM kindergarten classes for the fall.
Please let any families of school aged children in our boundaries know if they are unaware.
Phone the office (403-328-9965) for more information.
Gr. 1-5 Registration Packages are also due in the office by Thur. May 7

Art’s Alive and Well in the Schools
This annual display of student art starts Sunday May 3 and runs weekdays
until June 12th. A reminder of the Art Gallery’s temporary location:
324 - 5th Street South. Congratulations to these students on their selection:
       Hayley McMitchell, Brady Penney, Aidan Labaraowski, Chance Bell , Jade
       Fitzgerald, Mrs. Burdett’s Class ‘Quilt’, Daniel Still , Faith Ono, Alexis Mugford,
       Athena North Peigan, Dustin Talbot, Alexis Russell, Aiden Jones, Joshua
       Onofrychuk, Gray Young, Tyler Langille

               Newsletter Draw—Win 1 of 6 Dairy Queen Treats!
               Just answer this question and return the form to the office.
               What movie is ‘Making Connections’ showing on June 3rd?


               Name ______________________ Teacher ________________

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized for their efforts:
April 23
GR. 1: Jaxson Burdett, Xander Letondre, Devlin Letondre
GR. 2: Alyssa Letondre, Philippe Irakose, Sarah Cannady
GR. 3: Gillian Graf, Amber Thom, Jenna Lawrence
GR. 4: Kali Maxwell, Thea Marling, Tyler Le, Beau North Peigan, Megan Kling
GR. 5: Brandon Toews, Kayla Reeves, Kendra Simon, Morghan Tollefsrud, TJ Hood

                  Thanks to Larry Konopski and
                  A&W Restaurants for the gift
                  certificates for our Parker Pride
                  winners again this year!

            Making Connections Clothing Exchange
                   MAY 11 4:00 – 8:00 PM
   at Park Meadows School. You can drop off clothing in the
   office until May 6. If you can help sort clothing on Friday
   May 8, call Christine Bishoff at 403-892-0336. Those who
      help sort will benefit by choosing clothes that day.

                                 BEACH MOVIE NIGHT
                                 June 3 6:30-8:00
                                 Lilo and Stitch by Walt Disney

                                 Bring your beach towel and wear your
                                 summer gear to this free family
                                 event. Refreshments will be served.
                                 Watch for details in May!

  Wilson Middle School - Grade 5 Orientation Evening
  A reminder to parents of grade 5 students that Wilson Middle
  School will be holding their parent orientation meeting in their
  gym on Wed. May 6th at 7:00PM.

 May and June Activities—Busy Calendars
 We are wrapping up activities such as the running club,
 Talent Show, choir and hand bells over the next month or
 Watch for our Park Meadows Airband and Talent Show
 on Thursday May 7 at 1:00PM. All are welcome!
 Teachers will be providing students with information re-
 garding year end field trips and activities as they near.
 The end of June will also see swimming and Sports Day so
 watch for the calendar on the newsletter and notes
 coming home regarding these events!

  Education Week Art Contest Winners
  Congratulations to Kayla Reeves, Kara Morphet,
  Matthew Small and Julia Pham,
  These students had their artwork selected to adorn
  tray liners at fast food restaurants across the city
  during Education Week at the end of April. They will
  receive a color copy of their winning entry.

                              Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Tests
                              Our students will write their first tests on May 13 (Math
                              Part A) and May 15 (Language Arts Part A). The students
                              have been preparing all year and are ready. We want them
                              to do their best and not create an added stress for them.
                              Please ensure your child is well-rested and has had a good
                              breakfast. Please contact your class room teacher if you
                              require more information.

Leaders of Tomorrow Award Nominees                Grade 5 Bottle Drive
Congratulations to the following students         Saturday May 23
who were nominated for this prestigious           8:00AM-Noon
community honour at a banquet this month:         Drop off your cans and bottles
Vildana Rekic, Kayley Clark, Kara                 at the school to help the grade
Morphet, Andrew Firth, Matthew Small              5’s with their year end trip to
We’re proud of all of our student leaders!        Calgary! Thanks for your support!

Hi, I am Jan Fast. I have worked in the Lethbridge
School District for 11 years. The past 7 yrs have been
here at Park Meadows with a wonderful and caring staff.
I enjoy working with individual students or with small
groups of kids increasing their literacy skills and a love
for reading. I have a wonderful husband and 2 teenage
sons, Michael and Erik. In my spare time I enjoy garden-
ing, hiking and traveling.                                                         Mrs. Fast
                                                                              Educational Assistant

                                   Hi, my name is Simone MacNeil and I am an educational assistant
                                   with Lethbridge School District #51. I have worked at Park Mead-
                                   ows for the past 3 years. The staff is amazing and a pleasure to
                                   work with. Currently I work in Miss Wagar’s fabulous grade 3 class-
                                   room. I assist a special needs boy who teaches me something new
                                   every day. The students at Park Meadows are an absolute delight
                                   and coming to work everyday is extremely rewarding. In my spare
     Mrs. MacNeil                  time, I enjoy walking, golfing, going to movies and spending time
  Educational Assistant            with my 2 sons, Jessy and Justin.

Time certainly flies by when you’re having fun. I can’t believe I have been
in this rewarding profession for 28 years! I have had experience teaching
kindergarten to grade six students in county schools as well as Lethbridge
School District 51. I’ve also dabbled in Special Education and Administra-
tion, but teaching is my first love. When I’m not teaching or pestering
Mrs. Sheets and Mr. Christiansen, I’m busy exercising, gardening, reno-
vating my house, spending time with friends and family and travelling to
my second home in sunny California. I recently joined a book club so that
I can learn about new and exciting books to read with some of my teach-            Ms. Wagar
ing colleagues! I love Park Meadows School. It is a pleasure coming to          Grade 3 Teacher
work each and every day!

 Parent Council Corner
 Parent Council has purchased a new Storybook Weaver
 program for our Language Arts program.
 They have also approved in principle the funding for a
 new sound system for our gymnasium from last year’s
 Skip-a-thon fundraiser. Watch for more information
 on this project before the end of the school year.

                                              MAY 2009
     Sun        Mon                   Tue                   Wed                  Thu                    Fri             Sat
                                                                                                1                2
                                                                                                T shirt sales
3          4                   5                      6                   7                     8                9
                                                                          Gr. 4/5 Talent Show
                                                                          All school to watch
10         11                  12                     13                  14                    15               16
           Clothing Exchange   Gr. 3 PAT Lang. Arts   Gr. 1 Calgary Zoo                         Gr. 3 Math PAT

           4-8PM               Part A                 Trip                                      Part A
17         18                  19                     20                  21                    22               23
           Victoria Day        PD Day                 Gr. 4 Symphony      Class Pictures                         Gr. 5 Bottle Drive
           Holiday             NO SCHOOL              Southminster 7PM    10:00AM                                8AM-12 at the school
           NO SCHOOL           for students
24         25                  26                     27                  28                    29               30
                                                      Gr. 5 Pond Study    Gr. 5 Pond Study
                                                      Mr. Syme            Mrs. Logan

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