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                     June 2009
                     ACADIA JUNIOR HIGH

   Committed to providing students with innovative educational opportunities in a safe, dynamic environment.

   Administrators’ Message
   “Are you winding down?” As educators, we get this question a lot once the calendar rolls to June. The answer is “Not at
   all!” Spring at Acadia has been amazingly successful, busy and is flying by at unbelievable speed. During the last
   month or so we have hosted our guests from Germany, continued to have tremendous student success at the Sanofi
   Aventis Biotechnology Challenge and yet more math contests. Many students have also participated in the divisional
   track meet, badminton practices and games, our first ever Ultimate Frisbee and soccer teams. Over twenty students
   displayed their art at the “Sight Unseen” art show in Polo Park.
   Students are busy preparing for exams and final assignments. Regular classes end on June 12, which is right around
   the corner. Please take note that student schedules change during exam week and Lifeweek, so please pay attention
   to the hours listed in the exam schedule and Lifeweek booklets.
   June also brings farewells. We have a wonderful support staff, with truly gifted and dedicated Educational Assistants.
   Because of the ebb and flow nature of how many EA’s are in our schools from year to year, we won’t know for some
   time yet which we will need to say good-bye to. We would love to have them all return, but will update our school com-
   munity in September. There are some people that we know are leaving on June 30.
   Ms. Felbel came onto our staff in mid-March to fill in for Mrs. Gray. We are so grateful to have such a calm, capable
   and expert teacher to do this important job for us. Thank you! Ms. Ryz came to our resource department this year, and
   brought with her amazing energy, ideas and expertise. She impacted many students, families and staff in her brief time
   with us. She will be on a leave next year. Ms. McKinnon brought science to life in grade 8 and because of her flexible
   schedule, substituted in almost every classroom over the course of the year. She and her husband are relocating in the
   Maritimes. Mr. Epp completed his first year of teaching by doing a term position in grade 9 Social Studies. His innova-
   tion and creativity, along with his willingness to help in any area of school like has left a lasting impression on all of us.
   Mr. Simeonidis has taught Language Arts and Social Studies at Acadia for 27 years. He has impacted the lives of
   hundreds of students, some for the second generation. He leaves the legacy of the German Exchange, of stories told
   about ancient Greece, the Old West and almost everything else at some time or another. Mr. S. continued to impress
   us to the very end of his career with his passion for teaching, his love of students and his cheerful approach to work and
   life. Mr. S. is one in a million, and it’s hard to imagine Acadia without him, but even the best of the best are entitled to
   And our grade 9’s. We will miss you very much! You are a great group of young people who have provided leadership
   and wonderful role modeling this year. It’s been a privilege to watch you develop over the past three years into the
   wonderful young men and women you are now. All the best in the rest of high school!

   Elaine Egan, Principal                                                                    Teresa Rogers, Vice-Principal

                   IMPORTANT DATES                                              In this issue...
 Monday, June 8       Admin Day—No School                                       •    Library News—pg. 2
 June 15-19           Exam Week                                                 •    Exam Timetable—pg. 3
 Thursday, June 18    Grade 9 Farewell—CanadInns
                                                                                •    H.O.P.E. Update—pgs. 4-6
 Friday, June 19      Exam Make-Up Day
                                                                                •    Grade 9 Farewell—pg. 7
 June 22-26           Lifeweek (various venues)
                                                                                •    Acadia Track and Field—pg. 9
 Friday, June 26      Grounds Crew + Barbeque Party 9-5p.m.
 Monday, June 29      Report Cards Go Home                                      •    PTA News—pg. 10

 Monday, June 29      Raindate                                                  •    Community News—pgs. 11-12

 Tuesday, June 30     Awards Assembly
       Page 2                                                                 ACADIA NEWSLETTER

       News from the Acadia Library

       The votes have been cast by the young readers across the province including those at Acadia and the final
       tally for the 2009 Manitoba Young Readers Choice Awards has been made. This year’s winner of the
       2008 MYRCA awards, as chosen by the grade 5 to 8 students in Manitoba is Christina Kilbourne for her
       timely novel, Dear Jo: The Story of Losing Leah…and Searching for Hope. This novel tells a heart-
       wrenching story about a teenager girl who loses her best friend to an
       Internet predator. A must read for all students who use online chat rooms! The 2009 MYRCA
       Honour Books were Sketches by Eric Walters and Schooled by Gordon Korman.
       Thank you to all the wonderful readers who participated in Acadia’s MYRCA club all year and voted for this
       year’s books. For a full list of next year’s nominees, check out the Acadia Library Wiki at: http:// and click on MYRCA Club.

                                                               LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS
                                                               The library salutes all of these students (72 in all) who found time
                                                               from      their     busy     schedules        to   volunteer      as
                                                               library helpers this year. All of these students helped Mrs. Gibson
                                                               (teacher-librarian)          and     Mrs.      Johnson      (library
                                                               technician) keep the library running smoothly including circulating,
                                                               repairing        and     shelving        books,      constructing
                                                               bulletin boards and banners, working at the book fair,
                                                               giving out library passes, managing periodicals and
                                                               suggesting books to purchase.              Altogether, the students
                                                               accumulated over 640 volunteer hours!
                                                               Ailin L., Akanksha A., Alex W., Alexandra S., Amy F.,
                                                               Amy P., Andrew N., Anne K., Asra A., Austin K., Billy X.,
                                                               Brittany M., Christine R., Christine U., Crystal C., Dancheng H.,
                                                               Daniel        P.,       David        B.,     Deborah         C.,
                                                               Deelaka R., Dennis R., Desh S., Devin W., Duyen L.,
                                                               Elizabeth N., Esther O., Francesca C., Grace H.,
                                                               Hannah C., Hongru R., Jack W., Jerry L., Johnson N.,
                                                               Julia M., Keith L., Leah G., Lesyk F., Li Z., Lina K.,
                                                               Madison K., Maisha F., Marise K., Mary Y., Masiyat M.,
                                                               Mathew P., Mehwish T., Melanie M., Merdin I., Miranda L.,
                                                               Montana L., Musu T., Rachel M., Raydan Z., Robin W., Romel Z.,
                                                               Rui ying F.,       Rundi Z.,        Sachin V., Sarah O.,
                                                               Seo hee K., Shalini A., Shirley Y.       S h u y i         W . ,
                                                               Song Ting L., Temulun B., Tian W., Vicky N., Violeta B., Wali M.,
                                                               Xinyang L.

Summer Reading
There’s nothing like a good book to keep you entertained during the holidays. Don’t forget about the great services and
books at the Pembina Trail Library which connects you to the entire resources of the Winnipeg Library system. All the
grade 8 students visited the Pembina Trails Library in May to learn about the services of Winnipeg’s libraries and apply
for their free library card. The City of Winnipeg Libraries can be found online at:
Look for the 2010 MYRCA books at the Pembina Trails Library. They’re all guaranteed to be an excellent summer read!
 JUNE 2009                                                                      Page 3

 EXAM Timetable 2009
               Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday            Thursday        EXAM
              June 15           June 16            June 17           June 18         MAKE-UP
                Day 1            Day 2              Day 3               Day 4        DAY-
                                                                                     JUNE 19
Grade 7
 A.M.         XXXXX           XXXX                XXXX             XXXX
Grade 7
 P.M.           ELA            SC                  MA              XXXX
Grade 8
 A.M.         XXXX           XXXX               XXXX               XXXX
Grade 8
 P.M.           SS            ELA                SC                MA
Grade 9
 A.M.           MA             SS               ELA                SC
Grade 9
 P.M.         XXXX           XXXX               XXXX               XXXX

   Attendance will be taken in the room where each class is writing their
 exam at either 9:00 a.m. for morning exams or at 1:00 p.m. for afternoon
exams. Exams start at 9:15 a.m. in the morning slot and at 1:15 p.m. in the
                              afternoon slot.

                     Congratulations to Brenley T., a grade 7 student, who will be representing
                     Manitoba at the Canadian Gymnastics Championships being held in
                     Hamilton, Ontario during the first week of July! Way to go, Brenley! We’re
                     very proud of you!

    We need volunteers to help us clean our school grounds through planting
 trees spreading mulch, soil, and gravel. If you are available to come and help
    out on June 26, call the office and let Mrs. Vandale know. We will host a
                          barbeque lunch to say thanks.
Page 4                                       ACADIA NEWSLETTER

                       H.O.P.E. UPDATE

                Hi, from H.O.P.E. Here’s our famine update.
         This year we raised $7655 from the whole school.
         H.O.P.E wants to thanks Ms. Felbel’s 7-4 and 7-6
         classes for raising $200 in their classes. Winners of
         the door prizes were won by Jeff C. (hat), Lucas G.
         (backpack), Dylan E. (hat), Keith L. (tshirt), Andrew L.
         (hat), Dilumi R., and Travis D. (shorts).Thanks again to
         all the staff who supervised (sorry, no group pic this
JUNE 2009   Page 5
Page 6                                          ACADIA NEWSLETTER

                     CRUISIN’ DOWN THE CRESCENT

         Please join us and participate in this year’s Cruisin’
         fundraiser. If there is enough interest HOPE will arrange
         transportation. See Mrs. Fuerst for pledge forms.

JUNE 2009                                                                             Page 7

Grade 9 Farewell 2009
The Grade 9 Farewell Committee has planned an exciting evening of dinner, dancing and awards for all our
current grade 9 students. The event will be taking place on Thursday, June 18 at Canad Inn Fort Garry,
1824 Pembina Highway.
Students are to be dropped off at the Canad Inn Fort Garry at 6:00 pm and must be picked up at 10:00
pm, later pick ups are not an option as staff chaperones will be leaving at 10:00 pm. Please arrange
transportation before the event, students will not have easy access to telephones at the hotel. Students will
not be allowed to leave the venue early unless picked up by a parent. Students are reminded that
appropriate behaviour and dress be demonstrated for the evening as you are ambassadors for Acadia.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Ms. Pawluk.

News from the Science Department
April proved to be a very busy month for our young scientists from Acadia. After an outstanding showing at
our own school science fair in March, a team of 44 students were selected to go on to compete at the
Manitoba Schools Science Symposium which was held at the University of Winnipeg, April 23rd - 26th. As
expected, our students did an outstanding job of representing our school in both their performance as well
as the way that they conducted themselves. We won a great number of medals, special awards and “ best
of” category awards too numerous to list. Also, after an interview with a local television team, Devon S.
went on to win the best intermediate project for the 2009 MSSS. Right after the Science Fair on the 27th of
April Acadia had the largest team in province competing in the Sanofi Aventis Biotechnology Challenge.
For the first time since Acadia has participated in this event, we had a grade 8 student, Allen L., entered
who received third place over all in the junior division. In the intermediate division, the competition is
extremely challenging as our students have to compete with students from the various high schools. Only
the top 5 projects receive awards, and so the fact that Acadia had two projects that were winners goes to
show the level of the work that our students are producing. Songting L. and the team of Rajas T. and
Tony Z. were our odds beaters this year and for their efforts they will receive $1400.00 to hopefully put
towards their projects next year. All of our students did a fantastic job and will be recognized at the year
end awards ceremony. We are extremely proud of you all.
- M Sarkany

Student Recognition
Our Annual Athletic Banquet will take place on June 10th. Students should listen to announcements for
information about tickets or parents can e-mail Mrs. Sampson at for more
All students who achieve Honour Roll status in term three will be congratulated and presented with
certificates at student assemblies on the morning of Monday, June 29th. They will receive their report cards
on the same day.
On Tuesday, June 30th, we will hold our annual Awards Assembly in the gym beginning at 9:30 a.m.
Parents, relatives and friends are welcome. Students who have been on the Honour Roll for three years in
each term are given special awards, and there are also numerous awards given in various disciplines and
content areas.

       Paid Homestays Needed for Japanese Summer Program July 15 – 27.
                                     Call 488-1767 ext. 1203.
Page 8                                                                ACADIA NEWSLETTER

Lunch Program 2009-2010
The lunch program is an essential service that is provided to school families at Acadia. It is also a very
challenging part of the day as more and more students stay for lunch every year. Students who will be
staying for lunch next year don’t need to do anything at this time, but we wanted to inform you about some
of the information to watch for in September.
•      An information package will come home on the first day of classes

•      Students have a ‘grace period’ of one week before all fees and registration forms must be in place

•      The $45 annual fee will include an “Acadia Lunch Program” lanyard with the student’s name
       written on the inside in permanent ink. Without producing this lanyard, no student will be allowed to
       enter the gym between the hours of 11:35 and 12:35 unless they are meeting a teacher. The lan-
       yard will be easy to keep in a pocket, around the neck, in the lunch kit or backpack. Students who
       lose their lanyard can replace it in the office for $3.00.
•      Forgotten lunch kits, food containers, spoons, etc. will continue to be thrown into the garbage
       regularly. Although we understand that these items are expensive, the lunch area shelving in the
       gym gets unsanitary very quickly.
•      All grade 8 and 9 students will need to choose an activity at 12:00 or go outside. Grade 7 students
       who wish to remain indoors may do so to help them transition to a lunch program that is less
       structured than those in elementary school.
•      Lunch program is a privilege, not a right, and students who create disciplinary situations for our
       supervisors will be suspended from the program for a period of time.

Our supervisors do a great job. We would like to thank Tracy Sleva, Larry Kouk, Mia Roorda, Brian Nickel,
Mike Lunt, Donica McConnell, for their work this year in this very busy aspect of school life.

Staff Parking Lot
Although schools are public property, school parking lots are not. Furthermore, they were never designed
to be drop-off and pick-up zones for hundreds of children, so when they are – danger looms!
The staff at Acadia pays for the right to park on the lot, just like many of our parents do in downtown or
other locations. They should also be entitled to walk safely into and out of the building, and to enter and
exit in a safe and timely fashion. This year, more than ever, the volume of parent vehicles makes this
A much more important reason to respect parking lot rules than inconvenience for staff is the safety of the
students. We have tried many things for many years, but we continue to have issues of safety and
overuse on the lot. We have tried newsletter pieces, using the reader board, making a sign, talking to the
students, leaving notes on cars and handing them to drivers, speaking at school events and more. Our
staff still tells me that the issue is not improving. As we end this school year and plan for a new one,
I would invite our school community to think about ways that we can work together to alleviate parking lot
hazards. The staff will be talking about ideas once more at our June staff meeting (it’s almost a standing
item!!!) Look for updates from the staff via e-mail or in the September newsletter. Any parents with ideas
are invited to e-mail me at
 JUNE 2009                                                                               Page 9

The staff at Acadia would like to thank the parents who come out to Parent Teacher Association meetings
every month. This is a small, but dedicated group of parents who act as a sounding board for new ideas,
fundraise, organize Staff Appreciation and much more. Thank you very much!
Although we have other parent volunteers from time to time, those brave souls who help at dances really
need special mention. We could not and would not hold dances without you! This year we were assisted
J. Chen, K. Nicholls, J. Boulet, E. Casey, F. van Haute, J. Pauls, B. Miller, P Orth, K. Wegner, J. Harder, R.
Schleicher, D. Fuerst, A. Glenwright, S. Belland, D. Walker, F. Morris, C. Dupuis, T. Waddell, G. Hamonic,
W. Burns, J. Kyle, C. Reilly, M Margosian, H. Wiens, S. Friesen, K. Hodson, W. Waddell, D. Loepp,
N Pallett,

Acadia Track and Field
The Acadia Outdoor Track and Field team attended the Pembina Trails divisional meet on May 29th. It was
a beautiful day weather-wise and the Acadia athletes were amazing. Our athletes were outstanding to
watch in their events and very supportive of one another in the stands cheering on other team members.

Some notable performances were:

Raul P.-G. was a star placing 1st in all 3 of his races; the 400 meter, 800 meter and 1500 meter and set a
new record in the 800m and 1500m.

Eric G. had an incredible meet placing 1st in the long jump, 1st in high jump and setting a new record in the

Luke S. placed 1st in the triple jump and was just 1 centimetre from a divisional record and 2nd in the

Christina H. placed 1st in high jump and 2nd in the 400 meter.

April K. placed 1st in the 200 meter, 2nd in triple jump and 3rd in the 100 meter.

Ryan E. placed 1st in the 200 meter and 2nd in the 100 meter.

Andrea M. was 2nd in the 100 meter, 2nd in the 200 meter and 2nd in the long jump.

Collin R. placed 2nd in the 3000 meter and 2nd in the 1500 meter races.

Joseph L. placed 2nd in the long jump, 3rd in the 200 meter and 3rd in the 100 meter.

The grade 8 boys 4x100 meter relay team of Ryan, Eric, Luke and Joseph placed 1st and was ½ second
off a record-breaking time. The grade 8 girls 4x100 meter team of Christina, Aly K., Hayley G. and
Andrea placed 1st in a very exciting race. The grade 8 co-ed 4x200 meter team of Emily C. and Logan B.
(called up from grade 7) with Mitch R. and Raul placed 1st as well with an unbelievable finish by Raul.

MORE TRACK NEWS: Six of our athletes were asked by Athletics Manitoba to be members of the
Provincial Midget Team. The midget category consists of athletes born in 1994 and 1995. All 6 of these
athletes are the younger in this age category. No rest for them as they will continue to train throughout this
month. They will participate in a meet in Medicine Hat, Alberta on July 11 and 12. Good luck to Raul, Eric,
Luke, Joseph, Mitch and Andrea.
Page 10                                              ACADIA NEWSLETTER

PTA News

As part of its mandate, Acadia’s Parent Teacher Association raises money that
is used to enrich the lives of Acadia’s students and staff. During the past three
years, money has been invested in the purchase of Smart Boards, DDR metal
dance pads and software, a PS2 console, the software and a guitar to play
Guitar Hero, the revamping of the change rooms, staff appreciation week,
dance security, a baby doll for the Family class and jerseys for our basketball
and track and field teams. During the course of the next few weeks, we will
oversee and pay for the replacement of the basketball post that was destroyed
last summer.

In September 2009, Acadia Junior High will be running the same magazine
fundraiser it ran last September through QSP. If you wish to support our
school’s fundraising efforts, hold on to the notices you have already received or
will be receiving from publishers to renew or purchase magazine subscriptions.
QSP will match any offer that will be submitted to them. If you cannot wait that
long, please go through QSP’s Web site to order entering Acadia’s code 4264.
Please share this message with family members and friends.

In addition to the magazine fundraiser, parents of the PTA will be selling Show
and Save booklets at the Meet the Parents event in September. For only $15
you can easily save hundreds of dollars using the coupons and the re-usable
card that comes with it. Among the participating businesses in our area,
Foodland offers four coupons for 10% off purchases of $25 or more (no
maximum limit), Carlton Cards offers 25% off any purchase for up to $25 and
Pizza Hut offers $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. Put simply, if you buy $150
at Foodland, any coupon used after that is money in your pocket.

The next PTA meeting will be held September 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the library. We
will be planning the magazine fundraiser and the election of the 2009-2010
PTA council. The elections are scheduled to take place at the October meeting.
The first meeting of the school year is always a good opportunity to join the PTA
as a new member. We hope you will seize the opportunity to come out and
discover what Acadia’s PTA is all about and how you can contribute to make
your child’s experience in junior high a positive one.
         JUNE 2009                                                                                   Page 11

          Congratulations to Matthew M. He was the 4th round pick in the Western Junior Hockey Draft for the
          Edmonton Oil Kings.
          Thank you to Rania M., Stephanie H., Raunak S., Frenzie D.P., Mary Y. and Katherine A. for their work on
          the Anti-bullying forum and film project. Your participation in this project on student voice is contributing
          greatly to Pembina Trails work in the area of bully prevention strategies.
          Life Week Reminder: Students and families are reminded of our annual Life Week activity that
          takes place from June 22 to June 26. Fees for participation in these activities are now past due.

                       Winnipeg School Division
                        Summer Session 2009

Regular Academic Courses July 2 – July 29
Classes held at Grant Park High School                                             FORT GARRY LIONS FOOTBALL CLUB
450 Nathaniel Street ( corner of Grant and Nathaniel )                                  Manitoba Juvenile Football
Grade 7 and 8 classes 15 days/2 hours per day, July 2 - 22
For students who need additional work in order to pass a course
                                                                                  Fort Garry Lions Football Club will hold a
Repeater classes for Grade 9-12 15 days/3 hours per day, July 2-22
                                                                                  registration night for 15 year old football
For students who need to upgrade a mark, not for students who                                    players on:
withdrew due to lack of attendance.
                                                                                    Thursday, May 21, from 6:30—8:30 PM.
Students must have a mark of at least 30% in the course they are             This registration is open to all 15 year olds who wish
repeating.                                                                    to play football in the Manitoba Juvenile Football
Non-repeater classes for Grade 10-12 20 days/4.5 hours per day,                                     League.
July 2-29
For students who wish to take an additional credit course, and for those        Registration will take place at the Fort Garry
who withdrew from a course during the regular school year.                   Lions clubhouse on Clarence Avenue and Hamelin
                                                                                       Street (behind Century Arena).
* Students are required to provide proof of eligibility. Either final June
mark statements must be shown to Summer Session teachers on the
                                                                                                  YOU NEED:
first day of classes, or verification provided by school authorities on          Registration Check—$280 Dated June 30/09
page 3 of application form.
                                                                              Equipment Deposit—$150 Dated November 15/09
Eligibility Requirements
Repeater students must have completed the course with a grade above            Volunteer Deposit—$50 Dated November 15/09
30%, as                                                                             A copy of your Manitoba Health Card
verified by a report card.
Non-repeater students must show that they have completed
prerequisite courses.
                                                                                       For more information, please call
HOW TO REGISTER:                                                                              Blair at 452-3587.
* by mail prior to June 12
*In-person at the Summer School Office at 170 Ashland Avenue.

Office hours: May 19 to June 19 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
June 22 –June 29 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
June 30 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

*late registrations taken on Thursday, July 2 at Grant Park High School.
Fees must be paid in cash at the time of registration, along with a $15
late fee.

All applications and questions should be directed to:
Summer School Office Phone: 586-5015
Room One - 170 Ashland Avenue email:
Winnipeg MB R3L 1L1 Principal: P. Burgess
Registrar: L. Hayden
Committed to providing students with innovative educational opportunities in a safe, dynamic environment.

                                ACADIA JUNIOR HIGH

                       175 Killarney Avenue          Phone: 204.269.6210
                       Winnipeg, Manitoba            Fax: 204.269.2369
                       R3T 3B3             

                                                   FAMILIES OF STUDENTS
                                             ACADIA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL
  The Pembina Trails School Division International Student Program is looking for ten families to host two
 girls who are between the ages of 13 - 16 who attend Kunei Girls’ School located in Osaka, Japan from July
                                               14 – 28, 2009.

 Host families receive $600.00 to host two students and ongoing support from our program staff. The re-
 sponsibilities of the families include providing students with a shared bedroom, their own bed, three meals
 a day and transportation to and from Fort Richmond Collegiate on week days. Families should also provide a
 caring, friendly, supportive and FUN environment! All persons of majority living in the home are required to
 complete a Criminal Record Search ($31.00 including taxes) and a Child Abuse Registry check (no charge).

 Inquiries and questions are welcome. Please contact us by calling Jennifer at 488-1767 Ext. 1132 (a.m.),
 Ext. 1133 (p.m.) or by emailing or by calling Julie at 488-1767 Ext. 1203 or by

 If interested, please contact us no later than Friday, May 22, 2009.
 Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon!

 Best regards,

 Julie Banfield, Homestay Facilitator

 Jennifer Liu, Homestay Aide