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									                     HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                        CGS-2541 – Database Design (3 credits)

Instructor:           Ian Gibbons

Class Hours: See Posted Hours

Office Hours: See Posted Hours                          Office Location: YBOR305A

Phone: 813 -253 -7577

                    (Please include the class date and time (ex. CGS2541 Mon/Wed 8:00am)
                    as a prefix in the subject line)
                    (For issues related to online testing please see me during office hours)

No Classes
         Dates will be distributed in class

    Dates will be distributed in class

Course Description:
         This course is designed to provide students the knowledge and skills needed to
         design and use databases, via the implementation of a Database Management
         System (DBMS), with an emphasis on the design, loading, modifying and
         querying capabilities of a data base. Topics include the functions of a DBMS, data
         design, database integrity, normalization, Structured Query Language, database
         administration, analysis and implementation, data structures, indexed and key
         fields. Students will use a DBMS (i.e. MS Access) to create databases, create
         forms, create queries, and document database designs. Students will be able to
         understand a user’s database requirements and convert those requirements into a
         valid database design on completion of this course.

Course Objective:
         1. Understand database terminology: database, file, table, field (column), row
            (record), and relationship.
         2. Know what a database management system is and some of the advantages of
            using one.
         3. Understand the concept of a query.
         4. Be familiar with basic SQL.

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         5. Understand integrity constraints: entity integrity, referential integrity, and legal-
           values integrity.
         6. Understand the concept of keys and indexes.
         7. Understand table normalization.
         8. Understand the functions of a database management system: concurrent update,
            security, data recovery, data integrity, etc.
         9. Understand some of the functions of a database administrator: formulate access
            privileges, security, disaster planning, archiving, etc.
         10. Use a standard database management system (for example, Microsoft Access)
             to create a database, create queries, create integrity constraints, create
             relationships among tables, merge databases, and perform other database
             management functions

Required: Textbook/Materials:
The items below can be purchased in at the HCC Ybor bookstore

         Database Concepts,
         David Kroenke, David Auer

Recommended Supplies:
                   You may find it useful to have a USB flash drive to save documents that
                    you may be required to create during the class.
                   Microsoft Access
                   Scantron forms - #882-E (for the final and midterm)
                   HCC email account ( The HCC supplied Hawkmail account should be
                    used for all email communication)

Class Attendance:
         Students are expected to attend all classes. However, class attendance is the
         responsibility of the student and it is the student’s responsibility to independently
         cover any material covered in the missed class. Class participation will also be
         used in determining grades.
         Please note, critical information on test, test dates and key terms reviews are
         often given during the first five minutes of class therefore missing class or
         being late puts the average student at risk.
         Students arriving late may not earn participation points.

Assignments and Grading Criteria:
         There are three (3) categories of test/assignments in this class:
            o 3 Short quizzes
            o Midterm and Final Test
            o Microsoft Access 2007 and SQL Projects

         All exams and tests are administered online.

         3 Short quizzes
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         Midterm and Final Test
         are given during class and will be schedule by the instructor.

         Microsoft Access 2007 and SQL Projects
         are primarily done outside the classroom and can be completed by the student at
         any time. There will be some time allotted during in-class labs to work on these

         Note: Lectures may not cover all material in the textbook. Make up Lecture
         exams will be given only if the instructor is notified in advance of the exam with a
         legitimate reason for missing the exam.
         Exams will cover material from the text as well as material presented in lectures.

         A           (100 – 90%)
         B           (89 – 80%)
         C           (79 – 70%)
         D           (69 – 60%)
         F           (60 – 0%)

         30%         Short quizzes
         40%         Midterm and Final Test (2)
         30%         Projects
         +++         5% Class Participation
         +++         5% Project Presentation

         The following project may be chosen by the student:
          The student will prepare a 4- 5 minute PowerPoint presentation based on their
            project. See your instructor to get approval on the project you have chosen.
            The presentation should summarize the project, the database design, and the
            physical structure of the database.. The student should be prepared to answer
            questions on the chosen subject from fellow students and the instructor.

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Computer Lab:
         See Posted Hours

         Students are encouraged to help each other with programming assignments. You
         may discuss the assignments; however, any assignment you hand in for a grade
         must be your own. Plagiarism will result in an “F” grade for the assignment.
         Repeated abuse may cause the student(s) to receive an (F) grade for the course.

Request for Accommodations:

         If, to participate in this course, you require an accommodation due to physical or
         learning impairments, you must contact the office of services to students with
         disabilities. The office is located in the administration building, room YFAC 109.
         You may reach the office by telephone at (813) 253-7757 TDD - (813) 253-7788.

Microsoft Software Purchases
         Students at HCC have the ability to purchase Microsoft software for heavily
         discounted prices from retail. Examples of software available through this
         program include MS Office 2007, Windows Vista, MS Visio, and other related
         Microsoft products. These software products are the full academic versions and
         have the same benefits as software purchased off the shelf at a retail store.
         Students will need to access a website at and will need
         to provide their HawkMail email address to be properly authenticated. This
         program requires that students pay for their selected software products with a
         credit card and the software will be mailed to their home address. Students will
         be allowed to purchase only one copy of a selected software product.

         Copies of MS Access will be provided to students of this class.

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