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					                            Phoenix Workforce Connection
                              Board Member Newsletter
•   ARRA               V o l u m e   1 ,   I s s u e    3                             A p r i l   3 0 ,   2 0 0 9
    Funds to
    help Youth
    and Dislo-
    cated work-      American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
    ers have
    been re-        2009 (ARRA) Workforce Investment Act Funds
•   Webinar to      Phoenix Workforce                  workforce services to     lished that will special-
    take place
    on May 20       Connection has re-                 600 Adults, 625 Dislo-    ize in getting recently
    for all board   ceived nearly $8 mil-              cated Workers, and        laid off individual back
    members         lion in ARRA Funds.                800 Youth. A              in the workforce.
•   In Demand       With these funds,                  “Dislocated Worker
    Sustain-        PWC will provide                   Center” will be estab-
    ability and
    Technol-                   Funding Category                    City of Phoenix Allocation
    ogy Train-                 Adult Services                      $1,308,214
    ing Infor-
    mation on                  Youth Services                      $3,164,851
    Page 3                     Dislocated Worker Services          $3,141,449
                               Rapid Response                      $376,974
Inside this                    Total                               $7,991,488

               1                 Save the Date!
Webinar May 1
                      PWC Board Webinar Set for May 20, 2009
20, 2009 at
9:00 a.m.           A webinar has been                 nearly three decades,     via a webinar the role
                    scheduled for May 20,              David has been the        of the workforce in-
Training            2009 at 9:00 a.m. for              preeminent advocate       vestment board mem-
Program             all board members.                 in Washington, D.C.       ber and how they can
                    Details on the location            working closely with      be “champions” of the
MCCCD          3    will be provided later.            both Democratic and       workforce system in
Training            Maricopa Workforce                 Republican Congres-       the community.
National       4    Connection Board                   sional leadership, as
News                members have been                  well as numerous Ad-
                    invited to participate in          ministrations, to en-
                    this webinar.                      sure federal policies
                                                       related to major social
Board Mem-     5    Mr. David Bradley is a             service programs
bers                partner at Moss,                   make a difference in              May 20
                    McGee, Bradley, and                the lives of low-income
                    Colbert, and CEO of                Americans. Mr. Brad-
                    USA Works! For                     ley will be presenting
      Page 2

                               Phlebotomy Training Program

                    During the third quarter of Pro-     Committee (GVAHEC) coordi-
                    gram Year 2008, a Phlebotomy         nated and funded the finger-
                    Training Program began. An           printing and background checks
                    information session was con-         of the candidates. The pro-
                    ducted at Phoenix College on         gram will be completed by June
                    February 18, 2009. The ses-          30, 2009.
                    sion was capped at 50 atten-
                                                         Phlebotomists may find em-
                    dees. Fourteen applicants
                                                         ployment in reference laborato-
                    were selected to start the pro-
                                                         ries, hospitals, insurance com-
                    gram on March 3, 2009. Don
                                                         panies, outreach services, pa-
                    Jensen Bobadilla, Custom
                                                         tient service centers, research
                    Training Representative and
                                                         facilities, donor centers and
                    Rochelle Helminski, Director of
                                                         physician’s offices. The career
                    Phlebotomy Programs regis-
                                                         opportunities are varied and
                    tered the candidates and pro-
                                                         many. The starting salaries
                    vided information about the
                                                         range from $9.50 to $13.00 per
                    training. Greater Valley Ari-
                    zona Healthcare Education

  “The Phoenix
    Connection                             PWC In the Media!
                   On four separate occasions, PWC offices were the focus of media attention.
 System offers     On January 14, 2009, Channel 12 interviewed PWC staff and Maricopa
      workforce    Community College District staff to discuss the community college pro-
    solutions to   grams and the support they provide to the local One-Stop Career Centers
businesses and     and workforce programs. On February 3, 2009, the PWC West office was
   individuals.”   featured on the 10:00 p.m. broadcast of Channel 12 News on a “12 on Your
                   Side” story related to job seeking resources for individuals who are looking
                   for work.
                   On February 4, 2009, Univision Channel 33 visited the PWC South office
                   inside the Travis L. Williams Family Service Center to shoot footage of the
                   services available in the resource center and interviewed a citizen who has
                   been using the center to search for work. The interview segment aired on
                   the 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. news broadcast. On March 18, 2009, the PWC
                   North office hosted Kevin Kennedy, Channel 12 News and coordinated two
                   brief interview session with One-Stop customers. Kevin
                   also interviewed Kathy Thiessen (One-Stop Supervisor)
                   and filmed shots of customers working in the Tech Lab.
                   The purpose of the interview was to provide a “lead in”
                   to the release of new employment statistics.

         Phoenix Workforce Connection
Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                             Page 3

         Training for In-Demand Sustainability
                     and Green Technology
For the purpose of oc-      Many of today’s existing       These programs are con-
cupational program          workforce development          tinuously reviewed and
planning at Maricopa        program already teach the      modified to ensure rele-
County Community Col-       majority of skills needed in   vancy to rapidly changing
lege District (MCCCD),      the respective area and        industry demands.
green careers can be        may only need to be modi-
                                                           The Maricopa County          “...programs
organized by broader,       fied to address new skill
                                                           Community College sys-       are
local industry segments     sets.
                                                           tem has a long history of    continuously
that have been or will be
                            MCCCD is a key compo-          providing a rapid re-        reviewed
most impacted by green
                            nent of the Greater Phoe-      sponse to emerging in-       and modified
initiatives. Those indus-
                            nix workforce development      dustry needs by marshal-     to ensure
tries include: renewable
                            system and is committed        ing the resources neces-     relevancy”
energy; construction/
                            to providing the employer      sary for new program de-
building/ transportation
                            community with a supply of     velopment, once suffi-
and environmental ser-
                            labor that facilitates eco-    cient employment de-
vices. As industries and
                            nomic growth. MCCCD            mand is established. Visit
jobs adjust to reflect a
                            currently offers many oc-      http://mcli.maricopa.edu/
greater emphasis on
                            cupational programs that       sustainability to learn
sustainability, some will
                            support sustainability and     more about the MCCCD
change very little, while
                            green technologies indus-      sustainability initiative.
others will be trans-
                            try segments.
formed completely.

                              Board Member Spotlight!
                                  DARRELL RICH
 Darrell Rich, Southwest District Manager           force system and has donated his time at the
 for The Employment Guide was appointed             One-Stop centers by conducting mock interview
 to the board on February 4, 2009. Darrell          workshops. He has already done this two times
 is currently a member of the Business Ser-         at the North office and is planning presentations
 vices Taskforce. Darrell has been very             at the South Office and wants to do more! The
 enthusiastic and involved with the work-           response from customers is very positive!
Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                              Page 4

                               National Workforce News
   Weekly Jobless              market that is not ex-        tributed to more layoffs
  Claims Continue to           pected to rebound any-        in the construction,
         Rise                  time soon.                    service and manufac-
                                                             turing industries. The
The Labor Department            As a proportion of the       next largest increases
said that initial claims for   workforce, the total job-     were in Pennsylvania,
unemployment compen-           less benefit rolls are the    California, Wisconsin
sation rose to a season-       highest since January         and New York. Michi-
ally adjusted 640,000,         1983. The continuing          gan saw the largest
up from a revised              claims data lag initial       drop in claims with
613,000 the previous           claims by a week. The         12,566, which it said
week. That was slightly        high level of continuing      was due to fewer layoffs
above analysts’ expec-         claims is a sign that         in the automobile indus-
tations of 635,000.            many laid-off workers         try. The next biggest
Meanwhile, the number          are having difficulty find-   declines were in North
of workers continuing to       ing new jobs.                                            “The number
                                                             Carolina, Missouri, Ken-
filing claims for unem-                                      tucky and Oregon.          of workers
ployment benefits               Among the states, Flor-
                                                                                        continuing to
topped 6.1 million. Both       ida saw the largest in-       Source:NGA Center
                               crease in claims with                                    file claims for
figures are fresh evi-                                       Workforce Update for
dence that layoffs per-        9,303 for the week end-       April 27, 2009             unemployment
sist amid a weak job           ing April 11, which it at-                               benefits
                                                                                        topped 6.1

               Interesting Facts and Figures
                     for Third Quarter
During the Third Quar-         ing funds. Targeted in-       were for the Census Bu-
ter of Program Year            dustries are Healthcare,      reau.
2008 (January —March           High Tech Manufactur-
2009) 2,895 partici-           ing, Aerospace, Biosci-
pants attended a total         ence, Advanced Busi-
of 219 various employ-         ness Services, and In-
ment and career work-          formation Technology/
shops in the PWC Sys-          Software. Over 34 on-
tem. To date 339 indi-         site employment recruit-
viduals have been              ments were conducted
trained in targeted in-        and four job fairs took
dustry clusters repre-         place. A majority of the
senting 81% of our train-      on-site recruitments
                                                                                                            Page 5

       City of Phoenix/Community and
       Economic Development Department
       Phoenix Workforce Connection
       200 W. Washington, 19th Floor
       Phoenix, AZ 85003-1611
                                                     The PWC Board assists with setting local workforce
       Editor: Krista Rippee
       Phone: 602-534-0548                           policy and develops plans for the local workforce sys-
       Fax: 602-534-3915                             tem. They identify training needs and help to develop
       E-mail: krista.rippee@phoenix.gov             a skilled, trained workforce to meet the needs of busi-
                                                     nesses and to empower individuals to get the skills
                                                     they need to improve their employment opportunities.

       Mission: To provide workforce                 Youth Program Vision: Phoenix Workforce Connec-
       solutions to businesses and                   tion Youth Programs will become a preferred source
       individuals.                                  for education, training, and leadership.

                                              Quarterly Newsletter

    Phoenix Workforce Connection Board Members
•   Michael Fisher—Chair,              •   Josie Marie Martinez, The AZ        •   Michelle Rider, Greater
    Westcor                                Republic                                Phoenix Economic Council
•   Julie Armstrong, Jobing.com        •   Xavier Morales, Ph.D., The          •   Michelle Rill, Veridus
•   Dee Wheeler-Cronin, Hope VI            Axios Group                         •   Maureen Sterbach, St. Jo-
    Project                            •   Judy Norris, Arizona Public             seph’s Hosp. & Med. Center
•   Tina Evangelista, Intel                Service                             •   Anese “Linda” Spearman,
•   Jim Godfrey, AZ MEP                •   Lisa Odle, Odle Mgmt Group              American Express
•   Traci Gruenberger, Lutheran        •   Shawn Pearson, FIBCO Fam-           •   Cynthia Spell, Community
    Social Srvcs of the Southwest          ily Services, Inc.                      and Economic Development
•   Belinda Hanson, AZ DES             •   Diana Pike, Fox Entertain-          •   Karen Thorne, Phoenix In-
                                           ment Group                              dian Center, Inc.
•   J. Jeffrey Hipskind, Phoenix
    Electrical Joint Apprenticeship    •   Karen Poole, Ph.D., Maricopa        •   Maria Ramirez-Trillo, AARP
    & Training                             County Comm. College Dis-           •   John Underwood, Maricopa
                                           trict                                   Skill Center
•   Maxine Jones, Aimco Preci-
    sion, Inc.                         •   Melanie Radford, Phoenix Job        •   Mark Weathers, Excaliber
                                           Corps Center                            Precision
•   Kristen Lopez, ASBA
                                       •   Maria Ramirez-Trillo, AARP          •   Sarah Woods, Bayard Ad-
•   Anna Lira, AZ DES
                                       •   Darrell Rich, The Employment            vertising
•   Jesus Love, US Bank
•   Fred Lockhart, AZ Private
    School Association