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									             ICAN’s Team:
                                                    For further information Contact:
 Cynthia D. Onder, MA, CCC-SLP/BCBA
                                                                                              Integrating Children
Cynthia Onder is President and founder of
ICAN of Washington. She is a nationally
                                                                    e-mail:                    And kNowledge of
certified Speech Language Pathologist, as well          icanofwashington@hotmail.com
as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).                                                    Washington, Inc.
Cynthia has been serving children diagnosed
with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other                                                       Consultative and Speech & Language
language-based learning difficulties for over 13                 LOCATION:
years. Cynthia has extensive experience                      5100 Acacia Avenue
working with children with Apraxia of speech,
Dysarthria, Dysphasia, articulation disorders,
                                                             Bethesda, MD 20814
reading difficulties, auditory processing, and
other language disorders. Cynthia is also                         DIRECTIONS:
PROMPT trained. Ms. Onder is responsible for
implementing and monitoring ABA/VB programs
                                                        From points North and South:
including conducting assessments, writing goals         Take Capital Beltway (495) to
and objectives as well as training home                  Exit #34 Wisconsin
instructors, school staff, and family members in
Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
                                                         Ave/Rockville Pike.
                                                        Go SOUTH on Wisconsin Ave.
  Morgan McCloskey, MA, CCC-SLP                         At 4th traffic light, make a RIGHT
                                                         onto W. CEDAR Lane
Morgan joined ICAN, Inc. in May, 2007. She is           Make the 4th right onto
a nationally certified Speech Language
Pathologist, and is currently working towards
her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)             Make your next RIGHT onto
certification. Ms. McCloskey’s primary                   ACACIA AVE.
responsibilities include evaluation and treatment
of children with developmental speech and
                                                        ICAN is the third house on the
language disorders including autism and other            right (#5100 Acacia Avenue)               5100 Acacia Avenue
related disorders. Morgan also conducts parent          There are 2-hour parking                  Bethesda, MD 20814
and teacher training for home instruction
                                                         spaces in front of the house.               P: 301.897.0815
utilizing teaching procedures of ABA. Ms.                                                            F: 301.897.0819
McCloskey also has experience in treatment of           Come to the right side entrance.
individuals with voice and fluency disorders,
reading difficulties, neurogenic communication                                                icanofwashington@hotmail.com
disorders as well as Apraxia, Dysarthria and
Dysphasia. Ms. McCloskey has training in RDI
(Relationship Development Intervention) and is
PROMPT trained.
      OUR MISSION:                                    SERVICES:                                       WHO We Serve:
                                                                                                  ICAN serves children with:
                                         Applied Behavior Analysis
                                          consultation services utilizing B.F.
                                          Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal                       Speech Language Disorders
                                          Behavior (1957)
                                                                                             Expressive and receptive language
                                         Individual or group speech and                     delays associated with autism
                                          language therapy sessions                          spectrum disorders, PDD-NOS, and
                                                                                             other developmental delays
                                         Speech and language evaluations
                                                                                             Articulation disorders
                                         Functional Behavior Assessments
                                          for the reduction of maladaptive
                                                                                             Reading difficulties
                                          behaviors or increase in functional
To serve families and children in a                                                          ADD/ADHD
   holistic, effective, and ethical      Training services for parents,
manner. Driven by the belief that         professionals, and home therapists                 Developmental Apraxia
  all children can learn if given a
motivated and educated instructor.       IEP Goal Development/Attendance                    Auditory Processing Disorders
    Through effective teaching            at IEP meetings                                    (CAPD)
 procedures, a person can teach
                                         Observations of school settings                    Language-Based Learning
each child how to learn within all
            environments.                                                                    Disabilities
                                         ABLLS-R Assessments

                                         SRA/Direct Instruction Programs
                                                                                             Executive Functioning Disorder

                                         Collaboration with Other                           Pragmatic Language disorders
                                          Professionals                                      (social skills)

                                      Call or e-mail for Client Information Packet and Fee
    Frequently Asked Questions:                      How do I know if my child would benefit
                                                                   from VB?
      What is Verbal Behavior (VB)?                  Prior to scheduling a consultation, the following
In 1957, B.F. Skinner published Verbal               is required:
Behavior, outlining his analysis of Verbal           1. Attend a full workshop from a certified
Behavior. He classified language into functional          BCBA who is trained in Verbal Behavior
units of language: receptive, mimetic/echoics,            techniques. This provides:
mands, tacts, and intraverbals. Each program                An extensive understanding of VB,
incorporates teaching the child across all units          putting everyone on the “same page”
of language, using Discrete Trial Training (DTT)          before the consultant comes to your home.
and Natural Environment Teaching (NET), by                  Confidence that this program is
means of errorless teaching techniques. The               appropriate for your child.
combination of specific teaching procedures          2. Complete the Assessment of Basic
and establishing motivational moments                     Language and Learning Skills-Revised
throughout the child’s day ensures success for            (ABLLS-R) by Drs. Sundberg & Partington
the child!                                                (2006) to establish a detailed assessment
                                                          of where your child falls within several skill
Will you serve as my child’s consultant                   areas, such as:
         and speech therapist?                              Cooperation & Reinforcement
Yes, many times children are seen both on a                      Visual Performance
monthly basis with the entire team                               Receptive Language
(consultation), as well as on a weekly basis for                  Labeling (Tacting)
individual speech and language therapy. Often                          Imitation
the SLP therapy will focus on articulation,                           Requesting
manding, and any problem areas in his/her                 Intraverbals (conversational skills)
home program, still incorporating the teaching
                                                                   Play and Leisure
procedures used in the home program.
                                                                   Social Interaction
  Do you only do “verbal behavior” in                        Classroom/Group Instruction
  your speech and language therapy
              sessions?                               How do I get more information on the
No, while we will still incorporate errorless              ABLLS and workshops?
teaching into therapy with all children, many            www.carboneclinic.com (workshops)
children who come to ICAN do not fall on the         www.behavioranalyst.com (workshops/ABLLS)
autism spectrum. Some children need                      www.vbteachingtools.com (materials)
traditional expressive and receptive language                  www.difflearn.com (ABLLS)
intervention, while others need articulation, oral             www.behaviorchange.com
motor, and/or reading intervention.                    Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DTT-NET
                                                                (General VB information)

             ICAN of Washington, Inc.                             ICAN of Washington, Inc.
         icanofwashington@hotmail.com                         icanofwashington@hotmail.com

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