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									MS Access Tutorial

     MGMT 683
      J. Rees
• MS Access is a relational database
  management system (RDBMS)
• Other PC-based RDMBS include:
  – MS FoxPro
  – Borland dBase
• “Industrial-strength” RDBMS include
  –   Oracle
  –   MS SQL Server
  –   IBM DB2
  –   Informix
            Getting Started
• Open MS Access (Under Microsoft Office 2003
• Open a New Database
Select “Blank Database”
Name your database MyShop.mdb

Now click “Create.” Everything you create for this database will be saved as an *.mdb file.
     MS Access Functionality
• Tables
  – Store Data
• Queries
  – Manipulate Data
• Forms
  – Make data entry and display easier
• Reports
  – Provides information from database to users
    in easy-to-understand format
         Business Example
Your sister has started her own home-décor
 shop. She sells items such as candles,
 pictures and knick-knacks. She wishes to
 track the items in her inventory, sales and
 customer information. You agree to assist
 her in setting up a simple MS Access
 database that will track the appropriate
 Business Example, Continued
You identify that three tables should be created:
  Product Table containing the product number,
  product name, product description, product
  price, and product on hand.
  Sale Table containing the sale number, sale
  date, the product sold and the customer.
  Customer Table containing the customer
  number, customer last name, customer first
  name, phone number, address and notes about
  customer preferences (notify if a Yankee Candle
  Company candle comes in, etc.)
  Creating Tables

Double click „Create table in Design view‟
Creating the Product Table
 Enter the table information

Next: Create the primary key and save your table
          Creating Tables
• Create the Sales and Customer Tables
• Use AutoNumber for the Sales Number
  and Customer Number
• Remember to set the primary key and
  save your tables
               Entering Data
Enter the following data into each of your tables:
Entering Data, Continued
Select Tables to be Linked
Link the three tables together
• Queries allow data to
  be manipulated
  – What were the total
    sales today?
  – How many of my
    customers come from
    out of town?
• Run this query
• Create query to determine customers who do not live in Lafayette
• Provide a user-friendly interface to the
• Control over user‟s additions and
  modifications to the data.
• Forms (like queries & reports) do not
  contain data. Data is always saved in
Create a new form using wizard
Create the Product Form
Select fields to appear on your form
• Reports display the output of tables,
  forms, and/or queries in a formatted
• Create reports for each query using the
  Report Wizard

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