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									                                                                                                                                  April 2006

                                            NwOESC Newsletter
                                        Ordering Supplies                      Annual Inventory Review Underway
                                        for the 2006-2007                  The annual inventory check       general office list. If you are
                                                                           lists were distributed re-       unable to locate an item on the
                                        School Year                        cently and should be re-         general office list either, please
                                                                           turned to the fiscal office by   contact Julie Myers through any
                                        In order to prepare for the        April 28. Equipment items        NwOESC office phone number
602 S Shoop Ave, Wauseon 43567          2006-07 school year, we have       valued over $250 or items        at extension 3331 or send e-
1935 E. Second, Defiance 43512          started the process of ordering    that have been on the system     mail to nwoesc_jmy@nwoca.
                                        supplies. Requisition letters      in the past are tracked. If      org . Julie will determine the
104 E Washington, Napoleon 43545
1410 W High Suite C, Bryan 43506        and requisition forms were         you did not receive an in-       inventory status. Inventory
                                        distributed at the end of          ventory list and have equip-     forms for transfer or disposal
                                        March. Those who receive           ment that you are responsi-      can be found on our website at
Serving the school districts in Defi-   their direct deposit notices via   ble for, please check with       http://www.nwoesc.k12.oh.us/
ance, Fulton, Henry and Williams        email also received the letter     the office manager in your       fiscal/forms.html. Thank you
counties                                and form through email. For        county to find out if the        for your assistance.
                                        those who receive their direct     equipment is listed on the
   WE’ RE      ON THE WEB!              deposit notices through the
     W WW. NWOESC.K1 2 . OH. US         mail, we included paper copies
                                        of the requisition letter and      Fall Staff Meeting is Scheduled for Tues-
                                        form with the March 24th pay-
              Website                   roll distribution. Please sub-     day, August 15th ... Mark Your Calendars!
                                        mit your requisitions to your
              Of the                    Supervisor by April 21st. If
                                        you did not receive the requisi-
                                                                           Annually all staff are given the opportunity to have a fellow
                                                                           staff member recognized at the Fall Staff Meeting through the
                                                                           Employee Showcase segment. We will again be asking your
              Month                     tion letter and form, please
                                        contact Kristin Bauman
                                                                           participation in that activity. In the near future the nomination
                                                                           forms will be distributed via an email attachment to all staff
            www.50states.com            through any NwOESC office
                                                                           with email accounts, plus available on the NwOESC website. If
                                        numbers at extension 3334 or
       An excellent resource if you                                        you do not have internet access or know someone who can help
       need to plan a lesson on Ohio
                                        send email to
                                                                           you, please contact Mary Jane Zeigler, H. R. Specialist
       or any of the other 49 states.   nwoesc_kba@nwoca.org.
                                                                           (X3134) for a nomination form.
          Contains interesting and
        sometimes humorous infor-       I don’t know the key to                    Laura Hill receives the Big Check!
        mation about all the states.
                                        success, but the key to
                                        failure is trying to
                                        please everybody.                   Laura Hill, SLP
                                                                            in Henry
                                                      —Bill Cosby           County was this
                                                                            year’s winner of
    Retirement Open House for Jean Hefflinger                               the Franklin B.
                                                                            Walter Raffle
    Please join us in wishing Jean a wonderful retirement                   Ticket. Shown
    and to celebrate her distinguished career with NwOESC                   at right is Laura
                                                                            receiving her
    serving special kids.
                                                                            “big” check
                       Thursday, May 18                                     from John
                         3:30 – 5:30 p.m.                                   Wilhelm.
      Northwest State Community College Auditorium
    If you would like to contribute towards a gift, donations will          This year’s winning check was for $1,500. Thank you to all
    be collected thru Friday, May 5. Cash or checks (payable to             who helped out this year’s program by selling tickets for the
                                                                            Franklin B. Walter Scholarship Program.
    Colleen Hiltman) can be directed to “Jean’s Retirement”, at
    the NwOESC-Fulton office, PO Box 552, Wauseon, 43567.
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          Updates from Mary Jane Zeigler, Human Resources Specialist
NEWSLETTER /                        NEW HEALTH IN-                      PROVIDER NET-                  WORD OF ADVICE ...
SURVEY ... By now you               SURANCE CARDS ... I                 WORK ... If you need           If you are making any type of
should have received a mail-        will receive new health insur-      to verify if a medical pro-    inquiry about insurance bene-
ing from NBEC (through me)          ance cards for everyone in the      vider is in our health in-     fits always keep a record of
containing a HealthLine             near future. When they arrive,      surance provider network,      the date and time you made
newsletter and also a Health        I will forward them to you as       you can go to the follow-      the inquiry, the company
Survey. Please review the           quickly as I can. It will be        ing website: www.              name, the representative’s
newsletter and file it with         important that you present          frontpathcoalition.com         name, and the information
your red health plan booklet.       that new card to your health        You would need to access       given to you. Often compa-
Particularly note the informa-      care provider(s). There are         to the DIRECTORY op-           nies record their phone calls,
tion about precertification of      some changes effective              tion in the left hand col-     but if they need to go back
certain medical treatments.         04/01/06, but the cards are         umn. Chiropractic              through their tapes of conver-
Your survey response is due         running a little late. Changes      searches require user          sations they will require the
THURSDAY ... APRIL 13,              involve a new company who           name (frontpath) and           date and time of your phone
2006 and we provided a re-          processes the pricing on            password (chiro). We do        inquiry. Be proactive with
turn envelope for you.              health insurance claims, plus       NOT have a preferred           your medical claims ... ask
                                    the addition of Blanchard           provider network for the       questions all along the way
                                    Valley medical facilities now       dental plan.                   and don’t assume everything
                                    being “in network”. Our new                                        will just work out OK. It is
                                    cards should also reflect the                                      much easier to “fix” problem
                                    name American Administra-                                          claims in the beginning stages
                                    tive Group (previously Galla-                                      of the process.
                                    gher Benefit Administrators).

Our sympathies to those   Junior Achievement at the Independence Education Center
who have lost family mem- Something new and exciting each. The student entrepre-     cers of the company and de-
bers.                     started this year at the Inde- neurs even created a slogan termined the needs for second
                                    pendence Education Center.       for their product – Three        semester and chose the prod-
Amy Clay-Bates, IS/PHMS—            A Junior Achievement unit        Times as Easy, Three Times       uct to market. They “hired”
newborn daughter Payton.            has been in operation since      as Fast.                         four other employees so the
Kathy Weinraub, IS/Evergreen—       the beginning of this school                                      second semester class had
Uncle.                              year. The Squeegee Stars         The Junior Achievement class     nine members. The company
                                    Company has recently begun       began meeting soon after         officers devised their own
Jose Salinas, OMEC—Mother.          marketing a combination          school started each Friday       interview format and ques-
Susan Farr, IS/IEC—Aunt.            squeegee windshield cleaner      afternoon at 1 p.m. During       tions before hiring the addi-
                                    that has a supply of washer      first semester there were five   tional workforce. The Squee-
Jill Cordes, IS/Defiance— Cousin.
                                    fluid in the handle. The com-    students involved. Those         gee Stars Company will con-
Brenda Oberlin, IS/Archbold—        pany is selling these for $10    original five became the offi-   tinue their weekly ventures
Aunt.                                                                                                 through Friday April 7.
Peg Boyers, PP/Wauseon—Aunt.        Franklin B. Walter—Special Education Teachers for 2006
Tresa Rowland, Secy/Henry—                                                                             IEP Questions
                                                                                                       The Special Education Super-
                                                                                                       visors have compiled a list of
Welcome to the new addi-                                                                               questions asked at the IEP
                                                                                                       training sessions that were
tions of our ESC staff and                                                                             held in January. These ques-
their families.                                                                                        tions and answers will be sent
                                                                                                       out on the Special Education
Renee Weaver, IS/PH—adopted a                                                                          Teachers email distribution
son—Dalton (13 yrs old) on                                                                             list in the near future. Eventu-
March 2nd.                                                                                             ally they will be posted on
Mimi Suter, SLP/Hen-Ful—had a                                                                          our web page for reference.
daughter, Kate on March 14th.                                                                          Please watch for this infor-
                                    Kris Roberts, Henry; Angie Provines, Defiance; Kalli Hintz,        mation. It will be a good re-
                                    Fulton; Ken Krynock, Williams.                                     source as IEPs are being de-
                                                                                                       veloped this spring.
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