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					   City of Sebastopol
  7120 Bodega Avenue
  Sebastopol, California                      City of Sebastopol
       Summer 2009
                                            Community Newsletter

                                  Adopt A Landscape
                                  The City’s Adopt-a-Landscape Program allows you to adopt a median, island or
                                  park area to provide additional maintenance to Sebastopol's green spaces. The pro-
                                  gram encourages businesses, organizations and individuals to commit their time, tal-
                                  ents and/or money to the maintenance and/or improvement of one of the City's
                                  green spaces.

                                  Depending on the size of the area, volunteers need to spend an average of 4 - 6
                                  days per year on their adopted area. Or, a business or individuals may opt to do-
Help Our Seniors
                                  nate the funds to provide for landscaping services. Everyone who participates is ac-
                                  knowledged with a sign at the site.
The Sebastopol Area Senior
Center located on North High
                                  Even though budgets are shrinking while maintenance needs continue to grow, the
Street is always looking for
                                  City is committed to keeping our greenways beautiful. You can help us keep Sebas-
volunteers in a number of ar-
                                  topol looking its best. Through the Adopt-a-Landscape program, you will find a real
eas. You could help at the
                                  sense of pride and ownership of “our town”. Adopting a landscape can take many
front desk, or be a volunteer
                                  forms. We would be happy to design a program to suit your needs.
driver, or help with the devel-
opment of the Center’s Long
                                  Participation can happen in several ways. One way is to make a commitment to
Range Plan, and more. In
                                  maintaining a specific park space, median, or island which might include removing
addition, the Council on Aging
                                  litter and weeds, mulching, planting, or light pruning at regular intervals throughout
may need volunteers in the
                                  the year. Another way to help is by providing the financial support that would be
kitchen or Senior Day Services
                                  applied to a specific area fur its maintenance and improvement. The entire commu-
program in Sebastopol.
                                  nity is welcome to get involved, including community groups, businesses, service clubs,
                                  fraternal organizations, schools, private clubs, youth groups and individuals.
To check out the possibilities,
call 829-2440 or email
                                  After one month of active adoption, the City will erect a sign at the site, bearing the
                                  name of the adopting group or individual. Also, you will have the satisfaction of
                                  knowing that you helped keep the City of Sebastopol a place of beauty and vitality.
You can also drop by for a
                                  There are a number of ’adoption’ opportunities. The new Skategarden Park has sev-
visit to the Center at 167
                                  eral areas needing ongoing care. The Laguna Preserve is another opportunity, and
North High Street in Sebasto-
                                  there are other park and landscape areas needing attention.
pol, Monday-Friday between
10 and 4.
                                  Contact Dante Del Prete, Assistant Superintendent, at the Department of Public
                                  Works at 707-823-5331 (ext 103). He will help you develop an adoption plan to
                                  coordinate your group's intended activities, frequency, and the City support that
                                  might be needed. Adoption is for a minimum of one year and can be extended by
                                  mutual agreement. A written agreement between the Public Works Department and
                                  your group will record the adoption and details.
Page 2                                                                               City of Sebastopol Community Newsletter

Become a Volunteer Fire

One way you can help your com-
munity is by volunteering for the
City’s public safety services. Se-
                                      Youth Volunteer Opportunity
bastopol is fortunate to have an
outstanding volunteer Fire Depart-    Help your community’s safety services—consider becoming a Police Explorer. The
ment.                                 Sebastopol Police Department’s Explorer Program is open to young people ages 14
                                      to 19. Prospective Explorers undergo a background check process to insure they
The Fire Department is looking for
                                      have sufficient maturity to handle the various requirements of participating in the
men and women, 21 years of age
or older, who are interested in       Explorer Post. Explorers are required to attend bi-weekly trainings. Upon completion
providing an essential service to     of introductory training, Explorers are equipped with a uniform and necessary
the community. The Department         equipment. Explorers are called on to assist at numerous community events. They as-
provides the training and equip-      sist with various tasks in the police department, such as assisting at DUI checkpoints
ment; you provide the desire to       throughout Sonoma County, and acting as decoys in alcohol “stings” conducted by
use your time to provide a vital      the State of California. Explorers are required to be mature and professional, with
service to your community.            strong ethics and the ability to follow directions. Explorers will learn about the inner
                                      workings of a police department and gain a sense of responsibility through their ser-
Please contact the Fire Depart-       vice to the community.
ment at 823-8061 for more infor-
                                      Contact Chris Mooney in the Police Department at 829-4400 for more information.
Chamber of Commerce Needs

The Sebastopol Area Chamber of        Volunteer Creatively at Center for the Arts
Commerce is looking for volunteers
to help staff its Visitor Center. A   The arts are part of what makes Sebastopol a unique community. The Sebastopol
friendly, helpful attitude, and       Center for the Arts located at 6780 Depot Street has numerous volunteer opportuni-
knowledge of Sebastopol and           ties, including assisting at visual, music, and literary arts events and becoming a do-
West County are a plus.               cent and staffing the art gallery. Contact SCA at 829-4797 for more information.

The Chamber also needs a cadre
of volunteers to help work on nu-     Tamp Down Graffiti
merous community and Chamber
events. Contact Executive Director    Another key volunteer opportunity is graffiti removal. Graffiti would be much more
Teresa Ramondo at 823-3032 if         pervasive in Sebastopol if not for the efforts of volunteers who conduct an ongoing
you are interested.                   effort to remove graffiti on both public and private property. Contact Police Chief
                                      Jeff Weaver at 829-4400 for information.

                                      Become a Community Service Volunteer
                                      Volunteers are a vital part of the City’s emergency and safety services. The Police
                                      Department’s Community Service Volunteer Program is open to individuals age 20 or
                                      older who are interested in serving their community. Prospective volunteers undergo
                                      a background check process to insure they have sufficient maturity to handle the
                                      various requirements of participating in the program which can include challenging
                                      situations. Volunteers are required to attend monthly trainings. Upon completion of
                                      introductory training, Volunteers are equipped with a uniform and necessary equip-
    We are on the Web!                ment. Volunteers are called up to assist at numerous community events and assist with            various tasks in the Police Department. Volunteers are required to have strong ethics
                                      and the ability to follow directions. If you are interested in the Community Service
                                      Volunteer Program please contact Officer W.L. Snyder at 829-4400.

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