ST. MARY MAGDALEN SCHOOL – June 5, 2009
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                                        WEEKLY NEWSLETTER
 SAT 6/6       SUN 6/7           MON 6/8               TUE 6/9               WED
                                                                             WED 6/10            THUR 6/11             FRI 6/12
                               Gr. 4-7 Exams         Pre-K Send off
                                                   Celebration 9:00 am    Early Dismissal      Early Dismissal     Last Day of School
                                Talent Show
                                                   Kindergarten Class                                                  10:00 am
                               12:45 pm gym
                                                                              Field Day                                Dismissal
                                   th              4th gr. Class Picnic
                                  8 grade          5th gr. Class Picnic
                                   7:00 pm          Used Book Sale
                                                     1:30 – 2:30 pm

                                  Carpool:              Carpool:               Carpool:            Carpool:             Carpool:
                                 Saylor KA             DeKay KB               Kenes KB             Teachers             Teachers
                                 Bonner KB               Grubb                 Koperna

TALENT SHOW                                                               FIELD DAY
The Student Council Talent Show will be held on Monday,                   Field Day Reminder: Just a quick reminder that
      th                                                                                       th
June 8 at 12:45 pm in the gym. All are welcome to attend!                 Wednesday June 10 is Field Day! Our theme this year is
                                                                          Wacky Fun Olympics!!! Please make sure your child
HSA NEWS                                                                  dresses in play clothes and has sunscreen, if needed.
                                                                          Parent Volunteers – please check your child’s Friday folder
Tuition Raffle Tickets                                                    for your assignment. Thanks again for all your support!!!
We are still accepting and will be for the rest of the
summer, raffle tickets for the tuition raffle. If anyone needs            NURSES NEWS
tickets, they can contact Trish Sherwin at 477-0327. The
drawing isn't till the September general meeting on                       Mari Fischer, RN now has her own webpage which will
September 24th. We will be selling them at various church                 have available all medical forms required for next year .
and school functions as well. So you have plenty of time,                 You may access this page from the Faculty link on the
but don't set it aside and forget to buy a chance for free                school website.
tuition for one child. Only $20 a chance or 3 for $45.
                                                                          CFC SCHOOL COMPONENT NEWS
HSA Auction
For those of you who signed up to help with the Auction,
we will be having a meeting sometime in early summer.                     The Christian Formation Committee (CFC) - School
Date still to be determined. We will contact you by e-mail                Component is pleased to announce that Ruth Lavelle and
or phone. Thanks so much for offering to help!! We are                    Brendan McCormick were elected to the Board for the
happy to take as many people as are willing, so if you didn't             2009-2010 school year. Michelle Kuntz will also join the
sign up yet, please just let someone on the HSA know and                  Board as the HSA representative. Congratulations to all
we will add you to the list.                                              those who will serve on the CFC School Component in the
                                                                          coming year. We would also like to thank all the nominees
Market Day                                                                for the election. Many thanks to our members whose terms
Thanks for a very successful first year of Market Day here                have ended: Gail Sinnott, Jen Sullivan, and Colleen
at SMM. The ongoing fundraiser earned over $4000 for the                  Mulligan (Colleen will serve as HSA President next year).
school and our kids. For those of you who will be going                   We greatly appreciate all the time and energy that you
through Market Day withdrawal, look for a new order form                  have given to the CFC. Finally, special thanks to Rosanne
to come home at the beginning of the school year. For                     Walsh, our chairperson this past school year, for all of your
those of you who haven't tried it yet, you don't know what                hard work that helped steer us towards another successful
you are missing. Great stuff, very convenient, and                        year!
obviously profitable for our school!! Thanks again.

ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS                                                                HAPPY SUMMER!!
Please fill out the attached Volunteer form for next year. It's
a great way to get involved and make new friends. Thank
you very much in advance for your help. Any questions, call
Michele Lawless 764-2055.
             *Please         fill out and return to SMM front office ASAP.
                         St. Mary Magdalen Home & School Association
                                  Volunteer Form 2009-2010
Parent/s Name:                                                   Telephone No:

Student(s) Grade(s) in the
School Year 2009-2010:                                           E-Mail:

        Please check off any activities that you may be interested in volunteering for during the upcoming
school year. The time commitment is flexible, in most cases, and many of these activities involve a very limited
time commitment but help the faculty, staff and school community greatly!

√ Volunteer Opportunities                       Additional Information
   Substitute Teacher, Grade _______            During the school day.
   Assist in the Library                        During the school day.
   Assist in the Computer Room                  During the school day. A computer background is helpful.
   Tutoring, Subject(s) ______________          Variable times and days
   Market Day                                   One day a month in the afternoon, organizing and helping distribute
   Clinic Volunteer                             First-Aid Certified Helpful.
   Monthly Hot Lunches                          Help serve hot lunches which are held about once a month on Fridays
                                                from 10:30-1:00. Younger siblings are welcome and we promise fun!
   Weekly Hot Lunch Sorters                     Help sort hot lunches on a rotating basis.
   Summer Maintenance Projects                  Enjoy helping to make the school a better place. Jobs may include
                                                painting the hallways, mulching, etc.
                                                GREAT WAY FOR STUDENTS TO GAIN SERVICE HOURS!!!!!!!
   Sell Scrip after Mass:                       Sell Scrip after Mass. Please indicate the Mass or Masses that you would
         5pm      7am     9am    11am           prefer.
   Count Boxtops / Labels / Grocery Tapes       Assist in counting box tops, labels or grocery tapes when asked.
   Help with Field Day (June, 2010)             Assist with the events at Field Day.
   Help with HSA Socials                        The HSA Social Committee needs volunteers to assist with the socials.
   Help with HSA Fundraiser(s)                  Varies depending upon the type of fundraiser project. May involve
                                                counting, tabulating, and delivering items.
   Help with Fall Fundraiser                    Help with the fall fundraiser-also, a great way to make new friends.
   Help with Spring Fundraiser                  Lend a hand with the spring fundraiser-another way to make new friends
   Consignment Sale                             Spring Consignment sale in Church Hall
   Co-Homeroom Mom:                             Assist the teachers. Organize, call volunteers and help during class
   Grade: 1st Choice: ____, 2nd Choice: ____,   parties, etc.
   3rd Choice_____.
   New Family Welcoming                         Volunteers are needed as sponsors for new school families. The sponsors
                                                provide information to the new families they are assigned, answer
                                                questions and extend an invitation to HSA social events and meetings,

                                                   <OVER PLEASE>
Page 2 – Volunteer Form 2009-2010

√ Volunteer Opportunities (Cont.)          Additional Information
    Assist with the Helping Hands /        Aid to families in need of assistance due to extraordinary circumstances;
    Outreach Committee                     The help needed would be unique to each family. Some examples may
                                           include making and delivering meals, childcare, transportation to
                                           appointments, carpool assistance, etc. Also, assist in any school outreach
                                           projects for the community that the students are undertaking, as needed.
    Office Help                            Assistance to Secretary in School Office to answer phones in the event of
                                           sickness or vacation.

    Other: __________________________      Please specify any additional help that you might be available for.

Many thanks to all the parents who so willingly volunteer their time to help make our school a success!
Please return this form to school in an envelope marked “Volunteer Form” .

Additionally, there are volunteering opportunities available for other parish committees. Some of those committees
and the contact name if you are interested in participating are as follows:

•    Christian Formation Committee: Functions as the School Board for SMMS.
       (Dan Wierzbowski 477-1242)
•    Athletic Association: SMMS Team Sports, coaching opportunities, etc.
       (Tom Higley 654-3921)
•    Religious Education: Children’s Liturgy of the Word preparation once a month for a 9AM mass.
       (Georgette Minnick 529-0288)
•    Lunch Monitors – Denise Laganosky 529-7166 and Debbie Pellegrino 762-6952

If you have any questions regarding any of these volunteer opportunities listed, please contact anyone of
the committee members listed below. Many thanks for your participation at St. Mary Magdalen!

                                                            Most Sincerely,

                                                            SMM Home & School Association
                                                            New Family Welcome Committee:

                                                            Michele Lawless 302-764-2055

       Please Return to SMM ASAP (In an envelope marked “Volunteer Form”)

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