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					                                                      1st QUARTER-2009                                            VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1

                                         H E A L T H L I N E
                                                                                  Quarterly Publication of the Department of Health & Wellness

                                         From The Interim Director, Dr. Kim Turner
NEW EMPLOYEES                            I want to take this time to    cholesterol and diabetes. The
Haritha Battula, Env. Specialist         officially announce the re-    above pilots are possible due to
                                         opening of the                 additional enhancements
Juanita M. Bentley, Disease Inv.         Neighborhood Health and        supported by the Board of
Widalys Sosa (promotional)               Community Center. This         Commissioners.
Public Health Nutritionist, Supervisor   center is one of Fulton
                                                                        I also want to introduce and
                                         County’s targeted pilot
Milon E. Hosley, Computer Op.                                           welcome our newest member to
                                         projects which integrate
                                                                        the Communicable Disease and
Teresa K. Bell,                          primary care, behavioral
                                                                        Prevention Branch, Dr. Paul
Public Health Educator                   health, workforce
                                                                        Barry, Health Program
                                         development and public
Paul D. Barry, MD                                                       Administrator. Dr. Barry will
Medical Program, Administrator           health. The goal is to be
                                                                        provide medical oversight to
                                         able to provide seamless
Dawn R. Wilson, MD, Staff Physician                                     the Communicable Disease
                                         service delivery to
Dion M. Barquet, Public Health Nurse     residents of Fulton County.                                         realize efficiencies and
                                         We have established            In the midst of changes
Rita A. Hickson, Disease Investigator                                                                        economies of scale through
                                         partnerships with              throughout the nation and
                                                                                                             attrition. With this
Tawanda S. Smith, PHN1                   Morehouse School of            state government; local
                                                                                                             efficiency, the goal is to be
                                         Medicine which will join us    government is changing, as
Veronica Hartwell,                                                                                           able to provide benefits to
                                         in the provision of care and   well. Fulton County is re-
Health Coordinator                                                                                           all employees in the future.
                                         the shared mission of          engineering how we do
David L. Mosley, Deputy Sheriff II       service. On February 6,        business; a New Way of               Hopefully by now you have
Tunya Y. Richardson, Disease Inv.        2009, we had the ribbon        Government. By now, all              been informed about
                                         cutting ceremony and the       should have received a copy or       Common Ground: Creating
Burl R. Burnett, Behavioral Health Cl.   naming of the community        had a meeting to explain the         Equity through Public Policy
Michael Squibb (promotion) Health        center, “Life Beyond           re-org chart. If not, please         and Community
Educator                                 Sunset” by a Kennedy           contact me. We are now closely       Engagement. This
                                         Middle School student. I       collaborating with other             document is the groundwork
Edna Belgrave, Interpreter                                                                                   for how we are going to
                                         want to thank everyone         County departments to provide
Darlreen B. Toney, HIV/AIDS Clinical     who had any involvement        residents with one-stop-service      approach health disparities
Consultant (Dental)                      in the success of this         to assist clients with needs         and address social
Juanita D. Hines, Nursing Supervisor     project. Our work              other than health care. As a         determinants of health. I
                                         continues as we address        result, Health and Wellness,         recommend that you take
Angelique S. Wells (promotion)           access to care and health      Behavioral Health, Human             time to read Common
Nursing Supervisor                                                                                           Ground to have a clearer
                                         disparities issues. We are     Services, Housing and
Larry E. Hudson (promotion)              hopeful that this center       Community Development,               understanding of the
Environmental Technician                 becomes the new medical        Cooperative Extension, Library       direction we are moving
Vincent Ford (promotion) Accounting      home for residents in this     and Arts, are under the              toward in our efforts to
Supervisor                               and surrounding                umbrella of Health and Human         adhere to new County policy
                                         communities.                   Services. This is an efficient       of collaboration and non-
Samuel Guilford (promotion)                                                                                  duplication of services. A
                                                                        way of enhancing service
Environmental Specialist, Sr.            Aldredge Health Center                                              copy of this document is
                                                                        delivery to our clients. In most
                                         has launched the “Primary                                           posted on our website at
Albert R. Slappey, Deputy Sheriff                                       cases, operations will be very
                                         Care Lite” program to also                                
                                                                        similar and not look any
                                         address access to health                                            under Publications and
        RETIREES                         care issues. This program
                                                                        different from our perspective.
                                                                        However, we will be able to          Reports.
                                         will be located on the
Phyllis Carter                                                          enhance our abilities to refer
                                         second floor, adjacent to
Bob Finton                                                              clients for adjunct services.
                                         Employee Health. It will
Vivian White                                                            There will be no job losses or
                                         address health concerns as
                                                                        demotions as a result of the
                                         it relates to hypertension,
                                                                        collaborations. We hope to
PAGE 2                                           H E A L T H L I N E                                     V OLU ME 4, ISSU E 1

March 2 – 8 is Dental Assistant’s Recognition Week!
We all know that the dental assistant     patient care will prepare clients for     radiographs, and process dental x-ray
is there to assist the dentist by         treatment, and obtain dental records;     film as directed by a dentist;
providing extra                                                hand instruments     sometimes remove sutures, apply
hands and offer a                                              and materials to     anesthetics to gums or cavity-
more efficient                                                 dentists, and keep   preventive agents to teeth, remove
dental treatment                                               patients' mouths     excess cement used in the filling
for our clients here                                           dry and clear by     process, and place rubber dams on the
at the Department                                              using suction or     teeth to isolate them for individual
of Health and                                                  other devices;       treatment.
Wellness. Let us                                               sterilize and
and materials;                                                 disinfect            So, when you go kicking and
make casts of the                                              instruments and      screaming into the dentist office for
teeth and mouth                                                equipment,           your annual exams, let’s appreciate
from impressions;                                              prepare tray         the services that the dental assistant
clean and polish                                               setups for dental    provides for the duration of your visit.
removable                                                      procedures, and      Now, let’s tilt our hats to the dental
appliances; and make temporary            instruct patients on postoperative and    assistants of Fulton County. Keep up
crowns.                                   general oral health care; sometimes       the good work and we appreciate the
                                          prepare materials for making              love and compassion that you put into
It doesn’t stop there, on a typical day                                             your jobs each and every day!
                                          impressions and restorations, expose
a dental assistant who delivers

Communicable Disease Prevention Branch (STD/HIV)
The Communicable Disease                Collaborative efforts have been
Prevention Branch is working            established with community
diligently to increase awareness        partners such as schools, churches
and knowledge while decreasing the      and even night clubs, just to name a
number of primary and                                        few. This allows
secondary cases reported                                     the branch to
in Fulton by prompting
                               Did you know Fulton           provide training
residents to get tested,      County is number one to staff and
                                                             clients, develop
seek treatment, and notify
their partners. The target    for Syphilis/HIV cases         focus groups
audience includes African-                                   and on-site
Americans, men who have            in Georgia?               testing.               World TB Day 2009
sex with men (MSM), and
women who have sex with men             A media campaign was launch to              Lace up your walking shoes and
(WSM).                                  heighten awareness of the Fulton            prepare yourself for the World TB
                                        STD/HIV Epidemic. The theme of              Awareness Walk on Saturday,
The mobile unit is used to provide      this campaign is “Face The Facts.”
                                                                                    March 21, 2009. The theme for this
education and intervention through      Messages were displayed on mobile
                                                                                    year is “Partners for TB
screening and early detection           billboards, billboards, advertised on
                                                                                    Elimination”. Registration starts as
within the community.                   radio stations and in magazines,
                                                                                    early as 8 o’clock followed up with
                                        and newspapers. With all of the
                                                                                    the two mile walk throughout
                                        measures taken the Branch would
                                                                                    historic Grant Park. Bring your
                                        surely increase awareness,
                                                                                    family out and enjoy the day while
                                        knowledge, and action. The
                                                                                    making a difference. To register for
                                        messages displayed told the public
                                                                                    the walk visit
                                        to know your status! Get Tested!
                                        Get Treated! As they continue to
                                        promote this message we also must           World TB Day is an annual event to
                                        remember that condoms used                  commemorate the date when Dr.
                                        consistently and correctly are one of       Robert Koch announced his
                                        the best tools in the prevention of         discovery of M. tuberculosis in 1882,
                                        STDs and HIV.                               the bacteria that cause TB.
  V OLU ME 4, ISSU E 1                               H E A L T H L I N E                                                    PAGE 3

Environmental Health Services Received Approval For
the Environmental Health Code Revisions
Environmental Health Services Health        implementation date. The new Georgia         Sanitation, Article VII, “Nuisances”.
Code Revisions to become effective          Food Code is based on the 2005 Model         The revisions for this code eliminated
January 1, 2009.                            Food and Drug Administration Code;           air quality control which is the
                                            the Conference for Food Protection; and      responsibility of the state’s Air
The Board of Health recommended             the latest science as it relates to the      Protection Branch, Environmental
revisions to the Fulton County Health       food service industry. To better protect     Protection Division, Department of
Code for submission and consideration       the health and safety of the public and      Natural Resources.
by the Fulton County Board of               to be uniform with the rest of the state,
Commission effective January 1, 2009.       the Department feels that it would be        Solid Waste – revision of Fulton
Fulton County Board of Commissions          most advantageous for Fulton County          County code, Chapter 34, Health and
has approved the code changes.              to adopt the State of Georgia Food Code      Sanitation, Article X, “Solid Waste”.
                                            in its entirety. The only change made
                                                                                         The revisions eliminated fire standards
The Fulton County Board                     for Environmental Health from the
                                                                                         enforced by Public Safety, and updated
of Health conducted a                                                 original state
                                                                                         referenced tables and charts.
review of Fulton County          Code Revisions became effective      code is the
regulations under the                                                 definition of
                                as of February 1, 2009. For more      “Department” to    Rat Control – revision of Fulton
delegated authority and
                                                                      allow Fulton       County code, Chapter 34, Health and
responsibility of the          information visit the Environmental
Department of Health and                                              County to          Sanitation, Article IX, “Rat Control”.
Wellness, specifically the        Health Services Web page at         enforce this       The main revisions were reformatting
division of Environmental                                             code. The          the code and requiring owners, instead
Health Services. A public
                                changes            of occupants, be responsible for rat
hearing was held at the                                               attached reflect   control on their properties.
Fulton County Board of Health               changes to the previous state food code,
Meeting on October 23, 2008. There          but many of the new standards adopted
were no comments made from the              in the state food code were already
public at that hearing.                     incorporated into the existing Fulton
                                            County code, Article V, “Food Service”.
To better protect the health and safety
of the public, to incorporate the latest    Georgia Smoke free Act 2005 –
sciences, and to update to address the      adopting state code, Department of
latest technologies, and to clarify code    Human Resources, Chapter Section
statements, the Department feels that       290-5-61.01 to 290-5-61-.10; repealing
it would be most advantageous for           Fulton County code, Chapter 34, Health
Fulton County to adopt the State of         and Sanitation, Article III, “Clean
Georgia Food Code, the Georgia              Indoor Air”. The Georgia Smokefree Act
Smokefree Act, and to approve               is in effect throughout Georgia, except
revisions in the Rat Control,               Fulton County, is more stringent than
Nuisances, Solid Waste, and Swimming        the current Fulton County, and will
Pools and Natural Bathing Places            achieve uniformity with the rest of the
codes.                                      state.

The Environmental Health Services           Swimming Pools – revision of Fulton
Division leadership has revised and         County code, Chapter 34, Health and
is recommending adoption of the             Sanitation, Article XII, “Swimming
following codes:                            Pools and Recreational Waters” (new
                                            title, “Swimming Pools and Natural             The Spirit Foundation’s Celebration
Food Service – adopting state food          Bathing Places”). This revised code is         for Life: A Walk For Hope, A Walk
code, Department of Human Resources,        the result of the Metro Pool Committee’s       for A New Voice was held on Sunday,
Public Health, Chapter 290-5-14;            effort to produce a uniform standard for       January 25th. Larry Johnson,
repealing Fulton County code, Chapter       the entire metropolitan Atlanta area,          REACH for Wellness, carried the
34, Health and Sanitation, Article V,       greatly supported by both metro county         banner during the 2-mile walk. This
“Food Service”. After painstaking           Environmental Health and the pool              was a way for many to not only pay
efforts, the State of Georgia passed a      industry.                                      tribute to the survivors of cervical
new food code (Rules and Regulations                                                       cancer but in memory of their loved
“Food Service” Chapter 290-5-14) in         Nuisances – revision of Fulton County          ones as well.
July 2007 with a December 2007              code, Chapter 34, Health and
 PAGE 4                                     H E A L T H L I N E                            V OLU ME 4, ISSU E 1

Neighborhood Union Health Center Re-opened on February 6, 2009
The Fulton County Department of Health and Human Services re-opened Neighborhood Union Health
Center on Monday, February 9, 2009. The health center is the first multidiscipline facility in the state
designed to address health disparities experienced in the Vine City community. In addition to the
Department of Health and Wellness services, the center will provide mental health and substance abuse
counseling, career counseling and training and primary care services through partnerships with Mental
Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases (MH/DD/AD) and Fulton County - Human
Services Office of Workforce Development and Morehouse School of Medicine.
The Neighborhood Union Health Center, located at 186 Sunset Avenue in Atlanta, opened in 1955 in a
predominantly African American community during a time of mounting racial tension across the nation.
The re-design retains its historical exterior to signify the importance of the facility to the community. A
7,500 square foot addition links to the original building and a community meeting room is added for the
community to use for neighborhood programs and meetings.
 PAGE 5                                            H E A L T H L I N E                                        V OLU ME 4, ISSU E 1

Communicable Disease Prevention Branch has a new Medical Program Administrator
                                                Dr. Paul Barry was born in Buffalo, New York. He received a
                                                doctorate in medicine in 1971 from the Medical School, State
                                                University of New York at Buffalo. In 1972 he completed an
                                                internship at The Queen's Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

                                              After five years of civilian practice, he entered the Navy in 1977 as
                                              a General Medical Officer at Naval Submarine Medical Center,
                                              Groton, Connecticut. He later became Undersea Medical Officer at
                                              Submarine Squadron 18 on board USS SIMON LIKE (AS 33),
                                              Charleston, South Carolina, in June 1978 and joined Submarine
                                              Squadron 14 aboard USS HOLLAND (AS 32), the Holy Loch,
                                              Scotland, in August 1979. In 1983, Commander Barry became
                                              Force Medical Officer for Commander Submarine Force U. S.
Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Virginia. He served in this capacity unti11986. In 1987 he earned a Master of Public
Health degree at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, and was certified in occupational
medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Captain Barry served as Commanding Officer, Medical Treatment Facility, USNS MERCY (T-AH 19) from
August 1990 to April 1991 in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. When he returned from the
Persian Gulf, he became Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Operational Medicine, Bureau of Medicine and
Surgery, Washington, DC, and in April 1992, Head, Medical Corps Assignments, Bureau of Naval Personnel,
Washington, DC. He assumed command of Navy Environmental Health Center, Norfolk, Virginia, in July 1993
until September 1996 when he became Force Surgeon, Marine Forces Pacific, Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii. In
November 1998, he served as Director, Occupational Health and Preventive Medicine at the Bureau of Medicine
and Surgery, but transferred in June 1999 to be the joint medical officer at the Institute for Defense Analyses,
Joint Advanced Warfighting Program. In June 2001, he became the Director for Healthcare Operations at Naval
Healthcare Support Office, Jacksonville, FL, and in Apri1 2002, he was appointed Deputy Officer in Charge. He
retired from the Navy on 01 January 2004, and took a position in Winston-Salem, NC, first as director for
occupational medicine, PrimeCare Medical Centers and then, medical director for PrimeCare. From 2008 until
January 2009, Dr. Barry was the Corporate Medical Director, Wellness and Disease Management for Novant
Health’s 23,000 employees. In February 2009, he began his current job as Medical Program Administrator at
the Fulton County, Georgia, Department of Health and Wellness.
Dr. Barry is in transition from Lewisville, North Carolina with his wife Teresa. His son, Sean, and
grandchildren, Kyle and Erin, live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His stepdaughter, Nicole Dumond, lives in
San Diego, California and is a pharmacy technician.

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