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									                                             TERRA COMMUNITY COLLEGE

      Employee Development and Performance evaluations are meant to provide a systematic method for each employee to measure his/her
development, to discuss his/her performance with the supervisor, to know how well he/she is meeting the requirements of the position, to encourage
motivation of the employee, to promote open communication between management and staff, and to gain supervisory assistance with the correction
                                                              of any problem areas.
Step 1) Employee is to prepare a written self-assessment (a few paragraphs):
            - progress on past goals
            - additional training and/or education received during past year
            - professional achievements
            - community involvement and/or service to the college not specifically related to his/her position
            - suggestions for future measurable goals
        Submit the self-assessment to the supervisor in writing by May 1st of the current year.
Step 2) Supervisor completes Employee Development and Performance Evaluation form and arranges a meeting
         with employee.
             Because each of us has an area that can be improved upon, no one will receive all "Exceeds Expectations" ratings.
             When an "Exceeds Expectations" rating is given, a written explanation should be provided in the "Supervisor's
             Comment" section. A rating of "Meets Expectations" indicatesthat the employee is doing his/her job well. If a rating
             of "Below Expectations" is given, the supervisor will indicate in writing the behavior that is needed to enable
             the employee to improve.
Step 3) Supervisor and employee review the employee's current position description.
            If there are any discrepancies, these need to be reported to the next level of supervisor for adjustment on the
            electronic file itself. Supervisor will forward the up-dated electronic file with a note stating what changes were
            made to the appropriate vice-president, dean, or director for approval. Upon approval, the vice-president/dean/director
            will forward the revised electronic file of the position description to Laura Stull.
            Do not forward electronic copy of position description to Laura unless changes have been made to the original file.
Step 4) Employee and Supervisor should discuss and list future measurable goals that should be accomplished
        within the next year.
             These goals should stretch each employee and not be day-to-day operational goals.
Step 5) Supervisor and employee review the Employee Development and Performance Evaluation form.
            At the conclusion of the meeting, both will sign the form indicating that they have reviewed the document;
            not necessarily that the employee agrees with the ratings.
Step 6) Submit the entire packet to the HR office no later than July 1st of current year.
Step 7) Supervisor and employee should meet again in either December or January for an informal review of progress.
                                                                              Terra State Community College
                                                   EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION

            Name:                                                                                   Job Title:

            Evaluation Period:          From:                                                           To:

            PART I - General Performance Factors
                Check the box for the response that best describes the employee's performance.
                Place a check in the box in the N/A column for any factor that does not apply to the position being reviewed.

                              Factors                             Below Expectations                     Meets Expectations                   Exceeds Expectations            N/A
                                                          Does not show adequate                 Good understanding of job             Exceptional understanding of job
            Knowledge of job                              knowledge of job.                      requirements.                         requirements.

                                                                                                                                       Is very conscientious and rarely
                                                          Seldom does work that is error free. Usually does work that is error free.
            Quality of work                                                                                                            makes mistakes.

                                                          Seldom does required amount of         Consistently does required amount     Usually does more than required
            Quantity of work                              work.                                  of work.                              amount of work.

                                                          Inconsistent in completing assigned Usually completes assigned work          Consistently completes assigned
            Dependability                                 work and meeting deadlines.         and meets deadlines.                     work and meets deadlines.

                                                          Inconsistently anticipates work to Usually anticipates work to be done
                                                                                                                                 Consistently anticipates work to be
                                                          be done. Occasionally approaches and approaches work with
            Self-Directed                                                                                                        done and consistently enthusiastic.
                                                          work with enthusiasm.              enthusiasm.

                                                          Accepts instruction and direction,
                                                                                                 Accepts instruction and direction,    Accepts instruction and direction,
                                                          but questions without good cause.
                                                                                                 questions only with good cause.       offers constructive suggestions.
                                                          Frequently tries to avoid unpleasant
            Cooperation/Attitude                                                                 Does not try to avoid unpleasant      Shows willingness to do unpleasant
                                                          tasks. Attitude could use
                                                                                                 tasks. Good attitude.                 tasks. Exceptional attitude.

                                                          Works and communicates at a sub- Works with and communicates well Works with and communicates
            Relationship with others/                     par level with supervisors, co-  with supervisors, co-workers, and exceptionally well with supervisors,
            Communication                                 workers, and external parties.   external parties.                 co-workers, and external parties.

                                                          Rarely initiates new ideas or          Regularly initiates new ideas and     Consistently initiates new ideas and
            Creativity                                    encourages progressive changes         encourages progressive changes.       encourages progressive changes.

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                              Factors                              Below Expectations                      Meets Expectations                   Exceeds Expectations            N/A
                                                          Inconsistent in planning and                                                  Exceptional planning and
                                                                                                  Usually plans and organizes work.
                                                          organizing work. Does an                                                      organizing of work. Does an
                                                                                                  Does a good job of arranging work,
            Coordination of work and setting              inadequate job in arranging work,                                             exceptional job of arranging work,
                                                                                                  creating realistic goals, and setting
            priorities                                    creating realistic goals, and setting                                         creating realistic goals, and setting
                                                          priorities .                                                                  priorities.

                                                          Often uses poor judgment in             Uses good judgment in routine         Uses exceptional judgment in
                                                          routine situations. Has difficulty      situations . Can make                 routine situations. Confidently
            Judgment/Decision Making                      making decisions and seldom             independent decisions and usually     makes decisions and continually
                                                          anticipates consequences of             anticipates consequences of           anticipates consequences of
                                                          decisions.                              decisions.                            decisions.

                                                          Seldom anticipates or understands                                             Constantly anticipates or
                                                                                                  Often anticipates or understands
                                                          external and internal customer                                                understands external and internal
                                                                                                  external and internal customer
                                                          needs. Rarely recommends or                                                   customer needs. Consistently
                                                                                                  needs. Usually recommends or
                                                          provides solutions or services                                                recommends or provides solutions
                                                                                                  provides solutions or services
            Customer Service                              which meet or exceed customer                                                 or services which meet or exceed
                                                                                                  which meet or exceed customer
                                                          requirements or expectations.                                                 customer requirements or
                                                                                                  requirements or expectations.
                                                          Below average customer service                                                expectations. Excellent customer
                                                                                                  Good customer service skills.
                                                          skills.                                                                       service skills.

                                                          Has fair understanding of                                                     Has an excellent understanding of
                                                                                             Has good understanding of
                                                          policy/procedures/standards. Does                                             policy/procedures/standards.
            Policy                                                                           policy/procedures/standards.
                                                          not act with proper authority on a                                            Consistently acts with proper
            Implementation/Accountability                                                    Acts with proper authority.
                                                          regular basis.                                                                authority.

                                                  Does a below average job of
                                                                                                  Does a good job of guiding and        Does a great job of guiding and
                                                  guiding and appropriately
                                                                                                  appropriately disciplines             properly disciplining employees.
                                                  disciplining employees. Rarely
                                                                                                  employees. Usually communicates       Communicates and addresses
            Leading                               communicates and addresses
                                                                                                  and addresses problematic             problematic situations as they
            (this factor rated for employees with problematic situations as they
                                                                                                  situations as they arise. Often       arise. Consistently empowers
            supervisory responsibilities only)    arise. Seldom empowers
                                                                                                  empowers employees to make            employees to make independent
                                                  employees to make independent
                                                                                                  independent decisions.                decisions.

            PART II - Subjects for Review and Discussion (Open conversation with supervisor)                                    Was this subject reviewed and discussed?
                                                                                                                                           YES                  NO
            Position Description reviewed and revised, if necessary            ………………………………………...……..………………
            Discussion concerning employee's professional development & self-assessment                     ……………………………
            Discussion concerning departmental goals and relation to the college's strategic plans          …………………...…...….
            Is attendance a problem?                                          ………………………………………………………………..
            Are safety rules observed and adhered to?                         ……………………………..…………………………………

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            PART III - Individual Measurable Goals
            List individual goals for the past year below:

                                                             Below Expectations         Meets Expectations                  Exceeds Expectations
            Performance on individual goals:

            List individual goals for the next year below: (Employee's Self-Assessment Form should be attached to the back of this document.)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\29a1b837-352b-4c2a-a423-57fce14d8dd0.xls                                                                                    Page 4 of 5
            Part IV - Comment Section
            Supervisor's Comments: (give general explanation for "below" or "exceeds" expectation responses.)

            Employee's Comments:

            Check this box if you would like to discuss this evaluation with the next level of supervision:

            Your signature indicates that you have had an opportunity to review and discuss this performance evaluation with your supervisor.

            Employee's Signature                                                                                       Date

            Supervisor's Signature                                                                                     Date

            Appropriate Vice-President/Dean/Director's Signature                                                       Date

            * Supervisor - Attach the employee's self-assessment form to the back of document and make a copy of the completed evaluation form
                            for the employee and yourself. Your copy will be used for future reference (mid-year review and for next year's evaluation)

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