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Homeowners’ Association Newsletter                                    April 2008                                Volume 4, Issue 2

CONTENTS ................................................... Page           NEW HOA FEES EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2008
Community Garage Sale ............................................ 1          In 2005 the HOA was transitioned from Pulte to the
New HOA Fees Effective June 1, 2008 ...................... 1                homeowners. From that time until now annual
Board of Directors Meeting Schedule........................ 1               maintenance costs have gone up, yet we have absorbed
Parking Violators Get the Boot .................................. 2         those costs, thereby not requiring an increase in HOA
                                                                            fees. As we all know the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Landscape Committee Report .................................... 2           creeps upward each year. The cumulative CPI from
Compliance Corner .................................................... 2    2005 through 2007 is an inflation factor of 1.0839%.
Lake Committee Report .............................................. 3      To put this in perspective, to purchase what would
Lagos Vistoso Websites ............................................... 3    have cost us $1,000.00 in 2005 now costs us $1083.94
Using Eforms to Report Problems .............................. 3            today. Other unanticipated costs such as an eleven
Do Not Publish Gate Codes ........................................ 3        percent increase in cost of water, this year alone, have
Architectural Review Committee Report................... 4                  increased operating costs.
Recent Board Meeting Actions ................................... 4            The reserve study sets aside money for
Board of Directors – How to Contact ........................ 4              maintenance/replacement that will be needed in the
                                                                            future, such as the streets, lake pumps, park ramadas
                                                                            and playground equipment. In addition to increased
                                                                            operating costs, the Board of Directors determined that
                                                                            there were many items that were not included for
                                                                            funding in the original reserve study established by
                                                                            Pulte. The additional items that were not funded in the
                                                                            reserves account for a 41% percent increase in monies
                                                                            needed to be set aside in reserves. Some of the items
                                                                            that were not in the original reserve study are security
                                                                            cameras, acid injection system, and non inventoried
                                                                            lake equipment.
                                                                              To provide funding for the above, effective June 1,
                                                                            2008 the association assessments will be raised
                                                                            approximately 10% as follows:
                                                                            Lot Type                 Current Fee       New Fee
                                                                            Type A, Non lake         $85.00            $93.49
                                                                            Type A, Lake             $113.00           $124.10
                                                                            Type B Non lake          $103.00           $110.10
                                                                            Type B, Lake             $128.00           $140.71
  Entryway greetings at both entrances to Lagos Vistoso
                                                                            Note: The percentage increase differs slightly for each
                                                                            type of lot as required by CC&R section 6.3.1.
  May 17th and October 11th the vehicle gates will be
open for a community garage sale from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
to allow potential buyers access to our community. The                                  SCHEDULE - 2008
HOA is in the process of purchasing two large banner                           Regular HOA board meetings are scheduled for the
type signs that will be posted outside our community                        third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.:
the week of the garage sale. Each homeowner may                                Apr 16 Board Members & Homeowners
advertise their garage sale and may provide directional                        May 14 Board Members & Homeowners
signs within our community. Please do not post                                 Jun 18 Board Members & Homeowners
directional signs in a manner that will obscure vehicle                        Jul 16 Board Members & Homeowners
traffic signs. The HOA Board requests that all garage                          Aug 20 Board Members & Homeowners
sale signs be removed the same day after the sale.                             Sep 17 Annual Meeting
  For homes that are for sale this might also be a good                        Oct 15 Board Members & Homeowners
opportunity to hold an open house as the gates will be                         Nov 19 Board Members & Homeowners
open for a period of time on this day.                                         Dec 17 Board Members & Homeowners
                                                                               Please check for any changes.
                                                                                        (continued next page)
Lagos Vistoso Homeowners’ Association Newsletter                               April 2008           Page   2
   Location of Homeowner Meetings: The meetings are        Soon we will be saying good-bye to our beautiful
currently being held at the First Credit Union           petunias in our entrance which will be replaced by
(Conference Room). This is located on the west side of   more heat tolerant plants.
Alma School, approximately one block north of              A future project will be the replacement of plants
Ocotillo. Homeowners and residents are invited to        in the parkways in front of homes.
attend. At the end of the meeting there will be time
allocated to hearing from attendees.       Individual      A major concern that has come up is the
problems and complaints should be handled outside of     watering of plants and trees in parkways and
this meeting. ALL LAGOS VISTOSO RESIDENTS AND            common areas by homeowners not sure if an
HOMEOWNERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND.                     emitter is clogged and trying to do the right thing.
                                                         The plants and trees are on timers. They are
PARKING VIOLATORS GET THE BOOT                           watered on a programmed schedule to ensure they
   Effective May 1st, any                                receive adequate moisture. If there is a question
vehicles     found    illegally                          regarding this, please call the management
parked on the street between                             company at 480-704-2900. They will forward it
the hours of midnight and                                to the landscaper who will assess whether the tree
5:00 a.m. are subject to                                 or plant is alive or dead. Over watering kills a lot
immediate immobilization or                              of plants and trees which need to then be replaced
impound.                                                 which in turn costs the homeowners money. As
   Immobilization, such as a boot, is subject to a       always, cooperation by all homeowners is
$140 fee and repeated violations could result in         appreciated in maintaining the beauty of our
the vehicle being towed and impound fees of up to        community.
$500 may be charged. These charges are in
addition to community violation fees which range
from $50 to $100. The “boot” can cause an
inconvenience to owners of vehicles that are
illegally parked. When a “boot” is applied the
owner must contact the contracted company, pay a
fine to them and schedule them to come out and
remove the boot. We prefer to not have this done,
but there seems to be a lot of residents who are
choosing to ignore the rules of the community that
the Board is obligated to enforce. Arizona Parking
Solutions (APS) has been put under contract with
our community to help enforce the overnight street
parking rule (CC&R 3.16).
   Overnight parking in the streets is not permitted
for residents. For visitors it is allowed for only a
24 consecutive hour period.
   If you have any questions regarding this service
please contact Arizona Parking Solutions at or Mitzi Carley, Premier          We are enjoying one of the healthiest lawns ever.
property manager, at             However, the move from winter grass to the summer grass
or 480-704-2900. Note: All fees and changes are          will have a transition period.
subject to change.
                                                         COMPLIANCE CORNER
                                                           Cleaning up after your dog is a requirement of
LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE REPORT                               Maricopa County and of the community and is
  Phase one of replacing granite was done last           enforceable by both. Besides being a health hazard
year. This was on the parkway areas in front of          it is an annoyance. Please save yourself fines and
homes and along Crossbow and Doral The second            court costs by cleaning up after your pet at the
phase has just been completed on the interior            time it happens.
common areas of our community.                             If you have any questions, please refer to your
  Our next project will be to replace dead and           copy of CC&R’s that were supplied to you from the
missing plants and/or trees in the McQueen               builder. The CC&Rs, ByLaws and Architectural
Lagos Vistoso Homeowners’ Association Newsletter                                April 2008           Page   3
Guidelines are also available on-line at                 click on “Submit”. An email will be sent to the If you have any further           appropriate committee and/or property manager.
questions, please contact Mitzi Carley, Community
Manager, at 480-704-2900, or via e-mail at

  The combination of homeowners, lake vendors
and committee volunteers have improved the lake
conditions to their highest quality to date. A
proactive program of cleaning the waterfalls is
now in place. A treatment for midge flies and
mosquitoes was completed in January to help
control any potential outbreaks as part of an
ongoing pest control program. The lakes were
restocked with 1,200 fish earlier this year. The
lake equipment is being maintained on a routine
schedule and repaired rather than being replaced
at a greater cost. The individual needs of every         Keeping back yards well groomed adds to the value of the
lake are being recorded and measured to create a         community.
history for the best possible year around solutions.
The water testing, monitoring and oversight will         DO NOT PUBLISH GATE ACCESS CODES
maintain a higher quality control over the lakes           Allowing access to our community for Open
with total community involvement.                        House showing, birthday parties, etc. are
  The quality of lake water is also important            problematic in a gated community. It is important
because the irrigation system uses it to water all       that gate access codes are not advertised or
the trees, plants and grass. There are thirteen          displayed or posted on signs as it allows entry by
homeowner volunteers that provide daily                  unauthorized non-residents for extended periods
monitoring and oversight, which allows a quick           of time long beyond the actual date of the event.
response to any potential problem. They deserve a        In one case it was discovered that one such posted
special thanks for their community involvement.          code was being used by several people months
                                                         after it was posted. If a homeowner wishes, they
LAGOS VISTOSO WEBSITES                                   can advertise an Open House or place signs at each
  Basic information about your community can be          entrance to our community but must not post a
found at There is a link on        gate access code. They may post the resident’s gate
it that will take you to          directory name or gate directory three digit
eForms are available here for reporting                  number that may be called from the gate pedestal
information to the committees and community              whereupon the resident may open the gate.
manager.      This site requires a user Id and             If a Board member observes that a gate access
password to access some of its features, but has         code has been posted or advertised, the sign will be
much more information. If you are a homeowner            immediately removed. The published gate code
but do not know what your user Id and password           will be canceled and a new gate code will be
are, click on “Request Login” at that site and it will   assigned to that lot.
be sent to you. It may take a few days to be               Suggestion: If you have weekly landscape or any
verified before it arrives in you email box.             other service company that needs access to the
                                                         gates you could instruct the company to note your
                                                         access code on the work order. Please contact
USING EFORMS TO REPORT PROBLEMS                          Premier Management company at 480-704-2900
 Want to report a street light that is not               or          if you have
functioning? Or a community gate that is broken?         determined that your personal access code has
Or a community landscaping problem?                      been compromised and you wish to have it
  Go to and click on               changed.
“eForm”. Then select the type of information that
you are reporting. Fill in the information and then
Lagos Vistoso Homeowners’ Association Newsletter                               April 2008         Page   4

  It's getting to be that time of year when we wonder
if we should maybe paint our homes. If you are one
of these people and thinking you might like to
change the exterior colors of your home. If you are,
you need to place an Architectural request for the
color change to be approved. Please check our
website, under Documents
then Architectural Design Guidelines; item 15, for
more information.

February , 2008
 ~ Approved renewal of two Certificates of Deposit
that are maturing in February.
~ Approve having a compilation of the Association
accounting books for the fiscal year 2007.              Many residents have commented the attractiveness of our
~ Approve raising of the Association Fees to the        entry ways at this time.
homeowners by 10% to be effective June1, 2008.
.March , 2008                                                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS
~ Approved renewal of two Certificates of Deposit
that are maturing in March.                              Gary Stacy, President
~ Approved moving $100,000 from First National         
Bank to a Certificate of Deposit at another              Mike Popelka, Vice President
financial institution..                               
~ Approved acceptance of bid by CleanCuts to             Maria Brewer, Secretary
replenish the granite in the common areas.            
~ Approved bid by Waterworks by George for
                                                         Henry Seager, Treasurer
installation of compressor and other lake
                                                         Allison Clark, Director
~ Rejected a bid for monthly maintenance on the
pedestrian gates.                                      
~ Approved action to have safety inspections on          John Huck, Director
the tot lots done twice a year.                       
April , 2008                                             Larry Varney, Director
~ Approved moving $88,000 to a three year CD          
from a lower interest paying money market
account..                                                             Management Agent
~ Approved a bid from CleanCuts Lawn for
planting in the McQueen entrance.                             Premier Community Management, Inc.
~ Approved a bid from CleanCuts Lawn for                         3930 S Alma School Rd, Suite 10
replacing missing plants in the common areas.                         Chandler, AZ 85248
~ Approved a bid from Arizona Pest Control for           Phone:        480-704-2900
spraying the lake equipment vaults for insects.          Fax:          480-704-2901
~ Approved a bid to replace pedestrian gates
pending review by an oversight committee.                Email:
~ Approved contract from Dr Amalfi for lake care.
~ Approved a bid to have the Tot Lots inspected bi-
annually.                                                Chandler non-emergency calls: 480-782-4130
~ Approved dates for having open gates for garage
sales on May 17, 2008 and October 11, 2008.
~ Approved purchase of two banner type garage
sale signs.                                             COMMENTS & LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                                          Comments and letters to the editor may be emailed to
~ Approved the exact amounts of the HOA       
assessment increases.