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									Solutions as individual   BMW Financial

as you are.

                            The Ultimate
                           Driving Machine
      BMW applies the same disciplined, yet creative
      and dynamic approach to finance, lease,
      and insurance services, as it does to its cars,
      developing innovative, flexible and extremely
      competitive solutions tailored to individual
      needs and backed with individual service.

This brochure provides an outline of the options
offered by BMW Financial Services and an indication
of the way they can be tailored to meet your needs and
to help you make informed, cost-effective decisions.
The Business Manager at your BMW Dealer can advise
you on the ideal package to meet your objectives.

      Visit our website at where you will
      find comprehensive information about our
      products and services.
BMW Full Circle is an innovative finance programme
that allows you to enjoy the present, secure in the
knowledge that the future is taken care of.
  As an approved commercial customer, you can
select the contract term that suits your needs – 24,
36 or 48 months – and ensure that you only pay for
what you need by choosing either a 15,000 or 20,000
kilometres annual allowance. And by placing equity
into your finance contract as either a cash deposit or
using the residual value of your BMW, you have the
flexibility of setting repayments to suit your budget.
  Most importantly, BMW Full Circle provides peace
of mind with Guaranteed Future Value: at the end of
your contract you can choose to trade-in, buy out,
refinance or simply hand the keys back.*
*BMW Full Circle is only available to approved commercial customers for
business purposes. BMW Full Circle options are subject to wear and tear
and kilometre conditions.
BMW Prestige Purchase offers flexibility as it
enables business customers to select the contract
term, place a deposit into the contract, and nominate
the balloon (final instalment), therefore tailoring the
repayment to suit your budget. Repayments are fixed
for the term of the contract, and where the vehicle is
used for income-producing purposes, interest charges
and depreciation on the vehicle may be tax deductible.

BMW Prestige Lease is a tax-effective product that
enables business customers to acquire a new vehicle
without tying up valuable capital. Flexible lease terms
and residuals, along with fixed repayments, enable a
business to tailor repayments to suit their needs, and
preserve cash-flow which can then be utilised elsewhere
in the business. Where the vehicle is used for income
producing purposes, a tax deduction may be available.
BMW Novated Lease enables both employees and
employers to gain benefits from salary-packaging
a vehicle. Employees benefit as they require a
smaller portion of their income to run the vehicle, and
can enjoy a lower rate of tax on the benefit, than if they
were to pay for the vehicle running costs with after-tax
income. Employers benefit as a BMW Novated Lease
removes many of problems associated with traditional
methods of providing company vehicles to employees.
BMW Auto Plan/Auto Plan Plus is ideal for
busy people who like the idea of prestige motoring
without the day-to-day hassles of actual ownership.
Auto Plan Plus offers one monthly repayment that
includes the finance repayment, all scheduled service
and maintenance, tyres, registration, and roadside
assistance, for the term of the contract.
  Auto Plan is suitable for those drivers who prefer
to pay for any service and maintenance costs as
and when they occur, and with either lease you have
no concerns about resale value or vehicle disposal
because, at the end of the contract, you simply return
your vehicle to your BMW Dealer, who will then arrange
a new BMW for you.
BMW Chattel Mortgage offers business customers
many advantages and is particularly suitable for those
customers who account for their business operations
on a cash basis. A Chattel Mortgage Agreement is
tax-effective and assists to enhance cash-flow, as
a customer can claim back some or all of the GST
contained in the vehicle purchase.

BMW Personal Loan is an ideal way for private
customers to enjoy prestige motoring. It can be
used to fund any new or used BMW that will be
used mainly for personal use. Where you can
demonstrate some business use, you may be able
to claim a tax deduction for that portion.
BMW Motorcycle Personal Loan can be used
to fund any new or used BMW motorcycle. Choose the
term of your loan, and tailor the repayments to suit your
budget. Repayments are fixed for the period of the loan,
and you can elect to have a balloon (final instalment) on
your contract, therefore making the repayments more
affordable, or choose not to have a balloon and enjoy
full ownership at the end of the contract.

BMW Personal Lease opens the advantages of
leasing to private customers, and is suitable when you
use your vehicle predominantly for personal purposes.
By selecting the term and residual value, you can tailor
your monthly repayment, and because repayments
are fixed, and known in advance, you have control of
your budget. Again, where you can demonstrate some
business use, a tax deduction may be available.
BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance 2 is designed
expressly for BMW owners and is available only
through BMW Dealers. It offers a number of special
policy features in keeping with the BMW marque, and
only authorised BMW repairers using genuine BMW
parts can repair your vehicle, ensuring that your BMW
remains a BMW. Protect your investment and ensure
peace of mind, with BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance.

BMW Assurance Plan1 offers financial security in
case the unexpected happens. Depending on the
level of cover you choose, Assurance Plan can protect
you for life, accident and sickness, and involuntary
unemployment. Should any of these events occur,
Assurance Plan will cover the monthly finance
repayments or may even pay out the balance remaining
on your finance contract. Ensure peace of mind and
more enjoyment from driving your BMW, with
protection from Assurance Plan.
BMW Autosure Protection1 is a practical insurance
solution that protects you from financial exposure
on your finance contract. If, in the event of an accident,
your vehicle is a total loss and the comprehensive
motor vehicle insurance payout does not cover the
balance owing on your finance contract, you may
be liable for the shortfall. Autosure Protection will
reduce or eliminate this shortfall, therefore providing
you added security, peace of mind, and enjoyment
from your BMW.
BMW Leasesure Insurance1 offers security for
employees who finance a vehicle as part of their salary
package. One concern associated with financing the
purchase of a new vehicle is the worry of job security
and what happens with your repayments in the event
of unemployment. In the event an employee is made
redundant or their employment involuntarily terminated,
with BMW Leasesure Insurance they can elect to
return the vehicle to BMW Financial Services, and
in the situation where there is a difference between
the payout amount on the finance contract and the
market value of the vehicle, Leasesure Insurance
will cover the shortfall.
BMW Owners’ Circle provides secure online access
to your BMW Financial Services account details 24/7,
enabling you to transact when you want to.
  Review your payment history; change contact details;
request a new direct debit; obtain statements; request
payout quotes or further information on services such
as BMW Insurance or the exclusive BMW Card.
  Information available includes contract number
and status, contract type, term, start date, end date,
residual value, payment method and the amount and
date your next payment is due.
  All you need to do to set up your password access
is go to and click on the
heading ‘First time to Owners’ Circle?’. You will be
taken to a series of questions where you will need
your account number and date of birth. Once entered,
you can create your secure password, which will be
confirmed via email.
BMW Mortgage. With a choice of flexible, cost-
effective options, a BMW Mortgage makes property
finance as easy as financing your BMW.
  Whether you’re planning to buy or build your first
home, remortgaging your existing home or looking for
a rewarding property investment, a BMW Mortgage
can be tailored precisely to your needs.
  Choose from: BMW Standard Loan, BMW Premium
Loan, BMW Line Of Credit or BMW Combo Loan.
BMW Mortgage is available to all suitable home
loan applications and offers no application fees, no
ongoing fees, no settlement fees, no valuation fees,
no redraw fees and free ATM withdrawals.  *
  For more information talk to your BMW Business
Manager, or apply online at
*Except for BMW Standard Loan.
Stamp duty and registration fees applicable as well as legal costs in some
The BMW Card is the ideal way to enjoy and
complement the BMW lifestyle, providing the
financial flexibility and spending power you deserve.
  The BMW Card offers unique benefits and value-
added features. It’s our way of saying thank you for
being a BMW customer.
  There is no annual card fee in the first year, saving
you $70. Furthermore, we will continue to waive the
annual card fee every year in which you spend over
$18,000 on your card, reset annually. Like your BMW,
the BMW Card is the ultimate in its class. To add an
extra touch of BMW class to your lifestyle, as well as
enjoying the unique benefits that the BMW Card offers,
simply visit
                                       Motorcycle Personal Loan

                                                                                   Prestige Purchase

                                                                                                       Chattel Mortgage
                                                                  Personal Lease

                                                                                                                                           Novated Lease
                                                                                                                          Prestige Lease

                                                                                                                                                                       Auto Plan Plus
                       Personal Loan

                                                                                                                                                                                        Full Circle
                                                                                                                                                           Auto Plan
                       New/            New/                       New/             New/                New/               New/             New/
Vehicle                Used            Used                       Used             Used                Used               Used             Used            New         New              New

Suitable for private
                          ■                   ■                       ■
Suitable for
companies, self-                                                                        ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■
employed and
professional people
Enhanced cash-flow
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■

Fixed repayments
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■

Fixed interest rates
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■

Choice of residual/
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■                                            ■
balloon value
Full ownership at
contract end              ■                   ■                                                                                                                                         Opt

Tax deduction
                          ■                                           ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■
may be available
service/maintenance                                                                                                                                                        ■
Fixed budgeting of
running costs
No vehicle disposal
                                                                                                                                                             ■             ■               ■
No residual risk
                                                                                                                                                             ■             ■               ■

Off balance sheet
                                                                                                                                              ■              ■             ■
Flexible terms
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■

Deposit may be
                          ■                   ■                                         ■                  ■                                                                               ■
placed into contract
Used as an aid to
salary packaging
Capital not tied up
                          ■                   ■                       ■                 ■                  ■                  ■               ■              ■             ■               ■

Terms and conditions apply. For further information on any of these products
please talk to the Business Manager at your preferred BMW Dealer.
Important Information:
1. Insurers: St Andrew’s Insurance (Australia)
Pty Ltd ABN 89 075 044 656,
AFSL No. 239649 and St Andrew’s Life
Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 98 105 176 243.
This insurance is not compulsory and can
be obtained from an insurer of your choice.
The information contained in this document
is general and does not take into account your
individual needs, circumstances, objectives or
financial situation. You may wish to speak to
an advisor authorised to provide advice tailored
for your personal situation before making
a decision to purchase this insurance. This
material should be read in conjunction with
the St Andrew’s Product Disclosure Statement
(PDS) which is available from your advisor or can
be downloaded from                                More about
                                                                         BMW Financial
You should consider the PDS before making a                              Services
decision to purchase this policy.
   The information supplied is indicative only
and is not an offer to lend or a formal disclosure
statement. Applications are subject to normal                  

eligibility guidelines. You should read the PDS
to determine if you are eligible. The insurers
are responsible for meeting all claims. BMW
Australia Finance Ltd can arrange this insurance
as an authorised representative of St Andrew’s
Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd. BMW Australia
                                                                           The Ultimate
Finance Ltd receives a commission from                                    Driving Machine
the insurers for arranging this insurance. The
insurers reserve the right not to accept certain
proposals and the right to issue the policy
subject to certain exclusions, conditions and
limitations. You should read the PDS for a full
explanation of the policy terms and conditions.

2. This brochure is a summary of the benefits
available under BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance.
We do not advise you whether the insurance
is appropriate for your personal objectives,
financial situation or needs.
   A full description of the cover offered and
the benefits, limits and exclusions is contained
in the Policy Document / Product Disclosure
Statement, which should be read carefully
before making a decision whether to buy the
product. Ask for a copy from your BMW Dealer
or telephone Freecall 1800 035 660.
   The Insurance is provided on behalf of            BMW Australia Finance Ltd
Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, AFS Licence     ABN 78 007 101 715
No. 234708, ABN 15 000 122 850 (Allianz).
                                                     783 Springvale Road
In arranging this Insurance, Marsh Pty Ltd
ABN 86 004 651 512, AFS Licence No.                  Mulgrave VIC 3170
238983, BMW Australia Finance Limited                Phone: (03) 9264 4060
ABN 78 007 101 715, and authorised Dealers
act as agents of Allianz and not as your agent.
                                                     Fax: (03) 9535 4006
Please note:
Terms and conditions apply. For further    
information on any of these products,
please speak to the Business Manager at your
preferred BMW Dealership. Please note that
this brochure is not a contract or agreement
and is for your information only. The terms and
conditions between you and BMW Financial

Services are outlined in your terms and
conditions document provided by your BMW
dealer or directly by BMW Financial Services.
You should refer to this document for specifics
regarding the terms of the agreement between
you and BMW Financial Services.

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