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					                                   Thank you
                                         for honoring our community
                                          with your generous gifts to
                                            the Enloe Foundation.

June 13, 2009 through August 14, 2009                      JUDITH JONES              Sherry Kirch
                                                           Sue Baber                 Lila Lambert
GIFTS                         Brian and Karen Sweeney      Signe Behring             Glenn and Mary McCune
Colleen Anderson              Mary Edith Taylor            Mary Ann Grage            Larry Reed
Charles and Debbie Atkins     Stuart and Sally Thompson    Susan Heimann             Ed and Pat Silva
Glenn and Betty Chase         Thunderhill Race Way         Dick and Marge Horton     Nicholle Whitaker
Gage and Christie Chrysler    Lucille Whiting              Norman and Tanis Larson
Church of the Nazarene        Leslie Wooden                Carl and Betsy Leverenz   DENO RABO
David and Marcia Coburn                                    George and Debbie         Bill and Lorraine Hooton
Don and Tiffany Curtis        IN MEMORY                      Maderos                 Carl and Betsy Leverenz
Barbara and Ken Derucher      ROBERT D’AMICO               Jim and Lynn Marks        Michael Marks Insurance
Bill and Candy Doherty        Kenneth and Marion           Jayne Mulkey                Agency
                               Geiger                      Pat Perkins               Jayne Mulkey
Durham Pump, Inc.
Farmers Insurance                                          Barbara Rupp              KENNETH RAMIREZ
                              LEONA BILLINGS
Geoffrey and Shirley Farrar                                Melinda Self              Jimmy Ramirez
                              Florence Bennett
The Gifted Garden                                          Glen, Mary Ann, Chris
Globally Conscious Youth      NANCY BIRD                     Shols and Staci Watts   FREDERICK ROBERTS
  and Charles Copeland        Bob and Doris Bertoni        Thomas and Mary Ward      Bill and Nettie Flanagan
Michael Gonsalves             Paradise Pines Golfettes
                                                           BERNHART KAISER           DEAN SCHNEIDER
Jim and Carol Gray            LANA ELAINE BOOKER           Jean Rumiano              Carl and Kerry Henker
Margaret Gunnell              Richard and Leona                                      Robert and Sharon
Rick and Vicky Hagstrom                                    JIM LARRABEE                Johnson
Joyce Hahn                                                 Evelyn Gleason            Clem and Twila Krenek
                              Stanley and Betty Brock
Melva Herrmann                                       ELVA LEGERE
                              REUBEN JAMES BOONE                                     RUSSELL SHAEFFER
John and Betty Hopkins                               Carolyn Taylor
                              Brenda Rogers                                          Avis McNamee
Interwest Insurance
                              Carolyn Taylor         CRAIG LOHSE                     Jayne Mulkey
  Services, Inc.
                              Irene Togashi          David and Tina Skinner
Faye Johnson                                                                         DOROTHY SPURLOCK
William Johnson                                      Dick and Dorothy Vadney         Kentwood Mobile Estates
                              GARY COOPER
Kenneth Kaiser                James and Sally Boice  MARK MAGOON                     MARY D. WAHL
Sandy Kalinowski                                     Howard and Evelyn
                              AGNES COX-BENNETT                                      John and Nancy Schouten
Ralph Kane                                             Jeffries
Jeff and Diana Lobosky        Lois Cox
                                                                                     VAL DEAN ZIEGLER
William Lockwood                                     RYIA MCNAMARA                   Lonnie and Lin Behmer
                              JIM DERRYBERRY
Lyon Books & Learning                                Mary Moser                      Mary Ketchum and Nieces
                              Dorothy Washington
  Center                                             Alta Mae Seiler                 Dawn and Steve Miller
Marshall, Burghardt,          CHARLES EDWARDS                                        Clarence and Jerrine
                                                     JANENE MORENA
  Mieske & Harp               Richard and Leona                                       Placek
                                                     George and Terry St. Louis
Matson and Isom                 Blackman                                             Billy and Marilyn Ziegler
                                                     Mary Kate Stephens
Verner and Lynn McNeely                                                              Dan and Neysa Ziegler
                              KAREN ELLEN
Butch Meester                                        AILEEN PEPPER                   Eric and Gina Ziegler
                              Maxine Blake
Northstate Anesthesiology                            Roger Marshall                  Robert and Edie Ziegler
  Partners                    DORIS FEDER
                                                     MERLE PHILLIPE                  IN HONOR
North State Radiology         Mary Lou Smith
                                                     Rachel Sylva                    ROSANNE CHIRICOSTA
Kevin and Jennifer Parrish    STEVEN FEDORKO                                         Jeanette Bolander
Ted and Cathy Pata                                   CLEMENTINE MARKS
                              David and Tina Skinner
Orphie and Kay Pierson                               PONCIANO
Leo Reager                    CHAROLETTE GILLAM      Uyen, Huan, Jason,
                              Dorothy Fraser           Dave Chow Quach
Paul Rhodes
Bill Rich                     DAWN GREEN                   GEORGE POSEY
Victor Rolzitto, Trustee      Vinita Newland               Carl and Betsy Leverenz
David and Dayton Sayer –                                   Peggy Steel
  Sayer Insurance Agency      FRAN GRIMES                                            Enloe Foundation
Raymond Schreck               Ken and Liz Fleming          DOROTHY QUALLS
                                                                                     249 W. Sixth Avenue
                                                           Virginia Arbsland
Dean and Princie Smith        GEORGE HIBDON                                          Chico, CA 95926
                                                           J. Marks Atlas
Soroptimist International     John and Betty Hopkins                                 (530) 332-4550
                                                           Clemmy Cook
  of Chico                    Jack and Barbara Lutz                        
                                                           Ruby Hill
Claudia Steel                                              Joyce James               We apologize if your name was
Mary and Richard Stein        JIM HUFF                                               omitted or spelled incorrectly.
                                                           Janey Keim                Please notify the Foundation office
                              Walter and Virginia Bender                             at 332-4550 so it may be corrected.