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									Parent Newsletter No. 9                                                                         April 2009

Welcome back to, what we hope will be, a sunny summer term after a very promising Easter break. A letter
from your child’s class teacher about the work he /she will be covering, and class based events and activities,
will be sent out shortly.

School clubs
A range of extra curricular activities is available to the children.   Clubs are starting on different weeks so
please check carefully.

               Before school and lunchtime                       After school
Monday                                                           Gymnastics Yr 1 – 6
                                                                 School Hall – Lorraine Brown

Tues           Choir 8.30 – 9.10 a.m. Y 2-6 Starts               Cricket Yr 5 & 6 (Max 16) Starts 27.04.08
               28.04.09                                          3.15 – 4.15
               School Hall – Mrs Hicks                           School field

Wed            Computer club KS2 Starts 29.04.09                 Short Tennis years 1-3 3.15 – 4.15(£17.50 for
               12.30 - ICT suite – Mrs Stowell                   10 sessions) **
                                                                 Starts 29.04.08
               Bookshop 12.10 – 12.50 pm- all years              School playground – Cambridge United
               Starts 29.04.08
                                                                 Netball Yr 4,5,6- Starts 29.04.09 3.15 – 4.15
               In Yr 3 / 4 Quiet Room- Mrs Lester
                                                                 Mrs Seymour, Mrs Rooker

                                                                 Mad Science Club – Y 1-6 Starts 13 May
                                                                 (for 8 weeks. £54) 3.25 - 4.25 p.m.
                                                                 3 / 4 Classroom- Crystal Claire

Thurs          Orchestra 8.30 – 9.10 a.m. Starts                 Basketball ( For those who attended the spring
               7.04.09                                           sessions)
               School Hall – David Southern                      Junior playground-Mrs Jupp Starts 30.04.09

               Art Club Yr 4,5,& 6 starts 30.04.09               Multi-skills 3.15-4.15 - Yr Rand 1
               KS 2 library- Mrs Hodson- KS2- 8 pupils           School hall- Mrs Seymour –Starts 30.04.09


** a minimum of 10 children is needed to make this club viable
Please use the slip at the end of this newsletter to apply for club places.

Music lessons, orchestra and choir
Orchestra and music lessons will begin week beginning April 20th. Teachers may avoid the week of the SATs
tests- week beginning 11.05.08- for pupils, but as the term is so long there is plenty of time to make up
lessons. Each teacher will inform pupils.
A replacement teacher for woodwind will commence on Mondays from the 27th April.

Music Assembly
On Friday May 1st we will be having a music demonstration at 2.45 p.m. of woodwind and brass playing to which
KS2 parents are invited. Our lessons in these instruments will be provided by Fenland Music in September and
they would like to encourage new pupils. This is an opportunity to show both parents and pupils the potential of
these instruments.

Bike thefts
Just to make you aware, there have recently been a few bike thefts from Stapleford Primary School. I would
like to remind parents to ensure that your children's cycles are secured with a good lock when left
unattended. You can register your cycles for FREE at: to improve your chances of getting
them back if lost or stolen.

Tesco Computer Tokens / Sainsbury Tokens
A tremendous thank you to everyone who has sent in their Tesco tokens. We had a massive surge after the
holiday. If you have any tokens at home, please send them in.
We also have a growing collection of Sainsbury tokens so, if you shop there, please collect them up and bring
them in to the post boxes. We can use them to ‘purchase’ a range of equipment for school.

Other School Collections
We are still collecting Box Tops for Education from Nestle cereal boxes, and empty ink-jet cartridges.
Flora has started their tokens again so please start collecting.

Raising Funds
Can I remind you that simply by entering the online shops of approved retailers via the easyfundraising
website, easyfundraising will give a free cash donation to the school for every purchase made, at no extra cost
to you. There are over 600 retailers in the scheme, including Tesco, Asda, B&Q, Argos, Dixons and Toys’R’Us.
If you would like to register as a user and support us, go to and please feel free to
pass on this message to family and friends.

Summer safety
Parking, as you all know, is very difficult in Lynton Way and in Plantation Road. It is very important we show
consideration to neighbours of the school but also show an awareness of the safety of others. Please keep
your speed down in the areas near to the school when residents are leaving for work and families are arriving
by bike and on foot.
We are keen to encourage as many children as possible to walk or cycle to school. If you do need to drive
because you have another journey after dropping off, parking a little way from school and walking the last part
is a good compromise now the weather is warming up. Please ensure that children who cycle to school wear a
safety helmet and that younger children are accompanied by an adult.

School Meals
Payment for school meals (£1.90 per meal) should be made in advance on a Monday, so that kitchen staff can
have some idea of the number of meals that will be required and the finance staff can bank the money. If a
meal is not taken, a credit will be carried forward to the following week. Please put dinner money in an
envelope with your child’s name and the date written on the front. Your child should give the envelope to his /
her class teacher. Meals will be served only to children who have paid in advance. The office staff would like
to thank parents for being so co-operative to requests for prompt payment and money in advance. It does
make accounting so much easier and saves a considerable amount of time spent chasing up money.
May we remind you that all cheques should now be made out to CCC Re- Icknield Primary School.

Parent Lunches
Parents are invited to come and share a lunch with their child this term. Each class will be allocated a day.
There are 12 places available for each lunch. Next term we will vary the days to accommodate people in part-
time work or who have child care to arrange.

Reception                                                 Wednesday 29th April 2009
Year 1 / 2   A   Miss MacDonald                           Wednesday 6th May 2009
Year 1 / 2   B   Mrs Webb & Mrs Sterecki                  Tuesday 12th May 2009
Year 3 / 4   A   Ms Karena                                Tuesday 19th May 2009
Year 3 / 4   B   Mrs Arnold & Mrs Setchell                Wednesday 3rd June 2009
Year 5                                                    Tuesday 9th June 2009
Year 6                                                    Wednesday 17th June 2009

The cost for these meals is £1.90. If you wish to book a lunch on the allocated day for your child’s class,
please contact the school office with payment. Meals will start at 12.00 for KS1 and 12.10 for KS2.
Teachers in Training
We are very pleased to welcome Miss Sarah Jarvis from Bedford University for her end of year teaching
practice. She will be working in Reception under the guidance of Mrs Cornick.

Class Assemblies
Assemblies start promptly at 2.50 p.m. and ‘Cakes for Coaches’ sales are held after each assembly. Please
continue to support these sales as funds raised are used to subsidise transport costs for educational visits.
This year, voluntary contributions for each child will be reduced by £2.50.
Due to other events being added to the school diary we have had to change some of the class assemblies. The
new revised dates are;

Friday         May 8        Year 5 assembly
Friday         May 15       Year 3/4 B - AS assembly
Friday         June 12      Reception assembly
Friday         June 19      Year 1 / 2 A - FM assembly
Friday         June 26      Year 3 / 4 B - MK assembly
Friday         July 3       Year 1 / 2 B - GW assembly

Parent Questionnaire
Thank you to all of you who have returned your completed forms already. If there are any parents who wish to
send in questionnaires, could I ask you to do so by the end of the month so we can analyse the responses.

Thanks too to all of you who have returned your ParentMail reply slips. Could I please urge all of you to return
any outstanding forms to the Office as soon as possible, even if you are unable to receive messages via e-mail.
Spare copies are available from the Office.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Robins

Clubs for Summer Term 2008

If there is space I give permission for my child _________________________in


to attend ___________________________________________________club/s.

*delete as appropriate
and will make arrangements for him/her to be collected from school
give permission for him/her to walk home ( years 5 and 6)

I enclose £____________ to cover the cost (if applicable)

Signed ____________________

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