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									 April 09

 April 2009                                    PRIMARY MFL
                              Cambridgeshire Advisory Service

Special points of interest:
                              To: Subject Leader for MFL
• Rose Review

• Spanish Resources and       Introduction
                              This newsletter contains current   The outcomes of the review and
• European Day of             issues and areas to support the    consultation process will not be
  Languages                   Key Stage 2 languages              known until September. The QCA
• Professional                entitlement.                       website highlights the following
  Development                                                    milestones:
                              Rose Review Update
                                                                 • March 31st, Sir Jim Rose
                              Recently the press have reported      submits final advice to the
                              ‘leaks’ from the Rose Review.         Secretary of State
                              These have included leaked draft
                              copies of what primary schools will • May - July, formal consultation,
                              have to teach from 2011. In terms     subject to ministerial approval,
                              of modern languages the ‘leaks’       on the government's proposals
                                                                  • September, Secretary of State
Inside this issue:            • The recommendation that             signs off on the statutory
                                 schools should focus on            elements of the primary
Rose Review            1         teaching “only one or two”         curriculum
Focus on Spanish       2
                                 languages has been changed to
                                 “one language or more”.          The leaks and recommendations
Links into             3                                          are not yet requirements for
Languages                     • The draft curriculum says         schools and they may well
                                 modern languages could include change as part of the review and
European Day of        3
                                 community languages, where       consultation process. It would
                                 appropriate.                     be advisable at this stage to
CAS Courses            4                                          make no changes to your plans
                              Please remember that these leaks for meeting the entitlement.
Regional Support       4      are neither final recommendations Similarly collaboration with
                              nor the final shape of the primary partner secondary schools will
                              curriculum for 2011.                also need to bear this in mind.
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 Focus on Spanish
 The Consejería de Educación has recently       September 2009. 250 teachers nationwide
 become more proactive in promoting             have completed it to date.
 Spanish in Primary schools. They offer a
 number of initiatives and resources which      For information on the course go the website
 are potentially very useful. The URL for       above and select Teacher Training >
 their website is:    Teachers GO SPANISH. The course running
                                                from September 2009 has not yet been
 You can change the language to English at      advertised, so watch this space (on the
 the bottom of the menu on the left hand        website).
                                                Positively Spanish Workshops took place
 Resources                                      recently at The Instituto Cervantes in Eaton
                                                Square, London. Teachers were able to
 The packs Sí,sí,sí: mi entorno and Sí,sí,sí:   select 2 workshops from a wide choice. The
 rutinas de clase are beautifully produced      day included a theatre presentation,
 thematic schemes of work, incorporating        publishers’ exhibitions, free resources to take
 songs, multimedia activities, flashcards,      away, an excellent tapas lunch and an
 video and stories, which together cost £30,    opportunity to network with other teachers - all
 including postage and packing. They            for the bargain price of £25! Keep an eye
 represent excellent value and could be used    open for next year’s course.
 to supplement any existing scheme of work.

 Copies of these packs are available for        Competitions and Prizes
 evaluation purposes from CAS, please
 contact Mel Budd or Cori Stanford on 01480     Foods from Spain launches its annual
 375713 to arrange this.                        competition on 16th April. This provides many
                                                opportunities for cross-curricular work; the
                                                top prize of £3,000 could be an added

                                                For further information go to:


                                                Spanish in Primary Schools Survey 2008-9
 On-line materials include Sodokus to
 download and PowerPoint presentations          The Consejería is keen to find out about
 about Christmas in Spain. New content is       Spanish teaching in Primary Schools. Go
 being added and will include a delightful
 interactive abecedario which is also
 available as a paper poster.                   Click on the link on the home page to
                                                complete the survey on line and receive two
 On the website above select Publications       well-designed posters for your participation.
 and materials > Teaching Resources.
                                                Alternatively you can order a pack
 Professional Development                       of 10 posters and a flag, with pictures of the
                                                different parts of a house, animals, the
 Teachers Go Spanish is an online language      alphabet, a map of Spain and other themes.
 course and will be offered again from          for £10.
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April 09

 Links into Languages

                      Links into Languages           Links Professional development is a
                      has been                       programme of professional development and
                      commissioned by the            support offered by the nine Regional Centres
                      DCSF to build a                from April 2009.
                      nationally co-ordinated
                      network of Regional            The LinkedUp Award scheme offers funding
                      Support Centres for            for development projects carried out by the
 Languages. The Links into Languages                 teaching community. It aims to fund more
 network replaces the Comenius network.              than 100 projects nationwide on issues of
                                                     concern to teachers.
 Links into Languages will enable all those
 engaged in language teaching to benefit             There is a Links Regional Centre for the
 from high quality professional development,         eastern region led by the Language Centre,
 to access up-to-date information and advice,        University of Cambridge. As soon as the
 to obtain support for networking, face-to-face      contact details for the Links Regional Centre
 and online, and to gain assistance and              are published they will be published on the
 mentoring in problem-solving and sharing            MFL Homepage.
 good practice.

 European Day of Languages, 26th September 2009

 The European Day of Languages (EDL), is a            World Mini Book Making Project
 Council of Europe initiative. It is held annually
 on the 26th September to celebrate linguistic        You are invited to take part in this activity by
 and cultural diversity. The Day was first            King Edward VI Grammar School between
 celebrated in 2001, the European Year of             now and September. The aim of the activity
 Languages and involves more people every             is to engage students world-wide in making
 year.                                                mini-books in a foreign language.

 This year the EDL falls on a Saturday. It            It is a great end/start of the year activity and
 would be sensible for your celebrations to           pupils really enjoy reading each others’
 take place in the week leading up to or              books. A photograph of all the books made
 following 26th September. Currently there is         in your school can be a powerful image of
 EDL information on MFL Homepage at:                  pluri-lingualism for EDL. On 26th September
                                                      King Edward VI Grammar School will publish                             the total number of books made from
                                                      participating schools.
 The National Centre for Languages (CiLT) will
 be updating their EDL pages during the               For a PowerPoint slide show of the project
 Summer term. The web address for these               and links to a video on how to make a mini
 pages is:                                            book please go to: then select Promoting     
 Languages > European Day of Languages
                                                      Please share the information with any
 You could even take part in the project below.       partner schools you have, including schools
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 Professional Development Courses                    Regional Support Group (RSG) Meetings
 CAS Summer Term Courses                             Schools have become familiar with the RSGs.
                                                     These have been renamed nationally as CILT
 Course code: 18236                                  Local Support Groups and have a new
 Course title: Getting Started in MFL Oracy          acronym - LSG - and a new logo:
 Wednesday 3rd June 13:00 – 16:00 at Over
 Community Centre

 Course code: 18231
 Course title: Getting Started in MFL Literacy
 Monday 6th July 13:00 – 16:00 at Over               The LSG meetings are free and are funded
 Community Centre                                    by the DCSF in support of the National
                                                     Languages Strategy. Now that Comenius
 For further details of these courses, including     East no longer exists, all bookings will be
 costs, our Conditions of Booking and how to         taken by CAS, tel: 01480 375634 / 375597 or
 book a place, please see the CAS Course             email:
 Booklet or visit and
 follow the links to CAS course booklets.            The theme for the summer term is:
                                                     Embedding languages in Literacy and
 Next Year                                           Numeracy. All meetings run from 16.15 -
                                                     17.45. The dates and venues are:
 Courses will include the Getting Started
 courses above, the follow up courses in both    Cambridge Professional Development Centre
 Oracy and Literacy called Moving on in … and on Tuesday 9th June
 one called New to Subject Leadership.
                                                 Godmanchester Professional Development
 Details of all the courses will be published in Centre on Wednesday 10th June
 the new CAS course booklet due later this term
 and also published on the CAS Portal pages at: Oliver Cromwell Hotel, March on Thursday                        11th June

 We also hope to run a session on a language         The broad theme for next year is interactive
 awareness approach and are looking to run a         learning. Each meeting will consider
 joint key stage 2/3 event in conjunction with the   resources and practical activities. We also
 National Centre for Languages on Transition.        plan to try out a series of discussion forums.

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