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					                    Goring Heath Parish Council
Minutes of the Goring Heath Parish Council Meeting held in the Parish Hall on
Thursday 8th December 2005 at 8.00 p.m.

    Present: Chairman Councillor Peter Dragonetti, Councillors, Caroline Brookes, Kate Giles, Brian
    Godley, and Nick Henry. Also present were District Councillor Pearl Slatter, Tim King (newsletter),
    Caroline Hadley Parish Clerk.
    1.Apologies for Absence. There were apologies for absence from Councillors, Jane Butcher (ill), and
    from District Councillor Ann Ducker
    2. Minutes of Last Meeting The minutes of the 10th November were signed as correct.
    3.Matters arising:
    The bill for the cleaning of the War Memorial had arrived and the insurance company had agreed to pay
    20% of the cost. The clerk to give a copy of the invoice to Brian Godley, who could then give Jones the go
    ahead to do the repair which would be paid by the insurance company. When the clerk had received the
    final bill for the repair she was to contact Whitchurch parish council to get the cost of the cleaning,
    insurance and repair shared between the two parish councils. The chairman thanked Kate Giles and Brian
    Godley for all the time they had spent getting the War Memorial cleaned and the damage repaired.
             1. Parish Hall – New lights had been installed. The mini market had not been well attended.
                 Theresa and Pat had stepped down but there were some new volunteers to run it next year.
             2. Newsletter – contributions due by next Thursday at latest
             3. Recreation Ground - all Ok but as yet no reply from SMP or reply to Brian’s request for a
                 quote for the hard standing for the basketball goal.
             4. Progressing the Footway no progress. There had been progress on the path from the car park
                 to the village hall Tim Brickhill had replied to say that they did not object to the path being
                 improved and could the pothole be repaired at the same time. Sadly David Kayl had died so
                 there would be no progress on a specification from Highways. Put Access from Car park
                 Village Hall on next agenda.
             5. Repairs to Well – All the money had now been received and the bill can now be paid. Brian
                 Godley was going to go to the TOE AGM.
             6. Bus Shelter – no report
             7. Grass cutting – Berinsfield community business were happy with the decision made at the
                 previous meeting. Regarding the annual increase, they propose using the all-items retail price
                 and take the figure published in March each year. For the purpose of Goring Heath Parish
                 Council , this will take effect from March 2007.
             8. Website – no report
             9. Tinepits – The District Valuer was about to send her report. It might well be possible to get a
                 grant to help with the cost of improving the pond after it has been bought.
4. District Councillors Report. Peal Slatter reported that the last day for Eco bags to be picked up would be
23rd December after that the service might not continue. She felt a site visit at Castrol would be worthwhile.
The over 60’s would soon be receiving free bus passes. SODC Planning Department had been so successful in
meeting government targets that they had been given £360,000 extra towards staff costs the most in he whole
of Oxfordshire. It was decided that it would be worth writing to Sally Kelsall the Housing Enabling Manager
at South Oxfordshire District Council to enquire if there are still enough people with local connections on the
waiting list for the housing at Crays Pond now that they are nearing completion.
5.County Councillors Report There was no county councillors’ report

Goring Heath Parish Council Minutes 10 November 2005                                              Page 1 of 2
6.Planning and unauthorized developments
    P05/E1254/R The Cottage, Nuney Green Mapledurham
    Demolition of existing extension and construction of new two storey side extension (renewal of existing
    planning permission P00/S0933). No strong views
    P05/E1222 4 Beechwood Close, Crays Pond
    First floor side extension over existing garage and utility room. No strong views
    P05/E1213 Abbotsfield, Goring Heath
    Change of use of land to residential garden and erection of shed to provide covered storage for Sailing
    dinghy, garden equipment and stables materials. No strong views
    P05/E1193 Shirvells Hill sawmill
     Erection of industrial building should be refused

Decisions by SODC
Permission had been granted for the following planning application P05/E1096 Stoney Point, Whitchurch
Hill. P05/E0647 Martens, Whitchurch Hill had been refused. P05/E1059 Owl Cottage had been withdrawn.

7.Finance The Balance on in the bank on 1st December was £11,342.73.
Untaxed interest was £8.08 £,2,500 had been paid in the form of grants towards the cost of the well (£1,500
from the Trust for the Oxfordshire Environment, £500 from CPRE and £500 from the fete committee). A
cheque had now been received from the Chiltern Conservation board for £2385 towards the well and one for
£36.00 for an advert in the newsletter.
The following cheques were authorised
Cheque No 300778 War Memorial                                             £383.86
Cheque No 300779 Repair of Village Well                                   £6,914.88
Cheque No 300780 Inland Revenue                                           £66.00
Cheque No 300781 Clerks Salary for November                               £234.00
Cheque No 300782 Orchard Coombe grass cutting                             £40.00

The external auditors had written to ask for further information Peter would speak to them.

8.Precept could be dealt with at the next meeting. The chairman and clerk to look at before meeting.
9.Crays Pond Management Plans. No report.
10. Name for Affordable housing Martin Wise has suggested Bunce’s Piece and the meeting was happy with
this suggestion the clerk to let Sovereign know and also to write to Mrs Bunce and ask if she was happy with
11.Toll Bridge The other local parish councils want to do a survey – the feeling of the meeting was that they
should support the idea
12. Correspondence Local Works the Campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill had written to ask for
a copy of the newsletter - the clerk to send. South Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride Service will be coming to an end
on 28 January. Woodcote parish Council had written to ask for Goring Heath Parish Council’s support by
writing to ask Oxfordshire County Council for an increase in the Youth Service Budget. It was agreed that the
clerk do so. A letter had been received regarding the King George V Fund, which was established for the
benefit of Goring and adjoining parishes the clerk to write and enquire if the parish council could apply for
some money to help with the restoration and purchase of Tinepits Pond.
13.AOB Kate Giles asked if there were any deserving people who would be due something from the poors
charity. Brian Godley mentioned a footpath that was being cleared.
14. Date of the next meeting Thursday 12th January at 8pm in the Parish Hall
        The meeting finished at 21.35pm

Goring Heath Parish Council Minutes 10 November 2005                                            Page 2 of 2

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